Sandy Beach Womens March 1-22 Hour 2

Sandy Beach
Monday, January 22nd

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MS O'Donnell says they'll be devoting known and then basically I didn't get a lot of information on of that so it's just kind of like a heads up his little. And I'll backpack with a Beecham company. Reset the stage because we're gone for. A while both can be your form was going on with the government shutdown then. And Dan if there's any progress and of course the vote will as he said with the prices known will sue Oreo that. Meanwhile. You know everybody has a right to protest. It's something that do we encourage if you have an issue that you'd like to bring before the public here. Fareed does stand on stage. In front of a microphone make a sign. Uh oh you know do anything you'd like to make your issue and don't but it can't just be talking points. In the the reason hammering that up is the large crowd that was in Niagara square. Protest thing what do they want according the Buffalo News one word equality. Well. I think you'd be you'd be hard pressed to find anybody who wasn't for equality so. That's a given but we need some examples. And that's why I thought I'd do his the subject on the show today. Because there's one thing the government can't do the government can tell you once the once illegal. All right they can tell you though what you can have a high you can incorporate him. And for instance if you're wrong if you're looking into the gender issue. The government can make sure that you can use either restroom and they have in in many cases. But the government can't tell a person sitting there. That they can't complain that their tax dollars are used to renovate the rest rooms and they don't agree with that in the first place. So they have rights of their opinion you have a right to your opinion. It's not all solvable. By a by oh laws and rules and regulations so that's the thing I think we have to be. Or specific about we tell me what you mean not just what you say. And talking points are talking points their starters there introductions. Through. Dug deeper conversations. Tell me what your issues are. Via Niagara square rally I'm sure is very passionate and you have to remember it's the anniversary rally. Of the antitrust rally in Washington one year earlier. He was being a protest that before. He was president. He hit he hadn't even been sworn in yet. And he was being protest is so I think you have to you have to kind of put that in perspective. Tony was telling us that. That most of the a FaceBook he's getting are just more of it's I don't points would no specific things for us is if you're talking about equal pay we have equal pay. Us. All right it's illegal. To disobey that so that's covered like that. But what isn't covered is equal pay for equal jobs. A wire employer might pick one over the other. Maybe this employer has a more experience maybe this one is more flexible in the hours that they can work. There could be various reasons why one person is chosen over another. And it can't be as just because it's a man and woman but they each bring their own resume their own work experience there own. Employee. Record as being a good employee or not being aired an employee. And that's the way it's done. So if you would tell us what you mean rather watch it just say you're liable to get more and more things done. Because otherwise to me it's empty rhetoric. As I said before used to be there when. When there was a strike and people were standing in front of a plan. Many of them would hold signs that said this you know actually flange or whatever is unfair. And people driving by go whole home when he mean unfair if you give examples you have to know some examples that Sony can personalize it. That's what we tend to rally around. We don't like to see anybody being put upon anybody being treated unfairly. And there are some other things that. That are not easily solvable. You can protest all you want. Via immigration is is listed here is. And what they're protesting. Are they really protesting. Immigration per say are they protesting a group. That they are. Favoring. So we have to know all these things and aviator Vietnam you got a better chance of getting something done. It 0309301806. On 69236. Star and I'm thirty back after this. I really care about the refugees and immigrants that are coming into our country standing up and seeing where our country for people we erect Weaver created. So people could come here and be safe and we need to keep being that country that's the other thing is I'll bow. Yes it was a very impressive group of people protesting in Niagara square and saying things with the we have our concern and certainly for the title of what they're talking about but no. No specifics. Talking points are not enough and I think a lot of our roads sexes agree Revis. Cities and I thought the government was trying to take gender away male and female or use whatever bathroom your gender is a bad day. It is still open everybody wants to play the victim. Here's another this is about trump hates women in this country have all the rights afforded by the constitution I know this is not a woman. And I would bet the woman interviewed also believes or refrigerators more dangerous than nicest signed Chris. I'm here is another this women's march is a bunch of nonsense. I don't even think they know why they're marching at all. And that is so that would be a consideration. When somebody presents you with something. For instance men and disgusting behavior. All right well they're being they're being shown publicly. If they if they statue of limitations. Has an expired. You still have a right to prosecute them. And one would say if if that was going on you should've you know brought it to the attention of the authorities. Because there's already laws that cover that. So if you don't if you don't turn the man the authorities don't adult are not aware of what's happening. It's hard to blame the government that they don't have protection. For women in their because it isn't there. Certainly. What we know beds there's