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Sandy Beach
Monday, January 22nd

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I'll I'll follow it is reaching governor and I'm sandy beach as watching football like a lot of you were yesterday I showed me a prognosticator. I should tell you. What's going to happen before it actually happens because I am very good at that. I'll tell you what I said do Bernadette. In the middle of the fourth period of yesterday's game against New England. OK first though we are all looking at Tom Brady's hand he got a glove on the other hand couldn't figure that one out that wasn't his throwing hand. But he had his hand in the how Jovi is. Of his hoodie. So I thought either he's protecting hander is gonna hold up a communion store I'm he has the ability for the hand inside the couch. I add ago watching him play he didn't look particularly sharp like we expect Tom Brady to look. But here's the prognostication. Part. Our idea they started. Arafat that would argue about knowing that first of all my sister. From or now she lives in Florida call has said don't forget your roots. Root for knowing when I sit well. I don't like doing well at all except for gronkowski. I root for ground but I don't root for ignoring them but. But I just being neutral OK just the notre. And Enron got hurt which was not good I'd like to see that no matter who you're rooting for hope. He gets out of concussion and a protocol before the Super Bowl. But anyway so I'm watching it and via the pants fall behind. And two holidays they could possibly lose this game and I said to Brennan met forget it. Loses game. Just gonna happen there grinding catchup catchup care job and then finally a pass to Danny Amendola. It bronco was there could have been drunk or Danny Amendola but it only Danny Amendola has grunt isn't there is waiting to happen now before that. Let's see the color commentator. Tony Romo who is. Fabulous. Said well the next way you know watch the right. Are also right he I mean he knows everything before they even do it. Here if it was doing and on the PA system. The patriots have been shut out but anyway and so I'm just waiting. We've seen this before we see it all time. Anyway is professor Hammond I come and passed Amendola. Amendola. Okay here's a well at the past salmon bella. And we see it before dozens and getting crazy about it let's see it again but that's the way it was on the first game. But the second game. Now I'm a football them but I don't have the immense. Amount of information med Tony and be man. Are loaded walk thinks that people. Know how many passes how many runs they know. What the temperature is the games I'm and they both chose. The like I know it is the only. I was trying to come up with a cute name for losers that's. Our cultural I don't dead are gonna go up with something really demeaning to call them. But anyway out a survey OPEC provide X. In Canada having spent five years in. In where. C'mon demography gonna throw anyway thank you very much. Wasn't technically a borderless Wisconsin and they are very huge fans. So I don't like the vikings generally I don't pay them but I don't like them. Okay well they scored one on the first. For his position and that's. That's it. Is unlike dating they scored on the first meeting in that was debt. Very seldom happens but I'm just saying that. I pick the Eagles and the Eagles where unbelievable good yet they look good while I didn't think they were that good. I you know. Their mid. Mid season and I it's sad that I thought the Eagles were going to the Super Bowl. Before Carson once was injured down and it picnic falls had it in him although every he's not a bad. Quarterback. Good backup for shore. What I didn't think he had it in him I just thought Minnesota was a little bit better off front and with their secondary. By aid to the Eagles came to play the vikings did. The guy and there's an expression that we used to hear all the time but we heard it so much. That now we don't hear it at all and in three wars on you know four wars on any given us a bit if he. On any given him on any yearns for ports. I got on any given Sunday any team in the NFL can be to any other team in the and a fellow I believe that separately programs well the grounds you know it set up an asterisk yes I think. Does serve a two guys who really know football and wrong men and jump seat where it is just the casual knowledge. I just happened to get it right so out next time Don calls my best friends and third grade who lives outside of Philadelphia. I gave him permission to dump on. Huge congratulations to the Eagles and Al what's nice about it is we have to. Local kids Stevie means. Former Grover Cleveland. Stand out cool and UB I'll Corey Graham who went coached Little League. For turner Carol and then you have the former bills I think I counted ten. Western New York connections that'll be playing including coaches. Estimates are now that is amazing it seems like they're here and while they're here they're either still developing or not not showing much and they go somewhere else than they've blossomed. You know I wish it wasn't that way by. So I hope LeBron gets out of the protocol for concussion. I knew immediately that he was now he'll resist you Annette yeah I don't like the coolest job. They quorum is saying wow allow something like that so he really took a hit and that you be ready in two weeks would they normally clear Aqua and I don't know I don't know the severity of their Papa Pak had the funniest week says what exactly do you ascribe to see these normal yeah that's true he could yeah he's normally does like go into a but I enjoyed these second game more than the first game because it's like the kind of thing. It's