Shooting at Parkland Florida High School, 2/14 Bauerle and Bellavia Hour 1

Bauerle and Bellavia
Wednesday, February 14th

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News radio 930 WBA. And there are things that happen in Philadelphia that don't happen in any other American city and which crazy to me. When Boston is calling you racist city you've got a lot of character exploit. It's Tom Bauerle I mean there all there are hijinks job. I understand wait you know I have to say shenanigans and David Bellamy listen you can. I have all the shenanigans you want bills mafia drop and on tables all the crazy things that happened. But there is no way on earth. Buffalo would ever destroy. Everything we've worked for its hourly and Olivia. Philadelphia is destroying. Areas of that city that. That they're the polls that they broke. They were turning over cars it was structure fires. I mean it's literally itself like a war zone on new radio and in thirty WB. Envelop on. Birdie on my authority WBE. And met and that we are following. In Parkland Florida and that judging by the with the way the kids are running out of the school. I don't know I've got a bad feeling about this a I hope I hope I'm wrong there there's two things here that down are are interested we haven't really seen in in other unfortunately I think world. Well rehearsed when it comes to looking at these types of things as they happen in real time Tom. But the fact that they are they released some students out we could see the swat teams. Getting around the school but there is a report that. One side of the wing of the school is being sheltered in place which makes you think. You know that. There was a reason for that that must have been decided there was danger on the released what appears to be the other side of the school but looking at the posture of the swat guys. I don't see a lot of it you know hitch in the first step I don't see giddy up when they're walking out of there and that usually. You know assign that if they're not motivated to get to an area that means that there's not a threat. Well hopefully hopefully you're right because the the video exceed 2:55. PM. Just their fifteen minutes ago the Coral Springs, Florida police department stole a told students and teachers to stay barricaded. Inside the school there was a fifteen minutes ago oh. We're 3200. Students in this school and it's a ninth through twelfth grade it is what we're seeing right now is the first sign that there's something that is pretty bad one on. That's a triage. That there are setting up in the front. Of the nearest intersection. You can actually see god isn't and other. He added there's some wounded some wounded people here absolutely. They've got a cordon. First responders around it looks like at least one victims now somebody's being taken away on a stretcher. Five B a first responders in Florida of the FBI. Is responding the name of the school is the Marjorie stolen school. That's Marjorie. M a RJ. ORY. Stole amendment. ST ONE. MA and school that is in Parkland Florida. Try to figure out of his pronounce park land or Parkland as we pronounce the hospital which are president Kennedy and Oswald by Beck in 1963. You're just joining us. Active shooter at a school. That has set 3200 students in it between the ninth and twelfth grade so it's. Marjorie Stoneman high school and it's located in Parkland Florida which again is on the ocean side of the state of Florida. And police as seventeen minutes ago now told students and teachers to remain barricaded. Inside the school. And we do see what looks to be video of a first responders standing outside the school. We're we're we've not seen video of guy is. In in swat uniforms going into the school proper. In May get a clearing position David Wright. We do well one of the things that we're looking at a again it's impossible to know what this school in the cardinal direction of of what side of the school. But one of the things here you're seeing here that the triage that was set up. That appears to have been an impromptu triage that that was not normally when you're going to do you have a casualty collection point. And you're gonna have that hope away from the objective you're gonna set up by some sort of you know overhead cover and then get into a place where you can start to prioritize. The injured with the local hospitals that are in the area which you saw over there was probably an injured ambulatory kid that left with a with a group. And that was the collection area where they're removing the students across the street and it appears that first responders just literally plopped down right there and and put. Yup puts some sort of a dressing on it won't but what we're looking at right now. It seems to be that I've group at this school this Parkland school in Florida. A a a large group I'd say probably. 200 kids have exited already now we're seeing kids leaving their hands up this is. Again we've seen this act quite often when you're leaving an area they wanna make sure that the bad guys are getting out in that they could see. You know everyone's hands to make sure that there's no weapon there. But the pace at which these kids are leaving and the response of the law enforcement first responders. Tom that tells me that. They're pretty confident that this situation is not fluids go. If Phil you're shaking your head and we don't know what that means when you shake your head we're gonna go to new weather network of course for any breaking yet developments that happened. 