Sarah Palin blasts Sacha Baron Cohen and Flight Horror Stories 7/11 Bauerle and Bellavia Hour 4

Bauerle and Bellavia
Wednesday, July 11th

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News radio 930 WBA. And. You know for the longest time we thought UConn came in from Alaska or back up earlier they're athletic they're both launched I bet on Huskies to an early look at that four. It's Tom Bauerle you've got to be kidding now at the time that was a really big deal. And David Bellamy got the best at what they do its hourly and they'll be nobody thought I was guys that know. On news radio 930 W yeah. I get is. Solidly envelop the under is ready at 930 WB and Sean Murphy Bill Kennedy in the next room during their awesome job as. Always and we have had so much to talk about today on the L LeSean McCoy front I think we're done with that for today. Much to the relief of everybody I think. And we are. By the way the rafters joining us we're the 63. Most important radio show in America. As reported by talkers magazine that puts us ahead of people you know puts us ahead actually joked basketball which use. Kind of an honor I mean I grew up kind of watching Joseph has to Poland Saturday Night Live so we're 63 he 69 and I am under no illusion I know it's only because it David Sylvia I'm definitely aware that. So anyway probably hole you are over 63 maybe I'll take and it comes very proud. Purchasing these CBS radio. Flagship huge huge deal makes an income one of the largest companies. It's kind. Now CBS and showtime is under pressure today because of the British comedian Sasha bear Colin. Emmys for. Oh yeah he's all the movies he's one good. He's the only man other than Freddie Mercury to work completely yellow outfit one what would he did the Ali G show I'm now was BBC it turned out to be went over to America's HBO. He had long made a career as plain three different characters one with a guy named Bruno which he also made a movie and he would take. At that time they were in a British parliament Terry figures here. But when he came to the states he took a lot of people that wanted to be on camera win. You know what I guys from Kazakhstan honor I'd like gay guy from Australia are Austria should say. And all these people went on TV and all were made fools out of vice Eisenberg. Well he's doing it again we've got to show on CBS showtime it's called what. What is called who is America. Any interviews all these people and a lot of them was Sarah Palin. And Sarah Palin went on FaceBook com an absolutely lead in to the entire process. And the reason she's upset. Is that he duped her to get on the plane at one of her daughters unnamed. To interview that you west disabled veteran of the war in a wheelchair and everything. Sacha Baron Cohen was. Disguised as a disabled US veteran and Palin is outraged because you've obviously made up a lot of in this negative. And you know and everyone that's a veteran actor Wendell America's most. Go after Sasha baron and I'm asking you what is the difference between what he did and what Tom Cruise did I'm born on the fourth of July. I would say. The difference is intent. Sasha Brcko and did what he did in order to embarrass an American right wing political figure. Tom Cruise in born on the fourth of July. He did what he did speak Alicia Silverstone is insane hot. He's playing a character I get that vote but what about the sergeant pander to captain Dan bail whatever hell it is I mean my point is that Sacha Baron Cohen is not. Portraying he's shame that I myself am disabled veteran. And I'm in a wheelchair. Did joked isn't that he's disabled and by the way nobody knows the joke is we haven't seen it yet retains her pale point of view here but. I think is Sarah Palin you got on a plane and flew with her daughter to get on national TV to talk about something that was important. So you bit at at the care. That is what Sasha baron Cohen and people like him you know who's to get celebrities on camera you can't say no oats with tension. The bigger the lens the bigger the light you're like a moth you gotta go there you got it. It is well they're I can I get for you got burned local. We have if new did it today locally we used Avaya free newspaper that was called the buffalo beast. And they tried scamming me once but they didn't know that they had somebody on the inside. Says they sent me this this invitation they wanna give because seven the year you know I really like Clinton's work. He he's the pick him up with acts you know if the cats with the the stripes and and so anyway we got this long standing back and forth about hey I'm gonna meet you here to pick up the original clip and our work that I couldn't find online. And I strung them along. And then the day I was supposed to go to this downtown coffee shop today we're gonna throw a high rate in to my face and started giving me the but I canceled on them because I knew what they had in store but they weren't very. And now they tried for making me I ended up ranking them by how did you your. You're being duped all the way up until the very no I wasn't being duped because I had Intel from inside that that's what they were doing Reza I played along I've played their game on them. But you what you integrating go to the place I disagree I just didn't go I'll cancel eyes that. It's so I mean look it in order look. Basically if you're gonna go fission unique. And you've got to have the right candidate for the patient trying to land so with with Sasha here. Obviously he knows that disabled veterans are picture it's important cause for surveillance I don't think that was that was debate right there. Don't know what the joke was