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Sandy Beach
Monday, January 22nd

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And Chuck Schumer is Moses speaks so one would assume it wouldn't be before 1130 because there and recessed. So be between 1130 and noon when missiles there of the vote it is a region governor. And you wonder why some people don't take your protest seriously. Okay I'm going after heavily edit this but I'm going to do it. Now there was a group out there there was kind of like logging in the signings. What did the signs today now keep in mind. Before I give you two examples we have an earlier. You're voice there from a woman who was there was her ten year old daughter. And she's that I don't want my ten year old daughter have to go through loosens and years so she's ten all right here or to the signs. And I'm going to edit them all here to the size or carried by women there. And involve people of this woman's ten year old daughter okay one says my body part. Is obviously in the body part my body part is your worst nightmare. OK and I intend to believer after seeing who was caring outside the otherwise. My dark and I and I'm just using I'm just. I am just using a generalities because it's why horse business. My dog is for refugees'. Only. And I was saying of that woman. I don't think there's going to be a long line of people looking for docking privileges. Okay as not that not gonna happen. You're not gonna need longshoreman out there saying yes your next for a docking. So how do you go to a I go to something like that. With such disgusting. Signs. And expect anybody to have any sympathy for the righteousness of your cause. I'd like to now because I don't know the answer to that. Aren't you wanna be taken seriously start acting seriously. I'm sure there are people who there was serious issues. Julio had serious addresses and really wanted their. There were issues to be known and that's good that's what that's for. But they don't like that when you're sideshow. Your side Chicago. And if I would have if I were the woman who brought the ten year old daughter whether. So that she doesn't have to go through this in ten years no she doesn't. She has to go through it now. Okay and these are fellow protesters. So you don't get the pick your protesters were hand picked a motto of a protest barrel you just get which again in this is examples of what you via okay. Let's go to Taylor you've got several live there ready to go to Sony give me some FaceBook. Can't says example of inequality in November 2006. Team. Mayor Byron brown told the Buffalo News that Donald Trump one. The presidential election because Hillary Clinton chose a white male as her VP running mate in minorities refuse to vote for all white ticket. To think somebody wouldn't vote for somebody simply based on the color of their skin is racial in equality and its worst. Well that's a good example Nazi that is a that's pretty cut and dry I'm thinking. Let's see while I moment I don't see inequality in the work force however huge you know sports scenes and I schools. Hi Tony signed Amy. You know we noted title nine is there for equality and funding of different sports. But some sports have a lot more participation. Some sports have a lot more people witnessing the scores. They vary and you as long as they're very simply because of the popularity. Of one over the other. You shouldn't think that that's any kind of discrimination. If okay. If Brasilia as sabres game and they're playing the ago while you've got money for sabres game or the bills game in your pick on you discriminating against the other of course not. With their choices to be made in the world. As long as they're made fairway and the word fairly is which one can I afford. Which one is on a day where it's easy for me to get there which ones are they when I'm working whatever. But right now where as I said in this superheated. Part of our road history in this country where everything has a hidden motive. The market has to decide. It's like OK if I have a choice between barbecued ribs and tofu down and I pick ribs and is it is that mean inequality that told. Yeah hour or you're discriminating against that sea though the worst part of something is like with two examples I just gave you. Is that it kind of takes away from legitimate issues. It's hey it's just like good during the eight years of Obama every criticism of him once was though labeled as racist. That's the because you couldn't possibly. The against something that the first black president wanted to unless you're racist. So it was like that. And so that that tinged everything with the racism. So race was the blues template that everything was run through. And it that's the problem and you don't get anything done when. Loads the legitimate and charges of racism about and wouldn't be fair to say is lazy thinking we are so there's a talking point rather than. I know with the subject it is Tony that woman do you have that woman that you end up on Joseph right now. This is a woman that was at BR I she sounds intelligent. As you is at at the events. But. And took a substance. Of what she says it sounds good. But there's no substance it's just talking points you've got to include substance this. This causes was missing always full of air our carelessness. Equality. For sure. And I'm art so that my granddaughter won't have to do this. We shouldn't be doing this into any scene there should not be this much disparity as much inequality. This much racism that's not sexism this much violence. So we'd like to put an end and all that. Is there one particular issue that really brought you out here today. One particular issue on gender equality. Gender fairness. Gender pay gap. As a woman as a member. The Stonewall Democrats in Western New York as. Friend. As an am I all those