Snow Way? Yes, Way! - Meteorologist Jon Hitchcock


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Right now we gotta talk a little bit of weather in Western New York if you haven't looked out yet were covered in white. Yeah it's so wet one out there and that wet heavy snow coming down all across Western New York right now let's go to Jon Hitchcock. At the National Weather Service who joins us to talk all about it John what did that rain turning to snow overnight. Well good morning Brian to India rain change this no between 1011 last night so Europe Lee's summit changeover. It's a good few hours port to stick it out of the temperature is. Right near the freezing mark we picked up in answer to in most areas maybe a little more than that across to hire train discovered here. This what they'll last through the morning hours and gradually taper off this afternoon. We expect another one to two it is to lower elevations this morning and another two decreases across hire train or does taper off. Do you see it being a problem today in Western New York. I don't think it's going to be huge problem again abuses in April the road captures her often quite warm and it seems to be the case this morning there are few policies spots out there. But many of wrote this special intimate courier to wet. Across to hire train with a ten result will be cooler I think the trouble is to visit will be a little bit worse so. Get to head down to nineteen in the box that killed or any higher terrain. Oh well south of buffalo. Probably more widespread slushy snow covered the bases down that way. Was this turn back into rain for the buffalo area at any point during the day. Might just to the very tail end of this tapering off during the early mid afternoon but for the most part of the states no good morning. And at this and pretty quickly as we get into the early afternoon. What about temperatures. This morning in and through the afternoon. I'll will be stuck in the low to mid thirties this morning and not much improvement in the afternoon we expect highs only in the mid to upper thirty's for today so. Are quite quite a bit below normal. Creeks and streams what are you watching for does it help at all that it's no one not rain falling right now. It does help with the level over the this storm is falling it's no that cuts down the rough a little bit we did have significant rain over the past few days. A lot of the area rivers and creeks are still writing. There is a lag between when the rain and then when all that water filters into the smaller street immensely larger rivers so that's why the waters so writing this morning even though the rain is over. The good news is any flooding we get to they'll be very minor I think nothing significant but. Level low lying areas will have quite a bit of water pod them and today. Yeah and that's the reason why the flood watches on until Saturday afternoon then right. Yet a close watch is still going right now for most of Western New York with the exception of the summit here in summit Erie county because of the rising water Phillips of the rivers but. Again anything that does happen looks to be fairly minor at this point. Now the amazing part to me is that we're gonna go firm snow and then get through the weekend and and the other side it'd be at seventy is that right. That's right yeah we just have to deal with a cold weather first few days will be at thirty today still on the cool sidebar with highs in the forties and it'll be dry tomorrow at least. That we're back in the mid sixties on Sunday and in the seventies. On moneyweek the way from Lake Erie now as normally is the case that in April it will be cooler than a few miles of Lake Erie but. I militaries have some real spring like weather on the way in just a few days. While it's just an incredible as the warm weather stay beyond you know early next week. Both next week does look pretty nice apple has stayed fairly warm on Tuesday with sixties or even both seventies. And if he has succeeded at least for the rest the next weeks ago. Looks like maybe this'll be our last real shot of cold wintry weather. Hey that is exactly what we wanna hear. Jon Hitchcock over at the National Weather Service thanks for joining us keeping us updated as you look out. The window this morning surprise surprise some white on the ground in April.