Sandy Beach Winter Forecasts 12-6 Hour 2

Sandy Beach
Wednesday, December 6th

Would you prefer a forecast of heavy snow and not get it, or no warning and get it? Listen to Beach and Company LIVE Monday thru Friday 9am-Noon on News Radio 930 WBEN


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Hey got this morning if you once it went to open the blinds and you saw a green grass while large green grass but not quite grass all right. Were you disappointed ended ago while we dodged a bullet on this one or warn you they promised me snow. Are ready for snow where is the smell and where you'll would rather be disappointed or blind sided. Would you rather have them say yes there's a good dancer gonna have a significance arm and then we don't get it. Or would you rather have them are kind of down play that and then gets socked. I think they'll most people would be would it would be unhappy with something they weren't expecting. Like a sudden those storms that nobody told us about than the other but there are I think there is a certain excitement to a first snow of the season. And a certain excitement to have bees and heavy snow and any time. And oh what you do force snow and winter driving preparations. Here's a couple of attacks by the way one says let us know let us know it's also obviously river country. Kathy from NC says the benefits of being retired. Planned to stay home yeah on usually don't think about a win if you're planning ahead and you're planning a retirees say well. I love. What's in our our retire here. Because of taxes in the weather well as much we can do about taxes a specifically. But while there is change people but that's another story about the weather I think about it the worse part about winter. Is if you have to be somewhere. During bad Weber you have to leave the house and travel. There are delays if you're gonna get an airplane in my slide off the row you might get into a car crash all kinds of things. But if you don't have to get if you have to leave the house the day or days of a big storm. Is something cool about Tony was explaining what he likes I explained the kind of thing about me it's Obama weekend. I think it's I think it's pretty cool as long as your loved ones are safe and sound you know everybody is. We got enough food and good things are going well your furnace is working. All of that sort of thing. I I'd I don't think and old winter weather is a negative compared to other things. You see the video video wildfires in California. Going on right now. Yeah there's a lot of bad weather all of the country. However rob. But when you're expecting something in you know get a sometimes you are. Disappointed and let's go to Sam in ten more Sammy or on WB yeah we don't. Find Sam what are your thoughts about this war. Well. My thought is the weatherman is one of the few job be creative and be 50% or more along all the time. Oh. That's. Right. And sometimes the way they word it if it happens their rights and if it doesn't happen their right because they cover both sides. If you don't hear him say when they're really really long. Over here function well we were wrong you'll be just went to the next. Four. But they'll give you see where not meteorologist both so they'll say something that we trust them. Analysts say well there was too much dry air while we don't know what drier does that I'd to a storm or whatever or the wind shipped to all how can you blame somebody if the wind shifts out of a predicted the winds shift. And my feeling is in this area if you could afforded if you don't have personal glory and a generator than. Satellite choice. Now I'm with you well I think you've got you've nailed it there is Sam thank you very much. Generators. Generators very helpful. During the worst storms though I'll get you through and the snow blowers and Mbenga won a snowblower you got her member best. If you see a commercial Hugo hole so that's pretty cool out there knows. And that when you get out and do it there's a lot of work it is a Lotto you don't lifton have to move. I mean if you're used to that. You'd be surprised Tony just went last year right someone who's actually he uses its third winter OK so I was a couple years it's. Barely used yeah I know remember we had easy winters. The last couple. And now when you first are using a snowblower that is more power lifting and moving than you expect. And you use in the muscles that you don't normally used Julia to dip it you have to. He'll pull it back at times talked to man handle love or guitar hard keep darker at. If a stop in your nerd. Played right exactly your fellow fuel yeah I'd gotten a bit. No snow blowers who worked very well and that I as far as you can direct them is not a shoveling where you're just get it just off where you have tires are going to be. Whether it's Oregon. Have fun by blowing snow in your neighbor's yard I remember when I was a kid asked my father. We have a snow blowing as much of it when I have three boys have walked. Yeah 30 yeah absolutely and I hit it just shoving girls here anymore. You see any kids I was shovels and earning money shoveling driveways where a kid in our neighborhood the that does that you know this can I give him credit shield law there. Optional law moral and on the block who worked it worked yeah he's got a good hands for that member in Massachusetts when we had snow we got out the show right shovel the whole thing. And even though we didn't have a huge drive resistant to almost a driveway. It seemed it seemed like at my brother Mike and I would go knock in order Dorsey and if anybody need the drive we shall have school. The couple