Sandy Beach Trump Cuts 2-14 Hour 3

Sandy Beach
Wednesday, February 14th

President Trump wants to cut funding from PBS and NPR. He also wants to replace a percentage of Food Stamps with Food boxes.  Listen to Beach and Company LIVE Monday thru Friday 9am-Noon on News Radio 930 WBEN


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And we are back live to Beijing governing sand beach and we're going to shift gears now talking about a guy that doesn't get enough publicity. I'm thing Donald Trump I mean I wish people would mention a more you know remain. And a Donald Trump has said as he's trying to streamline and make more efficient. How we do business in Washington. Which involves a lot of money but remember all the money it involves is yours is yours is mine. She neighbors. It's anybody pays taxes it's our money it's not their money. We elect them to oversee how they use our money sometimes we're happy with that sometimes we're not. But there are things that we've been using taxpayers' money. Four that don't seem apropos anymore. And among of that maybe one time and made some cents. For the government to help subsidize certain things because. They were in rare supply. Or they were hurt kind of importance of the public buy back commercially important. Ions so Leo would get a subsidy from the government and still are. Even though that should've been reviewing in May be edited. The discarded totally. One of the things that the president is talking about of phasing out not all of one bite. About over a period of time we don't have the specifics on this but we can comment on the thought process. And one of the things that we've president's looking at two phased out over periods of time is funding for public broadcasting. Now you have to understand that my position. As they broadcaster as a commercial broadcaster my whole life. Might be a little different than ours about I think we have some things and commonality. And one is. It's my money. And I should have a say whether I'm in public broadcasting our private broadcasting. As to whether it is appropriate. To help subsidize public broadcasting. As I said it sometime before are we had you know 500 channels. And you and you could get television on your fingernails. Before all that was basically ABC. CBS. NBC. And PV tests and that was about it there was a much more than that. And of course it's expanded and a different networks have come in and there's a lot more out there and now. With cable and you're going through your menu there's so many things can believe. However a lot of communal why not rich but there are a lot of things and some other things that you could only get on PBS before in the form of documentaries and whatever. Are now available. Easily. For for free or for as close the free agent yet and maybe you don't think and I know I don't think that the public broadcasting should be subsidized. If if indeed I'm of firm believer in the marketplace. If indeed. What what they offer is something you can't get anywhere else. Well maybe you should subsidize them directly would your own Jack and a lot of people do. Rather than the government subsidies if what they have is available in other places. I'm and we put him on the of the free column then why should we be paying PBS to do it. I'm in awards show me some things that the Booth and our visit a couple of elements here. It has there has to be a demand by the public I need four matches you know starting the sex life of ways. So the bottom line is surely something that doesn't need for that isn't fulfilled in the in the private sector. And then maybe we can talk but I think anything that they do and they had some very good program and a good children's programming and things like that. And where there's a good quality product. As PBS puts good quality product they should be able to take it to the marketplace they get trivia. A sponsor's let them go after commercials sponsors like we do. Instead a lot of vote a lot of a public service. Is it is something that is easily duplicated. In the private sector and we don't have to spend taxpayer money to boost up. So that's how I feel I feel it should be you know this should be phased out. Let them get into the marketplace like everybody else knock on the door as rang the bells. Introduce sponsors to what they have for clients if they're better. That's fine. Let them a benefit from our fare worse than those choices though have the live where. But the bottom line is I'm go I'm no fan of subsidizing previous it because it's like because you know a lot of programming is not necessarily in my case. But I can understand some people would like certainly but every time I turn on. The matter what this. Is. I get a straight minutes and then there's a fund raiser. They spent 1820 minutes telling you how important is that you send your donation in now or Coco garment the fraud. I mean the bottom line is I don't think it's I think it's outgrown the necessity for public funding. I think it should live and die it's all hopefully thrive on its own but the bottom line is I don't think we should have to pay for. And every time I'd turn that TV on and look something in my audiences there yep they were oh okay pledge break. They used to have a way that you could easily get through the. Pledged great where fast forward through through the commercials. Through bill than he allegedly commercials there. Either