we don't. We have no idea what what was sicker what was but but again all she's doing is is get a lot more people than opening of the show coming out in. And probably more people are gonna follow it but. Again I just fine it's ridiculous that you know you're gonna talk about how it's evil and it's sick for someone to. Portrays someone based seagate beauty show up to be on TV I think well at the other the other and you want. All she wants to be our right wing ideologue. She wants to be beloved by the masses she wants to help elect people but the first moment that any negativity comes with that. Sure it was the first whenever a big old. Pool party. But the other the other side of that too is not just the celebrities but people in the history. And that lets out the Johnny actual values and agreed but yeah absolutely hilarious and these people had no idea that the beings who've done by Johnny Knoxville who is this guy is as this old guy and it involves a dead drama and it tree it's ridiculous opened its because again the joke is that everyone thinks this is really happening right and it innocent vets disbelief. Suspended. All of a sudden it's like if for no element didn't sign the waiver by whose faces digit pixel and sometimes it's a great tool just to make him that this is something that we're not supposed to see. Again if you watched the movie of Bagram bought it was an original story now would find it funny it's funny because that's crazy guy dressed as an oilman. It gently with ridiculously growth in funny stupid things. I just don't understand Sarah Palin has to. A million people got duped Dick Cheney signed a while water board. Aren't. He's sign someone's water board it's and surveillance. We're hearing there on the big stage and did Dick Cheney haven't complained about signing the water port care. I don't he signed it and he's on video and they're using it to promote his. They show. Well so does Sarah Palin legitimate right to be upset. Upset if I took time out of my schedule and met with some who turned out to be something other than what he represented himself to be on that basis via set. I I'd be upset I think and I find it interesting because I'd I'd be upset that somebody would have the audacity. To portray under those pre chances disabled American war veteran. But again we don't know what the circumstances. If it could very well have been offensive but Sarah Palin. You complain about it and you know here legally allowed tells what happened in the program. And maybe just maybe you're gonna be cut out she claims she got up and Latin protest so you know here's her quote. She said she was told there was a legit opportunity now first of all anyone who practice as. Perhaps is an opportunity as legitimate shot of the bill like why would you be talking to me about the funding illegitimate. I mean alleged opportunity to honor American vets and contribute to relieve jail quote. Showtime historical documentary okay no offense to Sarah Palin. Who would you consider him for a quote legit. American. Historical documentary. Look I mean no offense to serve element that was on the road a red flag draped on the wrong guide to dispenser of Olympic news I'm sorry people are we pursuing this is never a big man. Our subpoena power and Mina melodic as an intellect that so vastly surpasses Sarah Palin as to not even be playing the same game. Listen all alms do you may very well be true. I have no idea I do have respect for their pale. I do think she's put them very very difficult spot 2008 and was not supported or brought along. And they were there that love us troop. That it that is not to excuse the behavior Sarah Palin and what I can only assume the play happens the fan issue of where there. I mean. People aren't. He was back up moos at the time I was distracted daughter. Is are there and that we got that the sun in this hostage standoff is going into a bar fight and now plea you're a heartbeat away from being the place. Well a heartbeat and about 300 electoral votes for a third that's a heartbeat but I think I. I have no idea. What his joke was if it was insensitive racial laws and insensitive. But I'm just saying and if someone calls them Tom buy hourly and says I'd Abdul and legitimate document a dairy legit showtime mr. And what should. Out we wanna talk about the mafia you on talk radio talk about. Nothing now I want to talk about the French revolution. You would be like. How did you get my original. Q Richard got a question what went with the why am I mean talking about American vets served with the BBC called to be part of the documentary patriots average guys and actually and the B that's my big claim to fame. It was obviously the BBC and by the way that's the British broadcasting corporate and a bit and I got to tell you. This Joshua berg Coen story broke. You know I'm a fan I am a fan and he's funny and other people are funny. And I'm also better and also spent a great deal talking about. Wonderful things that we should be doing for. Our Brothers and sisters who serve. Customers and Sasha baron Cohen and other people that do these documentary. You know interview that they've got the edge the whole idea news. That you are you have to be on TV. You wanna be on TV so bad that you will sit through. The dumbest most disrespectful. Interview. In order to appear not to be offensive. Towards what is possibly a guy from Uzbekistan or possibly a guy from London whose wife who thinks he's in the hip hop. Or are gay guy from Austria. Those are the characters he plays that the whole gimmick. If you're willing to sit down and deal width. The this absurd because you don't want to be rude and B you really