Skyway Reconstruction Woes 930in716 May 31, 2018

Thursday, May 31st

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Her it's 930. In 716. On opposite ends of the sky we reconstruction project opposing stories. Of its impact it's the chunks of concrete. Three buyer they should've tentative off in some way. We we're pretty confident that they had a plant would and so he never had a request any additional. Obviously you know you're thinking like that. And a local congressman throwing targeted criticism at the DOT for its lack of communication. On its plan. Could you won't know I won't know what do you keep thinking because there is no different than to be concerned local community. I'm Tim Wenger on the podcast powered by the Brothers of mercy a five star rated skilled nursing residents offering affordable living in a country setting. The massive skyway reconstruction project is underway it's a two year project involves. Completely shutting down traffic in one direction during different portions of the days. Were all getting used to the the thirty million dollar refurbishing project is well cause for concerns. Let's start at the outer end of this guy away where the RCR skyway marina is nestled beneath the bridge. There is dust. Everywhere it's a concrete dust lake heavy sand Rick Leonard at RCR says marina staff and boat owners and customers as well. Have some pretty serious concerns. It's also the noise from the jackhammers. Digging up the road bed. Chunks of concrete there's some rebar that's fallen. It's dangerous and we saw that it can outside itself character and covered but yet on this side of the river. Bush ship canal. There's there's no protection at all. Looking at these onstage you have here is not like there's just a little bit in some areas they go pretty deep in the opposite the the boats that are here not only the votes that we have for sale with a customer own votes that are still have landed him in launched in the boats that are in the slips now. They're said there's more dust and dirt than normal. And their customers' cars get covered edit them votes recovered and it and the votes that we have for sale we have to constantly clean up its. You know like east Carolina but it's every day they had he washed out of it. It's getting redundant this is obviously not good for what you guys have to do here when it comes to business. That being said what have been some complaints that your customers about that cement. To us that's coming up it's getting out their votes getting on their cash somebody comes a Sunday afternoon and go sailing ago you know fishing or something. They come back and they are covered in this dust it's. It's not good snack and we're bring in this stuff which. Sent an email to the PA and they said contact. Your county department of all there's no flight nobody wants to do anything personal to. Had you had a chance to speak with anybody from the DOT about getting that TARP from an outside. Moved over here or second once canals like Lou and you guys are you are manager detracted the project manager and he said that they're done with heavy stuff like. Use. It's like it's its net change. At least for this year produced here and next year they're gonna do the other side so it's going to be the same thing all over again without any inconvenience. I compliment north count so I think the back roads to get here. And then an evening I have to take the goods in here Louisiana Ohio. He said he kind of signals they really it's itself up and somebody from our office let the other day and one of the bridges. Was up. During rush hours and await for the bridge to come up. It's snappy and well worth. Rich you operate from underneath that Scott and I mean directly underneath you can look up you can see the various holes that are in there. I mean how serious is this kind of wave. Problem that yes they're rehabilitating it but with the way that's happening everything is coming down. What specifically are you noticing in various parts of this guy that's coming down obviously type on the rebar and everything but what else it's it's the chunks of concrete. Rebar it. You should've tend to get off in some way. Can else has a perfect example they tend to get off. They're they're being careful not to drop anything on the ground there but yet undecided of the ship canal it's it's wide open. And there's a flight path under here there's no signs you know watch overhead for construction people could be riding your bike and something good Follett. You know any camp and I boats do you have here at the RC RE marina that are affected by this. I would say all of them are being effective recently store over a little over 300 and we got 155. Votes were sold out. Plays its. The most protected her ever at this end of the lake. But the construction degrees is really coming up. He's earning. These aren't cheap votes either screen below me several comedies aren't total 1% owners each year of normal school teachers and business owners. But there's also conglomerates 34 people that are. A small one A football he should not make dollar votes is not comedy she's you know. 1520000. Dollar votes which may seem a lot to some people some people of that tied up in a motorcycle and more into a motor home it's just the lifestyle. What their lifestyle is is being affected they're recreational things be effective. Rick I don't know if you had mentioned error rate but if that's part is under the skyway on this part do you really think that that can make a big difference when it comes stopping us that country or that's all it can't hurt. Mean we're breeding we the employees that are working on launching boats working in the marina where preakness. This is is a quality of life issue for a so I think that they should at least attempted trying curtail so. Now a trip back over the bridge to the downtown into the skyway were a giant TARP is in place. To protect the expansive canal side property and event space. Love yourself aren't you outside repent we haven't had any issue. Met Minnesota's general manager at canal side. All the costs generally you know are sure. I'm really