3200 dead students. And ABC update coming up at got to get another marker the we have an update coming up. At about twenty minutes after three the FBI is responding to the scene now we're watching video. By students who were being slowly led. By law enforcement officers away from the school which is the Marjorie Stoneman school in park them for it for just joining us. On this Valentine's Day 28 team we are getting. Some terrible reports now from park in Florida about a school shooting. And twenty minutes ago the police department. In the jurisdiction of the school told students and teachers to remain barricaded. In place a shelter in place barricade in place order. World suggestion from the police department we have seen at least one apparently a student. Being. Take that away from the scene apparently wounded or aching in some way and now we did not get it close enough video we cannot say whether the person sustained a gunshot wound to a good last wound or whether the person twisted an ankle running away from the same I don't know I don't know that that was shooting victims. OK so situation is not under control that's the latest we're getting. So what were where they're looking at a door that is you know again this campus. Looks to offer a college campus their separate buildings that are connected long. Court or hallways. And so that the building that they're focused on the camera WSV. And out of park in Florida that that we're getting from theirs channel seven affiliate. That appears to be focused on this one exit. This particular building on the school property on the campus. And I'm not sure what the relevance of this building is if maybe this is where the shots occurred or where the situation was first called in. But as we look at the gentlemen with AER's and body plea and essentially they're swat team they're special weapons unit for the local sheriff's department. It doesn't appear that that area is. Something that. Their posture doesn't dictate that there's a lot going on where they're standing now what Tom was referring to before when this story broke. You know Thomas saint you know I got a gut feeling that this is a little bit more than just an active shooter this could actually be something serious and there were children running it's spring let you know almost very similar to column by. What we're now watching is is a very slow. Process were kids are leaving they appear. Com in the sense that they're not panic and running now that might mean that the building that the ring. Is a no threat because this is occurring another building on campus. We don't have any more information than what we're watching right now but. I'm looking at the the overhead map but David you refer to this almost is looking like a college campus and bury your spot on because David this is a school Marjorie Stallman schooling part of Florida. There is what looks to be a quarter mile track at the school there's a full sized baseball diamond actually there's one full size of one looks like a practice baseball diamond. There are eight tennis courts. That are on the school property beer is and it looks like basketball courts next to the tennis courts. And then you've got by my count 123456. You've got almost ten different buildings it looks like at this school some of which appear to be connected. And others appear to be. Standalone. Buildings now whether the standalone buildings are for gym classes. I don't know but this is a sprawling high school. Not below the largest city in Parkland near park would would be Coral Springs. The Coral Springs police department and the Broward sheriff had denied advising community members the sun sentinel as their local paper out there. And this school was on northwest Pine Island. And what they're advising people to do is stay pretty much of a two mile radius around that area. They're telling that they don't want any commercial or or odd a traffic at all. Of people that would wanna pick up their kids. This is at 3200 kids nine to twelve. In the air from ninth grade to twelfth grade. And there are setting up now areas where students and parents can reassemble but it appears that the one building. That this shooting occurred in is the building that's on lockdown and what they. Broward sheriff's department along with a corals Britain's police department have been doing is basically securing the other buildings and getting those kids out. How that injured kid you know Toms said we don't know is it a gunshot wound is a lot of times people get trampled that they're panicked. And these doors you know two doors open up in Houston 200 kids out there we've seen concerts. You know people can have injuries that are under related to a shooting because of an active shooter. Now and that you're just joining us so we're going to be going to ABC and just about a minute or so for some more information about just to bring you up to speed. Here's area and unfolding story and it's a tragic story apparently on Valentine's Day 2018. And active shooting situation it is not yet contained and taking place in Florida specifically Parkland Florida. Oh dear Coral Gables. Florida on the Oceanside. And it's that Marjorie Stoneman the elbows and Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school student school. Which can accommodates 3200. Students and as you look at the aerials again and try to give you the idea. This looks less like a high school layout and more like a small college campus lay out the way the buildings are laid out maybe go to a center courtyard. At that school. Grades nine through twelve. We do not yet know if war how many fatalities but we're gonna go to ABC for the very latest. Ali's ruling partly Florida is on the lock down flat in an active shooting situations students and teachers at Stoneman Douglas high school. Are being told to stay in their classrooms until help can get to them this can be seen leaving the building so with their heads hands above their head. ABC's Carlos. We'll talk it all got triple a group that's thought this one got or are what allow. Just overhearing the conversations a lot of folks out here you got a point that you're trying to figure out exactly where their dark out there a lot of youth about the OK. Police say there are injuries at this point they will not elaborate ABC news contributor Steve Goldman. Wanna set up a perimeter. Gonna try to establish. You know where the wreck is that there is so Specter's suspect we're all day but I don't wanna try to get the the students and faculty out of the area as soon as possible. And get to a place where they can talk to them to try to figure out what out. Area Alden are ABC news. And that is again taking place in a park in Florida now the FBI and David it's it's uncharacteristic. At least in my experience in recent school shootings that so early. We find out that the FBI is responding to the scene now whether that is a consequence. Of a new approached by FBI with the new administration. Whether it represented new approach by the FBI I accord or whether represents that this is something more than what we've come to expect as a quote. Ordinary school shooting I do not know. I think it represents the. You know they could probably get a lot of of resources out there quickly one thing I do want to mention that the shooting occurred. Yeah traditionally high schools and at like 230 you've got also the 3 o'clock for maybe you stay after for. Programs there are practiced this shooting occurred at 255. Which would have been. You know after the traditional school is over and you think. You know we're not speculating. To the point of you know cause but you know it is Valentine's Day we're talking about a high school. You know. This doesn't have the if you were trying to get as many people in one area. You would think that you know during the day is when these school shootings traditionally happen. You know because it's looking for a mass casualty type thing to 55 is something that stands out as being a little bit different from the other mash shootings. That's like at the very end the school day right exactly. Ed you know there's there's several times in a school day were people are grouped together on mess there's lunchtime. There is of course when you enter the school and then there is the time when ever but he congregate so as we all remember to get out of school and if you're just joining us. Breaking news it is from Parkland hospital. We do not yet know if anybody has been hurt or Q old. We're going to be tapping and at some point to a television station. Out of Florida. What were able to roost we've established a connection wilders a witness on right now let's bring them up. You fill. Us. Freshman building at work here. What you're racing. At night at this school. At the camera is just got to be the most frightening. Right now loss coming here so to. Still have my my son that is only. Home unless Bill Clinton and us live middle school he's still they act out so called him and then them. It says. But does the ball and then he said everything's okay but there's still up though. Our little forum to date field it saves so well so I have still have us over there on them on the middle. Minutes we'll. As a parent as a thought there aids hit the heart and everything that is gonna have to do and all the things that you see home movies and all the sun is sealed the medals that everything and then it's very. It's very sad very sad because no movie soon don't know what's going on inside that. And mom happy because my daughter is here my son is okay but there's no upset. As for a live farthest farthest left the parents that still have the kids inside. Very fluid situation out here and we are hearing from. Parents who are walking up that their child is still likely and they aren't locked out and eat them up the undercover officers and deputies still pouring in and as he tried it we are on the sawgrass expressway at 8 o'clock op. Unclear up halfway to the second story. Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high schools that we got Broward sheriff's deputies coming from the beach all over rock county. Coming out to this very active scene out at night in another direction. One of them I ask you told us there that it was just too much active scene is closer to the schools don't have created a perimeter to keep everyone. Out here sunny and students that there are trying to contain that it's good that. Is audio we're linking to from W. LSI V and TV in Florida and it David or worst fears at the outset as we express there have been confirmed they are reporting this as a mass casualty events via mass casualty event that's at that would be a requirement that at least twenty. Individuals would be injured. Doesn't mean anything about deceased but it means that there there are gaining enough resources and hospitals available to start dusting off of patience. To our urgent care areas where they can go into surgery a mass casualty event has been cleared jobs so. You know that that's that's troubling and then I don't want anybody taking this the wrong way electable these kids are more important than any other kids but I just doing some basic research on Parkland Florida. The median income in Parkland is about a 127000. Dollars a year. In Buffalo, New York the city itself the average share the median income. That is to save the midpoint between the top and the bottom is about 32000. Dollars a year. So we're talking about two what appears to be a relatively. A fluent. Area. The one and in the state of Florida this is not a 191000 dollar a year income area this is a very. Economically. Viable and economically strong section. Of the state of Florida and again I know what the left thinks don't take that out of context Renault I would get as much information. As weak and about where this is taking place. And all of the variables we can possibly put together. Four that's not something that's uncommon we've seen upper middle class areas in the past have had these type of situations they tended. Two involve you know usually young male Caucasian students middle class upper middle class backgrounds. This community is no different than than column buying in Littleton Colorado it's no different than. We've seen other shootings in an op areas and in Connecticut and elsewhere. What is troubling here is that they're they're claiming that the shooter still at large. I'm which. You know again what we're not seeing injured being taken out of the building right. Which should be something that I think that the cameras in and most of the attention would be at. What we we see no one leaving the building we still I've been told that people are are sheltering in place. Which would which would lead us to the question if the shooter still at large. You know he hasn't left the building there must be a lot of assets going through those out rooms right now. In the armored vehicles of the swat. Units of law enforcement of sort of arrived and you know David. This this would be a time where they're all by the way dog is now being led into the area where the shooter is believed to be holed up. Now David very different kind of dogs used for different kind of purposes as you well know from your experiences overseas yet they're looking at a car right now. We that dog there so they must have some idea. Or maybe they're just gonna do a check of the vehicles you know once you find. Who the shooter is. And you find that they of the vehicle in the parking lot you wanna make sure that there's no booby traps or there's no other firearms is all part of the investigation. But they appear to have dogs and they're they're looking at vehicles right now on the in the school parking. It is 329 news radio 930 WBE. And do we if you give explanation of that while I'm doing this. Added is really developed under Israeli and a thirty WB the end and it. It is a horrible situation in Parkland Florida. A school shooting taking place at the Marjorie Stoneman school. We started getting word of just before 3 o'clock here in Buffalo, New York Debbie Marjorie Stoneman school. In Parkland Florida is by Coral Gables. It is an affluent community in Florida school. He is actually a sprawling high school campus which educates 3200. Students. The shooter. Is on the run and we're getting some reports. Now we don't know. But there are some reports that we may be talking about a minimum of fifty as in 50. Casualties. That is an unconfirmed. Number. And a casualties does not mean a death it means a wounding four a depth guy I say that the Broward sheriff's department. And the local COPEL was springs police department they have done and actually amazing job of getting these kids out of this situation I'll still nineteen accord on. Of the building now they there should there showing. Photos right now a video that we're looking at a park in Florida. What appeared to be this have to be the building where the shooting took place because everyone's attention is on the building. But again that the things that we were told by the sheriff's department was that the shooter was still at large and then over the scanner. A local affiliate in park and said that this shooter was on the quote run. Which would mean that in all obviously he's not the building or he's moving. But if you look at the response. Right when we were talking about that dog and searching an area. They are now doing that all over the surrounding areas of the campus. But in in the interim while they're searching for the suspect there are also getting people out that are injured. But also getting these other students that were kind of locked in place out of the building as quickly as possible and doing it. In a very impressive the chunks of kids that are coming out of here. I going back to their parents and safety. It really is is unfortunately. So many law enforcement