wanna be on TV. And Sarah Palin was asked to be a legit showtime historical documentary which by the way Eddie drives I would put to quote legitimate. You have to question if you're not making an adult film at that moment when they say you wanted to as showtime historical documentary. If you let me ask that it was legitimate that's me it's that it probably was. And if you aren't so established. That the so called me up pains me to do with speech racked. People paid David we come to Sacramento. Beat. I'll do what I ask it legit. A war. Then you're so shot so why did you do a documentary on American warned that I don't know Palin's son. Served in the military she's a very pro veteran woman she's I was a big fans are really a lot. I don't Sarah Palin. Was put into. An absurd situation in 2008. Absolutely. Positively. Hail Mary pass. And it worked for about sixty days that hail Mary pass move could be. And then. What happened you saw someone get targeted and picked apart and a campaign. That was powerless. Two to grow again. Absolutely powerless to help her along the way. Once she became a cartoon character has and I liked it was game set match kitty Carrick you've got machines that. Absolutely. What sort of came out. Was done. But if you daughters you know. Some some sort of scandal issues it'll go on TMC. You've got of course the son who had some issues with. Warrington post dramatic I don't even know what if situations but they're Republican or high profile. And then of course there was a bar fight the only guy I mean it's. If we years she wasn't ready it's because she taught to try to detach. I think Cher wants to get paid and the Sarah wants to you know right around the country put your idea of it's just absurd to me. She's now say the biggest sugar cone used. Actively disable that somehow noble shake it could be the most insensitive thing in the world. Oh wait for it to come out. All of their parent pale appears to have done here is promoted to show that she doesn't want to see obviously. I do know Austria the references by hourly made 2 as I am DV reference. That documentary is actually on active. Do you have. Ability some of the play you what year was this team. This was in 19961996. On YouTube right now Tom buy hourly and called the documentary. It's called set averaged guys and he's in part four called the winter's tale the winter's tale savaged guys. And here is 1996. Tom Byron. Good morning it's breakfast with the hourly there is only 1 story this morning and that is slow specifically lake effect snow and we have been dumped down by mother nature. Now that. The Evans Tom Bennett and he's also younger than. While many things on two and he has a lot there yet he does as that was. They're all try to do the math 42 years to thank you very about a year ago let me see it was two years. And hourly. I just got up by some travel issues. This weekend. And I've kind enough common management Canada to give me. You know some time to work at some stuff there were traveling but I could tell you that. I had a situation. Right Cary here at the new carrier in the region. And this playing for whatever reason. There was issues. And they decided. Hey go ahead and and take a little breather and wait for us to fix the stuff. And you know the delay the twenty minutes turning to an hour the hour turned into two hours. And then you start getting what kind of emails from this company giving you credits and you know the news is going to be bad because you just got an extra. Dollars in its and then I. A food voucher. Going to be a most of it. Yeah there's a vote bowed to look at some food you deserve some rescue bit. Really convenient to you. Let's yeah and I'll figuring you're certainly. There I says Valenti a Trojan although Linda was told on several occasions that it acts were distracting his fellow passengers at one point probably when they name just one more time. Welcome Elizabeth this does bully TP. This then this is hard to say bully TP oxygen all the route and it was told on several occasions that his actions were disturbing his fellow passengers at one point of flight attendant tapped him on the shoulder while that didn't sit well with a little endo who told the flight attendant she'd regretted if she touched him again federal Parse out the best thing was to divert the flight to Tulsa and the Justice Department is making him foot the bill for the unplanned stop more than 9100 dollars stereo all their ABC news. First of all I gotta say. 9100. Dollars to do for a flight to Tulsa Oklahoma from. Portland org into Atlanta you go to Tulsa Oklahoma that's 9100 dollars. That seemed to have even of the successive orbits under the I wouldn't know where to start. But you're gonna make the hazard pay if they they should pay for that absolutely. And I think we've evolved past the air marshals. I think almost every flight Veres someone willing to punch anyone on that flight the things that's. What we have gotten. So divisive in this country is almost fair to say. That no matter what happens on a plane if there is an idiot that wants to get up start making threats. I mean we saw a situation recently with a the actor I'm Michael Rappaport he was on a flight with I think NBA players I'm not mistaken. But it looked like he was with some other celebrities and some guy was acting like an idiot. And Michael Rappaport. Is trying to open up the door of the plane while I was like 37000. Feet. He said he was confused he thought I was the bathroom yeah okay body. Every bathroom post 9/11 comes with four emergency cranks. It wrong review. Thought that was the bathroom. Oh my goodness gracious he complained to the bathroom