Should Ash Wednesday Be Cancelled For Valentine's Day? and Breaking News Stories 2/13 Bauerle and Bellavia Hour 4

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Tuesday, February 13th

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News radio 930 WB EN yeah. You know and I've never done well driving I've never shop while driving none else I've never done while driving. Never watched porn while driving. It's Tom Bauer lady and the it was a horrible story also from the New York State thruway about. And others fatal accident. But this guy and he's got it. For the rest of his life. This guy knows a that he really. Destroyed lives V that the reason they destroyed lives was he was watching war. When he was driving in David Bellamy actor who knows if you fill those surveyed there too but. You know the idea that you're on that long we're interacting with something. So maybe he already did the shopping and filled out a survey its hourly and Olivia and the other thing too that we ever really talks is. Obviously you know either. Some fluids or maybe he behind the wheel on news radio 930 W. A vacuum foul early and that will be and we're gonna go right back to the. Owns 8030930. Start at 310616. WB. Detectives and 30930. Let's go to Tony in title Wanda what I tell you about the liberation names. You're always going to get on the air. If you take your first letter of your name and and connected to a town of buffalo how can I say no to Tony about a lot it's going to be great called the matter what guard Tony. That there is there in the vehicle toward. The it's not so much that the distracted Gergen I think what the stupidity people. I mean like late term that it. A Beagle has refused talking about humility you know good hard drive are commercially for whoever is people that. In your car at all. These recurrent drive the people it will probably tail lights and windows in the people that drive would eat in normal car. Wonder drug small car you could be that you could buy you know like a driver expedition in and equipment out of my chart every day. Fourth. It might stop at just over the top portal roller ball out. You know underwent. Or our border which we would because they can't Hewlett-Packard company rational. We're yet to what people run around you know Q2 election Q if you win gold. When you see that with the snow but you also seem like you know. What this meant when they they change the AT&T law windows or the prior achieved through the tinted windows law. Here's what we have. We have the a situation where some people want their privacy I'm. It used to be did that man a celebrity was there right now it means someone has an extra 200 dollars to ten to Wear those. Ed and law enforcement got really worked up about it now the thing I always question was if law enforcement would have said had a we don't we want this lauded change with the dark windows because we don't feel safe walking up to a car we can't see inside of it. I could understand that then passed a law that says we have to drop all of our windows when an officer pulls up but can he win. But on this story David. Back back margulies I would. I'm. How important restaurant he and I left left look at compared department would like Kirby and William street. They're prepared selection can draw order. Are you are becoming more open in my room. Woman out and pitched for a second car. I can now I'm only twenty wonderful I'm on cast in I don't know walker worked arc she will dwindle to a church looking into. The real problem. Is that the best. Isn't that the let me tell you. I was living in law for New York had been a lock for. Regular. Arcade you know of palatial states opt dicing road. Yes the beautiful beautiful apartment thread I lived in one of those. And I was pulling into my apartment complex and you always have to count the building because they all look the same. And I've taken a left a dicier road and I see a woman in them and behind me and Tony. This woman is chugging a two liter of soda all life is her neck. Like all my god she is and the Jerusalem forty miles an hour and see them in the back. A big beautiful 1980s. Mercury sable. And it literally I mean it was horrifying did. You know it's going to happen won each game. I. Your already it's horrible in the feeling right after and you know that's when I was introduced to the Ford Motor company's kill switch. It's which you can't get acceleration after an accident because you know they wanna cut off but it's for safety but. If you're in another and you're in deep trouble did you happen to see any of the accident footage of that icy condition and Iowa recently. Their Tony look it up I have to get up the fault because it's. There is a video of a tractor trailer just skating and ice and that is a pretty humbling things. To see. They edit it and it kills the tools are driving a cart you know it depends on what I'm altering. Could vary anywhere anywhere from 80000. 