Shutdown Analysis- Carl Calabrese, Prof. Peter Yacobucci

Sunday, January 21st

Who's to blame, what it means, what happens next? 


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Time to talk politics it's hard line on news radio nine. NB. And water week it is to talk politics. This was a week where back with I'm just gonna talk about the government shut down this is the big story this morning. We're glad to have you with us there are some other things we'll get to a on the way by the way to morrow. Monday the big trial of Joseph per cocoa Cuomo aide accused of taking bribes opens will touch on that before the program is done. This is also weak where you saw two different people say that they would run against Chris Collins we will touch on that. Chris Collins will join us talking about the government shut down there are roughly. 151000. Federal employees 100 different agencies and offices across the seven in western counties of New York State. We are talking about the government shut down not only what it means to those employees but what it means politically. President Donald Trump says that the government shutdown drags on Republicans could consider. Changing the rules in the senate to make it easier to pass legislation with out votes from the get Democrats will get to that. We have some analysis we'll talk politics we haven't studio with us from Sunni Baath state. Professor Peter Yucca boutique in their political science department he was someone by the way who one year ago. Was down on the mall taking students to the marches and the inauguration so we'll touch on that too. Carlo calabrese from mass yellow mark Tucci and calabrese associates also with us he's our regular political analyst and things like this but I. I do wanna talk a little bit about those employees I do want talked just a little bit about what all of this could possibly mean. Around Western New York as I said about Western New York has 151000. Federal employees. They stretch across the region too big pockets of them really if you think about it. There is that large IRS call center in Cheektowaga. That I believe is above 500 employees strong we've reached out to the IRS to try and find out what it means for them right now obviously they have channel set up. To tell their employees whether they show up or not. On nonessential. Employees stay home essential employees. Go in we're trying to figure out what that means the other big federal installation around here the 914. Airlift group at the Niagara Falls air reserve station. We've reached out to them and we do have a statement that they put out on social media. It says this. 914 personnel should report is scheduled Monday January 22. Further guidance would be provided to base employees upon their arrival. The members currently attending formal training should remain at their course until told otherwise by the chain of command. Those members who are temporary duty for other reasons we'll continue as previously planned so no real. A fact there and I know that there are bases across the country where people showed up for their reservists training. And they were sent home. That apparently not the case here in Niagara Falls. We've reached out to Thomas Barone he is the head of the federal executive board locally kind of an umbrella group of all the employees of federal employees around here. Well I touched base with him when we call he calls and and we also have a call out to congressman Brian Higgins we have to have him on the program as well but let's start with all the political analysis I think right now if you look at it. In the air there is an argument out there. That it doesn't necessarily. Impact everyone's lives in an immediate way where we will see it. It's certainly something that will affect things around the area. Kind congressman Higgins will topple our pumps used excuse me congressman Collins we'll talk a little bit about that a little bit later but let's find out what it means politically. For congress for president trump. We have SUNY buffalo states period to boo cheer Peter thanks for joining us it's my pleasure to be here talked to me what you think how much of a sting this is. Normally today and in this this show I guess is kind of a microcosm. Normally today we move in talking about one year of Donald Trump and now all of a sudden it's how effective his government and do what what do we do with a shut down. Well I think when we look at the shut down it's a microcosm of the year the dysfunction continues and the dysfunction may be purposeful. I think when you look forward trump supporters and individuals that are backing down trump. They want a tiered on the administrative state this is one way to do it. He showed that there are parts of the government that aren't really needed if they're not coming to work and we don't have a big impact. Scene and the people. And I think that's something we're seeing on social media I think there's something missing from people who are saying hey. Doesn't affect me doesn't really affect people if parts of the government go away. Well if it's a very short term shut down if we're talking less than a week in B five days. Not really not to agree extent but one extends beyond a week. An individual's. They don't get help when they're