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Sandy Beach
Friday, January 19th

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Fair is region governing SN BJU program note as the ultimate getaway today's deal of the day from my bubble a purchase they 465. Dollars certificate. For one night stay at Wyndham gardens falls view in Niagara Falls Canada for only 55 dollars US includes vouchers to Ruth Chris steak house. I'll back attractions are much more go through my buffalo perks dot com. Here is at radio city here is it stacks says Phil is an idiot how's that for a start. Phil is an idiot why should legal US citizens suffer from a government shut down because Democrats will not represent us. Well the second part of of this is Texas fine Phil's not in India. Phil's not in India because. I think the point he brings up is that employers of illegals are getting away where murder they really are tax murder. Why doesn't the IRS cracked down on them and others. They're not the illegals aren't the only ones working for cash off the books are under the table however you want to describe it. And it seems like victory is revenue while they're waiting waiting waiting. Now when you come after the person receiving that money they may not have much. May be different although Bernard cost effective to try and clamp down but the employer certainly has a tax obligation true. And the employer I think would be fair game I think they both referred to him but I think you have a better chance of of being more productive are going after the employer as well. Let's see some thing else should report double Waller minefield that says off Obama but as is a tough crowd. No I don't it will be Dario mine fields but them if we kept 10% from a random Iran could have paid for the wall. Yeah I keep having it's about optics. This site. US cash cash. Bundled. And wrapped. And they from motor or fork lift throw whatever piece of machinery that was loading it onto a plane. On the way to Iran that would go a long way toward radio Walt let's go to market buffalo marker on WB yen. Well mark. Mark was there but then mark wasn't there how important is the law also the president now important is the law to the country. I think that was the president's first position. The thing that there gut him noticed right away at first when he threw his hat a ring or through his hair honoring whatever. There were the usual Googlers the usual this is just to increase is the value of his a trademark which is him. And that was that they thought he'd be a little bit and drop out. But then as ago as serious a one of the first things that he mentioned that had real traction was the wall. And so now he's gone through this and that me and talked about funding and having roadblocks in the way but. I think it's important that he finish that I think there's a wall should be. Bill it was one of his campaign promises that one of the biggest. One of the biggest things talked about. Certainly during the entire campaign Peter and saint Catherine's Peter you're on WB yen. On. This Peter Lawrie got today. Very neutral and listen. To this situation as did mr. trump. America and the message from America needs to ward for a simple fact. You're having a lot of problems and do drugs did this is a real situation besides you really good. A lot of drugs a lot about people in those guns are coming up from Latin America. I and wreaking Havoc in America so that is a much. Do reality. You got to do is this. If you would legalize. These people. You gonna bring them into the mainstream and therefore wind is going to be pain taxed at a government which has. The proper thing to do directing to do this is not an ideal situation on however up. I think that. What mr. trump is doing is. By bargain and to get something for the American people out of just because at the end of the day. Democrats won this or you could report. Would dictate the Democrats have no and I quote if she could duct people and America this is just a boat another segment and auto block people. Now they'll use them as much as they can remember tendency humanitarian gesture. Of course so what mr. trump is doing is she's dealing. He wants something for the but I think the most important thing is besides wanting toward an end to chain migration is somewhere that legislation. Must be some sort of could do in India ability. Don't quote. And I don't know how it can be done legally constitutionally. But I think that if you legalize these 800000. Some people think it's more like one and a half million. I've been beat and would be extended families it really becomes forming an exec with got. Tipping electoral electorate. The republic that might have up. Serious problem in the future in due to objections to you have to remove that incentive. Removal slipped from this city that I position and then I would be very very comfortable would hit I would give them some sort of Scott that's sort of simply attacks. Coming to do that horrible mr. trump must get boasting he must get warned he must. Get and a chain migration and aren't of the beast he must get it and that in order to. Well I thank debate is that your idea I agree appears conclusion. But I take a different road to get there it I agreed that if if part of a deal was that they can. They can no they can never vote. Okay. Because they're here legally whatever they might get summarize for the gym ever vote. I want you to think Apollo. Terrified how third rail the word vote there as we can't even now. We can't even ask you to show your ID so we know who you are when it comes to voting do you really think. Scenario a lot of liberal judges would stand around and say well you let them in the country they're paying taxes. There are productive. And then now there are above ground would you not letting them vote which