like you're watching movies. Under music you know how it's gonna as. Big habit on at all over the mountain and the Nazis don't we know that okay. We know how all of these we know how all of these movies and and we've seen every time the patriots play we've seen that movie before. But you've got to give him credit. If they're good enough to win they're good enough to land we may not like it. But them as it awfully Eagles can get like a thirty point. Forty point lead on them and then there is no calm down because aware of them you always see them chipping away video started with two or three dumb. Off sides or they didn't get set plays. On the other team and then start. Shipment shall how does and we England only get one penalty oh my gosh that's like half that was not. That was ridiculous and yelled to pass interference did is make. The ball was not taxable and that's the post office any kind of real pushing after the five yards. They don't shipping there in the end true. Oh yeah and they they were not happy with the each other I think is especially the vikings well after all they are vikings. The vikings in real life were pretty tough people. I have to say though. This. Super Bowl organizing the 22009. World Series I don't particularly like either team okay. You saw the Philadelphia fan base yesterday all Algerian town you know look at the Phillies in the eighties I really couldn't care less about the Super Bowl would these two teams I'm kind of sorry Don and so. After the game I called my friend Don and I said bit I they're really greasing up. They have these light poles of a people long climb up. He says they need that down there you refer to them as down there because they're crazy and he's a path as so I guess they are I. What they enjoy it would be in in neck climbing up way a light pole in the first place I don't get it what do you get out of that. I you know I had just understand that but only eroding forum the World Series and the world see her you know I mean I mean this. I'm gonna go with the Eagles. I have to rip and yeah and I am happy to hear that vote of confidence and it's at the local Keds. Just you have more in your hard for them and I've been watching Brady yet another somebody said that they're adding another finger to his hand or another ring just in case I'm just hoping that they all go away after this season opened. That out village acts as enough of this and he moves and I think he's honest it's not a men's clothing line he should hiring lawyers. You know clothing to Wear when you're holding up a seven elevenths attacks. What do you know about you live. It was real identity a Super Bowl like this I really wait wait. Who don't like him a big game yeah USA place over long. I felt like I said I really couldn't care less I kinda like what Brian's about what the patriots keep when he saw them in the bills beat him it's that much sweeter but. I'd like to see it eagle's landing that would be awesome for Don that be awesome for Philadelphia. That's good that's a dumb Sunday round sites amateur golfer fool around but even more social appreciate you when she comes back but I have. I feel the exact same way when the Phillies yankees I just really don't care I'll watch it because it's the suitable to be a certain I don't I'm not going to be mesmerized. That the watches up is not gonna have bad that a buildup all it's only you know six days five days orders not to do. I'll watch it. Here's it kinda have to watch it if feel left out if you don't watch it. Well yesterday while some viewer watching football some of you know we're in Niagara square I saw your picture. It's all these people. There pro blow that was almost lost that page. That look at that big a big march big protest and as well. We come back we'll take it from a little different angle aren't on news radio and I'm thirty WB yeah. I say this is I don't think Bruce's this is right there's some attacks lines if you guys agree or eczema. As says there Romo may be fabulous and the bulls which yet as I. But if they could actually do know audience and still be playing. As I recall all Romo had to leave the game because of severe back problems involving his spine yet and a could not continue playing his skills. Level was still there so I think that's an unfair criticism that definitely unfair. What do you think. Yeah and. Injuries as last year played the last few seasons and probably are the reason the cowboys could make the playoffs I'm when he wasn't there. The guy and a and the bottom line is you don't want somebody paralyzed. Doing something that they they shouldn't be doing so I think Romo always is is the best new analyst I've seen them all long long time. Well with that with a tie illustrator before every play does it what's gonna happen is awesome. I. I don't know if the coaches for the opposing team have as go to and inside as the what he's saying register for the voice starts. Here's another the whole thing was great Rihanna felt threaded up Super Bowl fliers released through James before they finish the playoffs. That is not correct the flyer that was printed on FaceBook on that the NFL posted accidentally was New England Minnesota. This is not the matchup that I went I had been raped for. Right here is one hope the Eagles show they are patriots as for Barack. Grunt is lagoon. I don't think he's ago when he we know like that one hit which I think. Even he considered out of bounds and a nod nod between yet but I don't I wouldn't call blown at all I think he's an outstanding player. Bill Belichick should start a public speaking school. The idea anyway you can tell he's happy as he grunts a little happier. Then when he's not happy I don't you tell a difference to be on the savings should just sit