School Board Ends Kaleida Nurses Deal - Larry Quinn


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Buffalo school board awards a nursing contract last night let's join buffalo school board member Larry Quinn now on the live line this morning Larry good morning. I'm very Ide despite pleas to stay with collide the school board went in a different direction how did you vote. I would go to court. For the new date where the Patrick was awarded which was Sunbelt sit staffing and supplemental health care. Yeah well I'd like to get the contract. But in the final analysis they were. It was about to between him entitled to a billion dollars more over the three year term of the contract so it was really a judgment call camp. You can't award a contract to vendors it's. You know several million dollars more in a public contact like this is I don't see where we have that flexibility and Judah. Can you give us an idea of what nurse staffing in schools will look like going forward how different or similar it might be as two years past. Miami series just let me just at all lately there's nothing that I wanted to picture I see you have the same. A mix of registered nurses licensed machines that it was a degradation in quality industrial level so forth and has been assured that he. Distribution of nurses by category is the same. What do you know about this company that you just contracted west. I don't really know a lot they had in Dallas wanted to creations is kind of rushed deal. The that it claims they've. Vetted that they operate other districts Africa state. The and you know they apparently have a good track record business and I think a lot of the controversy around this was. That the there are peace process I don't believe was handled real well either switched the produce this group. This either in January. Board members didn't really all we're very aware of you know the very issue of collide it's been a bit late that those kinds of issues and several weeks ago so. It criticisms. How the board fielding error can process a fair term but in the final analysis. When your public official view you know you look at this is stupid responses is this an apples to apples and there's. Roughly a million to two million more. You can't just the political. Either legally you can you can go to work something higher center. So that Dell whole issue of collide a submitting their bid relates from what you just said didn't really play into the board's decision. It did play in the mine anyway that but that issue came up I thought it was cute as well I'd say. Pressed very apparent with the district I was sure that the district. Took the position in the I think you're right that they reserve their right. You if you consider any proposal and I wish assured that it be reviewed it I took great pains to make sure I knew what. The cost of the collider proposal one is. It because proposal over the lowest. There I would now have a vote I haven't spoke together and I would have been just look at it up their proposals so I think that whole issue of sixty loads being late. You know there I'd I don't think it was a strong man and and I. Yeah I mean there's no excuse for them and then they thought she would be for them relate that. And they've got a great service for the community or greater appreciation and respect and that's how I I'll make a big deal about this six. I just think for being the person you just comment. Was it. Our Larry within the new contract with the new company will it be any changes at all in schools. Libby just as many nurses. Yeah yeah but it came over here who say never type quicker. Than he there is people last night so we're gonna hire agency. That I don't know are there going to be. Permanent nurses permanent assigned to the school. They're gonna then we're we have Aaron before they'll be an hour right now. So I don't see different very as we reported last night you know asking whether. A nurse who were super collider can apply the horror of a job with this group than me I'm sure they were there there are. Representation issue shouldn't it be it political editors as are represented by idiot you know you. This company does not have a varying unit. And to restore value in life by look at it is that deal could chop and quite frankly if I were. Uh huh collaborators who wanted to continue my work at the school I applied for this job I I would eventually let. I can't hear reason why the district would leave now higher they just finger. And it edit the union representation or an issue that I eye color organization wrote them. Been cracked created new burden you know it yes yes you are somebody else unionized so. Look it's not a great situation I think a lot of respect cougars that the work in our schools. The respect for the people. But it came out a lot of respect for the collar workers Haitian leadership. But then it you have to look at this. The district is in serious financial shape. Every dollar that we don't see it as a dollar real and that class. We have tremendous interest is so if we. Can save you know they had to have spots and our nurses and not in our view. Reduce the quality. That's a million dollars. And we could be spending under reading teachers at issue features. Is he here though we've Lou we have a kind of budget target every meeting. Always needs of people coming to us only a couple of music teacher that you cup my guy the council. And even with a bunch ago there were there were cops a mirror mirror guidance counselors will be bigger. There is some of the inner city schools don't count. The number of executions are teachers so it's. It's a tough job and I am I trying to take it and you're you're constantly. Trying to be clear currently YouTube and sources as much as possible. You're a public fishbowl at all kinds of government rules and government oversight it to tops up so. And they look it doesn't the. And Larry we definitely appreciate the insight into that decision. Made yesterday.