things are really important to me and I think that. It's it's so far into the future that we shouldn't even have to be talking about the issues today. All right let's just say one moment. Is editor for example what I'm Donna amount force that is. A one as you mentioned violence you know anybody is in favor violence that is and a thug. No you don't. Well what do we do we have policeman we spend a lot of money on security. We have policemen. We have jails we have district attorney's we have all kinds of all kinds of help. To try and get people on the straight and narrow we have parole officers we have all kinds of things. But the bottom line is there wrote the theme is thieves have always been things there'll always be thieves how do you end violence. I'd like to know I'd like that because if you have the answer. I don't think that's anybody's. A singular. Job what sort of what you for jobs to end violence where were all out there every law enforcement agencies out there. The armed forces is out there. So we have before ever since the beginning of planet have had to deal with violence. I'd like to know what this woman has beyond saying the word violence. Our Chicago. Is like bay road. Of thirty years ago every weekend. What do we do what do we do we go house to house is checked for weapons an unconstitutional as it now okay. And every bad guy we get to a half a welcome aboard their own lawyer. And that if we're lucky enough to convict them of we have the evidence there we can victim they go to jail where there on our dime for the rest of their lives are good portion of it. We'll also have to. Treat them into a course on how to conduct a law abiding life lot of expense involved with the bad guys. So what could we do more than we're doing now to curb violence. If bad that a person it was still here she would probably say guns. Because that's the kind of thinking you have not very deep. Not very informed. On you know what the latest. But code words are. What what's the what's the latest talking point that I can use so I sound like come up today but I really don't have a clue. Will be back after this today's day of today for my buffalo perks is a thirty dollar gift should ever get to harass the Els Italian and American dining. For just fifteen dollars comes a raffia also tried. Of the old country recipes like mama's sauce straight from Sicily. Ago two my buffalo perks dot com. There are plenty of goods expletive emails and play a phone calls. Oh one's as if you want Louis stop illegal immigration ms. schober violence will drop by these is 50%. What he's saying is that a lot of the illegals are Rome. Are causing violence than I don't think there's any denying that I don't know the exact risks. And ages and in some thing he does something that's amazing to me. You know you have all of these laws. Protecting. Against discrimination. You have a lot of them for housing and admission of this or you. Or you didn't get via promotion and color the rays and equal treatment and all of this stuff. And everybody. A good of a good sound character wants no one discriminate against who you want these laws followed. You must follow the law except of course. With the immigration. With immigration you must disregard the law. Because although you want of the law to act in your behalf. You wanted to followed by everybody. And that's a reasonable request. But you don't want to follow with the immigration. That's different. Because we have a reason that they broke the law. We don't have a reason why the others broke the law so we're willing to let you break the law as well as it's a law that we don't mind breaking ourselves. So does that seem a little hypocritical that you. Yeah let the people who are here illegally. Stay here or welcome and we don't wanna do anything to keep the illegals out. That we're welcoming community. OK we welcome and we are buffalo is a welcoming community that's what it's and that's the official official resignation and words. Up the sign was more than we are welcoming from community about where are welcome to lawbreakers. Okay. So you know like that there on the whereas now. Because we owe it to them to break our laws. But we don't want him right the other laws just the ones that were okay. You find that hypocritical zoning. After all there is no I'll bet that's. Punish the amber don't punish them. Eyes it's it's beyond Micah. Listen to what effect if people are phonies coming of course there are only. They want a project. Who they are they want people to pick I want to be would think it I'm really like this. Human on the lottery for this exactly a great humanitarian. Helping the downtrodden. Clothing the naked well maybe but that's a little. As a on his mission in life was a Coetzer who. Does a lot of Europe face courts and we're in line. Charged as an equality is a construct of the social justice warrior movement. In reality at least here in America you have the opportunity to better oneself. But it's our individual to have the motivation to do better. And strive for bigger and better. Anyone could run for president United States but not everyone can be president. Barack Obama prove that point if you have hard work determination. And a goal that it can't be achieved you just have to put in the work to achieve it. I believe it's called upward mobility in its core principle that all Republicans conservatives. Believe in as opposed to those on the left. Who feel that you should just be given something for nothing. While that's a you do have to work for it and sometimes no matter how hard you work and I'm gonna get the job. We are gonna get the race and it's unjust and somebody else got it. Well that's the way it works but it unless you can show that you didn't get the rays are you didn't get the job because of something that's protected light. Already you are