Sandy Beach Winter Forecasts 12-6 Hour 1

Sandy Beach
Wednesday, December 6th

Would you prefer a forecast of heavy snow and not get it, or no warning and get it? Listen to Beach and Company LIVE Monday thru Friday 9am-Noon on News Radio 930 WBEN


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A lot of yeah. Is leading company I'm sandy beach you know probably they ran right at the end of the year and it was very nice there's radio arcs. And it does. Are or what not so much it has raging comedy hang in there where hanging in the air by the thread. On a stumble. Would be Jim company grew up at any bank bike the camera here. Here's our look around a studio Sony the only thing that isn't broken is the rug. Very nice the rugs working but beyond that an athlete as a program. Does Griffin road yeah there's a rug ripped I can't fully. Well it is that Beijing company and until he's out of breath this morning because he had do officiate. And eight to ten year old football game last night and he those little those little guys their runner up and on that field in Arizona. Who we want to call a timeout if it. I was gonna throw myself out of the game were you positioned behind the quarterback go along the lion. Good defensive line where where where you. I I had a figure that out I started out at the line of scrimmage. And reaction is yeah and and work my way into the backfield instead a doctor the defensive back field. The action was coming towards me was last night after Ron. As they just used his audience on. Yeah that's very very good day on April 5 law and hope nobody has some long bomb it's eighty yards and your rundown and make sure they cross via. Member of the line there's a lot of score was 3535. Okur who really know who it was yes fourteen. That's while they were like that up. While so anyway I you woke up this morning I woke up this morning and you are the same reaction I did. That before I get up before my alarm alarm set for 445. The and I try to get up when there's three floors on the Clark first of all it's easy. To register if you're sleep and your sound asleep and then you wake up is easy to see three floors so I try and get up before 44 actually. And I didn't look out the window there was most now. After hearing we are going to get snow and making mental preparations in my mind there was no snow now. I'm we could talk show and on talk shows reflect. I'll what's being discussed in your community of first brought us the community for a get into that. There is there's you know some concern about what's going on in Israel. And there and he had been warned some as some American. Diplomats be careful. Traveling. If you had business and Israel in your American and then there was extra security. Because of what the president is going to do. And all of that guess what. I have friends. That are in Israel now. They are vacationing. In Israel an entire family or friends of mine. And they were they ours the importance of the bottom line is wanted time to vacation in Israel. You talk about timing is everything in life but it's over everything is a fine them and they'll be back and and have a pleasant memories. OK now we don't reflect what the community is talking about. A talk show and that's why we're here. And Madrid and right now I was talking about where is the snow. Is that we wanted the snow but we were told we were going to get it and we didn't get it now there's still. I said yesterday that he it was a Joseph beamer told me it was a wise man so broad it was beamer. Yells but it was a wise man who said. The two weeks out they tell you what the forecast is and then every every day after that they downgrade it. Until it's actually gets to a point where you can open the window and look to see what it's doing now. Of forecasting weather in Buffalo's bodies. Will say that because like defectors is in San Diego. Where yet today it's going to be 75 and sunny. And the and you go home and mobilize and no it's not like that weird though with lake effect snow. You don't know exactly where is gonna goal and we get our weather from different directions. And is that it is a tough job. But I think that the people who live here like I I first came to bubble in 1968. You never get used to being warned about a big storm and then not getting it you don't get used to it is not that you want it. You don't want it you'd be happy but you just a zone have not found out that it could have happened Uga Uga what I'm saying. Yeah I think a lot of people get you know you hear the warning older we're gonna have this their bread and locus SEE coli oh you get the supplies in the gasoline. And load up on cookie cook days. You're expecting an event in and there's an excitement on this for some people it might be because we're gonna have the day off. You know if if it's only necessary travel things like that I think people get let down and it turns and. Well there's a great effort pensioners just doesn't happen it's either bad forecasts on my honeymoon. As a parent and at that true. The you know it was at least a decade of wrong forecast right. Now if they have do they have to I think air on the side of caution. That's especially true after the big blitzes that these. As they have to air on the side of caution and so I do have a question go. Which weather forecast would you prefer I'm gonna give you a true. All right would you prefer a way a weather forecast that promises you heavy