calling in to the IRS to do their taxes or if they're Social Security benefits are affected. Or something like that it is gonna have an impact on the people that I think really what what. The one thing I do want to express is I've heard people say many people say well they shut down the government that'll save us money. It's actually the opposite when we shut down the government for a short term. And ends us costing quite a significant amount more because we have to borrow at a later date well it's not so much that we after barrel but all those employees they're being furloughed. They almost always get their back pay when they come back I mean imagine if you're salaried employee and and through no fault of your own. You simply had to go away from work for a week or two weeks you would expect your payback and that's almost always what congress does. And that's gonna cost money right now it's interesting to note that you said at that David doesn't go too long there is no major effect. Earlier this week we're talking with the Erie county executive mark on cars he basically said the same thing as long as this doesn't go on too long Erie county should be okay. Also we are. In news in the short term we don't believe that there was shut down even her up to a week it would have that much of an impact literally shut out of longer than a week. It could have an impact with regards to the delivery services where we've alliance federal dollars to provide those services. Such as social services. Such as senior shirt uses such as areas associated with our. Our infrastructure and environment playing her so. In the short term are not as much worried about it based on the reports and getting back but it is lasted longer than a week. I would be concerned that we have to Starr are reducing some of the programs that we I personally to provide this year is because we would have federal dollars paid for. All right let's bring in Carl calabrese now Republican strategist regular media commentator. A lobbyist of sorts with calabrese mark to. Mass yellow calabrese my Tucci associates. But one of these days I'll get it right first time around that part. Thank you. What do you see as the political fallout here do Republicans get the blame do Democrats get the blame CNN poll I saw basically spread it around. I had had about 3030 and maybe. Fifteen or so saying everybody should get the blame what do you think. That poll had 31%. Of Americans blame Democrats 26%. Of Republicans in the rest. Apart from both houses I think that's pretty accurate portrayal of this I don't think there was little wary that completely or Democrats I think it's. It relates moral work Peter usenet dysfunction. It just highlight. How to vote all the federal government. There has been it seems to me I mean. The big carpet it. Whole thing with CC argue that term views of the crisis that's when when politicians. That currency yellow don't help people being. Continuing let alone and but from the government being that the government has simpler car or incapable of passing a budget. Basic function of any legislative and hear how important county legislature state legislature. Is the F that your people like you. And which is tipped to be able to get their point where you have these really budget says people how about a planned and hit these continuing resolutions. Which every time they come up. Allow whatever side wants him to sit for political mischief to Tibet and they're like type governments so that the bigger issue here. That I think I grew from there it would. Go to weaker so. That could be a major economic reforms and also remember that election in 2013. Quite clear that President Obama. Values and other trainer bird Parker was very he weaponized it. He he made function shut down that did not get beat shut down he picked I hope well on the potential car. Put up the barricade the secret compartment that is getting department's authority. To use form that they have all the available to keep those functions over. Well that that ties into something you said Peter the idea that there are some obviously and the Republican camp who wanna say we don't need as much government. Sure I think if you look at. Interpret Trump's first year as presidency one of his main accomplishments. Has banned the beginning of the tearing down the administrative state now it's gonna take some time. Rule making takes a long time to make it through the federal government but it has begun and it is now moving along at quite an urgent pace. Do you agree Carol. That. I would agree that one of the goals to cope administration is to. The court down the administrative state. To make it more. Out to make it more on. Responsive to congress is supposed to booming economic. But it can't did not need to shut down to continue to have effort. He can do that just. As an executive executive power we will over this for every new regulation assistance act this year powerful government. 