Should Illegal Immigrants Be Allowed To Recieve A Drivers License? 5/21 Bauerle and Bellavia Hour 4

Bauerle and Bellavia
Monday, May 21st

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News radio 930 WBE. And then my doctor recommends Camel Cigarettes. Sound off board chesterfield. Medical research shows chapter or smokers had no adverse effect of the sizes. Of. It's Tom hourly wildfire. Well why. Chesterfield kings size up a new low price just revealed right. And while apparently it is indeed fidelity in repeated national survey of doctors do all branches of medicine. Doctors in all parts of the country were asked what cigarette you smoke doctor. Once again the brand name most was camels it's the hourly and all of the yes according to this repeated nationwide survey. More doctors smoke camels than any other cigarette. On news radio 930 W. And those of course are historical. Advertisements for smoke at the Center for American Progress back in January of 28 feet. Circulated a memo. That the about the dreamers member it was written by Clinton communications director Jennifer up pulmonary. Who coauthored the memo that basically said. That. You know these disks. Whole illegal immigration. The fight to protect dreamers and illegal immigrants is not only a moral imperative. It's critical for the component for the Democratic Party and their future electoral success. Make no mistake that this has nothing to do what. With New York State or what's best for taxpayers are what's best for the state will pass for quite frankly the only regrets. I mean what support deporting illegal immigrant situation where they're constantly looking over the shoulders for federal. You know each to come and take them as good good quality of life so. Cuomo and Democrats in New York State they want illegals to have driver's licenses so the question is are you doubt that you think that's a good thing. 8030930. Start at 3180616. WBP. And the let's go to Rio in Canada or would that be candidate in real I'm so confused. These guys thank surround me on lap dog for awhile haven't spoken to you Tom Hewitt earlier up. So happy that it went well it is the exacting things happen can make an. You all are okay. It's on the broad. Rules obscenity here thanks to bring in the hole showdown Rio. But I'm actually some days I'm sorry I went to the hospital but I'm glad I. Am sorry for your cousin. It is so yeah the whole thing like it it took it. Belongs to me like that missed on the electric throttle but I don't go to trial and more like downtown and conduct I think he's. Carol people people put it to. The top or how to we're giving these people freaked out in the most expensive. Rock were people who worked out out cannot afford to list. And that they're free. Break and I go down there are I noticed the women the most because they've been out that old car bomb literally thousands of language polish off. Couple years ago that every comical or once a while now these people a lot I don't Corning Parker. And there's a lot issues out there with what we do it and illegally right I'm error. Right Sanctuary City that there are out old. Actually when rush hour right here that your outlook. It would there would. I'm here and cool and Trudeau. They were all there would rack for giving it to people are coming in here and now last week saying all the money from the federal government. And provincial government has. We don't have enough money how these people they're all in saint Patrick I mean look at it directly. Let the bulk of the that we can hear them now can we don't have the money people by. What they get from the federal the provincial. Actually the people. Our tax. It. It's like it's like you're coming from somewhere. It's magical it's not real varied chanted IDs from for me here. Another really are these the idea here is that. Hey you know this is the right thing to do Rio and you should be for the right thing to do what I'm sorry. But this comes at a cost and it comes at its services that are being what I. That they're all. Single time a sacrifice. We made it to your show fights there is. Right that's why I. Left when are they don't they don't want to work extricate it's not worth like I have a hot week. It makes 800 dollars a week gross pay at a place. So let's check in less than 500 dollars it's what 490. Dollars well that would get the form ninety. And he's got to pay 13% eight Chet he would you are actually bite out. And that our gasoline is way more than what you're it is great artists. In the neighborhood of war something. A gallon because they're at right now or dollar forty a leader right. Well it's like. You're paying tax and they take a look at it because other people they're afraid like well why it all the time that would unify its Croatia. First they are the fully qualified. Mechanic when he was seventeen mechanic from apple. He had the work in the minds up in northern Ontario athlete I traveled back and forth we are paid. Ohio and carry it all the gold or whatever opportunity it would go right but it all worked out addicted to working because yet that work ethic. But what it was 65. You're another Friday I took the work with me. For another shift in the years. Because he was addicted to working. She understood illegals get driver's licenses. Now out of an answer for everything and now. It. Our Dario appreciate probably thanks very much good to hear from again 8030 and I party stuff and he went 80616. WB. Eat and his name is Rio and along the says. Just like that. Whatever river across the I know here's a look at the lyrics now for me or I'll play everything Rio calls and we're supposed to play happen. He had called then in months now I got a year. But we should have and actually that but but here's the thing we're we're talking about