a high expectations now that everything is being super inspected to make sure that the law is is being upheld. But the way as I said the one thing the government can do they can't send a letter to somebody who disagrees with the new intellectual way. You may like something they don't like it and let's it's illegal you have your opinion they have their opinion. Buds of blaming everything on Donald Trump is kind of like a cop out this first year anniversary of march. At Niagara square. The original my hunch was before he was even president so you gotta believe that this is something that has been in there and remind free air. A K a Pete in Ontario Pete on WB again. He. Will be few if you have aimed at an annual eight. The yearbook for. Ought you're excited per year it shot out humor about one reason I was I believe her. He agreed to meet that we've been an ax. 32. Three hours to we. It couldn't see. A lot of all there you know all the people that may bear. Legacy. Are these big big trouble so I think that and I really believe I think it American dream right now. Politically is about to get actual. You know people that they never ever seen before because open. From what point I mean nobody. Well what we're doing their their creepy crawl it occurred stop. They let their guard out all the it on the data right. And I think. Do those parts yup I guess. What you are saying we try to rob. Because they're giving it much to add once the lawlessness is exposed. Well once will always saw what they had downtown I say they because I wasn't there. But what you didn't see the people who weren't there the people who were home or in their car or doing something else. Which grossly outnumbered the people that were there. And I think those are the silent majority and I tend to agree repeat we're going to be hearing from them. Sooner than later thank you very much. Yeah you can't expect. You can expect a fair decent equal treatment you can. But you can't expect everybody to agree with everything you ever had are realized south George you ever had. And that people express their opinions there their opinions. So if you don't like their opinions of your lifestyle or. Good the way you lead your life for the way you conduct your life or anything like that he can't expect the government to force somebody. To see item I would view they'll always be a difference of opinion on a lot of things. But to a bundle them all together and say if trump wasn't president this wouldn't be happening is very naive. It is very grave. I here's another road tax talking points suggest use to frame issues trump does that Daly why is it not wrong when he does that. He well because there are deeper explanations. If there are a readily available through publication. Although to be honest review there are many times. When. When you don't hear from the mainstream press you know that that five set thing. There was nothing and it in the paper about it at all all weekend long. And no one congressman said it's bigger than Watergate it was bigger Watergate. I did not see one article about it nor one newscast about so that's the way things are. And there's nothing wrong with framing. Your grumpy your concern but the bottom line is there has to be something the Beckett beat cancer is surely you can by. You're calling into limited or you can't just show up. And say unfair. Life is unfair there are some things that can't be changed. Okay. And we have nothing to do that you can't change it. Trump can't change it I can't change it women have children they're the ones that actually have the children. We didn't Sweden originated god did all right so they have children. Parental responsibility. Kind of changed over the last a century and century and a half. Whereas women though were primarily responsible for raising the children now it could be a combination of the could be the father. Maybe you have moms working and dads at home or dad you know. All that all is available. For discussion between the two parties but we can't change that women have. Mean that's just the way it is used should be discussed in in and you know as an agreement. Take place. So that if if indeed you think that. While this isn't fair we have a child now I can't pursue my chorus gonna go into a man who's got something to do live. Just as the enemy one would guess. So when you have these kinds of campaigns. These are I think you have to show some forethought and to give us something more than just the sign. You know we need something more than just the sign the get anything done if you're truly being discriminated against. There's a lot of anti discrimination laws and a lot of lawyers very happy to pick up. A case to to defend your perspective on that. But you can't think that everything. Has to be thought of the way you think of something because that's not the way it works. There really isn't you may be perfectly comfortable with this and your neighbor who may be perfectly comfortable being against that. And you have to respect that as I said nobody gets a letter in the mail from the US government thing your position on this is unacceptable. You must change your position on this can't do that. Enjoyed so how people think. Is made up of their thought process and there are life experience. And that's the way it is now W might be able to change their mind directly. By a sitting down having conversation when I'm going to dinner whatever. The government can't do that. We'll be back here was your idea of. What Islam what are legitimate issues are worthy of a protest like that. Or is it just talking points where nothing is really expected to be addressed. But you're just doing it for awareness on news radio I'm thirty WV. Backward region governor sandy beach today senators recess so 1130. Chuck Schumer is supposed to speak sometime before that. 12 o'clock test vote and there if he does Lou will carry that on the show or in Russia to show depends on. On where it ends up just say a reminder because we are very busy day today if you wanna get it get away from an oh how about a lovely wonderful relaxing. Viking river Cruz with the then emirates and and myself will be going to Europe. Leaving June funny six through July 6 of this year and Willie from buffalo home. And if you binal viking river cruise through this before. 