is the most important thing we have. Do you think for a minute you're gonna get that because I don't. I really don't. Because if as we see what happens now. We can't ask people to look at slow walking in to a bawling my eggs because it is illegal right. Who we use say your John Jones we don't know your John Jones you don't have to prove anything to say your John Jones. Will just take your word for right. Tony you think we have any chance of crafting legislation that would hold up in court that said these people coming in can have certain rights with the Campo. That happened that's not gonna happen ever. And so you because that would be the focal the demagogues known as Democrats we democratic demagogues would have would hammer that. Wow people in our country working hard trying to just provide something for their family. Desperately want to be part of the American scene that can. And you know years ago when that was a that was put in an. Is got rams the buyer by a crazy president and Donald Trump and now it can vote that's exactly what your here let's not pretend. That we could do that I like the idea. Of it but. There's no chance it would happen. We'll be back after this how important is the wall to the president are important as the wall to vote country couple of attacks here. I'd take some of the 38 billion the government's going to make government apple. Reparation for awhile named the wall after apple. See if the liberals boycott apple. Is. Well I the way people think. Analysts say I was a lot of people like the idea of going after the employers especially. Who have employees are being paid under the table. The employees themselves you could go after them probably have pretty strong case vote William and yet be a lot of our manpower would take probably. To get snow small. Amount to make it worth it would who would work its but it would work. Certainly going after the employer. The employer is skirting. Iris rules go after the employer. Because the fewer jobs there are. For it illegals. Move fewer illegals that will be plain and simple as just that it doesn't take a genius to figure out wanna. Tony area text if you would please not a sexy face. Let's go to sharing. Very important our Busch built a partial wall near El Paso now let's continue it. We have to get serious about it and I think it's ridiculous. For those holding out saying the wall is anything except what it is it's another means of enforcement. Is an it's a means of catching somebody and perhaps for having somebody from coming in illegally. Do you have the same feeling about that police radar. You go through a little town and there is a a policeman parked under a tree where there's radar on. And you're speeding and people Joba gives his ticket. It's the same principle. The president though is if you're coming in illegally this might help stop that. And if it helps stop that it helps America all of our illegal immigration problem. Is Reid yeah I think it's ridiculous to try and make the humanitarian. Pitcher on this that we owe it to them because we don't. We owe it to the people who are here legally. And term many of the precedent is here for years and years and years of people who follow the rules and the rules are still there and this is a shock. You can still come into the country illegally. I know vets beyond the scope of most people's arguments but you can and when I hear people my first question when I hear people say. I've been here thirty errors and harder to back in the thirty years did you ever think of going two record house or you might have ago. And start the paperwork and become. Legal ever think of that. Now you're just here illegally because it's easier communal or bother and maybe there's a reason you're going to have a country in the first place. Left is more concerned with Euro. Feelings they. Also Russell's been in this country ever want to show the kids trying to get the you know if true it's all about come from harper than the figure from the brain. Guy and if you do if you follow the rules then you don't have to worry nobody's gonna come after you. Know you you can get a real job pay taxes like the rest of us. But it is just that whenever I hear that argument that we've been here twenty years or whatever our first question is why haven't you started the road to citizenship. Well the road to an illegal presence here you know bottle of it why should we suddenly. Say well a held girls that are OK for everybody else but not you Tony. So says it's important to truck because he's a man of his word it's important to the USA because we need to regulate those commie and and it's important to our economy because we are handing them food stamps welfare medical benefits and voter cards with the word Democrat arm them. My grandparents came to America with 32 bucks in their pocket and never once asked for a handout. Became Americans and their kids were told not to speak Sicilian around their mother to help her learn English. We did it with love this country let the dreamers dream. Two with the way it should be done legally. You could probably have put my name on that on that last post. My grandparents. On my mother's side came here from Sicily. And it was the same thing they did at the right way. It wasn't easy. But they're good at the right way and B&B came assimilated. No Italian was allowed to be spoken. And public. These are they spoken occasionally in the house when they didn't want us to know they were talking. But they were proud Americans. They were so proud. Of their heritage and so important to them. Good they assimilate and to become a part of America we want not allowed to watch. The untouchables. Was on television. Because the untouchables was the story of Eliot mess and how he cleaned up both part of the Chicago mob or whatever. Because a lot of the