illegal immigrants Mickey turns. Erie county clerk is it okay. What what we we here at the law the New York State decides to make it make New York's Erie county in new York state of the sanctuary counting sanctuary state. But at cars is gonna lecture Mickey Kearns on his old. His oath. Hey body you know swore to do what ever we told you to do because we're of the Democratic Party and your democratic and immigration is supposed to be of federal and courage. Don't take my job to take it. I'll be your huckleberry. Turns and it showed and I mark pulling cars and is under. Use of product in his tennis is there any doubt anybody with half a brain that would I was putting greens is there any doubt anybody with half a brain that this is all about getting Democrats to vote. Well let's leave the area county legislature on this I. We're talking now. Yeah of course which leaves. Look the Democrats that they really care about illegal immigrants. It's think they're making about when these people are taking input into camps. Or anything about the Democrats talking about the quality of the light. Other people were detained at the border this is I thought this was all about people across the. While you're telling the release them put what community would you like us to take. All of that the people without vaccinations. All the folks that are out there away lucky up to survive the swim in the run. And our border how should we bring them into Clarence would you like them in in in West Africa where where should report. Whose responsibility is mark Bullock cart history. Listen you want to say this about human dignity that you know what about this no voting for thirty years. These citizens tomorrow. But if this is. About future call me old school I don't even see why if they're illegal they should be allowed to stay here they need to be deported and wait on line like everybody else well unfortunately that's just not the way New York State wants to do things they have election just like New York State is chasing which is why all of New York's Larry what happens when you get rid of fusion voting. There are no Republicans in Erie county without fusion voting here is that's what they are a lot get rid of all these things so Democrats can rule. Not led not governed what legislate rule. In perpetuity Terry in Texas a WB and should illegals get driver's licenses in New York State. I have good. Both they and I may. The common in the country illegally are like get out and I think it here you know illegal. Or opt in Iran makes sure either legally. Out there oh to exit the insurance. Down at the payment you. I don't know and I I'm like an act it out there are no more equal but I am legal. And the traffic and it's. I have been earned rest there. Where as. A lot right allies and and are less bulky bag backpack. In and out grab it real knack bilingual. And now that I firmly believe it. Well it's a I think that's only because is no different than a terrible. No different then gangs of New York. Boss tweed. Welcome America boy his vote Tammany except these immigrants are legal we are asking you guys there's a yet -- going on between. The county executive and the county clerk over your recount over driver's licenses. And basically New York State is still considering allowing illegals and I really don't understand what part of illegal is so difficult to comprehend. Illegals to obtain New York State driver's licenses. And regular Coke can look at all of the nine elevenths hijackers were able to stick around as long as they do in the United States one of the reasons is they were able to use their driver's licenses to then get other fake I d.'s it was like a springboard. A fact that that took place there that was one of the contributing factors. 23000 Americans being dead but you know seventeen years later who cares let's get back to what Terry in Texas for its closing thoughts. They'll let Andrew Cuomo idiot ever by. I have relative lull blunt in ADR ER. That it had made it an act oh. A lot eat it let out either the government out. I got no wander in the troops have wondered can. 01 a C Elway I have to confess I really would like to listen to Gerri I got news for yet. Outside. The coastal area. You've got a whole lot of taxes in California. But that Bradley. All the way the I happen happen. Here's Steve people watch secede from the state of California. That says you know those counties that. I'm on the road a lot out here man out there be more important California lately you know an hour at all like I hope so that it. People only an hour liberal. Avid you know what here's the problem and Terry thanks for the call the problem is talking to somebody in in the Carolina's about this. You know there's a time when north and South Carolina were in evens for a lot of New Yorkers but here's what happened. The New Yorkers went out of the Carolinas and they brought their big government big spending agenda with them so the Carolinas are quite the Carolinas anymore. Let's go to move. Ask Poland cars to come on the show you won't do it actually we have asked him to come and show you. We didn't have to come over my house yeah I mean yeah he's he's Arctic and it's ridiculous like yeah like in witnesses. Here's ripped in Iran the quart a WB and hello. And gentlemen god first ball I say I'm glad you're doing good and David thanks so nervous are. I went there at the end eat today. The renewed my driver's. The title I know delay my information you told me I cannot give you driver's license I could see yellow light. Can liken your driver's license without your books yet or a ballot app. Our men illegal aliens. Ought to get drivers like to have asked or. Our first bit on this country. Well because the political powers that be in New York State want them to have