Sandy Beach The Wall 1-19 Hour 1

Sandy Beach
Friday, January 19th

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Hello hello it's reaching up and I'm not happy today I'm not happy at all I. High start up all right for and I I put my bags going into the vending machine and it got stuck. I don't you're saying wait a minute that's only virtual currency that's all right I put it in a virtual vending machine. I was hoping they get a virtual Milky Way so I've been virtually great today hello there. They lobby I blah blah blah. Bid coins give me a break out when I heard how do you get your money out there was one known. Of these 10 o'clock. I'm sorry a hundred years from now maybe go run you know a recording of what I just said see how foolish they were. Had you invested eight trillion dollars in bids to line you'd have enough to get that eye candy bar. They are you you into the bitcoin bill now I'm to look I don't trust on either. I have a bad and I'm not even injured direct deposit he has check it. I actually. Want US currency. In my hand irons starred. You know I know does that. If you want to be trendy. Tool to do it if you are rarely so. Bit of a mafia at the club adjourned a bit coy and be my guest I'm not trained me here so I'm Andrew Lincoln. It averaged then grants the IPO that's laments that. And if they failed the country fails they got it so I don't think go to regular here for your furlong time. But it wasn't as saying 'cause here's how much I knew about bitcoin before today. Okay wanna hear it again by the same as the guy Dion now and I'm all. All right let's see our got a lot start about today. Including. The fact that the government may quote unquote shut down we'll see where that goes right now is lot of finger pointing. The Democrats are pointing. To the Republicans and the Republicans are pointing to the Democrats and both sides are doing this other point in the middle finger Georgia there. So we'll see where that goes they're holding their breath. And that this never happened before hasn't Noah never ever. And I am going pronunciation of all of the a CBS anchors just in case one of them have Muslim government show remember her name is. Did area. Cannot not Daria. Yes sounds class here than area known generic. Yeah she she words is not cool enough to the deal at all eyes she's like she's more dairy error. The idea reactivate. Our daddy Gary Graham is on. Fire rarely am pardon me. The correct pronunciation and and is send. Bihac. And I. And you very much I think if I write it gets done about well first of all I do effectively a great response so far. Four of the viking river Cruz that Danny never that I will be taking. In Magellan. Viking river Cruz have you ever been on of it. Of course they're great that's real customer service there and a but he ship or going to beyond. These yet again ya wanna get that right. Is one of a new push ups. And there's only ninety people that are on there besides group Gore's there's only nine which makes it a very customized personal ties. It's almost like you prefer and its atmosphere there owns a yacht and buy it nine the veil his or her closest friends. So that's it we're leaving June 26. You will be back on July 6. I will be giving out about well you know going directly to Prague in and the journey starts from buffalo to broad. And among the things we will be saying the first of all longer to rule will be eight guided tours eight guided tour's. Oh win headsets and you know exactly what's going on. Be and what Hamburg Germany. A burly and president of product Switzerland. Will be in the Czech Republic. And lots of good stuff and all of the arm of the guided tour's. From. Viking are part of a package you'll also get ten breakfast 616. Vintners. The welcome cocktail reception which is where Danny and I usually speak of our radio. I've always funds only go while receive. And dinner complimentary wine and beer soft drinks. Oh will be on board dinner and lunch free Wi-Fi. And all port charges Ridley good good good as you've never been on a viking river cruise you are missing something here on Imus this. But we hate. There is more are there is so optional. Excursions. One would be called Rio tool. Yes I guy David that meant we saw Drury used last year in in master twitches his home village it's an outdoor concert it's. Fabulous I mean at a he's one of the top ten touring and acts in the world and if you're not a part of that you know soldier missing. 02 nights in Nuremberg. Five star of hotel one night in masters force our hotel and a concert and it's sensational. And I say good cherry for the for the ice cream sundae for the last. We're going to visit the BMW. Factory museum tour in Munich. And we're going to go angle start. To see Audi the outing museum tour now they're both well known very well known names were great history so there museums or should be really good. I've fuel would need more information 18446887. Or 77. And I got an email last night. Could you could you give that number a little slower by the time I get to the pencil. It's Asian always have a pencil ready when was in her show because you never know and on a job things out okay got to pencil all right one. Eight. Floor. Floor. 