105000. Pounds. Very very as a video Tony of this Iowa asked ice storm. This tractor trailer is skating and this woman's car she gets out of her car and rolls away. As this tractor trailer hit their car. That is gonna be the coolest woman in the bar for at least six months. That story alone but when you start to see like her. Breasts just exactly. The whole biggest stage by embassy news we don't hear what's that. Are you appreciate that Tony will we see all of these kill that they'll line one form which uses all of these. You know. Icy conditions and there isn't videos from. You know maybe a Third World country or maybe they're video from like North Carolina they're just not used to have in place right. You're seeing people make horrible decisions. But still that stone sober we assume. Right. That's 9 o'clock in the morning. And it's tough enough just to drive up the hill in those conditions. You know would know up plows on the road no salt. You've come you're you're pot and that I'm intoxicated. Not in sound mind and on top like I'm just not gonna look a little people when they're different like look periodically. It can you imagine you lose your mind. If your. Loved one out of plane or train we train accidents now the United States three fatal accident in less than a month. And if your loved one was hurt a train accident and you found out that one of those conductors was on their phone. Do you lawsuits. Everyone would line up at they would sue Amtrak aides of the insurance companies go after everything. But it's it's a totally different circumstance. You know because everyone does. Everyone does it and I don't know I mean even even when you look at the drunk driving debate. High schools they just pounded over and over and over again until. People came to their senses. What Alicia I just change gears just a little bit and this is really shout out to all Catholic friends there. You have a bishop in buffalo. Bishop Malone. I tell you something and I'm not a Catholic but Bridget bishop Richard Malone. Hit his car stolen remember that story. The car was stolen they found in Rochester. But bishop Malone key. To me he entered a whole new realm of coolness when he he had gotten involved during the the bills were in the playoffs. And it was a confirmation ceremony. You know a bunch of people were were being confirmed the Catholic Church. Our it was a big deal for these young kids and he was like look normally this is gonna happen right during a playoff game here as well. Else she was at times. So you bills and can see your children and see your friends at their. You know the big Catholic noses first communion or compliment I don't know what what the deal and I apologize for my Protestant ignorance. But my point is he made a change. For the you know for western New Yorkers to watch the game and then he got his car stolen in the news. Here's another thing. You Catholics in buffalo I think take it a little bit advantage of Richard Malone here. He give you a little leeway when she didn't have to do during the bills' playoff game. The goats gets gets his car stolen by the way no mentioning that and the like three days ago. Bishop Malone wrote an op Ed in the Buffalo News and tell you what. I don't care you know the church you go to work. Weather your pro life for pro choice re bishop Malone wrote about partial birth abortion. And and see if you can't find that there's a difference between what you consider a woman's right to choose. And a partial birth abortion. And again that British bishop Malone is not making you know obviously he's pro pro life. Buddies he makes what I think is very passionate intelligent argument buffalo with three days ago but talking about daddy. Were talking about people that want. To have. Basically that they wanna get a pass on Valentine's Day because Valentine's Day is tomorrow. Tomorrow is also Ash Wednesday. Tomorrow. You're going to see Catholics. And they are going to have ashes. A sign of the cross on their heads right. And if and again I am a Protestant but if Scott in the church. I believe that the ashes come from the palms. Of the previous palm Sunday night. And the big bird knows the point is this she is of this is a very holy time for Christians especially Catholics. But we're talking about you know for Christians this is the time that that Christ died on the cross. Though the whole salvation message this is the bedrock. Of the religion. And. Ash Wednesday falls on Valentine's Day so people are saying wait a second I'd love Jesus is loyal Catholic. Is there a way. That I can get all of the perks of Valentine's Day and still be cool with the church so bishop long on this like. I thought I'm a week after the vote Buffalo Bills thing. I do you he doesn't need to get on the Pope on the hotline to change a day. So you'd want to build game but you're asking him to get what the Vatican involved. It weren't the only people would have this problem are in Buffalo, New York. Do we have to go to a cardinal we have two ex Cleveland and Rochester right now if any other city do they have the. A death said he did go to the bishop would say listen. I don't know if you noticed this but Valentine's Day is on Ash Wednesday for the first time since 1945. Is there any way you can switch things around like eating steak or I could have chocolate or. It's a believe I won out here what bishop Malone a little tongue in cheek give some things that you can do instead. I did what any Catholic league Western New York this listen to this program at 8030930. Start 9310616. WP yen or texting me at 30930. And you wasted the good bishop Richard Malone as time. At the Catholic diocese of buffalo ticket to complain about what what if you could get any sort of exemption. From the first day of lent Ash Wednesday. Two also I deal with Valentine's Day here's bishop Malone who's answering all of the requests of people were asking him. To get between you know so god forbid you word you were robbed of your T bone steak and Valentine's Day. Here is bishop Malone. I'm sure you've noticed by now Valentine's Day falls on Ash Wednesday this year a collision. This is the first time these two locations have overlap since 1945. That's before I was born. As a result some people have inquired as to where. Well I can you see that he's already a new type of vision. Yeah did she he's got a sense of humor he's a Smart guy he's quick. This is look if we're going to ever have a shot at an American Pope. This is the type of guy we want to be an American Pau. He would talk to millennia old he's not creepy. He's just like I'm Brit but again. We have taken advantage of the kindness of the whole bills are playoff thing and now we government. A little bit of a pickle. Here's a bishop Malone said the people who want him to changed the rules of the church. For Valentine's day of their dispensation from the Ash Wednesday fast announces will be granted. The answer is now. Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of the Linton season which is a solemn time of prayer and penance for the Catholic Church after many other Christians. Ash Wednesday and Good Friday of the only two days of the whole year on which fasting and abstinence are required. And so on due to the importance of Ash Wednesday in the lives of all count books and many others but dispensation or commutation will not be granted. He just said look you you've you've got two days the player a year that we ever ask anything of two days. Throws the ball here are. We're talking about our savior. Were talking about the most religious week right did this this season I should say. All the way until we get it and and what are you asking for what do you want and by the way let's be honest nobody if you care about Valentine's Day you're either what. Seventeen years old who cares about Valentine's Day. If you're one of those people that really believes that this you're being robbed. And if you are Catholic in your your game you're doing this the sort of pro and con here you're like well my eternal salvation. Honoring the one true living god all our. Make it less happy. Did when. It can be a little bit of a jerk when she doesn't getter chocolates on Valentine's Day would hate to upset her. This bishop Malone I really really like him those who are accustomed to celebrating Valentine's Thursday. Might do so perhaps the day before joining up would Marty great time for double celebration or another month and potential day. As we make this small sacrifice. We should consider the great love of the lord who suffered and died for us that kind of put that in perspective bishop thank you. This guy about a huge like you know. I'm gonna talk about Mardi Gras pressure you wanna I wanna hang out make it a double Holliday who cares go hang out do you Mardi Gras do you Valentine's Day Egypt chocolate. Act like a fool. And you know what we'll see and confession. How bad. How can be upset at that. Let's go to. What. We do yeah I'm one odd guy and in Amber's guy and you're on WB and go ahead. I. Eight even gave much to bear. I'm suggestion on that people you know complaining bet Ashland and Valentine's Day on the same day. I mean get a break people can't shoot the next morning and that kept me. Sure slowly. Dying and if that was like a holiday. If it was like something that was happening that every one that you know it was the bills are playing in the Super Bowl. And we've waited for this for fifty years an art tradition as we all have to eat a beef brisket while the bills' kick off because that's what buffalo only and do. Maybe maybe. You could say there's a conflict for our region. And. Why didn't buffalo. Feels the need some people in the Catholic community. To contact bishop law ordered say. Can you make an exemption for. I know it and shameful. You know Obama and you know it's a bigger Ashe weren't very. It'll happen near camp. You know and you know you are not that I can say. Well I am I can't disagree with you at all thank you for your call and dad let's. I just think this as a Protestant I'm looking at this and I'm thinking I'm not a Catholic I don't have minutes. This still the season many Protestants celebrate and still respect that Dolan did they give things up for lent. Many Protestants respect Ash Wednesday. There are Protestants out there here's my point. Of if anything that comes out of this we've been introduced to bishop Richard Malone and I think this is a really likable I really enjoyed him. And out as far as the church of the old Catholic church of the problems in the past what the future is the present Pope how people feel the bottom. It's refreshing to have a representative of the church in Euro backyard. That at least is making an effort using social media going out there and you know having a smile knowing what the you know. Trying to at least appeal to the flock that's changing name. And in our communities and we will take your calls it'll three and thirty sure Ash Wednesday. Being canceled for Valentine's Day well that question was asked of our local bishop and he said. Welcome back at Brower enveloping as we left you're talking about this issue that appears that was worthy of wasting the bishop club Malone's time. In buffalo of course the with the Catholic diocese here we we know these big news. For an immediate his car still. And they found in Rochester and so there was a bit of you know that was some some sidebar about that. We also heard that the bishop back when the bills were the playoffs he you know moved around on the calendar for people to. Participate in confirmation. What was. It was like first. Well whatever when there was a big day for Catholics and the bishop move the time lines of people could watch the bills in Orchard Park. Very kind considerate whatever one's it was a big football. But now we have something it hasn't happened since 1945. Ash Wednesday. Falls on Valentine's Day. Back in 1945. It was a big deal of 45. I think they're just happy to. You know media. They were looking