racial situation where we're not going to hire a black person for his job this person has to be a white person while that's illegal. And if you improve and go after solemn I'd be I'd be very happy if you won so. That isn't the way a bill the lot works or you have to be able through the prove something not just use that as an excuse. Well I didn't get the job because I'm black. I didn't get the job because I'm a woman let me ask any black there is listening or any woman. When's the last time you needed a job where you applied for a job across the country. Somewhere out of your neighborhood. Have you done that. You know a lot of people in and radio special needs to start the radio the way you advances going to a bigger market usually. Usher in a huge market like LA or New York. Where you can better yourself within the same community. So usually you have to be willing to pick up and go and miss I grandma's dinner at Thanksgiving. And not be there when the kids open and the rest of the kids if only open their gifts. Be willing to do that you're not willing to do that you don't have as many credentials do our show and employer is the lie bishop Mario billion. And so these kinds of things have to be taken into account into account but when you go into the default position. Of I didn't get it because and then fill in the blanks. That's what we run a market much you have some proof and not she was trying to say that because you weren't good enough. Or flexible enough or experienced enough or tall enough if Europe and a model for instance. I mean there's all kinds of reasons why you may not have gotten the job. Beyond racism or discrimination. Another development merry Weston all what rights as strong taken away from these women that's an excellent question. And if I were available Mike Von Odom asked that in the buffalo knows. I made simple everything simple and got a picture of a lot of people. And the big headline on page B six and popular item at a bingo game. They have waged page B six of level and those. What do they want. Question mark. The quality. Are right and that's that Mary's question. Where did you not get the equality. Whereas it because if it is let's find let's rooted out lets get rid of if you have a reason. To believe that in him for Britain you can put a world of hurt on any employer that. Didn't do the interview process of a promotion process of arrays process properly and legally. Object right now we orient where NYC name of a Jimmy Cagney movie. Years and years ago we're in white hate everybody has ten reasons why something happened everybody's got somebody hiding in the closet ready to scare them. Everybody's lifestyle isn't approved by everybody this is not a movie this is real life. There are laws to protect you. And usually there's a lot of things you should do to do your due due diligence and I think when you see that you'll see that you just didn't win an hour on it. But you weren't discriminated. Against will be back for more would be to go. We're back we're paging companies set us back in session let's see yeah we haven't seen chuck. Schumer he's supposed to be speaking. And there's supposedly procedural vote around known. So we should see him over them and exits when immigrants and so when we do. We will have a lines this is we have McConnell on earlier. I hear is the attacks the signs should be no lolly pop because they're suckers by being PC. Here's one from Kathy from north not a Wanda. Then those who want illegals here are the first to blame the bullies for not solving crimes are preventing crimes. Why wasn't all of us taking care of in the past eight years the Jones says so is it legitimate points of view. And for those of you who don't want any curbs on immigration. But you claim to be you know rarely you know humanitarian type people. What you what are you giving for people who are here illegally. They're going to be working under what are prevailing wages. They're not going to be getting benefits they're going to be paid under the tables so not only do they get screwed by the IRS gets screwed too and so we the taxpayer is. There are always going to be looking over their shoulder because they're here illegally. And so how can you be standing up for them and they want a better life and by sneaking in the country is not a better life for its worst life. And the job whether there ever anybody wants to say it or not is a job taken away from an arrogant. And how about some light of day information. For those of you who don't believe trump is getting anything done. How about this. Black unemployment right now the lowest in history. In the history of this country. Since unemployment rate is is absolutely the lowest it's ever meant stock market. The highest it's ever been as a couple of days ago I don't know what it is today. So I think some things are getting done about ice is getting its tail kicked me out this of his lots of things that are positive are getting them the trouble pleasure seeing it through the filter. Of the national media and there are bad filters clogged. That's clog and because everything has to go through that image giving as little. Pat on the back this president as they possibly can. But would that rally downtown it was a large rally of filling an Irish where. At least if you it's one thing to have the signs up. With the talking points which gonna have something beyond that. You heard the one that was interviewed earlier we play a couple of times. When asked if there was a particular injustice Chia. Is she wanted to see you address that was injustice itself. So there's. Nothing there you know what you look at the obstruction of trump the everybody get in his way if trump succeeds. The Democrats are duke and they're not gonna win elections for a long long time. Well you know it's amazing how they pick and choose they're