6887477. Got Miller was here color you are all right. We're gonna ask how important. The the wall really is to the president. And do the country is important is it semi important. Is that not important at all under Israeli and I'm thirty WB the end I was looking over the years spreads on the a playoff games as we get them. The patriots. Are giving nine and a half points and you guys said it was it was more than that before. Castro looked yet that the titans game is thirteen and a half leading into kickoff. The idea fingers because of the reports that Brady are you know doing the upper hand. That might be I think Jacksonville is a better team than Tennessee by four points but are never Jacksonville seven point underdogs at Pittsburgh last week. I don't think they'll beat the patriots but it might be able to stay within nine and a half. Now they say evidence that Brady practiced didn't throw at all but practiced with two red gloves on now usually when you're the red shirt. That means don't touch main. Don't scramble quarterback you cannot guard may. But what does the red gloves me. Anybody know don't touch it and as I have. I am clueless. So we don't know and we also don't know whether road that will affect his play whether maybe wouldn't play don't know it all depends on grip on the ball. Yeah into the grip of it's happened yet well maybe they'll have to take some around the ball I think that would be an acre claim get a note from his doctor claiming that he has to have a deflated ball yes because of the upcoming game might a fully inflated ball might hurt his hands that's true. What about my friend Don is gonna be rooting eagerly for the Eagles. I'm gonna look this weekend or evening I don't. No they're Philadelphia has enough offense. Minnesota's defense is a lot better than I thought. I feel most sorry John but I think the vikings went so well. I I think last week Evelyn forgets the vikings lead seventeen point lead at a hole right through bigger bomb I I do think he hurt America remember weren't they. It took it took a bad place now by a defense it's all but Minnesota three point favorites so really that's a six point favorite home if you think about it because they're taking the three away from Philadelphia. You have to. Sub par quarterbacks to agree on that a former teammates have to be a really good game unfortunately Don don't get mad at me I agree with Tony idea that Minnesota. Will luck will be playing in that home Super Bowl game for the first time ever. Wow OK god I'm not leaving you I'm not deserting you know I'm a fair weather friend I'm going I'm going with the Eagles. I don't know why because he's different. Can't blame you yeah friends are friends and so that's it. But we're asking now by the way has reached the show officially after I've spent all of my bit coins say goodnight and really well and it is the return gold coin of the realm. These are even homeless and I remember Rao Omar I don't know Delhi Delhi guards did they actually. I did actually. Okay here's that everything now is becoming and has been for some time virginal. I believe in things that I can put in my hand and I can see that I can touch. There right here now I don't I still don't know how the X machines work. Let's say there are hundreds of Lago mob. And they come and familiar rearrange them and they say which ones so idea. Are you lose most of the technology but I still on the standard I don't know I still to this day if I send an email. I'm not sure got there so I after recent I always present and never and it's nonsense I'll trust sent. That's debt. But I'm Roger is gonna take it's word because Igawa went blue. That it went well. I think. You're going polyps and if I'm out on the street arm at a restaurant is what. I'm sending stuff volatile time. And I think I think they should have more radical sound effects and we have available. When we get a is something new low we sent them now something really scare the hell out of people around us got zealous law is there some. Like OK Sony you've got the most dramatic incoming call. Things ahead hat. Very annoying very very knowing. But I'm thinking of incoming call keep mine when it Amal where's your phone it's probably in your pocket. It might be on your belt or whatever but it's Aaron is ready to go to war for your instead of some little woozy. Something like that you should have a really dramatic. You know. Ambulance deep voice going to als amount audio as call waiting you know really get people around you scared. I think that would be very and like I imperial march you now you know likes it who likes a lot of people when Everest on the public I get here laughs. And congress are laughing at Churchill. And now what do you think beamer the IQ is his announcement that he's given to email. I mean sometimes jump. Trying to run in the morning show and elsewhere in the volume we're told it's on your very annoying ice and anger. I am not one for a ring tones though like I won the only time my ringer is on is what I'm sleeping because I sleep then someone from here and call me think. Where the heck are you out where iron but I thought if I'm Elaine when I got a call them and like I can look at my phone you're likely enough if I have a missed call call them that I am not the best when it comes to. Actually answering my phone but I rather that that heavily to. Well I'll grab a veteran tells I tried music and I try I put some John Prine on there. And what I've found that doesn't work it lets me know that something's arrive but I begin deciding whether it. And the whole songs and I'm there. That's only part of it. So you start with the beginning of design and it starts singing and by the time you realize that you should Lisa and you should be answering them they hung up yeah I've gotten that night. Anyway and how important is the wall the president trump. How important is the walls of the country goes on the basic questions let's go to Franken is not Wanda frank you're on WB Aaron. Hello frank good to hear you again how important is an important at all. Yeah I think is important but I I think god. People still a real life all they say the wall is going to be a day of Walt extended stretch for. Thousands