people that the untouchables won afterward Italian. And the bottom line is we couldn't even watch that show they wouldn't let us watch the show. Because they did not they wanna a freshman. A break from that. That thought that there all Italians were mobsters. They knew they weren't mobsters and who of people they were friends will warm mobsters and they wanted to get away from that they wanted to be known as good. Americans who are contributing to society. So they're willing to do that. And they did very well that. And but nobody wants to hear about that now because. That's doing it the hard way it's easier to sneak in and then say don't don't don't send us back that's easier. And the Democrats so ago they'll get children from the people sneaking in and saying how bear bear being victimized or whatever that's all they do is they play that card the bottom line is if the parents really cared. Data coming in illegally. And that that's without. Discussion as far as I'm concerned same in my life. Am I dead came here legally. Learned English we start. And he was everything was a ball be in America. Mired grandfather helped or see my 010 my uncles my ego Bruno to open his own barber shop my grandfather and his violent. And my uncle and Tony. And Sami I visa names right on the go on forever they were this true that it happens to be the names. And they know they all had their own business. And they paid their taxes and they weren't arrested and they weren't dealing drugs and they weren't doing anything illegal. And they had a good happy long life and that's available to anybody wants it but you just can't walk in and say I'm here. Suspend your roles I'm here I'm here about a way if you have a book what will be available things I get from the government. They they had great pride. They did not want to think that they couldn't support themselves and they worked hard to do and that's why if you'll notice sometimes we get a little. Angry in our retort because we like that way the way to do it the right way to do it the legal way to do one more zoning. Claudia says it's a huge waste of money. We have children of families living on the streets of poverty. And there are many other things in this country that this morning could be used for and actually do some good hire more border patrols and leave it at that. This way you create more jobs and you're protecting our borders we don't need a wall. Well wanna say something we probably take care of people in this country legal and illegal. At a higher level than any other country in the world. Aren't. The a C I was told that in order in New York State this was about a year ago. In order to get a job that would pay what you get free. In New York State you have to make 47000. Dollars a year okay. Now I want you to take 47000. Dollars a year integrity. To Europe or Asia wherever you want to see how that stacks up. And that's for three. So I don't wanna hear any crap about you know our government turns his backs on certain groups of people know. The government should turn its back some people would don't Obey the rules that don't follow the law who don't pay the taxes. That's who the government should shun. And that's what they're trying to do. They're trying to guard keep that out. Me and tidy up inside us it wouldn't get on the right track so the people who want to be here will be most welcome because they're here legally. Not coming across the border illegally and whining about the effective how unfair the US's. You'll notice most people are sneaking in and not sneaking out. So to use them. We'll be back with more on news radio in my thirty WV. And. They're thinking about a lot of occasion. And that and I would like to invite you along with a triple A a viking river cruise in the in June July I would leave June 26 here back July's six viking river cruises are the best will be leaving from buffalo. And among the highlights we're going to Germany Switzerland or Czech Republic. And Dresden will also be and frog and what this bird Germany all kinds of things going on ninety people on the ship that's this. So it was like a luxury yacht tour however he guided tour is all part of the via package and Greg for his 616. Dinners. I'll welcoming cocktail reception and dinner which Danny and I you usually speak and talk about radio. Complimentary wine beer soft drinks with the with a video. Oh aboard dinner. And while I'm aboard an. A free Wi-Fi. And all the porn charges a lot of good stuff along with a couple of a bonus optional things the real true. We were rats under Rio's concert last year and master rich so impressive everybody loved it. So let's do it again and so we will be there two nights in norm ordered five star hotel one night in master its force Arrojo. Fabulous concert and then the cherry on the Kate is if you like cars were going to Munich. For the BMW factory museum two or going to Engles thought. For the saudis museum tour all of that with a phone call to AAA at one. 8446887477. And I will say this we've sold out the previous six. Tourists is the seventh one. And five no. No problem I'm thinking as selling is when Albert you don't wanna be left out. Over the weekend coming up I think we'll have a lot of push and is limited to a certain hard number. Can't expand it no matter what because of the ticket availability so nervous our regular Tripoli a call and that Alexi aboard that. Let's go to a David Batavia day here on WB yeah. I don't say I'm not signed Dave what do you got worse today. Well I'd like to make duke and I don't understand why the media illegal Matt. Jack silicone bailing out in. That agreement purport workers because you don't in mayor workers' jobs plan and just. Open. To try and I'm Eric can you eat you up. Concerned about it this early look an opt. He picked. Up records that are at the