Sandy Beach Winter Forecasts 12-6 Hour 3

Sandy Beach
Wednesday, December 6th

Would you prefer a forecast of heavy snow and not get it, or no warning and get it? Listen to Beach and Company LIVE Monday thru Friday 9am-Noon on News Radio 930 WBEN


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Well David is right we have less sighting of snow plagues all mice that are and I am Mars. And there's not a lot but is starting you can actually count them so. Don. It's done so yeah. Our. Right it was snowing for I tomb since I was gonna get national law. The two snowball likes to hide it should be breaking goes on fox what impact the market. Seriously. Right near the end of the newscasts Tony says it's no way I look over my shoulder and there were a few flakes out. By the time Dave got through telling us it was snowing a stop snowing. That was that. Man that was stuff and I've buried some pop tarts and Pepsi. I don't know I go through rent I got some interest bearing attacks. Back in the day eight. The sex. I'm by the way is 309 for ago. Since back in the day all the kids including myself used to be out shoveling now the only person showing of a drug addicts how times have changed as true. Here's one for you Tony says Tony your right this is not a sports town anymore. Who isn't tired of repeated. Weather forecasts. Yeah especially in the morning TV shows they did a good job a bit. They just dominate the the presentation with weather. And loses almost like an afterthought. In sports you forget you're a viewer for yet absolutely forget it so that's true. Oh here's another as a little plug. The a female weather person that a first though it is in negative female reversal were zero it would. Is here's a positive ones and the best weather person and lessening our TV is is Heather Waldrop. A voice that doesn't send you to the earplugs or accurate not pushed out to look at and a soda have a caller whether other. Because remember channel two has three Heather's three on the air on camera handlers. You have had whether or have earned. It's the one though it was just our Emma. We have sports event. And we have news is that there so three Heather's no waiting you can't go more than a couple minutes about bumping into I have there on shelves through. We used to have had is there. I Heather's they are used Buick AccuWeather so that's but we have three others and Andy yeah I think we've got a real good weather forecaster. In buffalo and I think they do a good job with a presentation my vision is too much of and it's just overwhelming. And they take it because time spent viewing and listening in the morning. He is is fairly short simply because people get things to do got to take shower got to have breakfast got to get my car got a drug war whatever. And so they repeat repeat repeat because you're not going to be a tune and for long blocks at a time. And Minnesota if you are tuned and were like twenty minutes you pro C four weather forecasts. Maybe even five all right let's see Tony oh and what barrage today with the attacks. And we you or face. I can't keep up actually this is along common and Jerry says I'd rather have a blizzards and the California wildfires all absolutely there's no question about that. And oftentimes if you're sensible about it. You're telling anybody here from buffalo very very will met bill talk about snow. Because that's just moved there reflex action. But if you think about a California as beautiful as California is right now they're having the wildfires and they have fires on a regular basis. They also have earthquakes veils have mudslides. They also view our rain related whether there are many times. They have every kind of weather you ever heard of within the same calendar year. And if you think about it the real problem we have is an occasional snowstorm. And I storm via an ice storm here and there. But basically the best quarter ever heard is at least one come home from vacation. Our houses are still where we left right so I mean our weather's pretty moderate and plus nobody has a better fall than we do. I think our fall is like the best. So that's that another Tony. Yes as with all the advanced technology we have today he thinks forecast. Would be more accurate than the weather rock in my front yard yes it is I'm thinking they should do. Each TV station should plant a person an actual person. Every fifteen miles from the downtown buffalo out to a may be Jiri. Every fifteen miles and as whether actually hits them and they they go on camera and say yeah. Where hair Nash of the work and it's scenario and it's snowing and then you go to an excellent yeah or any Erie Pennsylvania and it's snowing. And then you can actually watch this no progress. I think that's better and all those fancy dancing machines that don't get it right half the time another Leo said that's it I don't have to shovel it's good weather. I'd rather have false expectations of smell. You guys probably right I mean actually you know all of it and really want the snow although the first no. Is usually the most welcome snow if it's of any substance. The skaters are happy. And that's that's nice you see it followed president looked nicer is going to be a white Christmas and all that but you get tired of a Rory. In a hurry OK so it doesn't doesn't have one Beverly let's say to break and we will return whereas in which weather forecast would you