snow. And then not get it. Oh would you rather have no promise of heavy snow. And suddenly. Waking up to it and getting so a promise of heavy snow and not getting it. All are no promise of heavy snow and getting it which would you prefer are now I think most of us will prefer what's happening now. And that is. Promised that Vick would be a big weather event you'd you do your plans around it and and it doesn't happen so you go all I didn't want that to happen but I mean always preparations. Like I did a simple preparations as you know. My vehicles are set if you ever hear that I drove off the road into a field with cows in that I could last the several weeks in the field with cows and because I have. Everything known to man in my truck because I have been the sect twelve hours on the oak street bridge ones. And things like that and I learned that you gotta be ready even if you don't need it you gotta be ready for. Kept avenue east in India I wish I did and I wish I had today hot haystack and then I wouldn't mind being on the outs recovered. But when I guess coming out street bridge try to come into work when I was programming KB. And out of the bottom of the L street bridge was dale plays a convenience store. And I got pentium pop tarts and I found out that's a great combination of you're going to be stock Pepsi impart to ours is a way to grow so ever since then. I the guys at the stage or reward because we had a poker game scheduled that night and I wasn't there this is before cellphones there was no way to tell. Pitcher just going to be late today don't know where you are so they were all really concerned and it turns out that I was up there for twelve hours before to get out of it. Even though I have four wheel drive. All the vehicles around me Woodstock so of the all around whose stock is an Oregon or anyway. But so today we woke up and did not get what we were promised. And then that Tony also so we got the wrong weather forecast. Odds are. I don't object visible and there were better not but let me know and also there's an article in depth papered there. It's in the Buffalo News by a Barbara Obama and how locals get ready for the snow. We know of for reasons. For some reason everybody goes out and buys a milk bread and toilet paper. As if you're going to be you watch those Alaskan shows were available off the grid. Okay. You watched that you always think you're gonna have that when when the truth is. The most it's going to be is a few days occasionally it might be longer a week you know but most of its time and arguably their four months. But that's how people shop and they always I can show you whenever storm early heads. They showed the shelves are empty. There's no bread there no bread at all no milk those are a paper and other goodies because that's what people stock up on. And it's it's almost like. You know what. I have no food in my house I couldn't have dinner tonight Elissa I run outing get something though most of us have enough if you had a screw around. And day in and live on peanut butter and jelly. Don't most of us have enough the last several weeks even if we we were about to go grocery shopping and we didn't get there. Better check and Robby Robby make sure she picked up enough detail all what do you do if you're out of K oh all what that kills gonna aren't. Will be back mr. -- thank you Cahill will be back with more on newsreader and I'm thirty W via a the other name of that band that I mentioned because we've got says several. Emails after I left these studios yesterday as you go on line it's it's a tuba TU BA likely instrument. Tuba skinny as KI MY. As I said there are New Orleans and street band their very good player all over the world but they look like a rag tag bunch. There's just sitting around and shares were of a little table info from a number of a cigar box and people dropped money and it. But there there radio a world class band they are really good Nigel Tony Jericho project about yes I'd the last couple of videos. And they are there of the ruling but they're different aren't they never heard different yeah it has that New Orleans jazz. Their legs back Dion to musicians and at a rarely go to especially Eric knows the lead singer clarinet players pretty good too yeah they you know they are and and sounds as they do classic rock like CC rider and stuff like that. Of course New Orleans Oklahoma vote Fats Domino and right lot of great musicians. So they might selected check it out. I'm meanwhile we're talking about the weather forecast. Would you rather have a weather forecast that promises you heavy snow and you don't get it. Or doesn't promise anything and you end up getting heavy snow also. Your snow in winter driving preparation we all have a regiment this would be the first one if we end up getting in here and we'll get that chance to test that out. Ralph and Orchard Park Ralph you're on WB yen. I mean I'm I'm fine Ralph what do you think what's going on the weather forecast here. Say that I and like their wish we were for fifteen years. And the weather report sometimes is worse than water in orchard business and I mean if they could be a little more. That would help businesses I mean now I'm not rationed it as any Mormon or rush proposition. That affects. There's also mean I think we are low because they were worried about Chanel. The guy is an end you know in our business the media it's a difficult choice because if we