groups have trained for this. That we've gotten really good at it and in this particular case these kids are going back to their parents instead of staying in that school and what. We're seeing is a stream of kids coming out unfortunately some of them. Walking a little bit slow some of them were bunched together and then smarter ones you can see have their hands up and there are running at the AA pretty fast rate of speed to get away from that situation. But then again we're talking about kids were in ninth tenth eleventh and twelfth grade and they just been through a terribly traumatic situation and will continue to go through a traumatic situation. And Ed David you've got more yet were. I'm looking at a CBS affiliate and it appears that the swat team that we've been watching at that static shot of the school that they've picked up and left in quite a hurry. I edit that some of the armored vehicles that had swat team members at work court Donnie one building that we just kept watching nonstop video love a defeated Parkland Florida. Those officers were on the move that left pretty quickly excel. I don't know if if we're gonna hear more about that but it appears that the area that the swat team was it was concentrated on their no longer in that press. And this of course there is to be expected to area hospitals in Coral Gables have been notified by police to expect victims of this school shooting Phil Kennedy they have someone in custody they just arrested someone. Phil Kennedy as this is according to the police scanner scanner please scanner okay well that explains with a swat guys were going they they got I'm looking at a CBS feed. Those guys there was a white golf cart that was a pickup truck and it it was a large up armor swat vehicle we saw just standing around they have the weapons that the low ready. And they got those vehicles sped off and now we're getting an update drilled is this gentlemen on the TV is AB does ABC. Are they talking with anybody right now I'm seeing who give us more information if you can just monitor ABC OK let's go to ABC. And so for the anti Anemia you and anyone else in the density images of the wolverines I think there's at least forty people hop the fence I help defense the other people went around towards less glitz. It was a teacher and a point. Just became a bit of yeah accidentally yeses it dawned on your sisters and yes it would reach you. Yeah he and Florida is still saying that the suspect is at large we have from the police scanner that these suspect or -- suspect has been arrested that's operating on the presumption that were dealing with one suspect and we've seen and other school shootings and obviously -- Columbine comes a month and it it was actually a conspiracy it was not just what I'm persons are let's just say one person been arrested but is. Is this a single gunman situation we're talking about. Up to. We're hearing according to some sources fifty casualties and if you're just joining us. This Valentine's Day 28 teams school shooting Parkland Florida near Coral Gables where hospitals have been told to expect. Victims Marjorie Stoneman school it is a sprawling high school 3200 students grades nine. Through twelve. On the ocean side of Florida Coral Gables police scanner reports that a suspect. Has been arrested filled to the police used the word thus suspect. I suspect. Can you tell us verbatim what you heard on the police scanner. They say they suspect. A suspect. Well you know here I just wanted to kind of get into the the minutia little bit about what we're watching on these video screens. We we saw one. Image of a bunch of kids being let out. Now understand some don't some of those kids are witnesses as much as we wanna get. You know that families reunited we want parents to know that their kids are safe what they've done is they've actually. Kind of grouped the kids off into little sections. And they have been they drop all of their bags in one area searching those bags for any sort of explosive or anything else but also. Which sort of maintaining order in what could be a really chaotic situation I gotta tell you this this response from our first responders in Florida. Is really textbook of how should be done. They got the kids talking to members of what appears to be the FBI or local law enforcement. And then parents basically knowing that their kids are okay but after they talked to law enforcement get those witnesses of what you saw right now get that information before they go to their parents this is a really almost a textbook way to handle horrible. Tragedy by the group that downside of course is that we've been through this so many times that. It is almost down to a science but there are ways to screw up a situation like this and the people in park in Florida are just doing an exemplary job. Getting information out and from what we have been able to see and via on the video. You're talking just just imagine something imagine 3000 people now imagine 32. 