couple blocks and anybody that didn't want it show Liu shovels somebody else's snow into their driver right and all you gotta covered share your entrepreneur for. We'll be back tomorrow and for the entrepreneur or a news radio on and thirty WBE. They get to brother milk. I gotta get the weather milk. They're gonna get the brunt of milk. Got to get the brunt of the government to put it that I got to take a big deal. Brother no doubt about it. But that's. I oh. At the. I've got enough about it. It is that Beijing company and this isn't whether you're expecting. IE I did not see one flake of snow coming in this morning. And I do not see one flag is known now in hammers but we're supposed to get more and I just read where. We're talking about what kind of preparation Jamaica. Here's yeah here's checks from Brenda Asia Brenda would talk about food. I said the best thing they have a Pepsi and pop charts as the best shot she's gonna throw this out there Tony and it's wrong it's simply wrong. The best they have when you're stranded is a fruit cake. She says it doesn't if it doesn't go bad you know I just go back is a breach it. It doesn't go bad is better of him pop charts his personal is nothing to impart its. And there's only a few people the only advantage to having a fruit cake is a nobody else wants. I bet I bet if we said fruit cake in the obese throw. I bet that I bet pocket wouldn't even going there yet when your bank. He likes it or not I have to ask you mean needs things he doesn't like it. Creative things that go you know that wasn't that running away from them is likely to committed in the roles that you know I forgot it's just I fruit cake I've I've put I want have a few. Yeah right the only one there are many also makes them and they sell them. People buy them they and they make good fruitcakes are thought they use ms. Storch now you can as the Missouri Stubbs our weapon. Living Roemer do you like projects. I'm going to have to say I don't know of anything Tom pocket doesn't like some pretty sure he'd for Kate was well that's our thinking you know lawn chair or is there and so. Our. Heads arms and let's test it. OK let's test it let's put a fruitcake there importer put an email on. To all users. That's what our staff is on all users there's a free fruit cake in the least and it's our fear is out for okay and Israel playing this eight. And see if it goes against our be able to albeit to a market. Oprah object rather out of know what kind of preparations or should germanic for the first of all winter even though right now we hear and Emerson are getting. A result if if you're going to be using the vehicle make it our vehicle make sure you have a full tank of gas. That's pretty mad you know it's pretty. Obvious and the reason you want a full tank of gas. Is that if you and if you slide off the road and takes awhile for them to come and rescue you knew. And you'll need heat by the way if you do sign off the road. I'm a major one thing make sure your exhaust pipe is cleared. And then that you can run the engine of the exhaust is clear and there's been no damage to. So that's that but even if you don't. Here's the thing that most people don't think about you don't plan to get into an accident but somebody ahead of you could get into an accident and you might be in line on the threw away or you know the Kensington or whatever. Unable to get software and you're going to have to run you're right you're engine. Make sure you have plenty gasoline so. And gas. This is the beginning to make sure your wrote exhaust system is always clear. Obviously if you can. Snow tires are better than any any other retire after that it's all season. And after all season is better than. Then performance ours if you have a car with perform like I of the beast. As performance Arizona don't even think they're taking it out if there is even cold weather. Because the it's not discovery safe and in fact. Leo owner's manual to value in big bold type. Do not even think of driving this car and so so you just don't do that so it's it's common sense stuff now would go for yourself. Like today I put 'cause I was instill in summer mode. I put a winner and extra winter jacket. Extra pair of gloves scarf. I'm next repair boats I got a complete set up out there. And if I needed item is right there as slide open donated. But it's just be ready and do list and when I'm kidding about this have a little something that you can he just in case. The reason I say pop charts because it makes people laugh. Is a pop stars are sealed. Okay and generally what I used to do is in the fall I put a a package of pop tarts in there and in the spring ID him. I'm no good and won here I forgot. Forgot to take a mile. And so I brought a man and they were two years old. Popular with Bob does for two years although I challenged him a Tony to eat them two year old parked cars and guess what he did good and other. They. Don't go bad. Scene of the order bottom of a pop tarts menu in the government's season after season brought sugars and I think so I think that's the kind of like to get. And it's not like you have to worry about well I'm not many this does is this mold I don't know that sealed. And they are good now I'm sure there are other things like that. But did forget Brendan is. For it. That's not gonna work and you. It could work. Forget stuff. Is the biggest tactic or put under the driveway if I had experience. Get a couple of fruit cakes in case you don't know window in case you don't know which one's gonna spend our fear a freight cars and rule backwards assault yeah so these guys you know he's o'clock exactly