you know if we just kind of soft peddle it in something bad happens and it's catastrophic and maybe lives are lost I'm going business lives. I'm do we really dropped the ball if we overdo it people get angry. Because you've got to get it right and it's hard to get it exactly right one of the lake effect snow it's very hard to Bernard. Well our I will thank you let's open up your your business flourishes today thank you very much I remember one time when I was programming KB. Amateur days well as a a big client of ours and certainly a fine departments or they went on happy alliance will we have a you know. We had to weather forecast the coffin and every snow and we didn't get it and they were not happy because they have some special event or sale or whatever going on. And disobeyed these told a session how unhappy they weren't Arabic client. But we had to explain to them that. Do we have a responsibility. To the public first. Two as best we can for public safety. And that has to be arming concern they generally understood it they weren't happy whatever they understood especially after I suggested that. Well maybe we should have a PSA that says. We we could have some life threatening snow would am amazed doesn't want it to you about it they thought well that's not going to work. Of course I was being funny. But the bottom line is there is is is a fine line. Between you gotta make plans of the kids going to school if they're not going to school will somebody be home to look after them. What about lunch that they usually have at school and don't have that I'll wise what if nobody's at home do I have to. Call in then I'm off today because Leo look after the kids. Do we have enough food and with their governor anybody up from the airport. You know are gonna get this done by a certain time. And now at least with communications now with the electronic media that we have we can keep track of people we know where people are. People actually answer the cellphones they never answer an on cellphone ever. You try and get a whole summer you know if I'm going to do on the air sometime Tony. Ira I've made as many as like six calls. And if any of them are not as cellphones. They they don't get answered everything goes to voicemail that Euro audition. Voice mail as your addition its way the are important enough or interest in and of for the person you're calling to actually answer the phone that's what it amounts to so if it goes the voicemail you've been rejected. They may or may not be home there listening to see who it is. And that's why I try and put funny stuff in my voicemail and I went back to penalty. An oldie but goodie that it's Sony's favor of all times. In it's so rude I can't answer your radio. But it's funny. Anyway so we want to know from you were you disappointed this morning when you're gonna that you'll open the blinds writes that does as well as Jessica Simpson well. Yeah amid plans for snow like that this is it. No way that wasn't there now may be in the back of your mind. You would prefer to wasn't there anyway but if you would have probably prefer not to have thought it was going to show up. Because being promised snow and are getting is that disappointment even though you reverend I haven't I know that's convoluted logic. But if you're gonna prepare for something you want you got to deal with a you're ready for. And if it's a false alarm I don't know I I don't know many who are happy about that and yours and your winter driving preparation. What do you do what you do and I'll give you some suggestions from a long time buffalo driver me. And I'm the 1 thing I am as prepared. I am ready and you should be too. I'm news radio 930 WB and we'll be back after this. It's. Gaining. For me. And I need. And we are backward B agent Olivia sandy beach show a lot of dove a disclaimer certainly good to have predicting whether or Buffalo's very difficult. If you talk to people nationally that do weather and you know mica. A the weather channel in the National Weather Service or whatever they would tell you Buffalo's long hardest places to predict because only defect in there and just the patterns of our weather. So you gotta cut him some slack but having said that. I'm asking which you would affirm an idea a forecast that says we're gonna get heavy snow and then not get it. Or a no promise of heavy snow and just suddenly getting it you have to pick one of those so also any government any winter. A driving crap or snow or prep in general what do you do to get ready. I got a couple of attacks here that you pretty good predicting lake effect snow is like catching a knuckleball. You wait for the ball to stop rolling and you pick it up. You know you're gonna see what's gonna go on another do not forget beer. In your preparation that's a must have come from the ghost of Jimmy Griffin Jimmy Griffin and his favorites as saying. As we're looking at along smoke period as that you know going get a six pack a homer acts which was advice go to vice although I go I sought it was our last night. It is my favorite thing about the first no. The mayor at the Byron. The mayor. Harm air Byron brown in his Brooks Brothers showed there with a big trucks and the assault. And boy does he look like he belongs in the city garage resonate. I mean yeah when a guy jumps off the front page of jet about a GQ magazine and that he's. Well those big plows and Matt brown and ready to take on the wars mother nature has bring out non. In the areas and is very nice shoes. In a perfect high. And they they try and they try to make him look like he belongs there about is did you see him last night Tony good to see you missed it audits it is the giants it's like that it. It's it's like Christmas you know when the mayor goes for the city blind to check out the plows. That's a good day. Let's go to run on line one Enron and Amherst are on WB yen. Good call good morning and it you know on the long. A little. One German. That residents. Long resident of the ball well area very hard blow through recorders. What are. You guys I want or. Now all that's sure I'd I'd noticed also drew years. Yet the weather forecast in Kansas and. It's becoming more. Cool and you'll. You know be prepared whatever. I never meteorologist but what you guys in the media. You're clearly are currently on the want to talk to. If you ever discussed it with. Those airport call. Or for pro predicting weather changed. I I have not I don't know that they live for us eaten sleep whether. And so if there's a possibility of an important storm coming and they get excited as we get excited we learn about a concert that we love coming to town. I have I think there's a natural human reaction. To not embellish but it. It's a kind of say hey this is something we might get now will want you might not put a good disclaimer is is very seldom heard and I think they're part of the presentation. Is the excitement of it now when it doesn't happen. Then people get angry but I don't think they're instructed to do it. We adds up for instance but we use people that that do this professionally we don't do what would you freedom. And so we don't know and we keep our fingers crossed the same as you do what public safety has to be the first line. But. To go on Saturday. Nowadays to a school clothing equities and a bookstore. More. I don't remember this as a kid you know. Getting that day off before it could have been at its conventional. Know there are times when it makes sense not through a subject for kids that don't want them on the bus we can get off the bus they don't want stuck at school. Those sort of things we've become much more sensitive to that and their remember. A couple of years ago when the buffalo city schools which a lot of a lot of schooled a districts take their cues from. I decided to send the kids to school and then they couldn't get him back. And and they were there for awhile a lot of parents very upset whatever. So there again I think that they error on the side of caution the school districts do. And I think that the the weather people would rather play it safe than sorry and they knew they were rather tell you is going to happen and then have at the pullback on an. Rather than miss it totally. Other more cautious. Is now. I I think Castro society in general because we know if we made one wrong thing is going to be loss whose is going to be pickets. Resuming calls for your read your resignation. This is of a kind of a country we've turned into. We don't cut anybody any slack. And we expected you've got all those big fancy machines you ought to be able to tell us but when they come on and they say there are five models. And they just show you the models. Isn't that really their job you we see it was hurricanes especially is that really their job the Telus which one is the most credible. Instead it just laying it out hoping we picked the right one. I mean Oakland maybe you could get. Andy Parker on talk yeah yeah so the question. We yeah we could then and they boo well I know all of the very almost all of the various weather people I think to be an interesting conversation on budget suggests that it thanks for your call we appreciate it our all take a break. Yeah I think wanna be on the side of of caution I think they'd rather say. You know the wind shifted. There was too much dry air things that we don't know when I'm meteorologist. You know on talk about they'd rather do that and be wrong. But be safer than miss it I think that's the one thing they don't wanna do is miss. And and then you've got to remember. There whether people but they're also a compute competing. In the in television or radio or newspapers or newspapers. Employer in whether they can. Tell you what happened in secretary what's going to happen. But the bottom line is they are competition. They completely each other. And then there's some awards that they pass out. With the the media outlet that is the most. The most accurate and they put a little bad jump on TV. Appointment. Tony do you believe competition plays into this. Am I the app and it does I think a lot of it too sensationalizing. It in chart if you feel hi pops up the year you get people to stay tuned in and use our viewers. I'm gonna watch. Watch more now as you know I know it's a sad way to look and and acquire. That's coliseum. Now laws so whether or have their own channel so she was selling in the same thing is Andy on channel seven. As our Kevin. Always like Kevin as I have I've split loyalties is I know most of these people and debate they generally agree. It's very seldom that they disagree to any degree. We'll be back Lamar new Israeli and I'm thirty WB again. They get to bread and milk. I gotta get the weather milk. They're gonna get the brunt of milk. They get the brunt of the only got to put that I got to thank you don't. I. Get back up back up. His attacks