109. Tenth eleventh and twelfth graders I mean that's like trying to. It's like try to herd cats and a suspect has been arrested we have that from the police scanners in Florida eighth suspect arrested or whether we're talking about a single government for more than one gun and we don't know. Earlier are we did see a canine unit responding to the scene and the canine. Appeared to be being led to a parking lot at the school now when you look at the media aerials of the school you'll see it has a number. Part of it happened bus parking lots. At this school as you might imagine for a school with 3200 students are gonna have a lot of teachers and you'll have students of course in Florida who drive themselves as swollen and park their vehicles but. As far as we know at this point. If that dog was that to detect any explosives. In the car we've not heard that there was a positive response. Time. To any canine. At the scene in terms of the parking lot now. I would imagine that given the number of cars in that parking lot every vehicle has yet to be searched lot and now. That's just because we have assessed a suspect in custody doesn't necessarily mean that it's the guy who as the shooter. There are a lot of times in these situations you are idiots that run away they give chase they've got a Warren they've got drugs on whatever the case may be. And they may run for three blocks the city you know the police grab on the detain them only to find out. This is an our guy. But if in the in the case that this story is the only suspect in he's in custody. A lot of people are asking why they still barricaded in place the last thing you wanna do when you're trying to clear and secure building is have people move. The only secure air is the area that you're standing in right. So would you go into a classroom in this fifteen kids in there. You wanna make sure that those kids are safe that there unarmed and they leave and once that rumor is cleared you know one goes back in that room that's you know part of the investigative team. You don't want to move until law enforcement has proved that you're no longer a threat you're not in danger no one's hurt. And you guys all lead at one time so it's got to be actually you know everywhere a person could hide has to be searched. And that takes a long time but you certainly don't want kids running around haphazardly. Because. This chaotic situation and you don't want people get hurt. It is by hourly and Bellamy and this Valentine's Day 28 seen a -- school shooting and were told. And as many as fifty people may be involved all of fifty people may be hurting as a result of this now. There's a little bit of a disconnect your because what we're seeing on the various networks that we're scrolling through is that the shooter is still on the run. But our Phil Kennedy. Was listening to police scanner activity. And I heard that a suspect had been. Arrested now whether now David because the networks are still saying the shooter is on the run this raises the question that. Who was the right suspect arrested or is this aspect still actually at our recent. It before in Connecticut there was a second person was in the wood lined a lot of people thought I was the second shooter it it brought everyone's attention away. And there's also you know this is a scanner you're getting live reports. Many times are the first report we get are always completely. You know there's so a lot of speculation sometimes that information gets confused as backed by the media. It appears though that if they had the shooting suspect in custody all the major networks would have covered it. And it would have broke somewhere air but again just because they have a suspect in custody. Doesn't necessarily mean this guy was involved in the shooting he could have been someone that was suspicious I will tell you that. There was swat group that were on one side of the building that left in a very quick Currie. And you know right after that we got to scan report that someone was was in custody so. Those guys definitely got him but it's the question of what he just idiot. Who don't get Lou write a member of the media who knows now while one of the things that we've been hearing of course is that the hospital in Coral Gables have been told to stand by. For victim of this school shooting situation in park in Florida. And now I did some quick research online and one of the things you really want a situation like this is a level one that trauma center for example locally EC EMC is a level one trauma center. And in trauma there is such a thing known as the golden hour. The sooner with in the first hour after a traumatic injury you can get somebody medical treatment. The better that individual's chances are for survival. And a full recovery it's the golden hour now what I am saying is. The closest level one trauma center to the shooting around Coral Gables, Florida in Parkland appears to be in Miami. I'm not saying that there are competent hospitals in Coral Gables, Florida but from what I'm seeing here there's not a level one trauma center closer than Miami if you have. Other information than that feel free to send an email Thomas WV EN dot com Tom and David at WB EN dot com. Our text line by the way it is 3093030930. So a couple of elements that didn't need to be cleared up number one the number of victims is it twenty. Is it fifty we have credible organizations reporting ball numbers. Number two. An arrest was made. Was it the shooter or was it not the shooter and apparently at this point it was not the sugar. Now there is that we've got. Both ABC CBS affiliate supporters and that the shooter is still. Not in custody on the run. There's no reports. And