Showdown On Health Care - Congressman Chris Collins


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Congressman Chris Collins is with us live from Washington this morning. Chris the White House has an ultimatum on his health care vote today but is it really a do or die vote. Today. Is Susan there's no question we're moving after this but unfortunately. We don't get a pass. 800 billion dollars in taxes fees and penalties that continue that your real drag on the economy. We will miss the opportunity to get our economy moving. And you know and 13 of accounting and America. There's no competition. For. Those who are what we call the exchanges and New York's not bad but. You know we are seeing obamacare implode. And it will continue it will get worse. And for those who are. Saying somehow the American health care act doesn't fix everything. You know buckle your seat belts because it's gonna get really ugly as we move through this year in the next year would obamacare. We will miss the opportunity. To get this right. And that mistakes that we have today and it's going to be very close vote. There's clearly going to be arm twisting your arm a solid yes. Certainly with the New York amendment to stop he egregious cost shift that Medicaid costs from Albany. In two the county I mean that wolf fixed I Erie county and all the county budgets and export decades. Get our infrastructure back in great shape so within New York. Just the New York amendment that I was able ask is it true game changer. But then again Gary stewards are active and that kind of move. I want your vote in America needs your vote but. If we don't get it we move that's what politics is. Okay but for everything you just said that with all the costs and everything that's been said over the past seven years about Obama care. We wouldn't there be a lot of upset people if you do move on from this issue and if there are issues with this bill with the votes are there tonight. Revisit it I mean to put Obama as you said for a year or two would the next couple years of obamacare. I had to leave that in there when I think so many people were expecting this to be. At. Are you worried about upsetting though whole lot of Republicans. A hollow there's no question about it so. It will be interest in the mid term election. Because in many in most cases it's folks on the far right. Who said we're leaving too much of obamacare whether it's. There's the Medicaid expansion even though it's going back to the 50% of cost here it's not going to be 90% of the federal taxpayers any longer. I think that's sort the freedom caucus as we call them they wanted they did not want any any part of that. The so. You know they're gonna have to potentially face in all primary. In that next here somebody's gonna come up and say we got through their repeal. Obamacare and you voted to see Obama here idol watchers might represent that any longer we'll have to see other place but the dynamic. In individual. Congressional races next year if we don't repeal this. It's going to be quite telling. Chris you were confident with us yesterday morning at this time saying that this will come up for vote and it will pass. Are you feeling the same way this morning. Our I am still. Confident but you know then again I thought Villanova with so. It will ask this if you. I do think it's gonna pass but. If it does it's going to be close and there's going to be arm twisting of the. On the bill itself there have been questions in the senate on whether or not does enough to lower premiums. What would you say to senators who were concerned assuming. That something happens between now and Monday on this bill were moves out the house. Well as we have said there are concerned what happens in the senate but we've got to take care of our business first or they don't even. Take it up in the senate. Can't predict what they'll do it very different legislative body. We need sixty out of 62. I Republican senators Rand Paul certainly doesn't look like yeah. But again the stakes are so very high for this country for health care. Or economic growth. Mitch McConnell is said we're gonna do our business here and you know left call. Call him out to make sure he does but those people my house sitters thing I'm not gonna vote yes today because it might not ask in the senate. One thing's for sure it's not even going to the senate if we don't passage in the house today. We know we heard this morning that this could actually be pushed back until really Monday Monday would be the latest DC debt possibly happening. No other president said it's do or die today our rules committee meeting now all right it is putting it on the floor it will pass or it will fail. Give or take 3 o'clock this afternoon. It's not gonna go to the week. The governor yesterday's said he's threatening to sue to stop that proposal. On Medicaid cost shifting from colonies to states. What do you say to him. Bring about governor is you now put this state down a marker down that he does not stand with upstate New York. He is not concerned about the Koch here suspect that the county can't pay their pension cost. Don't have any money left for. Infrastructures so we finally called out for governor. In New York City governor he's not the governor all of New York State. So next year is election. In it'll be very telling you notice senator Schumer has been pretty darn quiet about this because what I've done with the New York amendment. Is making senator Schumer senator Gillibrand. Governor almost say you are either way upstate or you're not without state in the news there's no way they can pretend. To be it upstate. And not stand in support my amendment if you saw the Erie county legislature. Democrats Republicans conservatives. And independents all voted for current. Brian. Brian Higgins is in support of it. I mean this is the most significant. Unfunded mandate release ever in the history of New York State in the governor doesn't ought to provide it. This is this is bad politics for Governor Cuomo but we now know where he stands there where he doesn't. Aren't that's congressman Chris Collins with us live this morning on the health care showdown.