at this festival is is there is no frills no no frills at all. I just see him someday you know show up at the stadium dressed like Liberace here's something just throw everybody in it together yet they looked I. 08. He is as says it's easy to understand they climb up light poles of bigger jump on tables and I. I like that boy you talk about excitement going that in that stadium. Oh it's like you know the bills when we play we have Alter excitement and they did yesterday through. And you know it. When vikings you go there and you're you're favored to win. And most of the people are are picking you. And it wasn't even really competitive game but it was one of those games. Where everything possible that could go right for a team went right for today. And everything that could go wrong went wrong for team and that's the way it is that you make a play again today or might be totally different. Great line that I saw was. He's keen on remembered that he was Kay's team aria where Barack. And yet you go to quarterbacks were Rego is not. In all of a name quarterbacks all the big money in name court Rex is sitting at home that we are watching this who global flu. I think that game costing them a lot of money. You know the possibility of all of a new contract in. If you put out as a region because don't forget the vikings still have. Bridgewater that extra effort the other got a lot of quarterbacks well what happens to us usually is the opposite. We'll have somebody who'll have a little spark for 23 games that. Realist let's get an okay bracket who got our data. You know just forget it after it once they get the new gun releasing that happened three or four times especially with quarterbacks. It's it's almost like psychologically. Well. You know I'm going to be at the top of my game again means anything. And dog and a fabulous new contract and they get them they kind of let the moment they kind of psychological ago. Well I've accomplished that goal I have maverick and it's not the same the spark isn't there. So are now we're gonna it's something. That I think needs talking about and I don't think you're gonna see it talked about in very many places. I don't fit assuming you're gonna see it written about in many places. But it's what happened yesterday. In a Niagara square. There was a large group of protesters and they were protesting various things. And we're gonna go get into it. But in order to say and I said this before it's not an original thought. But in order to. To help with a problem you have to recognize the problem. And when I say they recognize the problem we have to be able to verbalize the of them the problem. You have to be able to say exactly what it is not just something generic. You know I'm talking about I'm giving you an example. If if I walked up to deal with a microphone in my him I said why are you here protest thing. And you might say I want equality for women. Well I think most people would say that's that's all right that's we should have equality for your okay. But what does exactly what is in Maine where do you see inequality. And describe it to me and I don't want you to give names of companies. Or individual names analyst there Leo you you could go to the go to the politicians who run for public novice. But it's it's too generic. We have to know what you're talking about in order to address the problem and here's another thing all the problems can't be addressed by government. Some of them have to be addressed by behavioral. Information. Updating. And that kind of thing. So that something is bothering you may not no matter who's in office no matter how many votes they got GQ bored by government. We'll be back and we'll talk about this on those radio and I'm thirty. W via. And we are back where Beijing company on my tax mortars as you're right after about a back injury that Romo suffered I thought he was just cut my bad well thank you think you have to go an update on that job. I'd I think he is the best new. Color analyst that we've seen in a long long time there's a lot of good ones now. Bugs that he is certainly right up there right away so that's great. Today's deal of the day for my buffalo perks is a thirty dollar gift civilians who are Raphael is Italian and American dining. We're just fifteen dollars come roughly how's the trial are old country recipes like mama's sauce straight from Sicily. Go to my buffalo perks the outcome let's try that Tony we ought to vote drive and we both have Mamas that made good shots regardless who who now a beamer beamer gets involved with a almost everything we do it. I don't think we hear include him in our Italian. Banter. The united tonight and unfortunately I cannot I can actually you can make it up. Now Mamas sauce was the best yeah yeah well of course. Or they Tony's laughs yeah yeah yeah or my mother's thoughts with us that's only if you career. I mean if you don't need if it means that you can say whatever Rio on Wednesday. Again my mother's office was passed on second place through May second place Tony it's good place. How much better it is than everybody else. How many people out there ever heard of SARS and saw us. I am now Sasha saw it was a meatless Austin my grandma these to me it was so good. But I am that I have not come across and it's a recipe or anybody that makes it I don't use a lot of sauce I don't drown my stuff and saw us. I put enough to give a good flavor but some people you know you can barely tell there's anything under the saws is just super hawks just have to talk still talks of right now we don't we got to do matter who is also examined sought the weekend and Brett exactly. Right so yesterday. Oh I want to I've titled today's show. Tell me what you mean not just what you say. All right