prefer. Neo NC a promise of heavy snow which you don't get it no promise of heavy snow and getting it snow. And winter driving broke versions. While I was telling you I was thinking of is dumb ass commercial ago running now. It's a very special time christmastime. And he should buy a diamond for. The woman you love and wanna marry and your best friend and now she's your best friend. And your lover okay so I'm thinking wait a minute. By wanna buy a diamond for Don lamp three. I you know I he's my best friends since third grade but I find him on Dimon. As soda it's a way it's a way to find a way to sell you another Dimon the time has nice legs. He does yeah and occasionally a tragic shooting accident on tour school and I had to defend them. The army and got all over the penny holes it was awful as what made him join the army. A man up will be back with more. And it's an. Now a diamond for your best friend you know why regular for the moment and so women that's a bad example will be back after this. Don't think it's a bread and milk. I gotta get the weather milk. They're gonna get the brunt of milk. Got to get the brunt of them go the got a good to put the economic. Impact of the brother no doubt that brought. Their pets. I'm not a bad about it. Well it's snowing a little bit you can barely see it's it's almost imperceptibly commutes here and there. Slowdown yeah I'm looking on my shoulder if I can't even count them. And a so I'll be fine I'm I have mine I say doctor appointment today. That on a regular basis I'm diabetic. And they have all these fancy should Nancy machines and dollars high tech stuff and my doctors like the best in the world. But they still have something that every eye doctor in the world that it's. The eye chart which they don't even use anymore with the huge key on the top of it now the heat on the top of that chart is like three feet. If you couldn't see that EU probably could've found a door to get into the building. But it's always there it's always there you know it's kind of fun to do. If if you're sending their. Different parts of the examinations comic. But if you're sitting there with just a couple of extra minutes try and read the bottom line on the it has been you know who manufactured the charge whatever. And if you squint you can read that that's pretty good event yes what supplies. Two eyes squinting you can read that. But daddy. They waiver ago I don't know I'm styles and that once you're gonna be you know bush not really sure. An owl is at a depth on. I'm not really sure what to do is. I think it's I think it's. Is it the dollar sign them not really sure. But I don't think they ever have you read a maverick now you know I hate is the rights initiative taken via motor vehicle department when you renew your license. There's a lot of pressure. You know a lot of pressure you're looking in your looking. And you don't want to miss anything and yet have your particular field vision test. 10 I get one of those a year you're looking into as he is it's like a set of binoculars. With a machine. And you and now if you rub your rise. Oh or you're looking up at the stars you can see a little boom boom boom little sparkles. Okay that's what this whole test is about. They have little sparkles that show up from time to time and the everytime you see one you're supposed to push the button. Now keep in mines sometimes you think you really see that. Was that really a spark arms of both the press the button floor or was it just something year old that I seem I was looking through that and and it puts a lot of pressure and I did that with my last hearing test went through. This year or didn't generic price when you when you hear and sometimes uses gas via is so law I I had that done the last arm and today. I was so glad to get it done this pain during evolve as a lot of pressure. And it and so I just very hard or click the button has been identified as possible I put it up to a it mechanical problem and I just let Ricky do business or something like this and bureau weren't watching us Oreo. A drag racing Christmas tree just my reaction to my favorite though of all the medical things you have to do is the gown the hospital. Whoever designed that is the safest. Because you cannot you cannot tie. And cool as the opening in the back. The openings in the back. You know what used to reaching the area when they're addressing important president robbers are but not in the back that we get used to grow. Exactly. That's a good putt velcro Buehrle go to Tony you could make money suggesting their velcro beyond all hospital gowns that really would be a lot easier. And I love it. You have bar and is a little something and the down and then they give you a sheet to put over your knees. Is it. Fair those are my personal major gambling of those left one's worst in the right exactly I think they're a wrestler and knees and radio and they give out once ninety's or nothing to sneeze. At. I'd get me and other my best friend Tony okay that's. Al Verney says I don't mind a forecast be enough especially if it was favorable ought to us. When I don't like is the buildup to wood every day a week ahead of time. A couple of days would be fine. Yeah I mean that's red that's a rational request a few days let us this way. If you need a week to prepare for a storm. That he you have to change your format I mean your really do none of us in the week. If