of miles down there but I guess there's a lot of natural landscape and stopped like it too but I I think it's a very important. They have this law. What type a wall I don't know because I think figured that a try out different types of up walls down there. It could ace you know I think the lawless symbolic. It can actually be a real walk into a different shares we can be a wall of technology. They can be a wall of human beings are cameo lot of different things but you're right. I think he's the symbol like part is that. This wall represented the borders of the United States you're welcome to come in but don't jump over there and dug a tunnel on moderate. You gotta go end of the door for all the application and do it like result has been. That's right it you know or not the only country. There is so they had the ball I think it's New Britain Dugard. As the sooners search you'll find out that other countries have walls separating their borders. I do until provides. People from getting into their. And you know for all of these dual voters who think we shouldn't have a law always shouldn't do that how many of them when they go to bed at night leave the door unlocked. How many of them leave their wallet on the kitchen table. I mean things like that we have different kinds of walls for different reasons. But it's our country we certainly have a right Tuesday you're welcome become damaged got to come and Bayh B a procedure. And the process that we set out not just sneak you in the middle of the night. It's right hey you know I don't know you're the last sector watch any of the use the that the programs and got back. Like there's ever going to be hearing this guy from Sweden. And exactly what the book. And he isn't isn't their parliament. And he was. I staunch. Well Paula I guess. More immigration because they're so there's so much of the so many. No legal permanent sit in that country. Get its overall quality there won't hurt that it's just overwhelming that the country. What you know I always amazed me is the politicians. Who are trying to have basically open immigration would no checks and balances nothing else. I will point to the effect of the ones that are here. Already. Are here illegally but there they're very much in favor in the people who are here as as of people who have come in here legally a very anxious to have others come and I don't see that I really don't because there's so many resources ago. Odds are gore on this so many jobs to gore around. And it can imagine is that you know I want one more people would come in illegally because I wanna compete even more for the jobs in the things necessary to have a good life here. You know what I say 88 indeed it took only hair. You could only get so many people command and who had a good display the people that are here are right for crying out loud there are vying for those jobs. The ones that always have 800000. People are setting up for. I hate him bill bill argue over a dollar fifty in the budget. But who in the hell has the money to pay for all of this sort of thing. A the only people I have met are us. The people who are working contributing. Here legally. For whatever reason we are contributing. A civic good welfare of the country going forever and we are not necessarily in favor of people just walking man. That's right you know they complain that you know nobody complain and what Obama gave a 150 billion dollars to I ran quite yet to perfect but they're they're complaining at all. Spending what lesson natural law about it I just southwest border. You know what they should do they should take the video its stock video now showing them loading of the cash will have a front order. Under the playing going to Iran and say and you don't want to vote for rode the budget that went plan that we have in front of us. What the hell's going on hey thanks frank have a good weekend. Alliance. I YouTube it could be okay Eric I'd like other groups better with or without you you know. That's good thank you know thanks Tony has his ringer so I'm kinda makes. Jim problems. I think that Lamar how important is the law. How important is the Walsh who the president how important as the wall to the country. It's symbolic but I think it's important. Have anyway you look backward region governor MS NB being very strange you know your same people give air kisses. You're seeing people give air hogs. You've seen people play. Air guitars but I've never seen anybody as I just on Tony you know Jerry. Writing an air motorcycle is there a reason you're shifting. I am in a bit there you're shifting a motorcycle I always doing them and they were a painter two of them. I hear arms or oil up there. I think you're just hearing Roger arm its path as their reason you're riding an air motorcycle I just been thinking about motorcycles and cars a lot bring you think it's you know inspiring to hear you announce those in and pitchers and catchers in Major League asked this court has. In I don't know like race 24. Day holidays are I'm gonna baseball fan but if I see it this early in the season. I I'd chime in on you watch him play catch. If there's any green rational. There's something about you know when it's it's soft snowing outside and you put out a spring. Gaming you'll like him in Arizona Florida and assist and the difference between. Let's say early season workouts with a baseball. And they're going to camp in football. In football even when they're not in ads as a target it's you know it's tough and as sweating baseball as. Here I'll just throw it still ways away. Catch you at our throat activate your mind you promise that as they got there had them barbarism archives stuff that they do a baseball that they don't do in football it's still it's fun it is fun and it's enjoyable. Now let's elderly get away today's deal of the day from mom my buffalo perks is a 400. 