please. Four or your funding. But and counseled the more difficult than Jesus have to go in the regular fast forward button a little later. It 3093010616. Through visits and I'm thirty president trouble on the right track. Two. Gradually over a period of time. Cut down and eventually deed fraud defund. Public broadcasting I say if you're a big fan of public broadcasting. Then you should sign up and them. And others occurred directly contribute to them the way they know you're in the corner but if I don't watch it. And I don't use it watch or read the paper again this is an abridged. Where I have to drive over it I don't have to watch it neither of you I don't have to listen to it and neither view. We'll be back with more after Davis the president is they're going to be getting involved we have Obama. Blow a kind of not all at once we're kind of over a period of time stopping the flow of government money to PBS public broadcasting. IE I think there's some good things on public broadcasting. And there's some things little bored to death but that's like regular drug and same thing. Except that we have to go out and they gather up our own sponsors gather our audience first gather our our own sponsors. And and you know make it work. I don't citywide public broadcasting now in this day and age. On February 14 when he detained should get the golden child here's here's a little something special for your courage your special. Because I don't think they're really that special. They have some good stuff some bad stuff like as a sort of like anybody else. But there's so many channels available on TV there's so many audio channels available everywhere. The I don't think they have a unique service that does not available. Who's taxpayers or non taxpayers for free so why should we subsidize them out of illusion after. I think they should get in like a put on their big boy fund raising pants. The dollar marketplace and sell will sell the things that everybody else has to sell. You grant that Sony I would find it hard to believe you don't but I'm just going to ask you to be polite let PBS compete and the market like we. As swam always looked at it because not just because where I'm in private broadcasting. Bug commercial broadcasting is because it's the same thing we say about everything let the marketplace. Decide why why did they get the at one time it might have made some sense. When there were three channels and that was it. As three channels and and PBS. And that was it so if it wasn't on those channels you've probably had no chance of getting information or entertainment or whatever those days are long gone. All right if if if you go go through a cable channel now the first of all there's a lot of things but there's a lot of duplicates Tinto. And ever notice now if there's one. I hit show. On cables suddenly there's five just like. How awful guy going. Join and share of gains in the fixer upper they had they find houses for people. And they work with them they fix them up and and present and for the people people pay four cores and that's what that is and you've got. A charismatic husband and wife and charismatic children. It's now there's like six shows just like that because this was gonna and they just change the location. In you know it's this place is over in that place. And instead of white and it got black and instead of this you got that but it's the same exact. Thing is like the flipping Joe's discovery channel's the rule that way yeah they copy everything that flipping channel flipping I was Vega is paying their yard million dollars what paying. I'll flip vests and I'm merely a bit I'd ever any creative people and left them in American broadcasting hour mark. Now they're not is this copy them and they don't change and that much. That's that you see that coupled. Among Vegas. Lol first at all he drives. A Porsche. Our tests I think is in our history about a 160. She drives that abortion Ky okay. And they buy houses in Vegas. And the houses in Vegas look like what what Germany look like right at the end of the war. They look destroyed. And there is always the same format. There's no good they don't get the parts in on time they discovered something it's terrible it's they know about. They're gonna have an open house in two hours and they got to build another room before that that is a marshals that I watch the same stuff. Since same format. So that even if you are they decide that if you do once he can continue to book because there will be enough people for. The other car shows some of our shows like that to answer you get a lot of stuff but. There is some good creative stuff coming on cable I have missed some good creative stuff coming out of PBS but the difference as I don't watch previous. Why should I have to pay for. Go to. WB again. Yeah. PD help out a little. He you know we'd ego basically. You're conservative political views are are are common and well I think it's. Program ought to we end. Up. Probe got the lap this is absolutely. It conservative and and and you could see. You know if they're old old news oh Erica structure and a solid. There at 2. O'clock to truck or whatever. Celebrity cat it never get it make it yet. He's got. We can agree in the world like the others. Dear life and why did you were getting. Everything. Think. I'm I'm ordeal and I understand the bias yeah I I kind of soft pedal it the intro but. Your