Snowy Day, But "Manageable" - Meteorologist Tony Ansuini


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Always that they got modest snowfall overnight and are generally a few inches across Erie so pretty manageable. But just enough to last looking up the world for the early morning commute. Tony when you rather look at the forecast over the next 24 to 36 hours set. Is there a fine point where this no plans one more kind of in the clear for the rest of the weekend. Well what's locals see this steady snowfall continue today and then gradually start tapering off tonight and Thursday eventually upcoming tour and about how we get to Friday Friday night. Accumulations are you looking at Tony. There were looking at. General accumulations today Iran and north council virtual awful fully maybe two to four inches of the most and I across the higher elevations of the western southern tier. Are a bit more probably looking at the 48 inches but got to keep in mind that. This time the air the higher side mangled going to be pretty typical for the snow to accumulate on the roadways. So we'll actually see a world conditions improve through the data that you with a steady snowfall. So sounds like it's a pretty manageable throughout the day. For most of us at least. I should be pretty manageable just. Snowfall accumulations probably generally on the colder surfaces than on not so much on the roadways so that's that's good news. Right winds are they don't be a factor today. Also to see winds pick up bustle in the more rural open areas there will be some blowing snow while reducing visibility at times. You know it looked like Jeremy B at the end of last week that over the weekend Saint Patrick's Day we would be may be. In the forties and now all that might have scaled back a little bits are we still talking maybe a nice spring day over the weekend or what does that look like. All of these somewhat gradual improvement temperature wise but not that significantly so probably looking at maybe touching forty degrees about time we get on the. Are right that is meteorologist Tony and Sweeney. Over at the National Weather Service this morning.