65 dollar certificate for a one night stay at Wyndham gardens falls view in Niagara Falls Canada. For only 55 dollars and includes vouchers to Ruth's Chris Steak House. Outback attractions and much more go to my buffalo perks. Dot com my question how important is go all the president trump. And to the country the president drop I think is very important is symbolic. The first thing he talked about. Bill of any consequence they got his campaign. On fire. Was a wall volleyball. And I think it's a symbolic that. That's something goes up to show that Americans welcome people to our country but we welcome them the legal way not the illegal way. And the wall represents that. Do you expect the wall to cover every inch of the border and nobody is ever gonna get an illegally again of course not. But it is symbolic and I think it's important about how important is of the country. I think it's even more important for the country that is the president. Because the president has oversee what's good for the country but also what's good for him and his support group. And I think America of putting the wall up at a sale while we certainly have a right. To our own immigration laws and the way we enforce them. That we we don't question others unless there are killing people. Other row foreign nations and in what they're doing about immigration and a lot of them. Have very very lax. Positioning on who can come in who's walking in right. Well we can't do it that way because when you want and here is like you'll unless make a deal. We can for plain and simply. So yeah like near formulate a 309301806169. Through six iron 930. Mary and saint Catherine's merrier on WB yen. Well look good morning Andy and Tony it's so nice to. Be able to get true. It's our pleasure merry what's on your mind today. They ambler retired teacher. Now. Basically what a lot of respect. I think it's foolish here. A pack up. But yeah there is one time might create a student wages. It's just not fair that I am only have a doctor. That come to Canada and it. Yeah it. And I said well. Pageant for example let's say you're father was a doctor. And there was only one job who what you want my. Job. And then they thought about it or feel it very very very personal way because. Let doctor. I'd like to adopt person the jobs that. They. You know. Yeah inappropriate for Earl we would like to micromanage everything so everybody had. The perfect job to exhibit their skills. Fair wages a beautiful children and a lovely wife or husband the other side. We'd love to do that but life sometimes goods deals hands that we wish we didn't have. We can't afford everything we'd love to be able to have an imperfect society. And they don't they don't know that when there are very young as students they learned that as they get older. I have also always just find that they. I cannot wait for baseball season there are. No way they only take care. All right it's good good its active thank you have very much guys in a pervert world. And it's not a perfect world that's what we do know. We have throw somebody sitting there and saying okay here's your skill level. He is it your work ethic of this is the perfect job for you so you'll be able to work within your skill set. I hear is a very fair wage so that you can do this and that. You out we've the one who to have a baby take a year off line up and paid absolutely. And I will do this real good true that's not the way it works. Not the way it works even them a Communist country is a during the cold war one or we're gonna. Kind of look at you want an apartment you might have to wait for two or three years ago one. On the bottom line is that line of thinking is fanciful. Fanciful but it doesn't war. Is it says supply and demand it's marketplace. And that's a that's exactly the way it works for America and and I don't think. Many can claim that they have a better system than we do isn't there of course and a but the only problem we have now I think is them goes from. Helping you get over rough spot and getting us started to a good life to. Hey I'm here government take Jeremy ware in that kind of a society now and the Democrats especially. Have. That's their calling card. There is no real incentive. To go out there and do it except personal pride and if your lack personal pride and pretty. They replenish your card on May you leave at ten pound block our government Jesus your door your happy to have somebody else take care view. But not everybody's like that. Personal responsibility. A good work ethic goes a long way toward feeling good when he gets a paycheck. Will be back for more on the Israeli airman thirty WB yeah how important is the wall. To the president and to the country I think it's important to both for a for various reasons and I like your opinion must go to John. And Hamburg John there on WB yen. The morning sandy hello John and stepped out of percent but I think we need this wallet and I I don't know where we might feel safer. Apple now because of that tax reduction. Architect productions bring your lunch money this country. And that can be ticked about 38 million dollars come and a apple sells products in Mexico. And we take part of this money or all of the twenty million prepare for the law actually Mexico would then be fair for all. Audio there's more normally prepare for the wall and that's certainly 11 way to think about it most people when he said the law Poland and they're gonna pay for art. I expect there is the president of Mexico are gonna show up with a check no. We'd trade with them we are very important