you have a couple of days. You can do whatever you have to do to get ready for a storm you don't need a week but that they're very competitive. They wanna be the first ones to have. Nine and nobody is going through nobody is that your your stock and that snowstorm somewhere here on the threw way you can get off the through way it was or don't. Well you average you know my favorite journal as the first say it's nobody's talked like that anyway. So why take a full week in anticipation. The run up the run up the build of the build up an area comes at no sorry government. That's not a Douglas and otherworldly. Sell says I love buffalo and her culture snow and all after the October surprise storm I learned that no forecast is 100% accurate. Now could we do something about these crazy fees in high taxes and buffalo that would impress. Well I would be that would be great to figure do that the guy and as I said at the beginning of showing us senator doubles nonsense. Dueling weather forecasting and buffalo is a is like warping and tight rope. It is a very tough job because of these lakes right here and lake effect. And people who do it nationally will tell you buffaloes are very tough place. You know to do a forecast that the in this deal. Who is on the weather channel now is spent a lot of time up here I could tell you that he sees whether all Roman country. And I'm sure he would back up what I say that if you are going through of the a lot of forecaster. And that you want to have job this is the voice ago but I think they go pretty good job but. I think it's before medics the height. That the last post is said. We don't need that much time and we don't need that much whether in an in and newscast is dominates the stop watch on it. OK I need to know is it is in Arizona okay that's good now let's get on with the of windows Joey. The other what's gonna do what's the temperature solid. Is it going to be windy you know a few things you can describe it quickly meanwhile there's other news in the world and that's why you're having a new lows casts. OK if we want an all Weatherly go to the weather channel Perot. Below weather hammers and no no mostly grim finder. But you know who is on the weather shifts to me hey roms. That's right she's our friend I get all over his say I don't your father. Because for years Elliott Abrams who is your father was on Lamas. And we liked Alia I liked him even more by Tony O'Donnell like Stephanie exactly all right well I was there will take a break it will be back with more on news radio and I'm thirty more weather coming up through. On those radio I'm thirty WB here. And we are back live Beijing no audio sandy beach in the last segment I mention of a person who designed the hospital gown. The gum a before they treat you or examine your they have your slip and of his gown. It's I mean I had to be somebody who didn't like human beings simply because it's ridiculous you have trouble tying it back whatever. And so somebody posted this. Sandy I always ask what true mountains. One on the right way. And the second one like a role. Well that's a good idea the only problem I would have is this and I hate to break. I would have to ask for three rounds because I'm too manly even for two. I would need three gowns would be totally comfortable. And then it would be hard to find which down as which down at my schedule and on target about Tony can you slip into a single guy are you a triple down or like I am. I can do with one and they'll want I don't blame you one down guy. Hateful as popped right out. I'd say that's almost purple I bet whatever mere. That the thing is lose here so only. They couldn't hear. And all well thought out as soon as Tony yes it's again consumers Tony stars are starting everybody cuts out try to fix. I got it era. I first of all that concept of a piece of equipment that doesn't work in this building is it's fun to me each and do you hear that yes so you want numbers are when Hugo for a of physical exam I required three because I'm I'm man enough to to be awarded three accounts eyewear one because it's mandatory. Yeah at least one yeah and Tony's the one down guy took one. OK of the way did you see that are not I asking Joni. Ask him some I guarantee now he tells me the truth you'll say no okay watch watch. In the out in the health section of the last Sunday paper. OK there was the whole story on. Our our colleague at WGR. Paul. And he had a bypass surgery and kind of gastric by Britain to lose a lot of weight. And it was a really and are well lol well written article. And we wish him all the best on the abuse series where issue did you see that and no I did not. Dangerous I. Read an article. Who wrote I did not save it but whoever the news. Good and now you're stationed at the new station so you wouldn't need the news now you get a hitter right okay. That's good like that I have I have the privilege that we over order here that the yen sell on this Sunday. It was a nice article and it it shows the dedication you have. If you have a health issue like Paul Newman has. With weight. In these voice taking on a good for him for him I was success it was a good article. Paul's good guy you know and they showed him exercising would those ropes. I do that do you do and that's because you know I don't this is going to be a real sharp review what I don't spend a lot of time in gym so I don't see those ropes. What are you they just have you with Omar and I don't like that and the future part of calling back home. Kinda like that you can you do when you like this gap can you don't want him knowing that you know you got even it out yet. You have to even if an okay band because you don't want wanna more watermelon no not at all like bass hall. No character like that no nets had hero of our best. As a favor both arms are you know digging the hole work OK that's about so what does that build out of the build up muscle or just you breathing for your core right yeah. It's a good core exercise Magloire did Tony say about the call he got. Currently you gonna call larger court you're gonna add or drop. Crunch fitness was worried because I had been in. In two weeks has said yes because ever break my yard has had jumped 36 barrels of leave so I got my car audio and said you're right we'll see you would go back. That's fit because if you are believes there you should've said these days are here because I'm a crunch fitness -- if I have been neighbors that badger yeah it looks a lot better he's brilliant shape of those waves ever leaves enough flag football on Tuesdays and kept as it's now crunch people to bring you if you don't use up all your time at crunch. Bring some people over and help you rake leaves for them to start us the selling point rules. Have you noticed that the people who work out in in jams okay. Do not consider anything that they don't do the gem as a workout. And other words they've got to be in the gym and they've got to be using this machine. Or at least set a weights or whatever if you did the exact same motions at home like you. Doing leaves or or lifting a don't count that that doesn't count they've still got to Goran Jim because those exact same motions. It duplication and don't count. Right the bureau's nose yep for sure like in the summer like the play tennis a lot of tests that don't count towards my work on tennis is very good for your breathing let's Campbell it's not the seventy to ninety minutes. Of what needs to every day yes see that's the all of that seven reminding them today at 466. Easily I do a lot of trio a decent out of it's not our target come up through Alamo to a privacy it's really yeah exactly. The practice than. Anger chauffeured Tobago and remain there like oh. All right I have something for you this some pages that means discussed it's a good I'm glad it's true may have involved the right. I loved Reagan. We love can always write all bacon and I'm always the gas they don't mix milk and wrap a penalty and they know you can't put bacon and everything that's too. Bacon is good but baker and can't be or shouldn't be used for anything with cream minute. That doesn't sound good I love can only. But now not with me here. I've seen I've seen them or try to make a made bacon up with everything goes that is doesn't lower base angle sounds awful bacon ice cream is delicious you've got to be cute no it was really go make it read it shakes my friend tried once and it was great is that real bacon cars and gas bacon flavored no it's it's it's cooked up bacon without karma all chips and stuff and ice internships and and a eyes strain against the bill I was right. Non. That I thank you for that menu selection. Saw a lot of stop at a store on the way home. We'll take a break every turn while I do little best. And them because I've only got one segment left and let's do this as annoying as our morning lucky and get those ropes are. I just wrote time Brandon Don trying to understand them wrong side. It's the bread and milk. I gotta get the run and they'll. They're gonna get the brunt of milk. Got to get the brunt of the over the got to hit the put it that I got to take the brother no doubt about it. Their thoughts. I. Debt that I'm not a bad about it. I got a couple of emails catch up on one says those same vein unfortunately at a hospital guy own. Is geared toward the doctors and nurses not the patient. Wheeler nurses and the doctors need easy access. And salt. Beamer came over this great idea you know the firm has problems dating he has a problem light reading the Rome sometimes you're not sure. Are you sending the wrong messages. Are you presenting the best image of yourself. And he's thinking of showing up on his next date in the hospital now. With easy access what do you think give O'Rourke. Everything all for everything else yeah. I was running late for my medical appointment I didn't have time to change. You. I'll say for my reputation. I'm usually good reading room it's just with the wind that I feel all that's that I go to. So I guess who wrote we all strike that one that they're big down side there was good and this is this is an excellent. Observation. Sandy have you ever is the people who work governor Jim always look for the closest parking spaces. That's true as your C I think. If you go to a jam and you'll see first of all of the close of bargains raises are always handicap and that's fine. But I think that people look further up again on the gym totem pole loans harder to work out the further away they should be required to walk and lessons lately he should be that they've been telling us right up next door and they have little cartoons. Any parking space showing what level you're rat and what your partner in the proper level because have you been working out a news that your legs aren't fabulous