Latin. Well that's exactly right and that's what I think a good push. The Dyer president of ticket down payments to pop out a mobsters over the course of the drink putting up with on if things get out of bombing ought to be able to get people. Who are hiring people who work under the table and no taxes are being brave. It it started believing it is said that that portal while we're Stoops spent a by far the border law would be the least to expand. Its docket about hiring more Border Patrol agent to get a lot. That's what costs that will only increase. Yeah here at the year and it worked for all its people want in dot living thereafter but debt bit. I love it out with the electronics we have today we can do what high tech thank you thank you very much. Yeah I think Leo border walls of investment and it's it's not like. Keeping people out who wanna come here and follow the rules. Keeping people out who wanted to come here and Obey the law. People who are wanna come here and have a better life can be contributors to America now that's not it at all. Those things are available. That's the point. They are available you hear anybody in congress. Suggested. The people who come in here illegally should try to come in here legally and you heard that once. I haven't all the discussion that's not even an option it's just like we expect that to be here illegally now we've got to take care of them. And the courts have rule we have to take care of their education. We have to take care of medical for them. Many times they get better medical when you do. He got this and it's very very expensive and they are here illegally and nobody wants it's not about. How much crime is involved in things like that makes it sound like there's a there's a line full of angels waiting to come into the country. Not necessarily true now they're not all dirt bags but some Lamar and I think we have a route we don't have a dirt brag. A limit as to how low lead is set before the dirt bag a meter kicks in and we have to take X amount of dirt bags. No you just get whoever shows up a lot of them harder breaks they're not Alder X certainly. And and you certainly feel for some of them. But if you really care about your family if you really care at a better life. He would go to another building and get a citizenship papers are working papers or something that would keep it here illegally so you know looking over your shoulder. Because all the press will do is look to see your children and find out that. That that children should have a better life and nobody disagrees with that but they should have a better life and legal condition. A legal situation. Tony de a couple of vote Facebook's if you. I will we he says. Said they eat then our our nation's security to two sides disagree. And Ryan O'Neal's bio he states that most of Hollywood is liberal the gas because they could afford to be. Rather than telling I'd say country first. Exactly. I think that the bear where everybody there is born a little guilt. Even if you don't need Gilles even if you're you don't deserve guild. When I was when something is going well Florio you're comfortable you're happy. You're not ill. There's a natural. And bird graciousness of one's wanting to do. Be. Be a person who pays it back via person who understands. Of the largesse they have they have. And a lot of we will do that through the church or whatever but some who have a public voice like actors. And directors and things and in Hollywood. Feel guilty because there there are enormously wealthy. And they don't do any heavy lifting. And so they how they show they show it by showing how compassionate they are those who art. Enormously wealthy and onto a realistic. And that's why most of them are like that and out of touch and totally out of touch living gated communities. And they'd say they talk about security. There they were allowed to see why they're living gated communities have bodyguards who are armed. You have people talking against. People being able to carry area. A firearm for protection. So they send their kids to school with a security guard who's carrying a firearm. I mean that's the way they are. They want the impression. They want you to think how how while how wonderful they are. There's so well to do this so rich there's so handsome is so talented and they care about me. Not only carry about themselves because they understand. In the real world. What they're doing isn't that important it's entertainment. That's it well they haven't lived in the real world for a long years and years it's like some athletes don't live in the real world either. I was date there are happy to say how they were born and raised in the ghetto. But they have a live in the real world since they fund are they good tackle some way. Or score a goal or of the you know kick a field goal or do this or that I would take a break and be back with more on news radio 930 WBN. Several parts X line which would be 30930. I am able local union truck driver and I do not make 47000. Dollars a year WT. Path. Because we said earlier in New York State for those who think we don't do enough. First of all. We don't we give him equivalents. For free. About 47000. Dollars worth of free stuff. And you wonder why the incentive to work isn't fair for everybody via sit on your truckers injured 47000. Dollars for free stuff. I assume that that might make a difference a lot of people. Here's another daka. If space day than permanent green card is a permanent green alien card and never vote. All the downs on it. Here's another one that's interest thing a grizzly knew this bug interesting nonetheless. Catholic Charities in buffalo is a driving force for illegal immigration. They hold classes teaching them how to get free stuff and money from the government it's disgusting. So that is some of the