it's like a truck. And so I checked that out Chucky Guinea. You heard chuck steak and mrs. which are beginning so a little bit of food make sure you've got some gloves and hat so I'm gonna happen in winter coat boots you're in pretty good shape of your cars like in Oregon are like it's a good idea and so. I was so these are common sense things. If you've got kids bring in something through. To keep them on news like a clone. I. My mother would always say when I told her how bored I was. Do you want me to bring on the clowns who amused I think if you. Everybody. Having a good cards your own believe that you be ready for any weather car and you're shows some kids in there without a clown in the backseat. I'm making balloon animals juggle playing. Scary clown penny wise joke that is yes yeah okay bring that when I couldn't get tickets just had a lot of against. They want to they won't think about putting up way via a problem. I was cell are you generally disappointed when you don't get the weather or would you rather. You would you rather say hey good weeks we dodged a bullet. And his onward and upward. Let's go to Jerry in hammers Gerri you're on WBM. I'm Gerri what if Bigelow is lack of whether. And it's coming up this thing it's coming in the future I think it's insane I was in the army. And I think the navy really screwed up period they had 242. Years that it is done in July inserted December. I mean we don't have dead commissioning in the middle. A ship you have a ship that's right. December it to look like Stalingrad down there. And as funny the captain the ship said how nice it was to be here in the call whether he isn't alcohol or whether there is. And as so hopefully they'll look have a nice a nice run and get out while before over the ice comes and. I really think epic 242 years six minutes. Transferred it to July instead of Italy. I'm sure they have their only hero a real hero. Weathermen on board so that's good at all. Good point beg your Gerri yeah I have a little rocks employ. And that'll. It'll have to see what a buffalo winters like. The fact that make your cool. Cool video shot of some of them you know brushing snow off over ship off of the US navy ship. What do you think when you're going to bet the ice can't get over how Mazar rusty gets transferred. From the Coast Guard bowl which is a lot smaller than that ship. And got onboard that ship. He said it was a little iffy. It's meant for you know he's got to be a gentleness that do that kind of stuff. Because I've seen him in movies and things and in documentaries about. Transfer vote war goods from when ship to another. It's interesting but I've been a difficult. It all three elementary 01806 on six nights you've received start I'm thirty are you disappointed that there is those those so far what kind of plans you have to prepare your vehicle. And prepare yourself. For the wondered how we've taken pretty your carrier vehicle. Of IE mentioning some things have been good to have for the house obviously. The two major things are food and med and medication. All right your water will not be affected by our own things that phrase unless your house as no heat at all. So you've got you're guarding a water if you have your medications which are absolutely essential. Through you and enough food should be a pretty good shape candles just in case the power goes out. You wanna go more upscale. A generator certainly. Would be very helpful. A snowblower true but if you're not used to a snowblower. Will give it a caution there's a lot of work to uses no. It's no floor and it takes a lot of exertion so be prepared for that. Make sure you have any emergency needs. Like batteries especially batteries. For various. Various electronic devices in the house. A Tony and you have enough batteries in the house where you can use we keep batteries and you have just in case it may for a faster weekend. And so it make sure you have enough of the various kinds. Tony has the big. The big big bills d.s remember. So at least in my d.s thank you look at those. Nevermind goodies we'll be back what are those writer and I buried over Libya. OK okay. Laura and I Christmas in moll know waiting for some snow in here and hammers. And not much nothing about nothing that's not much. Yeah a couple of tech cereal which they're getting their one talks about the navy ship. It disease and here tied up well for a couple of weeks and looks route through some of his or whether I hope they have are remote starter on that ship. When they finally have the captains and okay engines and they reach over and those. May have to bring him like a Prius and hook it up through jumper cables. I don't think so anyway. Good ones are any. About Tony and the batteries well that's true. That's true in fact Tony is ready for anything because Tony the big batteries are the d.s okay Tony has a lot of those batteries in the kitchen just in gazing needs it. And Benny as one of those in the bedroom just in case the power goes out so it's only a doing a bad storm is is at home would double duties. And I think he can be that inaugural case better or for kids don't you think mark potter another said it was planned for June provision of the beer but got delayed due to a testing of the ship. I'd I would I was not aware of the timetable but obviously is not going to be is picturesque. And down there as it would have been in June also were richest sergeant tells us that the captain of the ship. Is from Greece so that. Thank you thank you very much from. From Greece so he certainly knows what. Bad weather and cold weather on solar weather is like as a matter of fact I