because and I here's what we're gonna dual gonna try to get some clarification here today. Because there was a large crowd protesting. In Niagara square and that the mayor addressed the crowd whatever and people. I have a signings and costumes and all kinds of stuff because they all have issues. The and there's no problem would bat that's what America. Is all about you have a right to address your issues and if you want everybody did you know about it maybe they'll join their cause of who knows. But you can't do it with talking points alone. The reason for talking points. That is the people to know that hey this is something we should that know more about this is something we should discuss. But then when they need more information if you don't have more information. If you're just saying it because you've heard it said so many times. That it's convenient it's easy. Then they're not going to pay much attention to you. Because you're just there to be there yet there was any real strong convictions. And I have a feeling that there are a lot of people in congress where who had very strong convictions but they have to get the issues out here is here's the story. Todd how do you judge what's going on in America right or wrong if you have issues that involve laws. All right well we shouldn't have this law or are we should have a law about this. That's that's one thing. That's that's address of both we both put people in office to address those issues. And protect this with proper laws that's. They're direct path. But many things that people have issues with don't have anything to do with the government and the government couldn't correct them. All right now I'm going to use some examples I'm not gonna walk on egg shells today. I'm not that I ever do but especially today because I want I want you to know that if you have issues that should be addressed. I hope you make the proper preparation I hope you have the right people that you're talking Angel and from arisen and get your issues addressed. You may be satisfied you may not but at least have the satisfaction. A knowing that you spoke out and people know exactly what you stand for. All right let's see what they want. And in today's a picture page of a problem arose the big headline what do they want question mark and one word equality. Okay that's a starting point. But what exactly does that mean. So if you are standing there with a sign that says though women need equality local should do everybody goes. But what does that mean how how did that come into your thinking. It was there something in your history or history of your family or friends or neighbors that said that women weren't getting equality. If so you've got to go to the next step and explain. Because nobody's gonna just looking assign. Of whatever you plant went on strike or something the sign would say unfair. All of that that's. That doesn't cut it the I don't know what it was that was unfair and then you address the issue of air so when you say equality is not the same thing Tony you have that sound byte this is actually a woman. What I'm doing mr. ridicule or we're doing this to prod to for something this is a woman who was interviewed at the actual rally. Equality. For sure. And I'm aren't so that my granddaughter won't have to do this. We shouldn't be doing this into any scene there should not be this much disparity as much inequality. This much races this much sexism as much violence. So we'd like to put an end to home. Is there one particular issue that really brought you out here today. One particular issue on gender equality. Gender fairness. Gender pay gap. As a woman as a member. The Stonewall Democrats in Western New York as. Friend. As of now I all those things are really important singing and I think that. It's it's so far into the future that we shouldn't even have to be talking about the officials today. Now say I heard that some might not heard a woman who has. Probably has a genuine issue is but she's just using talking points she's just saying things. That she's heard and other people have heard. Forever and ever and ever would no explanation. So this is Uga OK you use say what you what you just said and he gets Sony's parents say OK now explain for our. I am when he asks her is there one issue. You'll we all have at least one hit true. She didn't really have a specific issue about the things she mentioned. The think she mentioned work conversation starters but they wore. And there's no depth to them. It was jedi too there's no meat to it at all so you use instead of being there because you're for equality yes why everybody is for equality. You don't have anybody or loses I don't want to add this group to have a quote real whatever. And it and in this article only Buffalo News what do they want equality that's not enough to say. We need more and I'm gonna give me some examples of some more examples of this if you wanna get something accomplished. You can't just be doing talking points he got to have something to back it up. On news radio I'm thirty WB you know there was an area larger rally in Niagara square. It was a protest rally and the big general overall theme was I guess according to the buffalo on those equality. Now if you if you are a type there was just lazy. And you picked up a paper you look at this although is payable on the weather doing there. Well on whether they want the quality. I'll Alicia get a quality what's the matter whether he would not give them equality and so. You don't know beyond that thought you just express why some people get equality and some someone. And that would be your position you didn't bother to do any homework. While I think what you need if you wanna get a a correction on something wanna get an issue to resolve. Is he needs some more Marvin talking points you need some something. As definitive. As I said today on today's show. We won't mention names of companies or private individuals. But remember not all of your issues can be addressed. By. The political system by the government some things are row are unaddressed Sobel a lot of give me an example. 