School Walkout 930in716 March 13, 2018

Tuesday, March 13th

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It's 930. In 716. The national school walk out and how that will be handled. Locally in our young people have always been change agents in this country. Will be having in both our middle school and high school of volunteering opportunities for students to leave this was really just didn't work. Initiatives and forward unfortunately are trying to provide some organization and structure to it. I'm Tim Wenger on the podcast powered by the Brothers of mercy a five star rated skilled nursing residents offering affordable living in a country setting. With the national school walk out happening this week. We seek some perspective from community leaders and school administrators charged with balancing the safety of their schools the students. The educational process and allowing students a voice. Well we have a number of things going. Also an adverse secondary schools. Williams' old school superintendent doctor start marched off with Susan rose and Brian mess around ski. While all of and our. I'm tuning things a little bit differently based our conversations were students and this was truly a student led. Initiatives and lower out of course that we are trying to provide some organization and structure to it sort of asserts it's possible. How do you want a kind of balance that says respecting. What the students are doing with trying to maintain everybody's safety and you know some sense of order. Yeah I think that a difficult question because. We want to make sure we. Recognize students first amendment rights to free speech. Austin stone brought that are free speech rights when they come to school. The same time and I think you it makes sense to understand. What students are trying to say here. Not only penetrate our current approach according. The reason. The shooting. Well at the same time they're trying to draw attention and say we want to make sure we aren't safest possible. And we need people to pay attention and make the necessary. Changes and improvements and perhaps new legislation. In order to make. Urged to would have to say it's possible. Scatter any of the events tomorrow outside. While there may be some offense outside but typical current. Weather conditions and predictive forecast that could be adjusted. Hey have you faced any I guess it. Backlash is maybe too harsh of a word but that any students. Coming deal and saying you know we understand we are trying to do butts. This is supposed to be a student led protest and too much involvement from the school district kind of you know a lot of throws a little bit cold water on an all. No we really haven't heard are students so welcome the opportunity to partner. Who is our building administrators and our principles. Well in order to make. At an event that that works for everybody and we haven't heard. Or some Carl. While putting too many constraints on the event so it's very positive so far. Is anything longer than the seventeen minute window that it seems. All the other schools are observing term. I don't think so. It should last about seventeen minutes that. Each of our schools were put up the most. I do think students are some student particularly corporate global. War to speak and be able to share their thoughts on. And also to have an opportunity to remember the victims. So it should be around seventy minutes could appeal little longer a couple schools yet for good. But I think it's important our character recognize our students for a. What is the attitude banner around Williams bill schools since the shooting impart Quentin have you noticed. And increased. Activism. More voices. Coming out amongst students it seems like. This is a really grown though within the past month to something that students are taking a whole love and not a short lived event like we've seen in the past. Yes I would agree would I was sort of super pennant winning so hard years ago when mentioning please sit and you look. And those who have most horrific of time I've ever heard those was six and seven year old it's being murder. Here and their response at that time blows in not. One of our characterize it is an overwhelming circular concern about eight straight beat. And here are five years later after the Florida shooting in it is and Marc are much stronger response not just from students. Look from pan from community members. I think Europe people are saying this is something that hasn't gone away has a reflection and opinion. In a truly concerned where is what scored armed with murdering people. Where's your people particularly that are are struggling with things from her arms. You know and our concern for the safety of all children. In and so I think you're seeing while some people sort of the opposite that. And in particular our students are finding their forces as well you know and drawing attention to the same page. We need to make some changes in order to have all these decisions we can't. Scott we know tonight your presenting a school safety plan at the school board meeting can you share any of that with us. It's not familiar CD player and improve and doing it I'm going to be talking about school security. What we've done over the years changes and improvements we've made. They're actually doing it together with our chief China rescued from the hammers wood department captain Jim MacNamara interest please department and we're really looking forward to talking also power corporation and this. Critical piece to seek deeper schools is that positive. Working collaboration with the local police department. I parked a car leaks unfortunately that don't have that single all of close collaboration of trust. Our thanks to. Work together for the betterment of safety