really busy weekend in first united end. So far so gotomeeting have any. You know any other player on the ground that can help side other than it's if you looked up it is if you didn't know where they're go. There's there's been no impact so far which. That's a perfect ticket think. There there's that large TARP vote kind of underneath. The skyway spans so above canal side where they're working on the average is that always the plan to have that there you know just in case. There's a falling debris things like that. Yeah I think the Italians in the planet I think Kara. Started the work that kind of we thank install any portrait to cover all go. I had lost all Ole Ole Ole Ole miss it's huge but. You know are gonna work that's been up there. It can't take only some of the noise abatement work should be shot is no question about Mexico are curious to actually. It's more like there is almost a particular group of you know. Reached almost underneath the and we're actually gonna want and once we. That's going to add to the late show that kind of reflective. Solace easily were warming which in fact partly a cool little like shall during the show we don't know yet but. For that matter what course they can. Well there's that and then there's also the explorer more construction which is ongoing continuing McCain now says go look a little different this year for people heading down weather before. The concerts which start though week from today or anything else. Yeah absolutely and and we can keep you move him by now you know that being played essential works very. That's part we can control also what is keeping that clean and and open and we can't. Are you noticing any extranet dust or debris or is it all being collected by the TARP. That pretty much. Did not elected by avatar may be a little bit in the sport who were. Such blue group who wrote an oval walkway to Egypt which now every element and a little bit of Shia at the last. And I think that's really the only area that that there are concrete they're really don't ask her getting a little more. You know little more clean up needed but really have made loans Google all. He noticed a senior captain and was hopefully have. Yeah that's great break for you guys well that Turk is really on me just come along the canal side portion of the skyway doesn't continue the rest of the bridge where the constructions going up. Do you know. With says something that. You guys requested a canal side or was that from the state DOT jail where they came from. Or of course you know we we never actually requested shall we yeah we cannot you know match related to beating him here the plant so that. Some some are standing here though that the work cell. Well you know as we kept. He can't seem to be neither never really we we're pretty calculated that they had planned presidential. Never had a request any additional. Obviously you know you're anything like that and what they're not you know when you go down and yet. Well when you walk underage totality of it doesn't stand a little capacity. The edges skyway so. We've we've been pretty happy where it's not having. We're we're a little worried that the external trust but so farther than at any they didn't do. One guy who's been allowed critic very loud critic of the skyway reconstruction project in the skyway in general. He is keeping the drumbeat going. Well you're you're reconstructing. Your outrage. This is despite the very definition. As they DOT structurally deficient. Congressman Brian Hagan says his concerns go much further than the detours. And the dirt. So when did you see through the area obviously. Concrete. Is going to crumble you know much more quickly eroded a potential problem Mottaki outside yesterday. I just checking out an equity if you well there's been under. The guy language I presume will help but the other thing that the you have Bennett could wrap it. I reconstruction. Activity here didn't see a big chunk. Concrete. Potentially all I'm sure it'll it well. Yeah Bryant of the decision to put that TARP there a minute we talked to met a soda can outside he said it seems to be really doing a good job if you didn't. Know that that construction was going on above view would be when you wouldn't be able to tell Duncan L side. Why not carry that TARP further do you know why that decision was made to just put at a canal side. All right I know you never know that you don't know I won't know what do you think he's thinking because there is different than to be concerned local communities agency. As a culture that basically I was you know beauty and beauty and I don't know. I'd say why am I mean they may wish aunt here they don't respond generally should a local community. In the other issues you know we hear several months. To should sugar in synchronized lighting system all along felt heart if you lie. Most of the computers commuters content that you didn't we're coming from Hamburg cell counts. Actually downtown oh yeah. I don't look shoot shot out. Their loans from the bill remember all the way that you don't tell. Is it reasonable alternative to this guy with a statement prepared for. If you did synchronize light which cost you about 4000 dollars per life. He would weaken as he used it as 40%. Added an alternative. Okay decided to you don't artistry. You call or go into the list. We are now building he's in by law because he will recruit inevitable. Water. The collection to be lifted provoked commercial again here recreational. Auto. In the net occurred and you can't another. Delayed because the bridge can be out for ten or fifteen of until boat. That's portly. That the typical. These new York state Department of Transportation. I think it should they are being made by local people involved. And these decisions are being made in all these are function track in each year. They don't kick in court for the local community. By in my estimation were about a quarter way through this massive project and we'll see how. The dust settles. Back tomorrow. That's 938 in 716. We're back tomorrow with a net irritation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo law.