down at the end of the war and thinking hey. There are other things to be grateful for it happy. But. Again the other thing it makes me laugh why is this you know no idol season any other city of buffalo Buffalo's early hoops that. That they can't you stay on Valentine's. So here's what the bishop had to say after many other Christians. Ash Wednesday and Good Friday of the only two days of the whole year on which fasting and abstinence are required. And so on due to the importance of Ash Wednesday in the lives of all count books and many others. A dispensation or commutation will not be granted I'm amazed he did that without laughing. You know. He's like you know we only really ask you do two things Good Friday it's Wednesday everything else he could pretty much you would there be one. And that nobody's asking you crucify you. At all so please just do this. Those who are accustomed to celebrating Valentine's Day. Might do so perhaps the day before joining up with Marty grow our great time for double celebration or another non potential day. As we make this small sacrifice. We should consider the great love of on board who suffered and died for us. It's especially important that you who are parents help your children to understand the meaning of Ash Wednesday. And why it supersedes the celebration of Valentine's Day in the life of account. Be assured of my prayers for each of you as we embark upon this lent in season of renewal. May be a time of grace and mercy for each of us. Well there you have it that puts it right back on the parents you know hey you know maybe you guys to be a better example and quit complaining so much in making a spectacle of ourselves we appreciate that. Things that are happening in the world and immigration is now. Where everyone's eyes and ears everyone's focused on the big immigration debate you'll love about the immigration debate. This is actually the immigration debate that the Democrats wanted to hat. So they were complaining that they wanted to do this a week ago two weeks ago now is the time to talk about dot. Because as we told you a month ago docket didn't expire in July and January. Docket expired in March. So now at the time to be talking about what to do with the dreamers. But now though there is time to talk about it. We don't have any proposals coming from our friends on the democratic side here's what senator John Kennedy from Louisiana had to say. If everybody here gets busy rolls up her sleeves. Doesn't. This page in gamesmanship. And just puts an all out there now I mean everybody's been talking about national champs. So John John Kennedy from Louisiana Republican who is really simple this is what he says the Democrats it's put up for China. Put up or shut up why do you actually feel. Back up all of this not essential to shut down the government over this now it's time to talk about you guys don't wanna talk about it now you don't want a proposal. Here's Mitch McConnell in the the majority leader of the Republicans in the senate. If there's sixty votes for any of these proposals here in the senate we should be able to discover that could have been talking about this four month. We should be able discovered in the next few days. And hopefully make some progress for the American people on this important. Issue now well maybe the American people don't care about it and that's why the Democrats phones aren't aren't ringing anymore because. That one thing needing care about a did want the government to be shut down over but now Mitch McConnell is basically asking his colleagues on the other side of the aisle. I assumed they had an idea here delay before the Sonnen. Can they took us into a government shutdown they actually requested today that I ended up agreeing to turn to it. Where's supply. Where's the plan to well. Chuck Schumer responded to Mitch McConnell. And here's what he does. I was disappointed that the majority leader attempted to start voting today with an amendment that does absolutely nothing to address daka. Does absolutely nothing to address border security. Mimic. Did Schumer cares about border security now I didn't I didn't I wasn't aware of that that's pretty cool. But the point is if you'd you have the ability to write your own legislation and and to present that as well. May be as a caveat to what the Republicans were saying but here's what Dutch auction words are text is ready to go. I'm told now that the Republicans should have text relatively soon. And weekend. Bring them to the floor and have a vote. Yes we can but here's the one problem while we can do that in the next few days we all know that immigration is fraught with peril. But this is the closest we've come. And everybody has to make a really final effort. Even though the Democrats walked away from the table three times today including one overture made by the president himself here is Chuck Schumer finding sixty votes. For something that meets the needs of both sides and can deal with the dreamers and border security is not easy. It's not easy. Beat well there's so many reasons why it's not easy but again let's get back to the sixty vote that is pretty stupid. Right I mean the idea that in 2018. We're talking about something that was never written in the constitution never intended to be a part of a bicameral. Legislative branch why. Why do we have the sixty votes needed that seems dumb. Especially because the man it's named after. You know. Wasn't always the best Stewart in and Robert Byrd. You know they have a lot of people are talking about North Korea and the war that would eventually if if we're to. Take Kim Jong born out of power take