driver's licenses and want them to be Democrat voters go find a way. I had or at least they couldn't I don't know who looks like she. You know renew. Not for nothing the last president waited about sixty years the university of here it took forever you know. Battle that aren't yet. I don't vacuum up dollars. All right thank you from Iran to court I couldn't get his only statistic here know that you hear that all the time and you know outside of Rochester. Would you would you consider the fact you know that takes a long march the process so I have four of the DMV takes awhile to fill out those forms yet. Let's dreamliner for people for what if you immigrants the roads. Would you want to do you know life is viable what was the point where it stopped there and get benefits now where. Where are. All of the babes the buyout or early in bella via babes calling into the show so far it has been an ace sausage fest here on the program what's it we can't get and you know I went. I would love to hear of the millennial take guns. If you are a millennial. Are you buying into this hole we were built on immigration but they conveniently forget we were built on illegal immigration in the United States mean if your normal that you're going to be competing against these people for jobs right or you're gonna be supporting. They don't realize thirties and 310616. WB the end. The argument that there. Clijsters got better. It is hourly and elevated at a news radio 930 WB. He and thank you feel cavity. If you were listening earlier just a couple of quick points number one for reasons beyond the copper human anybody with half sanity left. This very show bowl has been named number 63. I'm talkers magazine's heavy hundred list. Agreed as radio shows in America in 48 team. That's talkers dot com a widely respected me it is the Bible of the talk radio industry. I'm number 63 at the same as last year's so there's men were stagnant. But to make the list. From Buffalo, New York. When you're competing against the top fifty markets and syndicated shows to be number 63. Ahead of people like GOP basketball from Saturday it lives. That's pretty cool but is it hasn't gone to our heads. We've already been a holes so is there no possible way to increase that level of evil democratic. So thanks to talkers magazine for that also we established. Beyond any doubt. Bet the NBC anchors Saturday. Actually were speaking at dolphin. And to prove that before we get back to the calls and illegals and whether or not they ought to have driver's licenses. This is the sound of real dolphins in nature. NBC. Anchor reps covering the royal wedding. So I guess do what we're saying here is NBC had dolphins covering the royal wedding. That would be I think part of the life. Eight I mean seriously. It sounds as if like you know when you hear. Audio of you know dolphins jumping but when you think of what it's like to be around beatle mania you read you know pre pubescent girls chase scene. The Beatles screening. This could be Cesar reporters he's KB terror wrote a bestselling book she was embedded with the trump can't pay for NBC news. And aisles. As you screaming like. She's about Olsen twin movie. And I'll say it again these are the same people were trying to get. Folks to think that don't trump is an abomination and the worst president who's ever served in the White House and this is how they behave in front of celebrities I think it's an embarrassment I really do. I'm sorry you think about the people I would most like to hang out with okay. President trump Donald Fagan Paul McCartney. And you know what. There's. There is no way in hell I would be saved in anyway shape or form. In any such fashion I think it is an absolute embarrassment. Hell if if if hairy and Megan invited me for dinner I would not react this way. That that by the way those disgraceful that anyone yet we're told the joke to a girl and she responded. Can you imagine that like that that. Oh wait wait wait you're there to set up like honey reach deeper into this bag of popcorn in the darkened movie theater. I think that pretty much says it all about meanwhile China is agreed to buy more products in especially farm trade in manufacturing products. It appears that trade war. Turned out that China has now agreed to buy more American product China blinked in the most news is that there was a teeny tiny bullet now but honestly it's well. It just gives I think Ike continues to I mean I I know it's cliche by win. It's pretty. Ridiculous especially for folks are gone back when he sixty about a second winning. People still cup team. About how we got here but things are looking for team you know what it was because it is the deep state I used to think that the state was pulled corrupt. And I'm sorry I don't think that the state is bull crap anymore there is Oleg Gerke in America that is as controlling as the old oligarchy in the former Soviet Union. And this guy came in from the outside to shake things up and they can't deal with their little plans have been temporarily stalled. I have no doubt whatsoever that they're gonna get things back on track and scrutiny United States but at least we got a little bit reprieve but. Erie county executive mark cars. Options you have well it's arguable that if he fails to enforce the law. He violates public officers law that so that he can actually forfeit his position got to be careful. Public officers laws pretty clear view. And something that is a violation of the public officers law under New Year's Day volume you can lose your job ask George holds some mark he lost his job is. Usually legislator when he pled guilty to a minor. The sales about a. I mean he Kyrgyz and plead guilty to anything museum in charge of the that the route and go hey things can happen you know