a partner took them. And there are ways you could there are ways you can tariff your way into them paying for it. Indirectly so it's their money paying for the wall but it's not labeled that meant that could be a good way to do it. I know how much. Product they sell medical but I am sure it's a good. Well remember Mexico. Where their biggest oil to our customer and even lawyer though is but not outrageously high right now. They very much need us as a as a consumer. Of their oil so this thing is. Are they it would save face for them as well. If rewards kind of like not a not totally hidden but not featured. And other words as his little extra charge for doing this with the US that goes into a little special fund. For the wall hey thank you thank you are John appreciate it. Sure I mean it's not like. You don't want a rub anybody's nose and you know Lana you know let's say OK show up with a check there will always going players in the now. Now just take some kind of as some kind of interaction with the us and Mexico and put little terrified. Doesn't even have to be large and over course of time. You are simply put that into a dedicated. Fund. The you know actually going toward the because of building the wall. And then they'd pay for it even though it wasn't designated like that. I think that's the way to go nobody loses face that way either. Let's go to a pat on a cell phone patent on WB again. I get blanket. I got. It. And I did do right well again. Well I can eat and they hate. Yeah. What immediate that they that. Year. You know. Mike. And I get. It. Yeah. Yeah I. Want to work. ED. It. And look into it it. And I. Appreciate it. Out. And it keeps speaking. Yet people. People Arnold a lot of people. Out. Well. Something. Absolutely they have their rules are we ever write to our rules as well thank you thank you very much press appreciate it. I'll give you an example of a Canadian harmless they've changed the law my good dear friends the late John Burns very talented. Radio personality. I work on the a very funny. I worked with him in now Hartford I've known him since he was in school. We're close friends. He wanted to work in Canada he wanted to be on the hearing kind of give a line he was on the air KB with a awesome and whatever you worked at the a whistle and so he has good track record here is a superb broadcaster. He wanted to work in Canada well at that time he explained it to me at that time in order to work in Canada. You had become him and and doing profession that either. And needed people desperately. Argue your talent wasn't available in Canada so you're allowed to comment but it was very special circumstances. I is a very good broadcaster insults at him several years. To get into Canada when he finally did get and he worked there for a long time CF NY and other stations in Toronto it was a good addition through their room. Attitude or personality lineup up there but it was not easy not easy at all to get in there. Let's go through woods David online one David on WB yen. Hello David I. Hello hello yes go ahead David. Yet I support the war but I wanted to talk about illegal immigration prospective partner. Illegal immigration is essentially a replacement forcibly very. Like a California is essentially a slave states and illegal immigrant. Give them a compliant workforce it's all about trips for in the off the labor from business. And for the government. You know what's amazing is that people the benefit from on the people who use cheap labor to get their jobs done they don't even trying to hide that. And be a National Association of Manufacturers or whatever they don't even trying to hide it well that is cheap labor ago bill gussy it up a little bit by saying. It's many of them are jobs Americans don't wanna do. But there when the Republicans are standing up of the Democrats are standing up. For the illegal immigration they're just standing up for cheaper labor. Right and wealthy liberals like to. And they're helping lower age than eagle I granted the privilege like scrubbing their toilets some. I totally agree with you that's always been my position. Is that you users want them so I was for however much you can use them. You know I'm here to enrich their lives. You'll want him here to enrich your life. And and nobody is is that as a talking point what you just didn't. I do but a lot of people forget that. And compete and give it much. He you know we're only we're only trying to help the amount. There are jobs that Americans won't do and so we thought of Americans won't do those jobs. Why don't we bring in people really literally have to do those jobs and also think uttered. Negative side of illegal. There's a lot of negative side. If your boss always. Has has you by you know watts. Because if you know like the job. Our view that giving him too much lip or whatever and turn him me and go find out jury illegal and hopefully they'll send you back. That was common practice in Las Vegas when I was landscape beaten so you have so you got very it's funny because the Democrats. Talk. Till the cows come home. About how fair wages for people. And fair working in missions reprieve and yet they're the ones that endorsed this they know it. Everybody knows you're telling me that those those people. Are paying income tax on actors junior all the time. They're not citizens they don't have a Social Security number. They work under the table but I'm sure they march up to the higher reps on a regular basis and say here's my fair share. Of well. Of being here illegally will let you take your calls they don't Israel Montreal 180616926. Iron 930. How important is the walls president trump. How important as the wall to country back after that is.