which is also weird. But now he got this guy is is is not gay he's been rushed to let people put. In opposed we've all seen and heard the stories of united 93 and all of her heroism. And there's been all these other idiots is 2018. You are taking your life into your hands when you get on American domestic or international flight. And you start acting like a fool. It doesn't matter the sex that creed or religion. A Muslim durable punch you in the face just as hard as an evangelical. Christian. If you start dancing and singing on a plane. And it doesn't matter if you're namely TP oxygen all the Rwanda was told if your last if you have the name hole lucid Jane your name. There's not a lot you can I mean you know I'm saying like that there was like you left James Baker say this assumed your ancestors were Baker's. What was your ancestors do believe TP oxygen all the Rwanda was told on a looser engine. Here you are your ancestors were lunatics that interrupted flight by dancing and singing everything. Dancing in and say yeah it's funny. It's funny how we tolerate anger because we're afraid of people are angry but when lunatics are super happy. It's a little different you know I mean. This wouldn't have been nearly. A stressful if that person was angry. Having them angry meltdown when they have their dancing. Just kind of put the crazy person in the corner may be given some may mean extra fig bars of them sit down games and cookies. And games and seeing him. Doing little crazy thing but when they're happy crazy thing it's not nearly as bad. I'll bet I listen I think the TSA. Are one of the main reasons why we haven't had a domestic terror attack since ala. I don't necessarily believe we needed the tedious and I don't exactly feel the TSA or department of security is. Constitutional or anything crazy like that why I don't have a problem with the TSA I think the TSA. Our patriotic Americans who love this country and who worked really hard to keep us safe and I do appreciate. But I think we've lost our collective minds in 28. We did the I'm there has got to be. I understand equality for all. I don't I don't wanna live in a world. Lori young black kid just because he's young and black. Is treated differently. That young white kid just because there's scholars say you have no idea one kid can go to Columbia the other kids go to Harvard they could both be thugs they can both be doctors who knows. People travel they Wear different things you can't judge people or shoot you. I'm all for people being treated fairly. Put my goodness gracious if this person's in a wheelchair. Lift it. I have no idea what serious incident report is going up there at TSA. And there might be these ice is training camps and maybe just maybe we have an administration that doesn't tell us what's going on the world and maybe that's fine. Maybe we don't need to know what ice this is planning to do it to our airplanes. There might be a threat with a wheelchairs it. And that's why the wheelchairs are what made by the airport they usually in the airport you know like to your own wheels you know saying. But if there's a threat with elderly people come march's World War II veteran had this like. Insulin pump looked at it and I understand I understand there's a way that we can do this quickly we can do this actively. But for the love of god sure all a little bit trust that TSA. To have their people on the ground use discretion. If I'm telling you that these agents don't wanna do this. These agents don't wanna take women and go through their equipment. And make them miss flights because this you know US attend my mother. I'm traveling with my mother and she has eight. Literally 8810s unit on or spinal column but that gives her stimulation because of a just disease that she. And she have to charge that every day with a external battery. The charges from out is very similar to its recipe. It's the same process right inside your body that you charged him. Other people have this we're not the only people in the world and have this amassing everyone has. I'm saying that. There are people on the ground. Competent enough at the TSA in Orlando Florida or Boston Massachusetts currently acts or Buffalo, New York to make command decisions. Everything has been taken out of their hands. They have to go by protocol. And ridiculous so. I know you're frustrated by the TSA. Would go to the airport but 90% of it is leadership that doesn't trust them enough to make. Command decisions now don't get me wrong I'm sure there are plenty of people that he has that should be trust did order a chicken sandwich. Just what. That's like that in the army and the navy and the air force and the police that there are bad apples everywhere it does not represent the entire organization. But my goodness gracious. All you have to do we show a little bit of discretion wager Juan and check for gunpowder. Move on the woman. If you know in her seventies. In a wheelchair the man is in his ninety's he's World War II veteran if ice is turning in World War II veterans against us. We need at least have a brutal mean. Yeah we've got to put that out hey. Did you take a flight to buffalo out of gate for that'll be delayed two hours and bassist reports. World War II veterans can explode. In the following airports. Like all I'm. Brightly enough to convict kids the end of the give the baby formula BK yes I am sure these threats go up. But there it's got to be at even at a military installation. That that private first class with a machine and you'd trust them to be able to adjudicate the rules of engagement. You drilling that there at what they can and cannot do they're not asking for