Sean McDermott 1/5 Update

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Friday, January 5th
Head Coach Sean McDermott gives an update on the Friday before the Bills play Jacksonville in the AFC Wildcard, including the status of LeSean McCoy

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You know Sean. You'll see him do some things today and go from there. 11 yet one. Movement and time right now to see how it goes through. Through individual part practice and go. And well. It. You. Know we are. Well you know what that's why play the game. You know they've got a good team strong team believe that our dad simply would get a good team so much and make her for the game. Any other health concerns. Those guys and I. Yeah well of its production list previous years trees will be out. Still on the concussion protocol that Milan oh. Will not practice today. And then. From there will have some other guys that'll be limited today which would be Charles clay. Joseph wed. Kelvin Benjamin bullish on as minority discussed in India it comes. A lot. Practice and what. What is sure well optimism. Yeah we'll see me it's gonna be it's going to be challenged but still there's still you know hope that they'll be able to make. He does a good job offered him terms as preparations Smart man so. He's played in his played before us was just. What's your vote happens the current games. Beautiful shot and goers occurs when an anyway so operated. At the level that he needs him because he's in office identity has been built around. Yet still let my confidence. Still there I saw it in and Mike Murphy. Last week in in Miami and and that's really the in the approach of our team all season long prepared text he three guys in. In the next man up and and we got a good job of that at this point. Talent overall length as you mentioned. You know number one pick. Yeah he's he would sometimes those players like that don't work out. In this case it you know my other tactics and it's no longer with them. Plays at a high level that the job fast and very little separation. As he covers so tight windows throw it over on the path. That. We could slow. You know how confident are guys. Confidence in our system and what we do how we do things. In other guys have put it and that we can practice and feel that more today we take the field here a few minutes. You know. Think fundamentally. We spent a lot of time on on the proper fundamentals. Sometimes you see him come out as a result sometimes you don't but we continue to work on those. And the problem with FC right now. Defensively this season you know the numbers basic one thing but you feel like they don't. Portray or paint an accurate picture of the tablet that's. All. You know I think we've got some great things on all sides of the ball really well all three phases. You know we've shown. You know growth and improvement in all three phases. Defensively specifically. You know I have seen is improved. In just from us. You know to start off a time on task standpoint. In terms of the rest we've been able to build. Through this season. And that continuity is important as we move forward to it bill it is just breeds familiarity with what we're doing what's expected knowing that your position but. What's going on around your position because that's important in terms of playing great team he senses. Earth you don't really answers. Terms. You look at you were. And I do to a point but there's there's. Here's some that are more important than others there's some that that I determined to be critical stat that really correlate. Two wins. Or losses those are the ones that I that I am more concerned myself and and ourselves with. Sometimes. Get to being in the stats and in particular the ones certainly don't correlate to winning and losing. In Decatur weigh in Indian some false positives or false negatives you know because. In the data stories told by turning on the film and and watching tape. Is. That you're wrong. All players. Our work. Is. Through congress. Appreciate. This. So. You got. Of the little bit yet here and there meaning out like he said and now we're we're fairly tied up right now but it's been great just overall I would say victim no. Support. That's out there. You know from from Agassi. And that's been just unbelievable to be a part of it gives us a lot of energy knowing that we get that have to support our community. Across the world really. Just a different. You know messages we get. Different mail we again. Everything you know I've got to get a letter this week from a first grade class. With pictures that says let's go buffalo and good luck Sunday it's it's just it's very humbling. And also by encouraging it the same time. Oh. You know I don't. The ones I've run into in the short amount time acted out in the community this weekend men. Just awesome you know it's a little bit. Almost awkward at times for me just because. I didn't do this alone so that it. The like this early in the energy to support. They love this team and that's. That's part of the reason why. My family that we made the decision come ears because of the passion. Of this fan base and in just the genuinely nice people. In this in this community. I can feel that. Short amount of time I have economic news week that's compass. Or. Wednesday. In a situation like this that's when something like this comes into the playoffs and that's the anything different Ghazi. Play but it has become more and is it really every player you have to reinvent the wheel so to speak. Two to accommodate new players that universal. I mean like in only Bassett earlier in the week you never replace a player likely shop that's. Mechanism appearance saying that you know we've got. We've got. Check that box we got that you know. But this is why we coach this is why we built the debt. And and part of Brennan's. You know weekly pursuit of finding right the right players maybe not stars but as the next group. Starters though. You know and the coaches do a phenomenal job in the players have really bought into that approach everyone's got to be prepared to play. On the fits a practice squad player could be called up. As late as Friday the weekend so he's got to be prepared so that's really goes back to the whole overarching philosophy of accountability. You know a part of it is discipline but the other part of it is making sure your rate duty job when called upon. I appreciate.