School Safety Concerns - Williamsville Superintendent Scott Martzloff


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Williams Phil school superintendent Scott mark's life joining us live this morning it. Couple things to talk about but the national school walkout date is tomorrow Scott and we know local schools are preparing for this. What is going to be happening and Williams shall schools. We have a number of things going and also on the upper secondary schools are all and our. I'm too many things a little bit differently based on conversations with students and this is truly a student led. Initiatives. And lower and unfortunately they're trying to provide some organization and structure to it so that is the strictest possible. How do you want a kind of balance that says respecting. What the students are doing with trying to maintain everybody's safety and you know some sense of order. Yeah I think. That's a difficult question because. We want to make sure we need recognize students first amendment rights to free speech. Austin stone group opener. Free speech rights when they come to school. At the same time I think you it makes sense to understand. What students are trying to say here. I'm not only have they try to honor of the park where you are victims in. Shooting at the same time they're trying to draw attention and say we wanna make sure we aren't safe as possible. And we need people to pay attention and make the necessary. Changes and improvements and perhaps. New legislation. In order to make. Urged would have to say it's possible. Scatter any of the events tomorrow outside. While there may be some of our post cited but typical current. Weather conditions in the predicted for tests that could be adjusted. Hey have you faced any I guess it. Backlash is maybe too harsh of a word but that any students. Coming dealing saying you know we understand we are trying to do buts. This is supposed to be a student led protest and too much involvement from the school district kind of you know a lot of throws a little bit cold water on an all. No we really haven't heard our student groups welcome the opportunity to partner. Where is our building administrators and our principles. Partly in order to make there's an event that that works for everybody and we haven't heard that work some Carl. Well putting too many constraints on the event so it's very positive so far. Is anything longer than the seventeen minute window that it seems. All the other schools are observing tomorrow. I don't think so. It should last about seventeen minutes. Each of our schools look at the most. I do think students parents and students particularly at its global. War to speak and be able to share their thoughts on. And also to have an opportunity to remember the victims. So it should be around seventy minutes could appeal little longer a couple schools yes or could. But I think it's important are account director managers who reported. What is the attitude banner around Williams bill school since the shooting him parkway and have you noticed. And increased. Activism. More voices. Coming out amongst students it seems like. This is a really grown know within the past month to something that students are taking hold love and not a short lived event like we've seen in the past. Yes I would agree would I was sort of super pennant winning so hard years ago when mentioning places and you look. And those who have most for a second time I've ever heard those where six and seven year old kids being murdered. Here and their response to that time blows in not to. One of our characterize it is an overwhelming sense of concern about two weeks straight beat. And here are five years later after the Florida shooting. And it is then marked a much stronger response not just from students. And from community members. I think Europe people are saying this is something that happened along the way it has a reflection and opinion. Yen are truly concerned where is what scoring arm where the ordinary people. What is your people particularly that are are struggling with things in your arms. In our concern for the safety of all children. And so I think you're seeing some people sort of the notice of that and in particular students are starting their forces as well. You know and drawing attention to it and saying hey we need to make some changes in order to her all week as citizens we can. Scott we know tonight in your presenting a school safety plan at the school board meeting can you share any of that with us. It's not familiar CD player and improve and doing it I'm going to be talking about schools security. What we've done over the years changes and improvements we've made. There actually doing it together with our chief China rescued from the hammers wood department captain Jim MacNamara from Amherst police department and we're really looking forward to talking also about our collaboration. It is critical piece to seat duper schools is that partly moved. Working collaboration with the local police department. I talk to Carly so unfortunately that don't have that single hole of collaboration and trust of trying to work together for the betterment of sixty students. And I just think that that's something that's really critical if you don't have it's going to be very difficult to maintain its citizens are. Hey Scott we thank you so much for joining us that Scott mart's long Williams bill central school superintendent. Talking about so planned it's being talked about tonight but also tomorrow's school walk out.