Singapore Summary - Benjamin Friedman


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President trump back in Washington after the historic Singapore summit with North Korean leader Kim John shown to us live this morning is Benjamin Friedman. The defense priorities foreign policy fellow and defense scholar. In Washington Benjamin good morning what is sure biggest take away from this historic summit. The clay is there this summit in the decree meant that it produced is being hyped beyond belief and the agreement night he could even be called an agreement salute. Joint communique that doesn't really mean anyone to any day and and I certainly think that he is very much as a result Osama acceptance that. The environment. I a lot of people are treating this as a great historic. Achieve or keeps saying. So why are you so pessimistic on this agreement that was signed. I am hopeful that it will eat. All of television in further negotiations. I am glad it would works stepped away from the Ellicott City that this and that was in the months to go. I. Nothing really much in the north Koreans agreed to work work. He Turkey irritation look at solo which isn't it in the green so much. United States so this. Has agreed under the nuclear nonproliferation treaty could re used or court the abolishment of nuclear weapons of not. Were you very heart of matter are out so I don't think that much and you know we need the president made some call this the real power we give them. So we've offered a few things and they haven't done much to return yet and I think that's okay. By. It's it's not the same thing as saying that some big those that. Well what about this concession that the US won't conduct joint military exercises with South Korea I mean if North Korea is not complying. They certainly he could pull this back rate. Surely we can start doing military exercise. Again. A perk that's what I mean I mean you know we did I was need to mention the agreement. This joint communique and a joint communique didn't find it anyway. So we can do whatever we want still. Up to violate. Like a lot of people are concerned about about the suspension of exercises. In this about what I need is apparently Mike and not spending them. I I think it's okay concession because our local military secure a majority of north Koreans is so great. We can afford to sacrifice a bit in that regard for diplomacy. Our Ben thanks so much since Benjamin Friedman. A defense scholar.