its nukes away. Well it would require men and women to be on the ground in Korea while this happened before. There have been people who have served in Korea there's people that fought a war in Korea it's called the forgotten war which is quite disrespectful. But if you got talked to anyone who served in Korea from 1950 in 1952. Dick could tell you that it's a really rough area at an ugly fight in but just know that it. We're finding this out with the Olympic Games Alex down with ABC news. Is that the Olympics and you shouldn't it though we are so bad they're having problems even. Problems competing. Where these games because the weather is so horrible. The wind here continues to blow meteorologists keep promising the wind is going to dissipate but it hasn't that's making it tough on those competing strong gusty winds here for an athlete with a snowboard or skis on its like having a sale strapped to you it's made it very difficult and extremely cold. So it's so cold that we can't jump a little mounds of snow but we can roll the third infantry in there. It's a really tough place to fight without a doubt. Here's where we're at now the media we talked about this one Friday I think here Thursday here I don't know what it. We know because were Smart and because we talk with the each other that's what good families do. And a borrowing ability that we told you it doesn't matter what happens with the economy it doesn't matter if we find a cure for the flu. Dare gonna talk about rob Porter it's going to be about this guy who was the assistant secretary of what it. Two wives came forward he beat his wives this has to come back to trump we have to focus on this. This is what every win did trump know that BP's wife. To trump bout was he part of the beat down. What we need to know more information on rob Porter well Sara Sanders I can't go anywhere better to handle this Sara Sanders. Takes problems. And she gets thinner four wheel drive and she drives headed to she doesn't run around she doesn't use Q language she goes right in into the controversy. And she starts swing and and that's why so many people love Sarah Huckabee Sanders but here she is on the rob Porter and now the FBI is getting involved. They don't have an ax to grind I'm sure. In the view of personal security office the FBI to our report required significant additional investigatory filled work. Before personnel security office could begin tonight await information for adjudication. What does that mean well it's a boiled down a little easier the White House personal security office which is staffed by career officials. What Everest may have received information and and that they had not completed their process and made a recommendation to the White House for adjudication. Obviously what happened rob Porter because of its proximity the president. He needed a background check when you get a background check it's performed by an agent of the FBI and what they do they asked background questions they. They talked to people who are neighbors you give them a list of people that you think would. Did they get asked questions they go ask those questions I've done for friends of mine that are in the administration now done for people in the Obama administration. I'm a reference you get a lot of questions these FBI field they know exactly what they're looking for the line though. Does this person traveled does this person Josh Shipp is he responsible does he drink does he beat his wife now why is an important issue. It's an important question because most people don't want the public to know that they beat their wives so that information out there. The enemy could theoretically get hold of it and you could become blackmail all of these. Issues that come with a background check arc can these be used against you. Are you a good Steward with the information security. What type of speed on government servant are you going to be what kind of person or. Way. When they do the background check out rob quarter they ran into some problems. Mostly because some people probably brought up that rob Porter you know was violent with two women. So it went back to the FBI FBI there's a process at the White House. Where when when things are incomplete they ask why very complete that information has to be supplied. Now the left is going to say the White House knew. At the personal security options that he was a wife beater they chose not to believe it or they just wanted to. Really badly to get a wife beater involved somehow in the White House. You know all of the conspiracy theories ago but that's the process and that's what Sarah Huckabee. Is talking about right here. The president takes. Now all of these accusations very seriously he believes in due process. About everything else he supports the victims of any type of violence. Yeah so I mean what what is he gonna say right. Now the big the guy is coming under the most pressure and why would this happen. General John Kelly he's chief of staff remember. General John Kelly lost his son in Afghanistan he was the former secretary of the Department of Homeland Security it was general Kelley that really fixed. The first major mistake of the drug administration which was this whole nonsense would green cards and the travel ban. It was John Kelly did put out. The proper. The instructions for the department of homeless Homeland Security. You're not just. Think people on green card and say because you're from a country. If you have a green card you're now a lot of back and there was a lot of people that works capped at airports now lot of come into the country. John Kelly fixed all that well. There was