Shutdown Showdown over Border Wall 930in716 July 31, 2018

Tuesday, July 31st

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It's 930. In 716. It's a shut down showdown over border wall funding these are childish. Idle threats will it happen. They'll be shipped this year he never really now in the F you know we've been in this same spot three or four times over the last two years we have not shut on the government. I think funding important laws at least Manny got all that. I'm Tim Wenger and 930 and 716 powered by the Brothers of mercy a five star rated skilled nursing residents offering. Affordable living in a country setting. President Donald Trump says that he is willing to shut down the government over funding for as long promised border wall. But then he'll always leave room for negotiation. But there's been many years loses in just trump administration. We knew there's been many years even decades we have. Immigration laws we have border security we have all sorts of things going on that are. It's disgraceful we are doing a phenomenal job with setting records but we have laws that don't work. For his part senate majority leader Mitch McConnell says he has no plans to shut down the government over president trumps push for border wall funds. Instead the GOP leader says the senate would be finishing up a package of budget bills this week. As congress makes progress toward funding the government for the new fiscal year that begins October 1. Yeah you know we'll see if he holds his ground as he has certainly made this threat before let's begin at the White House and correspondent Karen Travers now this. Timing would be really troubling for Republicans which is why Republicans say it's not gonna happen there will be shut down they'll figure out a way to get past that September 30 deadline you know maybe the president not thinking fall but perhaps. If you're short term else of them are looking at another December deadline we do almost every year. And that can be where he really draws is very firm line is that the most likely thing kicking the can down the road yet again. You know they're feeling confident at least they're expressing publicly that they're making good progress. And have on and broader spending bills that they can get a lot done by September 30 but the house is out there on recess now for five weeks. He say they're still negotiations that could be taking place while the senate is in but. The naked back there's only about a dozen legislative days after Labor Day it's the end of the month that they can get working on this. Did all of the spending bills and get it finished by the deadline. Later what our local lawmakers are saying but first the pundits. Like every single time we talk about it government shut down there's always so much brinksmanship or there's always. Of a debate back and forth. Dave Leventhal with the center for public integrity and WB and with. Susan and Bryant. So many backers veco and that then of course the Packers Democrats and Republicans who are battling against each other sometimes. Over funding the government and funding certain priorities that may or may not. A lot of government that they open and sometimes that they're they're intramural fight among Republicans Kato. Or the party in power when Democrats current powers stepped the question of how likely is that. You almost can't handicap he's saying that's simply because. Are so many variables we beautifully note that Donald Trump consistently ever since the campaign. It talked about funding the Wallace has been a huge point of frustration for him. This is something that you want money or as much money as he possibly can gap or is obviously using this opportunity right now as leverage to try to that not only go after Democrats but. It don't lawmakers and on the Republican side up about how to make sure that that base say OK well. Is going to be a party are better. Are we having shut down fatigue at all I mean it seems like every few months there is talk about shut down nine either happens or it doesn't happen and if that does happen it'll reopen in a few weeks or so. I mean it's kind of become a routine now. By it has recovered in the hand of the is something that play it if you believe and steady stable government should not be tee box regardless of whether you're liberal or conservative. But what it does is it certainly set the situation. Where you where the government today is. Potentially unable to operator and very key is much the government shutdown that lasts for more than not occur the couple days or you can have. Services that people why that everything from. Veterans to the elderly various other services that affects people across the spectrum. But not being provided now that's an extreme case by even just another shut down a couple days it can affect markets. They can certainly affect the public confidence and it's a very. I'm more very very much start here in Washington DC where we're with the government say in the city are. Effectively one and the same in certain regards but it does have a look back spread that across the country. Very quickly. What's the first deadline that we need to be aware of regarding shut down. Further the companies expect is going to play out in a matter of week and now like it in every single case before. You'd you know it's coming you know that the deadline of error but there are certain steps that have to be taken to get to a point. You have built going forward debate said that are being take canned and oftentimes these things go right. Down to the wire two sentence there ally in the in very few situations recently. Has there been a nice comfortable cushion and up and you are that the congress can kind of play games they can. They can pass something that that will be a temporary measure that will by congress an extra week for an extra month. The guilt mattered kick the can down for a while this is something that has become to occur in congress. So I wouldn't be entirely surprised if especially with a election looming in November a congress that we just don't wanna deal with this right now. We're gonna kick the can down the road again and we're gonna heal it after the election so we can all focus on getting reelected and the political season that is sent her much like Greg app. Another perspective from political contributor Alex Castellano notes. There's very little that could make a bad Republican year worse. Leather shut down to do it. The good news is Republicans know that Mitch McConnell in the senate knows and he's been pretty clear they'll be no OSHA this year. Republicans will give away what they have to beautiful way to get a budget through and keep the government open past September the thirtieth 31 I guess at midnight when the government runs out of money what's Donald Trump doing. He's negotiating in public he knows you're not going to be a shut down at any moment he's not negotiating is a moment wasted for Donald Trump so he's telling Republicans look. Give me more for the Walt stick a few more books in there and we'll move it. Well Alex will there be border while funding then. Do you see them coming to an agreement on that. They'll