you cannot be running for pres and all of a sudden. Your campaigns don't work as Teddy Kennedy whichever clinic it can happen make records and what could you could have so drown in your card and you're done do I have a license to say whether anybody anybody who thinks were cowards I mean at any time for Poland cars wants to be on the show marked on cars can be on the show that he can. This and I will be polite to borrowing ability import cars he could be out every day of the week for Poland car is down always well. I'm on the show I don't here's the question of does he want to work. I don't think he there is anything to explain here. I really don't I I don't think there's any debt. To how you can make the argument that what is best is Tony executive what is best for the tax payers if you count me. More. Bingo. How any elected official can threaten Mickey curtains for saint minute. What job a year you're violating federal statute let the right hey Mickey you do that in New York State disciplines today. And it whatever we say goes. Unless of course Supreme Court. Challenges you lot of what you do. Know what. Get a professor. But it's the what New York State is doing here is you are you are doing the equivalent of what the confederacy did. Before the civil war my friends you aren't telling the federal government I don't care what your law czar here's what we're doing in our states. And it's identical to what happened. In the south before the civil war. Let's go to player in north title one back clarity on WBM and my guess is you hate the song called clear by Gilbert O'Sullivan from the seventies. Really a cake is usually. Anyone let him sing at the offense now to that moment that you us. But it's it's almost like in variable that there any song written featuring somebody's name that you'd like for a long drama couldn't stand the whose army. It that way. All right let there should illegals getting driver's licenses. Well let me tell you why can't sort of sticks in my craw is because. My birth certificate is from Pennsylvania. New York State will not accept a license from Vietnam and Brandon King is my birth certificate. From Pennsylvania because the cramping isn't deep enough. Well I couldn't get it and hit slices which we're going to have to give I believe in twenty. Crimping isn't deep enough miss is learn as often told me that I. Wouldn't quite sure what she meant what what do you mean like the notary seal or the official seal. It that deep enough that you can. That doesn't make any sense to me whatsoever you either have or do not have an official document issued by the commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Right yeah I'm 81 I view this thing called my life. And now I can't get an extra sense. This Claire. I say despite my mom's older than you are my mom's got more energy and a lot of what are your roles in use on the same. Well but you know I I it I don't know I have. Might have a sister who deviates so. A good genetics cell right they so it of course I would ask the question at 81 do we want chew on the ropes. Okay and you might very well be what my mom's very good friends is in her nineties in a better driver and a lot of millennial. Well that's true rentals we have a lot of people here where I let the better. We're driving to the Clinton ninety's. I just you know. Here's I think I'm going to be an army to get off the topic here. I'm gonna be one of those guys that make they're gonna have to take the keys away because I will never admit to myself when I can't drive. I'm gonna be that guy I don't that I just ran into a school bus that I backed over tricycle but it was our fault it will be me. They're very difficult that when you can't drive I can't even imagine I would. Tell me about I couldn't drive for a week after the surgery it was campaign finance. Yes I know. I know. January so. So what you're saying here is people like mark Poland cars and Andrew Cuomo care more about folks working illegally from other lands and they do about an 81 year old solid citizen. Who doesn't have a deep enough of them boxing stamp on her birth certificate. You're 81 it's not like we're talking about uniformed. Tablets would which they've got image. Coming close but not quite. Were they doing to give these people I think it would have been shelling and what does that mean editor natural that the United States. Told. Look I have trouble and all I cannot imagine. OK I what are my travels saying you know what screw it I like Jamaica Michael back to the United States. I'm gonna get myself a Jamaican driver's license to go to Kingston a box of bullets and and coming and I'm gonna get myself would you. Laughing right out of the place in Jamaica. It. I'm pretty sure they'd laugh me right out of Canada buys it you know what I'm like going back to buffalo wanted to stay here and Ontario. And I want a driver's license like I'm going to be able to get one so. Why does the United States have to sacrifice and forfeit its sovereignty I'll tell your wife and their you know the answer because they're trying to build the Democrat party. In this way this is one of the facets of growth. And frankly I believe that this strategy is going to backfire. Just with so called white America but with our black Brothers and sisters. And our Hispanic Brothers and sisters who are enjoying the lowest historical unemployment ever in recorded history. Well you know. They are going to be in the majority in the in the years to come so people had better get used to it. So right races sort of. That you can say is you know is not producing as many people. Well I mean you you are correct him in our Census Bureau does say that you are you are correct. And it but I mean our society has long beard and one that weird demographics. Change. I mean