knew disagrees I saw him on the Bolivar ship dancing with a Olivia Newton-John. As a way to cap that looks like he's Hungary's. Thank you thank you try to VO will be hero wait. I tell me I need a couple of them Facebook's from nearly a few woods played I will. And alliances as old as angle that way who said alliance and Alonso and yet any Al oh man. As Owen sound Lego a cigarette lighter and wants them okay. Blair and I says no warning indicated that way I'm not disappointed I'm loves elbow. So all probably the unpopular opinion well I don't love snow but if you promise Reese no I expects now. Otherwise I'm going to ask for full refund. So I know that you might be disappointed in it but then like two hours earlier methods as one acres are on the shovel. And federal employees or mr. snowman John says error on the side of caution battered I have a false warning then no warning. Well you know I theory would that intellectually I agree with that in a you know my brain says that's exactly right. Because you don't want the you don't want the snow you know our show it was snowing on driver in the snow. You don't want the kids will be off from school on the snow but you know as the usual thing. Do you make a promise do you got to fork over the snow and Ireland where. Eddie says no matter what you do people will complain and what to quote everyone's favorite person. Why different stats that may. No all of that's not by everybody's favorite person everybody's their person is. If it's not this it's that if it's not that it's this but it's always some thing. As a that's Rosanne Rosanna that a me she's no Hillary Clinton but then again she wasn't. Running for the presidency preparations do. There's preparations inside the home preparations for your vehicle. Preparations for shuttle also one thing that's good to keep in the car is. Assault. Because salt can be used forward you know not only melting ice which is very area effective if it's near freezing. But song can be used as as something that gives traction. To the wheels. Also defends our vehicle you have. If fuel if you have front wheel drive. Bet up. If you have all wheel drive or four wheel drive that's really good. As you have rear wheel drivers screw. Anything basically. About a we all got wrong was her rear wheel drive forever. We learned how to rocker car out of you know out of a rut. And do stuff like that. But. It's a one time I was looking for a full of our car you know many forwards our cars were made when I was so looking widen. And though is in eagle and American motors eagle. That was yet now you go out and almost anything is available in the girl wheels or four wheeled. And it's much more beneficial the one thing you don't wanna make the mistake on is it's no different stopping. He gives your traction to go but it doesn't help yourself. And also remember in the old days Tony Ugoh and you'd buy tools snow tires. You don't do that anymore. You buy for average at least put studded snow tires on my card yes some places studs are illegal. I think in right here at the start before. There's almost no that's why Lucas is doing a morning show. I. What followed through as well about that agreement frequencies it's. At you know my career market and remember my efforts to thank you usually two or three times of weakness requests and as Kenneth. Dan rather. Owed them I would rather thank you or take a break and return we want to know from you are you disappointed in this. I was and I'm saying it even though it's the beginning of the session for snow when we're probably still gonna get some here and there. But not what we expected and not where we expected so are you disappointed was that initial opening of the lines up. As opposed to all man they got an overnight let me put our mind and new government in North America. And my gloves I'm going to drive to work like the manly man and I am as opposed to. Snorted and so which one would you rather have a promise of snow and no delivering. No promise and a delivery under Israeli and I'm thirty WB. They get the bread the milk. I gotta get the bread and milk. They're gonna get the brunt of milk. Got to get the brunt of the only got to put it I got to take the. Let's go to some text of on the text board trio 930 by the way as a member Arab how can way and this is a legitimate and I think Leo common. How can we be expected to believe they're dire predictions of global warming 100 years from now. Based on their computer models. When they can reliably. Predicts an 03. Days out based on existing conditions. I think that's a legitimate. Question because we bring a lot of faith in the computers. And go where they're going to be a hundred years from now and who knows who who really knows now this is something. You know set up this a question about preparation in the car and a preparation for snowball. Here's what I had mine I had mom or dad. We have may be kids maybe not kids but one thing I didn't. Figure on college students and as Obama as Tony and and beamer because this. This email that I am not emailed us. Text that I am a beer says the report college student's car for a gas fluids. Let's see tires proper inflation blanket spared to dire as fair status of sweats energy bars water. Since my girls commute to college so that's what there. College vehicles going right. And I'm thinking you two guys went to college kind of prep did you have like in your car in your dorm room. For around a for bad weather may be have be stuck there you really want them all yeah that's why I asked. I I thought the rigors of meters neighbors my breath for mom and dad and all ours was a little bit