tax that we have here and let's go now to Bob and buffaloes to a Bob Estes a bunker on WB yen. Good morning. I just slightly burning the receivership it some years ago to secure border. With this past. And in mid air the congress authorized 700 miles of sensing. Or or or wall you know get muttered but he understands that walk catch up to the Wallace you mentioned earlier today was. The wall as a metaphor. This is for sensing and surveillance and so. And so that the promise that certain amount of wall if you was never on the guys the the government. The site so it's it's it's it's quite the status for them to represent. Many congressmen that they don't wanna wall down because this they Basra. Yes second point is sit there and you're big reader. And I recommend to books to Natalie you go to the but receivership if Beckett should be and there are about immigration. This cute immigration effective. The immigration section sixty excited. They're called Google book search through state of emergency and Gail reckoning. And those would be terrific books her for your listeners to to read. Okay we'll check him out and thanks for that input appreciate it thank you Bob. Pat Buchanan's right or certainly in a long history of government service going back it's a lot of time. That they go to camp then next in the buffalo Kevin on WB yen. Are there I couldn't get better Kevin what's on your mind. I every chilling. For all of those quote and quote compassionate Democrat then and here this simple fix is. Worry they want to bring in our illegal immigrants are going to be borders open so we will have them bring to an illegal immigrants each. Into the air well. And they will be responsible. To be clothes and shelter the illegal immigrants. Only the weapon itself to a revenue generator for the state go for each illegal immigrants. They will have to pay your state see that file an application. That they her. The boarding. I loved that. Oh in my dreams are dreaming about that because you see how quickly they turn on diamond run out of room. That Kevin your lunch. Makes a lot of sense to anyway Ben embassy certainly with the Facebook's today or give me ago. More OK you might not like this one Mike says the walls of stupid idea colossal waste of taxpayer money. For nothing more than a symbolic Biddle fingered a Mexico while doing little if anything the cartel the legal immigration. Idealized by short sighted walls balls don't stop planes and tunnels. I like going like that every once in awhile. Because I obviously people don't always believe the amount of and I would say or just. For lack of a better term stupidity that a lot of people harbor. You just think that we make it up so that we have so that we have somebody's that we can never starts right where it now it's out there and that that's a good example of it. First of all I don't think any any money to protect ports of entry. In the borders of our country is considered it should be considered. Wasted and not at all. I would bottom line is if you don't have much of a grasp on the facts. The facts are. That the illegals are being paid for by the illegals I assume that post or his legal I'm legal Sony's legal. Beamer his legal although. The amended Tommy he's very much in favor of the law because usually after a lady has dated him once they build the war on themselves. Hustle up our potluck and Deborah ball at all and and that's that kind of you know I understand the passion of somebody that would send something like that. But you know you haven't really thought it out. And that's the problem. And if you haven't thought out going public whether it is not a great idea you know he should got to keep for yourself. Because people don't know you who may have thought you had some brains might change their mind. So if a real I would work it out. Little bit of time. But you tell me what's wrong. About enforcing existing laws. May I remind you. There existing laws were passed by the house. They are passed by the senate. They know were signed by a president of the United States. And many of them have gone through several court tests. So what's wrong with that process. And why do you think. The people who don't pay their taxes. Who do pay for their way who don't contribute to us that it they contribute so that we can help not only our country will help a lot of other countries. Why are they suddenly fools. Why do they get no sympathy. From you but there is sympathy comes from people who break the law ought to get in here now I don't know. Maybe you should be a missionary. Maybe you should go to whatever. Country you think is in most need of your wisdom. Maybe Mexico. And and and guide them properly through the channels and bring them in here legally. Because larger bill and you talk about giving a middle finger. What you're doing is you're giving a middle finger knowledge of the laws of this country. And to this country but especially the people who are naive enough to think that they should do it. The legal way. I know it sets it sets a bad example because if they do what the legal way maybe others would do with the legal way to when you can't have that this is more fun isn't it it's mad Max from thundered they'll. Let's do it that way let's do it half fast let's do it illegal let's not pay taxes and now a scholar radio station and charge goes the jaws stupidly. Other than that. Have a nice day. We'll see you tomorrow now tomorrow Saturday let's hope not I'm going to Mexico saw him on going to Guadalajara added to a shadow less you like coming in my show cook I don't think you're I don't know much about you're a sports book that thank you for the only advice that that that certain guys that I grab sample seal my day on news radio I'm thirty W via. Which they never have to needs to be used strictly related item given him.