for students. In and I just think that that's something that's really critical if you don't have it's going to be very difficult to maintain its citizens are. Over at the sweet home district. Right now it we're planning on top providing opportunity for our kids that wanna participate. To be able to take part in the seventeenth minute walk out. Anthony day is sweet home superintendent. That for us we want to work using this as an opportunity to help. Provide kids a safe way to participate we knew the kid who wanted to take part in the war in net. And that commemoration of the tragedy that occurred in Florida last month. And one mission that we could facilitated me two things take a look at results will be having in both our middle school and high school. A voluntary opportunities for students to lead and then over ceremonies. That the kid has actually plan to. In both buildings to commemorate the seventeen victims. By. Breeding names. And honoring their memory throughout the seventeen minute period. You know so many people laugh at the idea of a student planned walk out just getting out of class have you been surprised by it the thoughtful mess that it seems students have put behind this particular event. Like I think student voices of particularly powerful opportunity and it's really important community. What do we think we know absolutely for certain if we really wanna talk about the most important thing we can do to make me change say schools. Mr. Bullock or connections almost every member of our school community and I'm not at all surprised that this this issue has galvanized the students. In such a way throughout not sure we don't put across the country so. I think it's a great teachable moment. And we help help shepherd that teachable moment we can make it a memorable experiences while still for those who choose not participate honoring and respecting their horses as well. How Liu make sure that Wednesday's event will be safe. Are you involving Amherst police. There absolutely we have a school resource officer in our district and he is helping to provide added resources. And pull their little high school. That is the actual. A hole locations where we'll bring kids will be in areas on. In. Parts of the school. And they're really not accessible to some people from the front. At what point you police protection solution to actually say as well as well a lot of adult supervision. To assess. You mentioned the kids who are participating in those who choose not suit you get a sense of whether it's most kids half a few. Who are going to participate mass. You know where we haven't done like polling on it but you know there are there's definitely a move but there are some kids that are you very strongly about it there's some kids and families that feel strongly the opposite. So we anticipate he'll be a good number of kids don't participate but if we do believe that there will be a good number that would choose to remain inside as well. And once is whether or not the greatest either it looks like it could be kind of a snowy day. Could this event possibly be moved indoors. We've been well we're keeping an eye on the weather that we need to make some adjustments to the plan a will do that put into the plant has been all along that this student go outside. So we'll be working you know again keeping our part as good majority say for the kids so we'll make a decision on that Wednesday morning about how to help facility. And finally Buffalo's mayor Byron brown weighing in on the efforts by city school leaders to allow students to participate in the seventeen minute event Wednesday. I think that it is good that he. Administration of the school district has worked with the young people so that they can have their voices heard. So that they can show their concern. With preventing gun violence. In schools and anywhere in our nation. So to have our young people here in buffalo and Western New York be able to come be part of young people speaking out all across this country and solidarity with the young people in Parkland Florida I think it's very good thing. Do you think that students will start says showcase more. Civic demonstration protest in response to major story lines and across America not just on mild moderate. You don't young people have all ways been changed agents in this country young people have always been involved in movements to it. To bring change to different issues that. Have been of concern to them so I think we will I continue to see young people. Involved in speaking out and speaking up when there issues that concern them certainly. Responsible gun reform. Gun safety anti gun violence. Is a critically important issue and I'm glad that young people all across the country and certainly here in buffalo and Western New York. Are making their forces her. March 24 I believe there's going to be buses they're going down to a Washington DC got an email that said that you or. Funding part of days is that true 1 August that your yet. That is true. I am finding. Some of the buses that are going down I think we're finding a bus that is going down a site committed. During the state of the city. Our our staff is all so helping to organize. The activities that will be taking place here locally. In the city of buffalo so we will be supporting us. People who were going to Washington. And we will also be supporting people who will be raising their voices about gun violence and gun safety and trying to. Get sensible. Gun safety measures enacted by the federal government no taxpayer dollars are being used to do. Complete coverage of the lockout as it occurs lives on WB yen 9:30 AM. Back tomorrow. That's 930 and 716. We're back tomorrow with a net irritation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo well.