willing to overlook things when one. Party is in power of one president's empower and not willing to overlook it in a different way. It 39301806. Holes 692 through six are ninth in earnest go to David in lock forward David thanks for holding Iran WB yeah. Big good morning hello I'd love to point please. The first one I'm as their head down there at this rally. I would love without him tiger asking her. I don't know what was I I don't read yeah there is OK yes it was. It's satellite him I'd like to say and the next time you're you're confronted with with somebody like this are probably looked like she was dead behind guys a little bit. You say you know what it would you invest but when you talk about. Equal pay for equal work. Did you point out one businessman or woman. Bull could get the same work out of a woman for seventies as head of the dollar. Why how would they hire an amended all all. There is a question or investing I don't think they're ready for question true question one is what you see on the sign and I think that's about it. It the second part of like the make on this shut down number one in the media what is quick and about it the vast majority of Americans. Would not even though we shut down it doesn't really 70%. Or so really shut down. And ends up being a paid vacation. What they'll have to want to yell and make sure everybody knows it shut down. Because their lifeblood is big government and that we don't seem so being injured or hurt by a government shut it down instead their rear end show win. Well it Gresham boss said basically didn't mention in the rear compartment. A Rush Limbaugh as a basic or examining you wouldn't even know it if you don't know it is it Trulia shut down thank you. You know I thought they do I bet they do let this shut down the brief show up on the Muslim Obama was there. Send a send film crews who like Yosemite National Park. And a big sign of the front gate closed. And a small child holding Teddy bear crying into a camera say I want and to see them there is there. But Democrats the Republicans have an English showing a doubt. The stuff that they've closed the park miserably always though. They always do that and you'll notice he did not miss an opportunity Andrew Cuomo hall. Well the state will be happy to fund the statue of liberty terrorism. You know why did that. Show oh. Remember. I'm Andrew Cuomo and when a federal government fails you I was there. We opened the statue of of liberty when they closed it down and I'll be here for you in the future elect me I think I'll mine. Count ma and stop that just stop. But did you see that person it's lost its mind yeah that's the first thing I saw it is so. What's the word I'm against Florida it is supposed sophomoric. It hasn't though. It has no depth to it at all that's the reason he did that neither does the hand drew it out so he's he's spending our state money on a federal Roger thank you and thank you because there's you know we we have so much money in New York State now we don't know what to do. So let's start funding federal things now. They do we can take on the united states air force or something. While we're here we'll take a break and return on news radio I'm thirty WB yeah. I really care about the refugees and immigrants that are coming into our country standing up and sing more country for people we erect Weaver created. So the people to come here and be safe and we need to keep being that country that's the other thing is all about. Just remind us distribute the phone number this time around your interest in going up make. Viking river cruise in July I mean June 26 visualize six within never the myself to Europe. And then Andre Rio concert that is an optional. A tour and so is the I trip through BB MW factory museum and the Audi factory museum. That number 18446887477. Okay here's a couple of attacks. A sandy it is not a paid vacation that's a misconception I am required to work today without pay. I know people are frustrated by the fair there is some. Information out there. Four that. Well here is the information and I heard earlier today and I and I know it's going to be a true. That technically amount working without being paid it will be at the end of the whatever video really big term is. Of their shots on you'll be paid retroactively so you will be paid. As if you were scheduled to be paid today or Mario mine I get a today or tomorrow but you will get it retroactively so it's not like you'll lose that rev you know. Saw today on fox a woman questioned why were they protesting. Once that I hate trump several others asked about the uptick in the economy they responded. Obama cause that to happen. I. Oh that's. The worst part when you hear things that you know are not true. And you have to sit there white area news that journalism and that's that's an example of what we're talking about today talking points. In here in the dark and finds Obama did this there was praise it as it was graded and I think Brad as a talking points. Am I give us some examples. Good week we have bad ways thank you. So they that's what they are gonna hang their hat on is that Obama should do it should get the credit for Tony a couple more and then I'll go back to a phone. Kathleen says inequality. In the intelligence of women Smart women don't have to march. They do what they do to be successful the meat to lose I just hope cropping. And the tales of hypocrites that went along with that crap to get what they want it I was being harassed at my job in the seventies. I went to the president of the bank matter corrected no crying need to I did what had to be done. Well that's true people get things done and laws laws are enacted things are changed. Things that used to via a lot of are no longer allowed I read a lot of vote biographies a lot of biographies especially show business. And