22 has been eliminated but as president so he didn't either shut down the. All right. Nonetheless do you think he'll win the PR battle as a result. I I. All. But yeah I think it I think it's going to be spread across all parties and the institutions but remember that. The political impact maybe next flexible because if you look at the last. Shut down 2013 Republicans took a beating and by the great interest in ever potent Republicans went americorps. They got going now Democrats are ignored numerous people so credible and Republicans but none nonetheless. Up thirteen trapped Republicans doing how. Well how can one person. So the political impact really. A lot of it. What you see Peter as the impact on the mid terms here well and a sense I agree with Karl I mean we're in the middle of January the elections aren't until November of my guess is assuming this doesn't draw draw itself out for weeks and weeks that this will be forgotten by the time we get to November and many people -- both sides and they I'll simply say well. It's just congress once again being congress and being dysfunctional. My real concern is that it continues to delegitimize our government and make it more and more difficult to do the basic functions of government. Whether it's security or a social affairs and that's my concern. Right there is another part of the salt two will get to and after the break I wanna talk about immigration and just a second and we'll take some phone calls to. 8030930s. A number of you'd like to join the conversation. We got Karl calabrese here we've got Peter you have to boot chain here and you on the phones coming up next it's hard line on news radio 930 double. He beat you and read the news online. At WB EN dot com. It's hard line on news radio 930 WVM good morning this is de depot. Peter got good coaches here from SUNY buffalo state Carlo calabrese is here from mass yellow mark Tucci and calabrese associates. I gotta say originally the reason I I had these two guests scheduled for today. Was because this is one day after the one year anniversary of the inauguration. And I thought those would be great guest to talk about all the achievements that president trump has tried or everything he's done in the past year. And then of course we get the government shutdown so in that regard we are talking about the government shut down. And we will touch on those other things too. 8030930s. The number if you'd like to join us we have a couple of lines open their starting to heat up right now. Carl let me start with you what do you see as the long game here especially. In regard to immigration. Well I think one thing. That's being played out here is one of political screw you both parties appealing to their bases get ready to go into the 2018. Terms that's really what's going on here. It has been going up or some time work. Both parties now have. Signed onto the political strategy that can win an election. Without appeal to the middle that you can if you can mobilize grace and piper turned out of your your vote that you could win election just that that's why. It was such frightened. A political lines being drawn because both parties right now but you don't have to appeal to the middle and that's with a along forget just what your. Peter. Well I agree with that that was one little caveat I think when we talk about doc. Or if we're talking about the health care program for children on there's dramatic across. Partisan lines support for both of those programs. And so with the Democrats pushing for those programs it leaves them in a much better position than their Republicans. I'm not passing that funding or that the legislation needed to put both those programs that way I am president trumpets calling. Ford change in the rules he says that the government shutdown really drags on. Republicans should consider going nuclear and changing the rules in the senate so things can pass with a simple majority. Instead of funding bills requiring that 60%. Do you think that'll happen Karl. I think we're moving that way everything that bet he's in Wasilla. Majority leader Harry he changed in the war the local also on the city's selection of judges. That hey I was inspect all the Democrats but once you cross that line and begin torque and legislative body that. I can ask or defeat items would. 50% plus one I think it will never tried and so that's that rule. It is not quite changed completely different from exactly that many other good effort by a quarter bumps. Had something. Here is there a reason they call a nuclear. I'm I think there is and their reason that it gives me great concern is what one of the great strengths of the American democracy system is that stability is. Whether we have a Republican president or democratic president or which party controls the house or the senate. Is we have proceeded along in a relatively stable path. If you take down the filibuster rule that currently exist in the sand has existed for over a century it makes it that. Partisan majorities can then move the country dramatically in their direction. And I think that we lose the stability that our country is parity. I'll always hat. All right let's bring in if quick phone call here will have more after the news break John and buffalo pick it up for us hi you're on the air. Well. Just like to say you know I'm a Democrat and I can bite. They look at this is completely orchestrated by. The Republican Party. You'd you can see how immediately. I was watching the senate and immediately. Mattel started to attack just Shillue. Orchestrated by or just capitalized on with messaging after the