be a little bit McConnell usually put a billion and have been every. Bill and then keeps it the ball rolling that way you know about the house's asking for much more they won't get it. Well I think we're here hearing from the president in. In abject frustration. Reaction now beginning with Republican congressman Chris Collins. It Democrats are not working with Republicans and any kind of bide our way to move legislation including immigration reform. Where we actually provided apt way to citizenship for dreamers. Something they should they want it in the mail vote against it. You know they wouldn't help those cities are built aspirin it's been very frustrating. And I think as we head into the mid terms it's gonna continue. And so you're hearing the president. In his frustration. Talk about what's gonna happen because one it means we have to do is continuing resolution to keep the government. So he's pointing out that. Got a piece of legislation if it done. What happened that Democrats don't work witnessed personally I do not the lead. There's going to be shut down. I certainly would not support Russia and I think it's the mood. Of the others in congress. I don't think we're gonna get any. Great legislation and is is work to get it done. But I really think about watchers which are hearing it now during the president's streaks but all of our heart streaks will buckle. Nature buried in the pampering at Washington and I wouldn't read more in a barracks. Arm. Damn man. Do you think these threats are little. You know severe in the warning of over government shut down. Why I wouldn't use what you boards throughout the funding for the government expired in September. It's happened many times when they when that funding. Is it and we need to do a continuing resolution and on the bus. Or another piece of legislation to fund the government. You know for a period of time sometimes it's. It's two daddies sometimes. Two weeks sometimes it's. For months sometimes it's for an entire year so this is you know the place where and were in. You know we've been in this same spot three or four times over the last two years we have match up on the government. And so I wouldn't read more into it that this is. Unfortunately the way government operated many years now going from. One. Key deadline to another but we seem to always worked through it and I'm confident we will work through again. The president wants funding for the Walt wants secure borders. We thought that our offer of incorporated citizenship for screeners would have gotten Democrats are report year end of one helped us so we are and oh very divisive atmosphere and the president simply. We're stating the obvious we can't get legislation passed to keep the government open air September 3. I'm confident we well we have to and it legislation to keep government open if we did not thing the government would shut down. The end of September but remember that we can't it's saying. I'd deadline issue you know several times over the last two years and in. Complicate as we pass a continuing resolution to keep things under for two days or days while we were true it compromise and keep government open and we. Have succeeded in that. And I and I am. Very confident there will be the case this time as well. Do you think a secure wall. Along the Mexican border you know going to be part of the future. I do think it's going to be part of the future I don't know that it's coming exit date back I'm highly suspect it won't. Our book I think America knows we need a secure border every. Knows they need a secure border it's just that on the southern. Order it's rather porous and we have people or union. You know each and every day I'm looking to are known illegally enter the United States for one reason or another. On the other side of the aisle Democrat Brian Higgins comments during an event along the buffalo river Monday. But anyway can sit down the government is if congress fails to do its job so congress has power. To ensure that this doesn't happen both Democrats and Republicans working together as we have previous. Under these kinds of threats and the fact of the matter is. The White House Republicans senators Republican House is Republican. So. Democrats would gladly work with. Congressional Republicans that you find. Important projects like this when the Great Lakes restoration initiative. Which used to provide over a hundred million dollars in the cleanup for the buffalo river and it's restoration. Which is getting great economic benefit you look at Ohio street all the development that's occurring there along the river and great life quality. There's no longer critics freighters in. Buffalo river but there are in fact kayaks and canoes and people rediscovering. Have a natural environment in their waterfront so these are childish. I don't threats and I don't think Republicans or Democrats who along with him. Finally in the US senate Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand is frustrated I think finding a border while the waste of money at something that president trump promised he would built in Mexico or pay for it so why's he asking taxpayers now pay for it. And he's only shown it inhumane immigration approach since he's been president. I think she's and a lot more time focusing on making sure the 700 children. That have not been reunited with their parents can be reunited. So I think there's two missions you're talking about there on immigration we need comprehensive immigration reform we need to make sure that people have a pathway to citizenship. We need to. Absolutely reunite families at the border we need to bring those children and parents together. Make that a priority they're 700 children who are currently without their parents. And they are in institutionalized. Facilities I've visited two of them have visited three of them visit to Texas and one in New York. They are run 11 Atlantic that is run by a for profit prison company. And their housing children and and and mothers in that facility and other one. Was housing. Boys from age ten to seventeen. In a Wal-Mart. That has no windows and asked the boys what's your favorite thing to do they just go outside and only gets classic two hours today. If they're not be treated. Children should be treated like so. Eating copper gets immigration reform if you're talking about how you. Deal with. Stopping terrorism at the border stopping criminal activity. Transnational criminal activity. Drug trafficking and human trafficking. Gun trafficking. All of that should be done. Appropriately through Homeland Security. And unfortunately. Those missions have been lost because presents this spending all the time deporting. Cray deportation force that is deporting people who are here Seeking Asylum. Where seeking our care seeking help and locking up children so. The leading conference immigration reform on immigration side and I think on the I national security side we should be finding that the homeland security and of course time will tell as it always does we're back tomorrow. That's 938 in 716. We're back tomorrow with a net a radiation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo.