Sean Ryan on Save Delaware Park

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Saturday, November 18th

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I was every doing today. Of fantastic sound system. So this is there are opportunities were building bring together people from all different areas of buffalo to agree and and one thing. And we certainly agree that putting these beautiful putting a highway through our beautiful art with just an undeniable mistake. Jake you know beautiful area Amylin Parra going to east drop and highway down former. Parkway Cordero was a massive mistake take an Arab beautiful Niagara river. In putting up big highway along it was a horrible mistake. So a lot of what we've been doing in government the last ten years after. To rebrand buffalo is really fixing the mistakes. Of the past. And let me tell yet it's not easy work. It's not inexpensive. War. In the net as part of it is your your fighting this tide. The tide that says what's wrong with the highway through the park. What's wrong with the highway along our rivers what's wrong with that 33. Through neighborhoods. That we we've come to accept these things but what we're trying to do is turn the tide back. And guess what we're waiting. We're waiting slowly. Weddings surely. Like a bulldozer that people in this crowd today and the people have been advocating restart neighborhoods. They are not backing down in there are not going away. So we all know that Olmstead parks all of that is beautiful partly system at buffalo the crowd jewels were standing. But if you just listen it's not the ocean shore we hear. If they did of hundreds of cars going by through the park. Whose idea was it to put a highway to apply what were they king. But we know the parks make buffalo a special place to live we know they add value to our community. But we also know this park with segmented and separated by a high speed highway. It's like the burly and Walter Berlin is what the 19 DA in the 33. The burly it will all running through our parks in like the Berlin Wall separated neighborhoods the 198. Separates our neighborhoods. Our goal our vision is simple. We ought to reunified dollar are we don't mind Delaware park's. One sided the other wiwa won Delaware park we wanted to restore the old division. But we also need to recognize. The impact of this highway senator neighborhood we wanted to reunite our neighborhoods. But let's remember that process they weren't going out this review. Of this gauge aqueduct. It feels like a fresh process but actually it started. In 1999. George Pataki was governor. We were all worried about Y two K we're thinking about the millennium. In the DOT said let's take a look. At ways to modernize this could Jack what do. But guess what your primary goal was. That's fair out of moon more cars at a quicker speed along the highway. To figure out that that most efficient way to move more cars. So is it Kyra it was a process centered around how to make this kick equity better highway doing what. So the process that started 1999. They opened the book on this process this project is the same project. That we're fighting now but guess what in the seventeen years since then. The community has resisted each and every. Highway focused plan put forward by the DOT in the latest plan we're looking at me and make no mistake about it. It's better than the other plans but guess what. It's still a highway focused plan and that is not what we want for our our. In that is not what we want for our communities. But denying that seventeen years we sort of thought it could get worse the DOT decided. Not to look at the holes you Jack when they're they shrunk the area they want to look at. So instead of looking for the last to the 190s. Into the east of where the 198 connects to the Kensington. They just said we're just get a look at the little area from our side. Two degree industry. How do you fix the highway by looking at just the middle makes sense the new. So we want. Did you teed a look at a lot more than the small. Small section. Let you have outlined this process that we've been through that 1999. I think it's fair to say the process was doomed. From the star it would never produce a product. We'd be acceptable. From the community and usually watch. We want to restore neighborhoods. We want to restore our. We wanted to terror and our version of the Berlin Wall we want to restore that can activities of the neighborhood we lottery story Angela Park. We want to restore parks I neighborhood we order extorted Trinidad neighborhood if we wanna reconnect grant Amherst street. Don't buffalo state college those are all broken by the one idea. So all that can activity all connected view was destroyed. In the current plan put forth by the DOT. Simply does not deliver what we want in it does not the liberal with the community has been consistently. And loudly calling for. So we know we can't achieve our goal was such a limited project area. What we need to take were we are now in build pop. Are gonna go backwards we want to build upon that went in order to deliver project reconnect their neighborhoods to restore Delaware park. We need to step back we need to look at the entire. Court or it has to be holistic approach. It asked do include the areas for the last. To these. So we're calling DOT to deliver us a due process and let today be the start of the due process. So we know we doomed from the start. But as I say we want to build we want to build on what we've done in the past we want to look at it. From the start didn't finish. From the east. To the west in I go out working together that we we can't achieve that it we want to process it listens to the community. Reconnect our neighborhood because after all that to the community built the team or for nearly. Fifty years. DOT is trying to deliver highway that looks a little nicer is that you want. We are much more of that right. So today's today where we save restore our parks. Police say restore parks. I can barely hear that. You think they can hear you know. All right let's do you working together that's.