fact he really think they set this up to happen. If they are a party that hates big government. And what the word computer guess use delegitimize the government is something the Republicans. Can't believe they're trying to do. So they're capturing all the tools they're upping of the government then they would welcome also into law to pick a fight they can't win. It is particularly disturbing I think these ads they're taking help what do you mean Democrats brutal murder of undocumented workers. It really goes back to almost. A Nazi type propaganda worked like before World War II they would blame if you leave it there they would say Jewish personally there's poison all blesses you. That's uncalled for. 800 Carl come on in here you could you with a lot of sense that there. And some part using this obviously to energize the base. Yet but sort of problem kind of compare. Our government and that fewer than that that's so since there are you rejected out of hand. Quote part of carry a this government be legitimizes itself between them is quite doubtful got a lot to. People are just sort set up with it over bloated expensive debt ridden ineffective federal government. And so that it. This government is actually didn't do it myself. All right Peter I I have to. Challenged Carole little bit on that I. If you were to make that statement back when Ronald Reagan was elected back in the early 1980s. That's probably very accurate statement. Because when Reagan had a platform of small government well and it and then government was bloated it was inefficient it was remarkably inept you know we're buying 500 dollar hammers those type things. But if you look at the reforms that have taken place over the last 3035. Years. I'm you just don't see that in government anymore and that the government has become much more efficient now. Is there waste of course there is in any large institution there is waste but I think. To make that claim is simply dated all right Kyle quick rebuttal thirty seconds we're going to be right to the news for an update. I couldn't disagree or the federal government still a bloated let Britain and inefficient but we're still really all kinds of money. Need to add more importantly the federal government through the youth ministry statement pure as mentioned has encroached on state and local government powers to the land and and push back. Although Obama quite a bit by the Supreme Court. But now you see the president on doing it even more when you expect to federalism we trust local county and state government to make decisions closest to the people. And the outlook to one size fits all federal government. All right 8030930. Is our number enough time to take a couple more calls here another half hour with Peter Yucca boot Gian Carlo calabrese. Then coming up at 1130 we'll dig into the set down even more deeply. With congressman Chris Collins between now and I'm a feather in some other stuff we're gonna talk about a a lot of political things this morning but the shutdown is topic number one. We have a live update coming up and Marty talk on the other side it's news radio 930 WB and buffalo. Hi Diana news radio 930 WBA and this is Dave the bill Peter got approaches here from the political science department at SUNY buffalo state. Carlo calabrese is your regular media commentator for a Republican strategists with Mazur yellow mark Tucci and calabrese. And let's go to the phones numbering a lot of viewing and we have a couple of lines open 8030930s. Number of course the topic of the day is the government shut down. Let's see here Franken Niagara Falls Europe hi. You know I guess it's how you look at government you might see a government of by and for the people has. The only thing keeping the sick authoritarian billionaires and chat. But you know this shut down that. It will trumps all make. And you know who got up point of contention child did any deeper pay 87% of the American people support the streamers. Who paid children's health care program saw that congress at this stage prop. You know and then I saw that. Let me take issue a little bit and I'm I think I'm the one the one person here that that doesn't come at a for a partisan approach. But child health care just expired the funding wasn't something that trump went in and canceled. And it doc a was something he looked out and said this isn't constitutional because it's not funded. Correct and and by the way David that Republican House. It won't be full funding for the trial help interest program that compared at an accusation. And got good at that have to be dealt with in this particular ocean that to heart to see. So the fact that it was. Coupled with this fellow who that it was a political aspect. I think frank that's your common ground here. You say that this whole thing is political that they're doing it to get out really well with doctor. Add is that I saw that ridiculous ads saying Democrats liable for any crimes committed by. You know illegal. Aliens yet you know we only so so it's just Maine Republicans will be held accountable for the white power hate crimes. Are meg would get one Republican to step up and take responsibility. For the are so cute and that unnecessary. Iraq or our slot that Wall Street you know conservatives crossed the line. You're strong in the first president that directly speak to a pro life evangelical. Crowd grew he's pandering to the 28%. Based. I think I gotta correct you there too I'm not sure he's the first one to do what Carl is it. Oh it. The first one directly to speak to them I let me ask that others left messages for them videos now what I but he is the first one to talk live with them okay so so that proves Frank's point Peter come on in here. I return to political. I think it whether to dock whether it's the chips program that health insurance program or any other program. It's just another indication of dysfunction. And whether it's the dysfunction that you can blame on trump I mean trump twelve days ago and it in a bipartisan. Cabinet meeting within his within the White House was pretty clear he was happy to have a dock up past you guys come out it was snowing is he sent an hour and then. It just people got to a man whether it was chief of staff or is it is advisors or the freedom carcass within the house they said no that's not gonna happen. Any changes to and I think one of the big problems one of the reasons were at worry yet especially with the shut down right now. His neither side is quite sure what president trump wants he's given such miss mixed signals. The both sides don't know where they are in the negotiation Carl would you agree. I think the coalition is that symbolic than. Throughout the year retired from the head of accomplishment and achievement. There is some description. Usually mostly caused by humans we there yet. Him off message. Local can currently does he shut down on him. The eight this correction what would be talking about like that this is the. Yeah case in point when I initially that. Said I'd I'd bring about the guys in this weekend that was what we were going to be talking about. And we spent fourteen we're talking about to shut down and out about. Well I think it is not substantial. Achievement of his first your office until it is it is symbolic of this hole here that I believe. Any for any other president with economic numbers and performance that we hit demolished. We beat 55% approval either that anymore from forty to 45 to pay a work all your debt yet is that correct so dot com. Dario and discipline Donald Trump. The series sometimes thought of Donald Trump. Stepping out of domestic. People need Peter come on in a year ago you were at the on inauguration and the march afterwards. What do you think has been accomplished in that year. And has he is Carlson has just stepped on his own agenda all the time well I I've I can point to three major accomplishments. The what I study as a Supreme Court and getting Neil corsets on the court. In his first year has been remarkably conservative. The U it's hard to describe. I it's hard to think of a way that he could be more concerned about and on every single case he is cited on the conservative side that's a win for trump. The tax reform legislation the Republicans desperately needed legislation. For their donors to show that they can do something further donors and that's a second major accomplishment as I spoke to earlier. The idea of beginning to dismantle the administrators state to take down regulations that affect business. Is his other accomplishments those are major major accomplishments but as Carl correctly noted. President trump seems so you have this inability to allow good news to stay in the news well let me ask you this then I think you guys kind of touched on earlier. If they're shut down doesn't linger will those other things in the final analysis shine or will people still be pointing at the shutdown Karl give your crack at peppers. Well I I opened and shut down war but it will be a major compete issues. Come November we don't it has been in the air that what goes on for multi band. Is it going to be forgotten or other issues dominated the political landscape. But the that it computers that. The tech I would agree with judges and of course which is the focal point without forgot its first journal Barack Obama got re judges appointed to the appellate. Division of the court. From got twelve in 1995%. Of cases are settled at that level not at the Supreme Court. Peter that mentioned his successes and then foreign policy the defeat of oasis is probably the most. Under reported story of the year. And also did damage policies I think we're we're nature in the terms of impact and this deregulation of the Obama years I think uses. Was major was a major accomplishment as well but Peter pointed at the Democrats have a great job. In branding the Keck Scott there's only for the wealthy and regular people want that get a benefit of attack going into that hole. 5% of Americans that it's only for the rich now for me well have got hit it a major change and will continue to could come February. 90% of Americans and more take home pay substantially tickled pink and you're gonna see that can't still a major issue come fall and Republicans are right. You reap. I don't I don't think people are gonna notice I think the way it was designed it's almost designed so that people wouldn't notice it. That much that it well previous tax cuts if you think of the bush tax cuts he received a check in the mail that's very significant people remember that. Ace a change in your take home pay while certainly it makes a difference it's not gonna come and a large check a second coming and one large payment. It's I don't think it'll make that much of a difference and I don't think the Republicans will have much success running on that this fall we'll see all right but it. Look what it does do is it's one checked is the one crying saying. Our workers as opposed to a weekly increasing your pain that I mentioned on the concept of what we'll work out for a hundred dollars to take home pay more receipt. You're gonna hit fifteen or ballot so the average guy I think he 800 dollars they call it another 920 who's gonna say I'm not produce this week. Click here next week and get in the week after. That we'll have a huge impact on the economy and I think we've combined them with what now looks to be somewhere between three and get some sense quote that you seek. We'll put them that I have a fair which grow our economy or our. And up at the major. And you are developed from Europe doesn't watch himself and he becomes the major issue there. Issue that economic issue the eclipse unfortunately. All right let's let's spread go ahead quickly well just a jump in and and that will I tell you with sorrow that is this problem is the president trump every time he remains silent you see his polling numbers go up. Every time he jumps to Twitter. On PE antagonize is the majority of Americans are not his core supporters but they independents in the Democrats and you see is numbers dropped if Republicans could only dream they will do very well this fall. If president trump would simply leave Twitter but I don't think that's ever gonna happen all right Tony Clarence high thanks for waiting. And yet not once I looked everything sent. To our overall drop collection basic knowledge of the world. Republicans but in general can win elections but they can't govern and we've seen the total at forty years give it good example. Long term damage that comes on what true the United States the PPP well I expect that a bad back. How big it is now being created that he's got a I don't it felt like China. China's outright that I have that they sent back. As at HTTP. On. Our other important areas got. I indicate capital of rock was crushed you think. That the termites are undermining the government that's correct. We already have ambassadors. Appointed there will be a country such as Saudi Arabia you have. You know our ambassador in these countries. How could we possibly do that this would be countries without representation. All right Tony that cuts to professor Yanukovich is point about dysfunction I get your point we've heard you on that. Talk just for a second about shut down what's your take on the government shut down because we're we're almost late for our break here. You don't read it Bill Clinton shut down who are without using a little bit of our continuing solution to template number. You can not on the military our government will probably get double budget. You can't obviously people in charge of the agencies. That we have. That land for a whole year they can't it's probably it's ridiculous. Don't manage I cannot congress dependency. And greet at CeBIT it steadily public didn't. All right Tony what we have to let you go we are late for our break we'll have more calls after this professor Peter Yucca bush is here Carlo calabrese is here more to come talking shut down its hard line and his radio 930 WB yen. It's hard line that is ready at 930 WBN this baby bell. Peter react to boot she is here from SUNY buffalo state route calabrese is here from my eyes yellow are Tucci and calabrese she's a Republican consultant and and campaign coordinator and that we've got you on the phones here we've been talking a lot about the government shut down obviously amongst ourselves and let's try to get even more callers and now. Angelina and new fame thanks for hang out as long as he did high. Good morning I'd like to talk about this shut down. I woke up it makes me shattered his knee while we have representing us in congress both the Democrats and the Republicans. No one cup and about the real issues it boiled out till. Our victory it boils down to adapt this becoming legal and it and it boiled down to get back about it and shutting down the whole government for this issue is best. Ridiculous. What they sneak a peek at Scott yes. First evolved the cost to me that act is legal for nine years according to the Congressional Budget Office. Get caught lightning billion dollars. And they had all these by being amnesty element of revenue another words the taxes better eight. Purses that benefits paid out. Also under the Lindsey Graham bell. All illegals entering the country under eighteen I'm accompanied. With no effort age that will increase the number. And most people aren't led to believe that the group and I hate group because if you had actually. Jill group here you can't adapt as well as they were brought the end. Through no fault of their own not through their illegal parents. And then you also have the dreamers which consists of a larger group I believe there about three million in the air. We're that act as our 800000. But. You know I didn't world's most people believe they get their highly educated which staring match. Which will result in increased cost in food stamps and welfare and Medicaid education. But they're both important is that all app the chain of my great it. I do we know I have two questions for you it sounds as if you are not in favor. Of allowing these doctors kids tong here right. I'll I believe that they attend a college. If a limited amnesty. All right now the reason I ask that question though is it also sounds as if you're saying. You're not comfortable shutting down the government over such an important issue. I am act constable was shutting down the government. And such an issue. All at this point are they they have until art fitness I did I you'll get there running ahead of them out. I I believe that so foolish thing to try to shut the government down because as I don't think it's ever going to work. I mean why not why not go as they out culprit limiting amnesty aren't yet. They say get the Democrats are doing it because they want. They want the ball out there should be up and wait till getting voting privileges under a limited the end of. All right though there's a lot that that Cuba poured out on the table Peter jumpin what do you see. For her call it is a very complicated issue and I think what's happening is. You had. Misinformation coming from the trapped administration about whether they were support of adopt the bill are against a doctor bill and that left everybody in a situation where they're not quite sure what would be accepted by the president to sign. All right Carl high. I think you've gone to a couple of things around for a while I. I agree something down the government over docket is not if that happened at this dimension data goes and so Marxist is that could have been separated belt separately. And secondly is in many ways more dysfunctional government to stronger front is which is say I don't think this person would say what her point she made. Let me ask you about that and do you think he did this on purpose in order to. To beef up the base or is that just icing on on a different case. I think that the or Hillary benefit that he get by. The other thing she mentioned I think is white up is really don't think in the final analysis this is about dot. I think that it could be settled negotiated out I think this is about the other two aspect of what Donald Trump has said very clearly you want. He wanted and the chain migration we want to consider their diversity lot of aces. That's where I think that someone pointed in the long game is. Both parties have benefited from chain migration. Republican businesses is cheap labor and Democrats give new voters and ask what you. Felt what is this are restricted chain migration. To a merit based system and that's what trump really wants. I think this is number one issue. And that's what the Bill Kristol will go to the net or fighting to get. All right let me I'm gonna regret this a minute trying to squeeze one more in here. Pat on a cell phone hi go ahead you're on the air. I'm in the not a bully yeah. I'll tell operation was out way out rattle raking ray machine I built a million illegal promised that there were quite a bit. That it would cost him. Over thirteen thousand dollars. Try. This country legally particular. Welcome we're not talking about four cents. All right Carlyle I'll let you jump in quickly here in the mullah will wind things up for this hour. He's actually collect every time there has been an immigration deal in the always call you assurances the American people. That we're gonna we're gonna beat up the border we're gonna and illegal immigration and it never happened. And that leads the cynicism that older people that. You can get hit by debt argument that more divided on the issue. You gotta show them that you actually don't do it but it does one president was capable of throwing them he could do it Donald Trump. Whether or not he can get their legislatures and of the story but the no question every immigration deal just talked about. Shutting down illegal immigration and short of the border hasn't happened. All right it's thirty seconds each expert professor Yamaguchi. Peter got a boutique SUNY buffalo state. How does this play out what happens next. Well I think I think both sides are digging in right now but I've but I would be surprised if this goes longer than a week as the collar noted. This is not we're not battling over major budget issues are battling over relatively minor issues. But it's politics and politics in many times go in directions we don't know all right same question Carlo calabrese one next. Well that it's politics in in the congressional election year and that makes it hyper politics. And so it is is so there is for awhile it'll actually get settled but then it. The opposite will switch to another very contentious issue or issues going into the fall I mean this is the nature of the beast that we deal with it even numbered year. All right very good thank you both Carlo calabrese with mass yellow mark Tucci and calabrese associates a lobbyist and political strategist media commentator sorts. And professor Peter Yucca bootsy from SUNY buffalo state. Coming up next we'll get an update live on what's going on in Washington involving the shut down on the other side we talked some of the congressional.