shape. Maybe you use the pardon happens to a three blocks on the street. Just say in the winter. Coming out of general sweaty sure you're still slightly even if you took a shower. He'll be in the coal into your car soon as possible warming up yet sensitive double with me. I think personally know personally. I would if I own the gem. I would I would brag dead. Here's how good we are in our Jim are parking on its four blocks away. You're willing to walk for blocks in and four blocks out the good jam on I don't sign up for the gym I'll just walk. That's as auxiliary gym package. That army a couple of mortar attacks ways. OK let's age Ares as it's awful all feudal like the weather just a minute weather will do was it wants while will and always has and always well. I don't think that I because it was the first predicted storm. With the expectation level is high even for those who don't like you know it's not that much. The first one is a level of excitement and then you make plans according and they've been talking about a couple of weeks about this. And then each each day. The there would be an observation of well that's changed over the forecast is change. And we didn't get this you're expecting a sort of organizer. The dry too much dry air that's not normal sort of order a vibe it's time to get to win is supposed grabbing ahold of the wind up like right now. Over my right shoulder right there with his seat on the loose guys right there OK over my left shoulder menacing Collins. And we're right here in the middle so you never know what you never know what you're gonna get. And I think that's what to expect stock in the middle you already use Steelers were real gas embargo and I love this song. Also as snow it's easy to cope with what I want is accurate forecast for freezing rain in black ice. All that's the worse he just described the worse freezing rain it doesn't matter how good a driver you are. What kind of tired you have a weather road you have the best vehicle of all times ice is ice and it's the great. Equalizer. It just doesn't matter and freezing rains brought him worse because you're not expecting and suddenly you're on a I'm a black ice right there. While I I'd rather stay home we are very dangerous very dangerous. Yes I SS I peripheral warning that does not come true there have been a few times. Who we got buried in the weathermen did not see a comment mother nature India and does as she pleases. That's true and as she's in charge of the weather let's go to Evelyn in buffalo Evelyn you're on WB yeah. Had our alone go for you protect assuming you live in all the. And the sirens go off there is a tornado. Of course try to put eat at five tornado heading towards the city. Are you disappointed. That it doesn't yet. No no no nobody's saying gee I hope we get that there's tornado we're expecting but with snow is a little different ball game I think IC a point. Also getting ready for getting credit for smelled. What actually cast a whack whack whack technical Akamai action again tickets. Stop slides sought instead of lasting. You get your car more protection absolutely I hate it when people don't take this off the roof especially of love vans and things. And they're going on forty miles an hour come flying off in one mean mess via bolts thank you thank you very much. I yeah that's the worse and he got behind trucks like that and you're just waiting for that's no lift up. Offer very bad off of the back of a trucker remand and commons. I had one terror when short and I try to avoid being him back him. Trucks like that where you can see that there is combination of some mice and some snow. And because that'll to a number in your car in answer this to go five. A new record answer that was the question. Why people don't wanna take the time off the back window. In other windows. Thinks he should be a priority viewer is dry you would think so there's times on common sense and good and good sense just leave us. You're so in hot and such a hurry you won't get up five minutes earlier than usually due to bad weather day so if you're cars outside. You clear something about the size of a quarter. And the middle of your windshield and you'll look out that and hope that BO scored in the rose scored remove dissolve any ice you have. And you drive like that it's it's ridiculous I see you know not enough and stormy days. Where people go flying by you and you look at arch. And it's usually about ten minutes before the top of an hour and you know all that they're trying to get to work and they basic all kinds of risks see people. Pass me a new road. There is forty miles an hour and it's and usually. And is cops somewhere okay and good ditches on each side of new road if you slid evenly into the ditch. Not nose first though back for a split evenly slew off sideways. You'd never be able to new doors and get out you better have a sunroof was gonna do that. And they do us and people are just will not get up a little bit earlier in order to of the able to have a safe driving and while I hope you're having a safe drive. I'm I'm leaving argue in my eyes says that a by a hospital down. It's a special gift for gamer. I don't know what size he has but I'll just say I'll take awhile shot at it. We have velcro. On news and an alarm system under straighter I'm thirty WB at. It's. They never have to leave it be used certainly let you know have you given him.