a lot of chaos in the White House that time and rice previous wasn't doing a good job of chief of staff. President trump brought in John Kelly and everything has changed at the White House the leaks are gone they've kind of you know. We've sold out the guys that or probably more loyal to the Obama administration some members of the FBI in their own commander in chief. John Kelly is huge force in that White House. So naturally. Bill laughed and Democrats they want John Kelly to leave. They want to shame him why because ultimately the chief of staff's. Job to make sure the proper people are being hired to do proper jobs which by the way with the reason that John Kelly's first decision was to get rid of all Derosa. And send her packing. Now she's on celebrity Big Brother spilling secrets about the prince's. But here's what Sara Sanders had to say about the future of chief of staff John Kelly the president's confidence and his chief the staff. Well that's pretty much volume and yet right. They're not gonna kick out John Kelly now many people think that there was a report that John Kelly offered his resignation the president didn't accept it but again. We have to hurt the White House but we heard the White House we go after. The path of least resistance who is a stab you in order general John Kelly let's get rid of them let's blame him. For not allowing that to him for not picking up. That this guy. Was a bad husband a bad man for allegedly beating his wife here's shares standard going on. Would more detail over what's happening with the rob Porter at. It takes now all of these accusations very seriously he believes in due process about everything else you know so we heard that. So here is the new a big thing we've got. The story that's coming out right now. Of market manipulation this is going to be crazy we'll talk more about this tomorrow I guarantee because if it turns out we have a whistle blower. This is a story that you could find will put up on FaceBook but it's on MarketWatch. You know that we're talking big news. But we have marked cabaret and Francine McKenna. Wrote a piece today. You went out live at about 5 PM how Wall Street's fear gauge. Is being rigged according to one whistle blower there's a whistle blower. That has filed a letter. And is basically saying that. They believe that there are intentional. A mechanisms. In some of these computer traded. Companies in these firms use compact computer trades. And that they're default. Is to automatically. Unsettled a market. And this is intentional. This is controlled. And this is a conspiracy this is what they whistle blower unnamed whistle blower claims. That and by the way there was an article written by John Griffin who's a professor of finance at the University of Texas who basically said that. Manipulating. Options or are something that has happened in the past that. The FCC doesn't do good job in looking into it here's the point you're gonna hear about. You know why does why when there's good news does the stock market go through a rabid sell like we saw you know last week. Wire these huge fluctuations happening what you heard from Michael wall matured glow and wiggle. Those of the financial guys. They have a financial guys logo that goes up in the sky when someone loses money in borrowing they send the financial guys signal. Those guys they want to talk about and you know one of the things you heard from llamas and waigel was you know when when the market goes up so high. If you lost a thousand points on that you know when though when the market that cap was that you know 151000. With the Dow Jones well that's that's a pretty bad day right well now and bring that up to 26000. Was 2000. That's a bad day but in and would you put in perspective. A lot of things could have happened as well. You're still plus you know you still looking at your 401K even after last week it I think it while still up 1819%. And that's not too should. Consider which gonna get at a savings account right now if you put your money you know at the back with interest rates. And zero essentially that's what we're talking about right. Well listen if dare our institutions. That are in the news everywhere and now buying in treating their own stocks. Everyone's going on their own individual lot web sites in doing their own trades are getting advice from the broker they do with themselves well. Is there a possibility that there is an apparatus. That is. You know just going for the totally unnecessary dramatic swings and who would profit off that well I mean that's a pretty. Pretty giant allegation. And I'm sure someone's gonna look into it if congress that'll that'll be talked about everywhere but it's is bolted and and bright red on the Drudge Report. And a lot of traffic is going to MarketWatch. To read the story about a whistle blower who basically Q accusing. That that's the market to being rigged that there are people doing this on purpose to. I manipulate the market to make things look worse than they are. It in books that maybe we'll talk about a more tomorrow we will be here tomorrow no matter what is on the news. You'll hear an opinion from hourly and Olivia we'll see you tomorrow. You know we've talked about this before but I think there's there's a whole generation that latches basic social skills and part of it is the texting generation. Because we lived in AFY. Eat well society we live in LOL land. Pentium. Your cell phone that was what all these texting and I don't think he is a big deal who are you texting fifty times a day I became my behalf I guess I still do el hotel 1010 air every now and again I will actually RO TM FL.