Setting Up Dayton Bus Trips - David Carucci With Empire Coach


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Joining us now David career Chia empire coach out in only end. Talking about some bus trips that fans are making David I have to mention that. As soon as it was announced that saint Bonaventure will be playing in Dayton your phones are ringing off the hook. Might help wanted. Good morning appliances. Are yet myself all the third rated should all fly I yesterday you. Aren't people would have been getting cute date. So how many are you accommodating hurry able to do this. We well when you we our companies over a hundred right now. This agent Bonaventure has. You ought to better better heading to Dayton. You'll be leaving here around 11 AM this morning. Now saint Bonaventure. Has student buses were at anybody and the other fans so people from the community able to do kind of drum up enough support to take a bus down. Well we ran out of buses. I guess that's a problem right there it would it in our our sports teams. Are heading all out unleashed to Albany war. The end of your basketball tournaments. A couple more local school one in particular courses shall we go. We are sort of brought it in a quandary here and we can't find. We can't find a plus within hundreds of miles from here to it to move more people. So you have you would be able to take a lot more if you had the buses. Who. We were so low when people hear that are missing no long have to drive myself where they kind of resigned to watching the game out somewhere. Well I don't think to a degree not ticket. No tickets and process. That we don't about the second quandary and we looked it sending another spectator. We couldn't find enough that it even got stuck. What we we had a tough time finding you know ticket stick ticket there. Matter of fact that you would think bottom interest in parliament to only got 200. If at all thousand fury. It's not a lion and you know what I am looking through now and there are not a lot of tickets listed for tonight's seat Bonaventure game might even on the secondary markets. No there's there's not so that was another thing whom we spoke with the local radio station yesterday here in that video and put this out here we're gonna try to put it all together. And able we started talking about tickets we sent all the mold we just aren't. So I can't think it's been Bonaventure and they're saying that that's how I found out that there were only two more available. Now so I mean Dayton you had to be excited about Dayton because it's definitely a doable bus ride. But like you said no tickets are no bosses. Yeah we were holed it to a big about the Detroit. Because then we descent all kind of pluses that the trying to stay you know when they win tonight and they hit people forward. You. We're hole and he beat Detroit and Dallas in that under the they drew ballots so. Law hey I like the way you think away and they win tonight send they'll be out to Dallas David thanks so much for your time it's David Cooper Chia empire coach out and polian.