we are getting images were putting them on FaceBook right now of students who have put images and instead Graham of the shooting as it was happening. These are still images no video yet but. I'm sure everyone's going through all of this. This is one shot of have a kid under a desk and you see a foot. It doesn't mean that there's any of these these could be kids for rooms away they could be next door the shooter could be in that classroom we have no idea. These are just images as they're coming out. Well we're getting more people being interviewed by local media who hopefully can have better more accurate picture for David during the break. Phil brought us up to date on some additional information and Phil what do you belt now ABC just came on the speakers that they do have a suspect in custody. That's that's now been confirmed. Build local NBC affiliate WP LG. Phil that's local ten that was the first news group that Phil got the guy's story up the scanner. NBC affiliate confirmed right after that. ABC and CBS have now confirmed one did pass a suspect is in custody. And there's no update on any other injuries we saw a couple individuals. Will be letting the ambulances. But there was no there was gauze on the ground but there was no indication that adds that these were gunshot injuries or that they were. You know could be fatigue that could be bones we have no idea but three we saw three people going in and got. As you pointed out you can and were crowd stampede situation. And that alone could often generate fatalities and certainly conclusions and broken bones and sprains and things like that so. Just because we see somebody being wheeled to an ambulance does not necessarily mean that the individual being wheeled into the ambulances suffered via a gunshot wound under that kind of dramatic injury but if you're just joining us. School shooting this one has taken place in Florida by Coral Gables specifically Marjorie Stallman school. The end. In Parkland Florida. We do have reports of one that dead it. Suspect arrested as Bill Kennedy reported from the police scanners. My Coral Springs Coral Springs I think Coral Gables you've been saying Coral Gables I beg your pardon Coral Springs, Florida by Villa Park by park in Florida. Are we're talking about a school 910 eleventh and twelfth grade 3200 students. Yen in Florida. We got way a source which is at CBS. In Miami. Is reporting that he source has briefed there are news department and claimed quote there are multiple people shot. And quote it's possibly a former student who entered the school. And there's also a report out of the CBS affiliate that it's some sort of alarm or drill occurred before the shooting. We don't know what that means this is according to CBS local out of Miami. The only real news here is that there was some sort of alarm that that preceded the shooting and that the the shooter is a pot is possibly a former student who entered the school. Which we asked why would this occur to 55. And we're thinking to ourselves that as an odd time normally these things happen during lunch with the most amount of kids are congregated. If it was someone from outside the school that time from actually makes a lot of sense because that would probably be a way that you could easily entered the school in the chaos of other kids leaving. Or if there was some sort of I don't fire drill or some sort of other thing that caused kids two to leave the schools so these are all from CBS Miami. And of course one of the things we don't know is how seriously. The wounded have been thwarted because we've heard reports of twenty wounded we've heard reports of fifty motive and that of course that begs the question. The individual who did the shooting was that individual targeting one specific student or was this some Psycho intent on inflicting maximum harm to his many people as possible in a short time as possible obviously at this point that we do not have the answer. Or answers to those questions but. I stay with us news radio in my thirty WB Ian we will keep you well posted again that's a Coral Springs not Coral Gables. But the name of the school is Marjorie stolen school and that is end up Parkland Florida. We will keep you posted on news radio 930 WBE and right now caller number nine at 6449875. Gets a pair of tickets to James Taylor with special guest Bonnie rate Sunday July 1 to tee decks that are minimum value was 100 dollars courtesy of beaver productions general contours rules apply that's calling nine at 6449875. From. News radio 930 WB EN it is by hourly. Go ahead David. Yet what senator Bill Nelson of Florida who's constantly making reckless statements to the media has told Peter Doocy of Fox News many deaths. In this high school shooting that senator Bill Nelson a Democrat from Florida who by the way every time there's issued in Florida it seems to be Bill Nelson whose. You know telling people how many are dead before the law enforcement officials give them information. And so far outspend. A about an hour and we're still waiting for the first person to say common sense gun control got so anyway I just want to get blood continue our coverage obviously a news Rudy in my thirty WB yet of this school shooting in a Florida specifically. At the Marjorie Stallman school in Parkland Florida on this Valentine's Day twenty team.