01 of all Tony tells me. On the FaceBook page. That all he's getting on this is the same talking points as we see in this article. And we've got a lot of our response but I can't use any moment I'll give an example of Beverly hatred for gays lesbians and transgender yours. Racially profiling people of color those two are not talking points they actually happen haven't gotten worse since 245. OK now I have first of all you have to know that this was an anniversary march. It was exactly a year earlier that these same issues were brought up in the same gathering of people. On the anniversary while they protesting the with signature piece that they were processing. Was the election of Donald Trump. And I so so what they would protest thing is the people who voted made the wrong choice. Well you'll get your vote in the people get their votes and and you can vote anyway you want other people can vote the way they want so that's not. Really any kind of inequality. You don't approve of their choice you don't approve their choice that's the way it goes some like chart at some like strawberry some like Vanilla. As just the way it goes but the bottom line is remember this now because this is very important. Some of the issues. That you would bring up are not solved by government. Are gonna give an example. On that last though last example they gave was excellent but the one and they have paper. Many or speaking out a city where is right here. For our protection on abortion rights the LG BTQ community. Immigrants. The environment. Prisoners are victims of sexual harassment. And others well let's just take let's say the last woman mentioned the victims of sexual. Harassment. I know I want to think about this the laws there is a sexual harassment is it legal. Okay the laws on the books for sexual harassment. And they can be start with something very a very beginning. Or something major for those laws are all on the books in and it seems like in the last few months. Many many. Of people whose names and faces we would recognize. Are accused of sexual harassment and the laws are there to prosecute those people. Why are most of those people in fact all of them as best I know. Not in jail are not even being prosecuted it's because the victims in this case. The women. Trump did not follow the procedure to report them. Because whether they're a big you know big mogul like Harvey Weinstein or somebody. Vote less that are importance as far as public recognition. In order for the law to work you have to report them. Now whose fault is that that you are not reporting and I hate to use the word fault if you're already a victim you shouldn't have the word fault attached as well okay. But who is responsible. For them not about not being in jail. It's the person who didn't report them aren't. And there are many things are for instance mentions and there. Hello LO GA BTQ community. There they're protesting because they don't think they're being treated properly. The laws that are in the books of that through the laws on the books. And here's here's the big jumping off point. The government can't send a letter to every person who does not believe in your cause saying you better straighten out change your thinking about this we can't do that. The most they can do is put the laws in there and have brought forward some of them as being an offense as something offensive prosecute it. They can change somebody's mind and they can't tell somebody what to think. Yeah I mean if you do not believe in the in the movement. And the lifestyle or whatever anybody the government can't tell an individual. You should do more homework you should they get through meet people on a one on one basis in UB less judgmental they can't do that. So they can't regulate what people think. About your lifestyle. Your actions or whatever the laws are there to regulate. It behavior that's illegal. And they're ready for the DA is ready for your bring your cases there and they'll be happy to do it. They'll be happy to follow it and prosecute people who deserve prosecution but if you don't report it. It's nobody's fault that your protest thing except the person who didn't report it. So what I'm saying is don't expect that just because Jamaica sign or you have a you are a rally that everything can be corrected everything can't be corrected it hasn't been and it won't break. Now if there are no laws on the books there are no rules and regulations regarding. Unfavorable treatment now now you got a legitimate complaint. Then you go to the people who make the laws that you put in office and I put in office and tell them what's going on and ask for. A redress from them how can we correct that. But just you know somebody sitting at home. You know watching television who doesn't believe in. In different genders or your children picking out their own genders or whatever. That's got nothing to do with the government. Governor can't make it illegal for two things. All right you may not a. Great way of what somebody thinks about fame and have a great way of what you thing. So I'm saying it has to be beyond talking points and that's all I've seen in all of this is talking points you're invited to call now. And give us give us you heard your concerns your issues would be happy to listen to them. But they're going to be more than just that talking point you gotta have some examples will be back after this.