Some Cereal Grain Additives Are Disturbing - Ryan Burrow


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When your spring weed killer do you ever think. That's Charles like you can make a good serial. Most likely not sin but it turns out. In some cases it does remember joining us in now oil from Chicago has some types of cereals granola whole meal. Contain higher levels of the chemical found in a roundup. Them want to working group Environmental Working Group considers safe Ryan how is that possible. So there there's no war going on between series on whether or not like this say to this chemical that's used in roundup is actually harmful to human beings. Now there are many institutions the US EPA National Institutes of Health. All saying it's it's not that big of a deal you can ingests these kind of chemicals and it will essentially. Come out of your body and it will do no harm now there are concerns amongst dom including the World Health Organization as well as the Environmental Working Group. Get this chemical can cause cancer. And especially a large amount of it so they started testing some of these granola related products which at this chemical is frequently used and they include. Quaker oats cereal. I cal wants to open they found it 45 as they ran 31 product. Had. It's chemical. It a level that was higher than they recommend which is 1100. Of a milliliters so pretty small amount. So they're still working debate as to whether or not this chemical is actually harmful but. I you know what you lay out these 31 brand is that many of us see quite frequently Abbott is lucky charms. Nature valley crunchy granola bars Quaker owed chewy chocolate chip granola bars and these are. A lot of land that it week by meets frequently sell it is raising some concerns that some people. I was so if we check the ingredients on her cereal we should look for clay for a state. And that. Well you know I don't think that the companies themselves including quicker it's safe society can we add during the milling process this would be something. That would essentially come to us. When the granola came in and we begin that process so I don't know too much clearly see that on their. Which you'd be aware that it is something that is used in the growing of these. Plants then that potentially could be incited your system as a matter of whether or not this is actually something that's harmful you are not. Tyrants cola just another thing to watch out for me you put your body Ryan thanks so much rye amber are joining us. It feels something extra in your lucky charms and when you hear about this debate. I don't care how you put it. That the roundup ingredient might be in your cereal that doesn't sound good no matter how small the M exactly and I wanna hear those two things together right.