different I remember our State of Qatar or you re you're you're an ovary. No this at Ball State the obvious that you know that you have to worry about the ads are well. But state nineteen. UNLV is okay yeah. That's why you runnin' rebels review of the week with real bad blizzard. And the big focus for us was. Beer B Aaron we have enough fear factor. We went. You know they say you just post waseige you'd does. A frost bite leading care we bundled up we walk from the towers. While State's campus two buzz and be at forest in grant. Picked up twelve pack after twelve pack went back word dorms and we were solemn for a pre. I'm shocked that they allow beer on campus. Why do you breaking my heart like that Tony I thought it was all about education. As it was an education on how to survive in the week and about vague your regular there. I know very well for the tears I was in the dorms for game kicked out. You got there there and never had an issue without with the air that was always that I have yeah we get to freed refrigerators always full well there you never imperial and at McDowell I need dorms are right on campus so I literally had Oprah. I would do exactly any other day oh it's snowing class canceled right now combat. I'll while Calgary when they moved back out out onto crescent I was right on the right down part side without some bodies after the incidents on the same thing you know we. It's classes canceled great if not and probably would 5050 I'd make it declines right now saying when Howard's. Limbaugh's than it was radio television and theater. We need demanded to put our performance it didn't matter whether there was snow or not there's every Friday we put on a play. Okay. Every Friday apply whether you're in a theater major I didn't matter you have to be and it will be had to be a part of it. I was I was a stage manager wants. I had the lead once I was a director once they get a chance to do different things. And the best interest thing but we ever if you are a working on a play. You'll want of that play too good to go on was supposed to because Michelle. Moscow on we knew that and so have many snowed a Israeli. A Boston. And in the time I was in school didn't get any major loses or anything like that so but it was a fun and exciting. And I and and not as exciting as you above stay with the with the six pack and twelve pack and when he for pacts which is like this you play poker. All right now your talking. And work my or through radio school play. Because that's the play the play it was on Fridays and a lot of parents woods or show up to see him play and pick up their kids. There was a there was a three hour when though. Between. A good tour events okay. And we played poker. Who want a lot of money playing poker or those rules it was more locked it here. I I don't want a lot or 11 week and I was broke. I'm sorry Tuesday yes. The good thing when I was in college is full tilt poker stars while we're still all we want money all of us know if there was a snow day and I wasn't in class stuck in my dorm I'd have the laptop five tables Goler at the same time our grad schooling times they've done. As he could be a this guys it could be a a business leader a leader in the in the business of poker. I'd Sony give me another tax if you would. I would Tom says. I would prefer a little less hype we know which way internal problems snow in buffalo area. Effect many businesses to pat down at the weather coverage or local TV especially is win me over done. Just give the forecast like the weather channel dot short into the point. You know that's a good point we have a lot of good weather people. And I know I know most of them from at least channeled through and channels on seven channel four not so much. I'm birthers to a seven I know most of those people. It seems like weather has taken over the local newscasts and not just during a storm period but just in general. In sports has been edged out sports is lucky if against two minutes. You know we're we're told what a great sports town we are and how interest thing we are and we have an NFL team we have an NHL team and they they're lucky if they get two minutes we are not a great sports town and way. You don't think so no meanwhile. Whether or whoever whoever decided this somewhere at some time. That whether must dominate local newscasts I think is way over done. It really is they've barely tell you something may break for a commercial stuff that they come back and tell you a little bit more but they dominate if you put a watch on and I would think that. There on perhaps. Even more than the noses on. And I have our news. I can understand they're thinking when they say you or will you get sports highlights and ESPN and that's where most people would go war or fox sports one or whatever. But were miss and out is on the local stuff you know how ball stays here or you'll be ECC Bonaventure Niagara Kinney shoes not to mention it schools. Yeah and then we don't we turn to odd ball games are we find out say they want Kansas having another fab is a what we have two or three touchdowns the other day. We couldn't even keep them dressed when he was here. Maybe he needed to change scenery more sun there in LA more sun you know alright we're asking you whether you like. Or dislike being surprised. If you if you like being surprise you are happy either there was no snow and everybody was saying zone. If you dislike it it's effective if you're promised no your wants now plans that point and how do you prepare for snow. Both in your house in your car and they're your dress and all kinds of things under Israeli and I'm thirty WB yeah.