there were times when the Irish for example were basically peed upon. As less than human when the polish were dealt with the same way when the Italians were dealt with the same way especially those from southern Italy. And in fact people from the north of Italy it would often dump on their brethren from the south of of Italy so and unfortunately. You know humans that have I don't know where we are tribal. Ultimately week we are a lot more tribal and I think we'd like to believe we are in in civilized society but. Looked and the nature of our society is that. Being dynamic we are always changing so if at some point in the future white people are not a population majority saw what that's a natural that's a natural way of things happen. Exactly what I was saying. People had better get used to it I mean it's stacked going to happen. Probably in my life and I. But but also to me remember week we were also that there is so much into marrying going on that that the the borders of white and black core white and Hispanic or you know white and Asian I mean there are so many inner marriages with people that because there there's a lot of gray area the united you don't try to not to be doing a good job communicating it but. You know people especially like the millennial generation really think it it matters and if either anymore let me olds who would not date a black man if you're white or black woman if it buy it if you're white I don't think there are. I mean hell I couldn't care less. I think Kerry is sort of it on now. But. As far as what you're saying about about them being so impressed with royalty. And my humble opinion on that is I cannot believe in royalties. Well hold on I know the that your opinion of royalty but trip I think we need to go to every reporter at NBC on Saturday and and get their take on royalty and how they react to royalty feel if you do the honors. Matt was not the honor I wanted. I was hoping for the. It did not work well did you hear that that was the sound of Hiroshima exploding. Things bees are dolphins. It there's other features sounds like if she we're now number 68. K terror falling down the stairs and Buckingham. I. It's unbelievable to me and others are such morons there were out there are two stories that we have to cover before we wrap the show up. I don't know if you heard this one did you see. The frontier passengers on our FaceBook page. Pastor for you and urinating on the stage at one and twenty year. Made them pay a 125 dollars and feed all the baggage and then big democratic charge that. I one topic to fans of Frontier Airlines because cheap if there and then let it okay how much how about this other story that's the top story. A cop. Does ST section on a pregnant year. That he hit this car. I love delivers the date. This is what happens when brown nose and cops it service care when they know. Does he perform at c.'s action on that dear leader as cameras not he could go back to the station. It would be hero I am going to. Which Hewlett. One week. Hell wants. And would she. What it can't grave and climbed into African store owners who were rescue baby ducks eat milk with a new ones but. He got a camera to be a bit in the why attitude totally different than performing. Surgery I dead animal bring back. That the evening lot of it here aren't that cop I applaud does that FaceBook page that is our thank you Claire. Yeah. Activity other stories that they throw out there. Yes I how about they they own. A car. Member board but the man who did you Brock is more demand for Oprah they found via via. The ultimate Cooper they found a guy in they put security cameras up. And the finding out that all of these ministries of people that have been going jogs. Out of the more. These ring cameras are out there these people door bells and you know should check it. We're finding all of the the people that are doing that job. Assume that wall so the witnesses the story above and beyond the principal who got busted out this guy was actually do it I'm on the side of bill. On it's I'm sorry. You know. It's not ugly death shook we have thirty seconds British Frontier Airlines my friends and yes they're bad for business class punch WB yeah that's our goals it. They are doing okay so. I did wanted to say that they're good people like myself. And scream and or a year like since the ninety's when they are connected motor voter. Law and we we do away with the whole plan was and now we you've been using it. And the only hope you have now is if people. Start becoming interested in. You know the future of their their own lives and there are our children after them rather than who's dancing with the star. Who blowing kisses from the carriage and you know who's scoring a point on top and some games somewhere. Yes but you're asking human nature to change and you know what it's really weird Charles but. The more information. And acts to which we have access is human beings the more we click on cat videos well at least the guy in the Frontier Airlines peed after he got on the plane has delta they PU before. Charles thank you for the call and look I understand your point but you know it's like let's talk radio. I'm a big believer that if you do politics every day you die so we had some politics we have some fun. We have some fun poking fun at the media today why is this seat to Charlotte 40% off. A it's that he was seated in the front lines and incredible Waterloo and him. Let me write that it would be flotation confused and work I don't know. Thanks to fill the cavity and Sean Murphy wants excuse for that have a well which it and that's out again why am I Irish if we're gonna blame the Irish. May get a job Murphy Bill Kennedy we. That can work either. Current common and popular up here and I'm home I'm WB yeah.