the nation when they're engaged. In exactly what that means they do their job. I don't think that the SA agents interested. The long. Horrible. Horrible experience. And and again and I you know you can get frustrated all day at the personal delivery but they're going to go by the checklist their their system that they have to go through. And maybe just maybe there are people with spinal simulators. That are just pop it off left and right this area I don't know I got pretty to fill I don't have. The intelligence briefings every day that showed that women in their seventies with spinal cords simulators. Are exploding at a rapid rates at the border. But perhaps that is what is happening. But every time I talk about the TSA I go through buffalo and these and a lot of the people or some of the people listed in the will be out your. Did you do not need he has never stated he has. I'm just saying. The administration. Needs to empower people to make. Reasonable decisions on who you're gonna take to the next level of a search. I mean come on off at what point have you identified that that a lot to me bag. Does not have any resident. Yeah I mean or children or like elderly people and it's just an unbelievable. My son at the same problem Tuesday and have an canceled from frontier going to camp a statement year. But she's a winner and are alive I'll throw a lot of you know I listen. Five times a credits towards it but we're gonna have to use them eventually. I would it was it was a very adventurous. I traveled. I just think we can empower people. To make reasonable. Decisions now when it comes to this dude over enough on a plane here to be excited about his trip enough to make him dance and sing really loudly Delta Airlines says bully TP oxygen Olerud it was told on several occasions that his actions were disturbing his fellow passengers. They would it. I don't think you need. Air marshals. As many air marshals as you think because I think people are not they're not anymore you if you remember the guy. Was it Richard. What was his name Reid. The guy who tried to steady shoes and fired the shoe bomber was over Detroit maybe I can't beat underwear bomber in the shoe bomber confused. But the shoe bomber believed was on an international flight over the and like he was just happen to be on a flight with a basketball team plane Europe like but the Americans. Went home for the holidays. It's adjust. Happened EB. Like 46 foot eight. Men and in like business class. And this idiot since issues. Like blow the plane over the issues and that is the reason. What you're taking your shoes opted. Some. 20032004. It was after the committed. Mitt Mitt opts in 2000. Some guy wants to light his shoe on fire just. Take your shoes for the next thirty years we take our shoes. Ever would take the issues and it is watches and member when when they were using cheese. This is a crazy thing this C four on an X ray machine. A brick plastic explosive. Looks identical to a brick of Cheney's a blog a little blockage. So now they were outlined she you couldn't travel would she is because it. Look like a plot to mix it up. A block of C four. Detail what Brent GG it tastes identical. But view well. I borrowers get a kick out of when when you're messing row seat for there would always tell you he'd urged to wash your hands afterwards. Because. You can get sick from the C 48 food after a thing that's all or her. I'm worried about my fingertips blowing out but that's neither here and there I don't want. About just the case that heat and pressure met my hands Eddie dime. While I was playing with the board but generate. They eliminated cheese they eliminate all these other things liquids there was a credible threat the reviews some sort of liquid. Divisive to blow up until someone. On that. There was the laptop threat they're gonna put up nominal laptop. And it'll be Intel device and it'll explode and the reality is that. You know a a plane is designed for many many things it's designed for safety of design. To be as Agile as you can still beats relatively pressurized in state and comfortable some air lines pushed comfort more than others. So I'm. Don't hire enough mechanics are pilots it happens. My point is that you know airline commercial airline actors are meant for completely different purpose obviously military craft and and because of that they're not really designed for something would penetrate that. That hole. By any stretch you're going to be trouble and solid with a southwest airline situation with a woman goes up the wind and due men. Oh my goodness gracious that's got to be just and now you're you're sitting next a woman sucked out the the engine compartment. Seniors that are like you know. If you hit the stillness button how can help you. Hi my. Night. My window seniors in the window and what would Amy can I gonna mail what do you do. Free easy and pilot deserved that that's another thing we hear these stories all the time. And we were ill Sully got all this attention because it was so ridiculous mean Sully landed. On the Hudson where I did think about of ridiculous. I don't care what anyone says you wanna make a name for yourself land a plane safely out Lake Erie and you'll you'll have. Anything you want Buffalo, New York you'll be lionized if you need to you pleased and his recreational. But I think if a plane went down it accurately and on and I digress a fully. Can you imagine. What shall we with his. Right where he lived on the budget but this female navy pilot that they had southwest flight. Every bit as cool and heroic. Just Orlando Florida we have problem. We'll fix that we'll be back tomorrow hourly and obviously.