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Along with AAA so we'll have there handling all of our reservations. Two nights in Nuremberg five star hotel one night in mass rich forced our hotel and this is an optional two courtesy on verio. Concerts unbelievable. And the cherry on the cake automobiles. BMW. And it's a certainly will be the bear factory in Munich and angle start to see the Audi factory. If you need more information or you like sign up. 1844688747. Sevenths at triple a.'s number. 184468874. Sevenths. Okay let's let's get back to a conversation. Somebody said we just tried to call both Schumer and Gillibrand in their offices. Dude shut down they cannot accept phone calls. Apparently they don't wanna know what their constituents of thinking about the shut down or they just don't care. So lots and lots of talk about the hum. About the big rally it was I think as I see kids his overlooking a Mormon and he trump rally than anything else but basically. What they throw in our talking points. I'm various things. If it's indeed the law is already there. To prosecute something that's illegal and you'll run into that and you don't you know as the law. Then it's not the law's fault that you didn't use that you have through you have to follow up on that. You cannot change people's. By a mines by government Fiat. If if people don't believe in transgender is they don't believe in transgender is is nothing you can do the only thing and do is make sure of it. Discrimination. Against transgender is is is not accepted and that's all of a government can do. They can't send you a send your neighbor a note saying you must be more accepting. Of transgender is hopeful way. Information. Education. I guess people think about the issue may be changed their position but he can't do it by laws alone people have a right to. Think what today thank you just as you ever write to think what you think. But just shutting him down doesn't work. I'm Tony you have mbah a several and so rely. You have FaceBook one area. Deborah says media coverage of female sports over. Male sports and I think accurate address that the simple thing is the ratings aren't there the audiences and their twin track the advertisers. Thus that's why my sports get more coverage. I and that's you know if you look at it you're exactly right remember. TV radio newspapers whatever our businesses. And to think of eat whole load coverage simply because one is a female sport and one as a male sport. It depends what kind of audience they're going to draw what kind Novo kind of sponsors they could draw what kind of interest is there. For instance the Olympics are coming up you know it's going to be something that's but right through the roof. Female figure skating right through growth. But nobody should be it was a bombers say wow that's that's unfair to the male figure skaters on the ice dancers. You know the ice dancers work just as hard. But they don't get via the time the national TV time as the individual female skaters. And that's unfair that's unfair it's it's business is just the way it is just like title mine is the same thing right. Title mine says you have to be cool. Men and women in this in this sports and funding for a sports or whatever. But anytime you get into something that requires. Audience participation or observation however the numbers are always gonna rule. It's not about being fair are. Unfair. We are not a Communist country. Not everything and is treated or funded equally. Some things because their business decisions to make. There are some things that draw bigger audience. It's like saying okay you want to see McCartney and age of 20000 people at the stadium that's unfair. I've got this new group that just came out with a record and they're great men and and nobody's going to see them it's unfair it's unfair at all. He is the thought that life is equally a portion is ludicrous it's not. Some are taller than others some are better looking this summer smarter than others and we basically as long as we keep. The government in an even keel as not allowing anybody to discriminate against you because of who you are what you are. I think that's as far as we can go. We'll take a break and will return on newsreader and I'm thirty WB. I know that there is a lot of frustration. That people feel with what's happening in Washington. And the White House and women in large numbers and men are here to express that frustration. The senate is in recess now until 1130. Chuck Schumer is X that is supposed to take a voter add new loan charge Schumer is supposed to speak while would assume between 1130 and noon when he goes. A little cover. Is there a quick congratulations. Have a friend Don whose goals have people climbing up. Light poles. Did you climb up and light poles after the big victory done. No I certainly didn't let thank you very much shorter didn't Eagles took credit for winning and that. My understanding is there was very little problems in Philadelphia or as the night progressed after the game. That's good they got little chippy at the end of the game and Malia in the field but good to see that happening. Tonight you're off to a Super Bowl your car you're confident you feel good about it going up against knowing when. Yeah because I look at it this way. If they win not gonna be very happy because our seemingly removed. Well that's a DIC and you're from knowing when I'm from going reform here and may I on behalf of my two colleagues. Apologize profusely for not having the faith to pick the Eagles in that game. Well there you I'll I'll accept that and love Joey Antonio that it is still on with me earlier low. Arms over there turn coats and remember. They don't cover the spread all the time hey guys congratulations on. Well I'm I'm gonna say thank you learn as Tony alluded to earlier. We had an awful lot of help from people who legal slate put buffalo quote came from the buffalo area