even when he was a mega star. Frank Sinatra even before it was a mega star Sinatra always stood up for the right thing regarding what we're talking about now. There are places where Sinatra would play where the hotel would not allow Sammy Davis junior. Food do you ever Rome he could play there but he couldn't get a room there. Sinatra said it's it's either. You either accept them like you except me are where I'm going somewhere else. He had the power to do it Dean Martin did that too. In the early days of the big bands they would travel and and sometimes the black musicians in the band's couldn't stay at the same place. Those words about that's true discrimination that's real discrimination. Where they say you can't be here because you are black. In a hole and same thing was her. In a markets they were me at any time that I was sorry about that's when they face true discrimination. It's not like that anymore. There really isn't but I think many people who haven't. Caught up with the times haven't done what is necessary to be competitive in the workplace and and things like that use this as an excuse. They use it because surely. With the magnitude of what they possess. When they laid down that resonate on the desk of rather future boss who could resist that. And they need an excuse as to why they didn't get the job while had to be because it's. Prejudicial because I'm a woman they hired Heidi well maybe there and our guy a minute ago I was more qualified than you. Maybe had more training maybe is more flexible maybe he could travel more and his job required a lot of travel and you couldn't. Amid as a lot of reasons why you don't get a job. Am as far as I'm concerned in line unless you're both making widgets. Exactly the same widgets they go up through exactly the same customers. Equal pay for equal jobs it depends on what you brings of his job do you generate revenue are you a good employer. I'm in good employee the collar and sick every Friday and every Monday I mean these are things that everybody looks that and don't ever tell you. No member Gerri why you're not very good job because we notice your work ever hear have you ever worked on a Friday or Monday no. Movement were opened Friday and Monday so regards somebody else. I don't ever tell you that but that'll be what it is but the bottom line is I I don't think we've gotten many legitimate. Complaints. From people who represent minorities that the of their people that they represent. Were not hired. Or promoted are gonna raise simply because of close they are or what they are what they applied or whatever he not hearing nearly as much as we used to lament. I let's go to might in go on the Mike here on WB him. The warrants and I'm like well I wish vehicle. Just confront these people call out what they are they're idiots. You know my my job and waste ever commercial aviation. And go to an airline and the under NC if they have the Tories for different pilots. It's nonexistent I'm sick of these people. I mean it just about Austin British spot on the and so network. Wow that was close my hand was on the green button I didn't have the Isabel that's good. I mark my wife and I it became this conclusion about these so that the doctors need streamers are right if you're registered Democrat and support this. And you sponsor and you paper everything for these people. I like that yeah because if they had to do that Somalia and I'm not sure they'd be in favor. Now because you know the other day there is sides on that channel four they've they've played this the right guy came from South Africa. Just never seen snow before he just immigrated. The Buffalo, New York he's got a really nice little queen one bedroom apartment. And he's looking for work now how can and I guy and murder rate from South Africa this increase snow in buffalo. And look for work. Well other military guys don't have any money right now. But I as good point they don't wanna hear logic they just wanna hear doctor talking employs I'm glad. You and your wife discussed that because I think a lot of husbands and wives and and boyfriends and girlfriends of a discuss this over that time over the issue and nobody really wants to talk about it because is not politically correct but I'm glad you didn't thank you might thank you very much. Yeah I think about it joke and I wish of people at the rally would just let the authorities know which laws they want enforced and which ones they don't. This was a good response to while I think it was Beverly who was. Goal kind of going off. Know that seems like such in a lot of callers settled law that seems like soul off unimportant. That I can imagine it's still out there. I mean how we have videos of the national publicity about the cake. Be bigger than one made for vets that's about it you don't hear much about that anymore. And there again. There again if you use common sense and they've taken the natural way I think. People you like or friends are are made one of the time. I don't think that there you you do things in large swipes like that. You meet somebody or maybe have gone everywhere it and next thing you know you're watching her game and stuff like that and that's how it evolves I think the gay issue was long gone. I think it's when people feel that your really discriminating here's somebody simply because who they are not because. They broke no law. And I bet if you saw somebody you know holding up a star and call the police would you think you betrayed them. Which is all paid a neither an important it and they needed some money. So let him hold it up. Ads dance their culture. Knowledge you'll understand. When in doubt it's that culture. I Chuck Schumer will be talking voter repellent properties are right here on news regimen thirty WV. It's. They never have to music he's certainly let you know have you given him.