that I Diego Richard out of it says that brown sounds like Ben Stein from the dry I commercial. He's. Brown has a a very distinctive cadence through the his speech the way he talks. And I love at first of all when he goes to a billion the barn with a all the big plows and and trucks insults instead of what that. In is usually very snappy suit I'm and so I get a kick out of that but I like it leave tomorrow when he takes of a microphone. Because he sounds almost like a kid being allowed to play were these big giant Torre's you know I mean the mayor's sounds like. I'm so happy to be here at play at the bar and look. Look at the big stack of salt we have we ordered this ahead of time so we saved some money. These big trucks I would love to drive one except I can't get up on them they have stairs going up there with a latter. And I would love to drive one of these trucks and plows snow around that would be lots and lots of fun. But the mayors having fund the drivers that don't have that much gotten what volleys those pressure when there's cars in the ways so I'm asking you whom. Which weather forecast would you for firm. A via promise of heavy snow and not get it. Or no promise of a result in getting in basically one of our opposes that is the difference between being disappointed. Or is horse or room blind sided. And he said he would rather be. Disappointed he can get over that pastor well that might be true that might be true. I CEO fashion in regard to. If you promise me something. I must have a doesn't permit it really doesn't even matter whether I want it I must have read if you promise me so you promised me whether. I I must have whether I'm sorry I made my preparations based on your promise you like that Tony or do you slip a promising to well. You promised but I'm not disappointed by and knowing your cards. Out and I want and if you promise I I get disappointed via. The premise and he's out there and I expected 'cause there's an excitement. In bad weather even though we don't want that whether we don't like bad weather we could be injured news radio or worse. If you're expected you'll want especially if it's the first one of the season we have a personal embassies in this school it's much like a beamer at that high school prom with his. First one of the season and it was disappointed in effect until the pointed out all a little British government has. What do you think beamer had is somebody if they say we're gonna get weather view are you disappointed when you don't get weather are you pleased and relieved. I'm very pleased because that means I could sleep till four I didn't have to wake up at 330 and go start my car. That's right you're here in the early early early shift Ewan Susan Rosen map as. And so you would you expect a certain rhythm of getting up from morning average amount of time to get here and give give things that. Instill discipline that I set my alarm early for no reason he'll sometimes it's difficult to get back to sleep you know it's great. Is when you wake up about two hours before you have to get up. And then you're oh wow it's great tool. This is a grade I guess at least a couple more hours you feel at Lloyds early yes kind of it's like you it's like manna from heaven like you got it drop down a couple of extra hours for. The worst is if I'm even tomb minutes wait it screws me up. You know if I get about 444. And I don't wake up till 446. It's only two minutes and I I certainly can build that into my plan but no I'm. I will if you affect your pick for first storm hit. Around twelve noon on Saturday when I'm just as I'm coming home from work and I have the purpose of the weekend just to watch it come down in. You know I feel like going out there fire an additional lower key and if not I'm up at the coffee going that's you know I love the coffee. That's that's my dream so listed at the end of your shift on the last day of the week. You just went grocery shopping by the way helps you your cars are all safe and sound you do not have to dig him out Europe removal because of a parking restrictions and like that you don't have to be anywhere though and you've got. You government car magazines in a stripper pole now vet is a weekend it shouldn't get through and argue. Poll but it never works that way now it's knows when your work and the program directors as. Can you stay on another six hours. Joseph blow is supposed to. Euro will be on after you're stuck in his driveway I remember doing an eighteen hour shift here he Tom and I split up Rush Limbaugh's show right I was so we did more. It's exciting when we when we hear of world going wall to wall. With during the information on the Internet traffic updates. Whether calming and working and you help people out this exciting about that we're out remember during the bad storm a couple of years ago. When there was a lot of generators it was going to be. He's delivered at a certain places of the year of the October surprise the guy and we mention who where they were going to be and boom. Gone gone just instantly gone generators an odd shape right generators are fairly pricey. I won't come back would you rather be disappointed or blind sided. Which weather forecast would you prefer a promise of heavy snow and not get it or no promise of every stone and getting it and what kind of preparations you make for the snow. For driving or just general preparation. We'll be back we're more after this.