and now I want to thank him for that. It's probably sponsored by Buffalo Wild Wings hey thanks guy got her on thank you nice doll. Bauer Blair today okay. I was part of that says this stuff. You know okay what do you think are they just talking points at these rallies they. Or do they have any substance and if they don't have the substance the talking points. Don't mean much we've seen dome where we're from many of them if there's nothing to back up the initial. Talking point and that's it seems like you're you're not doing the best job you can get your point across. That's pretty short and like but I my wife up a little to do that she said this ball I was quickly got political. Situation. Against trial period. Guys the anniversary of one year when they had this martial last year it was before his inauguration. So he wasn't even the president when they were protesting him. Right now that this could happen a few days ago Obama was president. I doubt they would have had the amount of people show that did it. At this bad part about this is and I I I can verify additional Merrill personal experience. Most woman unless they are in charge. Do not like another woman to be in charge so they defeat their homes their own purposes. Well you know that might seem controversial except that's my experience so it's anecdotal. And as I've seen expressed to me that a lot of women don't. Like to have a woman must either warmer months of no problem with a as long as they northern doing the same is a guy. But the bottom line is a lot of women don't like. That's. Exactly what my sentiments. That that they don't like to work or another woman they'd rather work traumatic and ended up. If they get that out and do well are not going to get to fire when it comes. This subject. Well you gotta be ready willing and able equal pay for equal as jobs is fine. As long as they truly are equal jobs. And not separated men and women you should they shouldn't never be the deciding factor. The ability of somebody's would do the job is what accounts got to run Don thank you. Yeah a demo I got it got to get the job done and one of the things that big in my intentional wasn't last week. They had do reissue part of a movie. Because of because there was a sexual indiscretions by the by the the lead actor and always have every showed it. So they had to reshoot parts of it live a male actor and parts of with a female actor. Now the male actor much better known. Would draw people to put the money down and buy a ticket than the female actress as just the way it is. How and they're both represented by the same talent agency. And what happened is on the re issue. The woman got eighty dollars a day that was wise to her agent at its Allan agency got for her to come back him. And Henry shoe. Kevin Spacey is part was it was recast and they had to re showed up and the male actor much better known. I got away a million something dollars I think one point one million dollars for about the same thing. He ended up because of the the furor over that's not equal pay is not an equal job. There's so rather than hassle. He just donated. The million plus dollars. To a charity that everybody was happy woods just to make it go away. I found that to be inherently unfair. He brought much more of a film then cheated because he had a major role in hers was anonymous not in the same ballpark as he is. Contribution to the film. And so why should he have to do that the answer is he showed them but he did it simply to make the hurt go away and it was not an equal job for equal pay situation at all. When you have to consider when your talking about performance art some people sell tickets and some people don't. And I think to do live your gender whether male or female has not been doing that at all. But though Wahlberg. Just decided I'm going to do it because I just don't need the hassle. And donate the money to area to a charity. So Mark Wahlberg gives a million something. Because Michelle Williams didn't get the same deal he got. That is never gonna work that way. It's never gonna work that way. Can you imagine business of any kind operating like that. If it's truly an equal job where you are making widgets. And the widgets you make are exactly the same as the widgets that they guy you next do you Mason year old woman. You make the same number of widgets as as he does you've been on the job as long as he has it's truly equal while then truly. You do get the same day. Fourth here on piecemeal. What if a person a makes more widgets because he gets so much per widget makes more money. And that's not unfair. It's just what the job requires. So I thought Mark Wahlberg was was being very gentlemanly way and and a does it do that I'd I don't I would have done that I'll tell you that I consider myself a fair person. Because everybody brings something different to the table and because your gender is different than somebody else's gender. Doesn't mean that they get the exact same day on and that and performance art that's always the same. I mean think about it the personnel front in front of a band. Who is the lead singer of the band problem makes more money than the Brody who set up but he the speakers. Now you need thoroughly and you need to lead singer but who's gonna sell more tickets the road the road he is not gonna win that they lead singer is gonna get that. So there's always an area normally yeah okay so much. I mean so that's that that's realistic about where and I super heated time. Right now in the history of this country. Where people are just you know something is is a cooking at all times as to show why you're a victim of something. Why it's unfair because you didn't get it was somebody else you know started that really started it was Barack Obama. There's no question about that with is how come they have revenue ago. It was an every speech right from the first BG ever made. And now we're suffering from a so Barack Obama is indeed significance on giving we'll be back Lamar Abidjan governor when Chuck Schumer speaks. We will listen so stand by for that and error in recess until 1130 back after Davis.