Sean McDermott Post Game

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Sunday, December 3rd

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Okay we're going to get started here a who's gonna open up with. Talk about Tyrod you're tired take hitter early in the game there. And in at least some come out later in the game is being evaluated. And that remains the case unlike any in the next week and all this point 10 diplomatically at this point. So that'll open to questions. Our policy coupon. Speed. First off this motto here we talked about it and thinking he could continue its so potentially up until they couldn't. That's needed. Which can hurt. He was her grip but you you can't. Well we gotta do their job and it's unique tenant to score three points to go do their job and you know Mecca sugarcoat that Olga. Score more than three point. And and great defense under pressure. You know I thought we had a good first drive cell and then we you know give the ball up there you can't do that in a film particularly in the original. And so you know to come away with no points was was. Although it was a good drive that was in good enough. It looked like he was almost trying to stop because you look McQuay. Ran around the wrong way to do you know what actually happened. It daily the film the notes and a little bit more it completely took away his first or second read in there anyway to. As next tree. You know I don't I don't know as much that really Jersey as it is that we can continue to get better. As a football team and all three phases. And so we didn't. Learn from this game has allowed vital lessons in this game. Some of which were protecting the football as was mentioned earlier. And an execution and doing our job and when you go up against a team. Like the patriots in their gonna expose exploit too lenient when you don't do those things things you want trait like this who's coming off. Asian concussion protocol. Well I thought it was a good play by trade he'll start off with the play itself. Well I was unhappy about. What ensued after that and and and and I'll start of the mine you know viruses well that we've had some. Some situations come up there which we can't let that happen on box. Art. You understand what you've got fifty heard from witnesses are brought up. For what our whole week. But I just want an explanation more than anything. Obviously that conversation between between them myself and which makes it. All right I'm glad I let me Hughes. Retreated as. I'm glad IT protect. So so that situation where who took. That ball. Well number one thing we've got to do is keep our keep our composure and our poise and execute in those situations and then after that. You know I understand what you're saying I don't disagree with you as far as technology you you'd want guys to defend one another. Within the rules. After halftime that first well it's quote Christian. The first driver gap was proud of him can you help them. Not once the first a look at what drives my. I think there's some good things defensively and special teams also end and on the new widgets and get things in the red zone in the first half and then. And then the first drive after have your point that first third down. We and execute like we like we have and and so give them the credit they get key first down right there and on the score we can do better job in that situation next week. Once. You. You. Right I think I felt like hey no we knew they are getting the ball after half coming out and and now that we've done some good things and you know when you look back at it it was there are some opportunities in the first half you know we're down their early on the first drive. You know opportunities to get off the field defensively. Some opportunity special teams wise. I thought we if we came out at an after half from Jerry get off the field early as that would be. That would be key drive for us. Yes thought situation that in. Hey look at and you say hey you know I thought he dumped the ball a little bit there and obviously you know the knee was down and you thought situationally it was it was. You know iron and see too much but downside and doing his roots are in that part of the game there in terms of the ia situation so. Nice led them to take a little bit longer look at the entire entire situation more than anything. Yeah sat. There. Are. Not lose it again just looking at the big picture sometimes and in and we talked about on the field those things move so fast. From the guys out there that one I wanted them to take a longer look at it. And anytime he can get quarterback like get behind this fixes it usually works to your advantage. And you know obviously they forced to clean up forced upon others. We. Third quarter after scoring drive was a converted a third time. It looked like it was going to be imaginable. Situation you have to really play we try and imagine. Granted the request through. Are there one that yeah. Right look I mean when you look at it. I was trying to look to both them and any time a team substitutes. And changed personnel. The defense of salaries is. By rule is allowed to match and I think we are given an opportunity. I'm so there is a good football team that that I mentioned this to their coaches before the game I felt like it's it's more the strongest teams and I've seen. And now they're good team and I give them all the credit they beat us today and and I would Baylor from and there's a lot of valuable lessons we can learn from this from this. Game today and taking sporting news or use them to. To grow and learn and build. Like we're doing here. What. Well I'm in his that they did a variety of things really wasn't just one thing ended in a variety of things had a good plan schematic their defense. True. Well and I just I just don't think there's any place in the game that. Is unfortunate and I know he's a better player than that. Handle or how beautiful and the play calling strategy here. It's. Well we dialogue about a lot of things communicate. Not only offensively but defense and special teams and and and so there's there's good communication healthy communication there with the bases. What. Portland's. Because. People out there there's. What's it. And and not trying to. Tim get away from that your question when we look at everything. And all three phases and and you know obviously like I mentioned earlier to cells point. We've got to score more than three points and I expect this to go back to the hard look at it as a staff. And and and from work at getting it corrected. Your work today in the fashion that she used him feel like you've got to look at where there whether there is some. Creative looks that we were able to give. And Joseph is brings an added dimension. To the position back there whatever position he plays so. It's unfortunate we had an opportunity with cadet down there on the scene there that we overthrew. I thought I like like in energy Joseph brought to this to the offense there. Yeah. What was. Separate. But again I you know I just think you know looking at Jolie brings to the table and using all of our resources. And their strengths and bring players in position. And putting players in positions to succeed in Joe's. Does some good things in pennies. Cam multi dimensional what he does and so I'll always felt like. That dimension would help us. Thanks get.