guy in the audience knows it's there are no question about it thank you. And down. I I every time the purpose was greater for PBS and that it is now I've always thought that in the marketplace should decide. The market place pays for it the marketplace supports it why does the government come in unless it's something that. Absolutely. Is important but not available. On the commercial broadcasting but if it's important and not available why aren't others doing it that's the point. There are people here who could have both our races if if a frog races. Would make money they would have frog races there's no question about that so apparently. I'm PBS says the the ability to it's really funny through. Criticized the government take strong political views while still having your hand out for it and expected to be like a neutral thought it's not a neutral thought. You ego like there are you don't like them feel like equality you know like the quality. You who like the politics or you don't like the politics but the bottom line is there's nothing. If previous didn't get another dollar. And they're not talking about. Pulling the rug out from under them all at once is talking about incremental. Our cuts in it if they didn't get another dollar. You would not be missing anything you'd still have access to everything that you want as far as broadcasters are concerned. I you know it's funny that there was a letter written I don't have been from Emory. Talking about. The importance of PBS. As opposed the commercial broadcasting. And one of the things schools listed. Is their abilities to alarm America it's a lot of snow is something. Some emergency was happening hot. He's telling me that right now will all of the systems we have now where if you are rob if your phone is on. As you'll get emergency notices we tell you what's happening. We're breaking news and breaking sports and breaking this and that whether dollars a so that's all covered. But they are listed as one of their strong points. And I guess if you think you're God's chosen. Medium. You might believe that but I think anybody who's realistic noses whatever they have is available however world's. It is eight Altria around 301806. On six nights who receive star and I thirty trumpet is also now. Talking a bottle and I'm gonna get heavily into this right now reforming. Food stamps. I have food stamps I think error this first of all there is a need to a certain degree. Four of the food stamp program. But there's a need for a more efficient food stamp program. The need for a more effective food stamp program. When you find out if you do a little bit of digging that people often times cells the food stamps. Their supply of food stamps. To get cash for them so they can do things with the cash that they can't do with food stamps so that's kind of like an Enron as. It was designed to keep you from being hungry. And them it's not necessarily use that way very effectively. So. President trump was talking about various things. And we don't have anything concrete yet talking about actual food being as being supplied. To certain people which would be nice because the misuse of food stamps has always been hanging over the American taxpayers. Because it they're used as currency. I'd be used as currency sell your food stamps buy cigarettes a sight of food stamps buy drugs. And that kind of stuff goes on all the time. Take a break and returned do you think that was sent should be looked that. And what about. The funding for PBS over a period of time should that be phased out. A new Israeli and I'm thirty WBE. However aggravating governor lots available on budget cutting analysts and affects anything zoo with them obviously. And a lot of people talking good game but when push comes to shove I don't now know we can't drew back into that tantrum that. A well I think the among the things Leo funding for PBS. I think should go way over a period of time because. They're not providing anything that isn't generally available some morals but I certainly don't have indecent programming they certainly do. But nothing that can be garnered somewhere else. And not paid for by the taxpayers instead paid for by people who supported and commercial sponsors. Having said that Donald Trump's also looking at the food stamp program and I think the food stamp program serves a purpose through but it's got to be more efficient is going to be. An effective way to distributing yet. To the of people what they need and not a system of abuse now I'm going to. Read there's so first sex and the breeze and setting it up like this is this is either urban myth. Because I've heard this a million. Times. Or is true if it's true it's disgusting. If it's urban myth you write it offers urban myth. And I've got my two all urban myth identifiers here. Beamer and Tony Caligiuri. A mother read this and tell me if you think it's true rule or your fingers or amendment. Sandy I was BC I was behind a lady of the grows on I don't know records are authorities. There. This thing moves a seizure. And OK well this is gonna drive me crazy because this is my urban myths suggestion here. It now okay. Note as the I've gotten you know worded it. You are you know which monitors are about the woman with me via the lobster none of all I got that want to OK get lobs Iran because my screen is ordered French. Yeah last week I was in line behind two able bodied mid twenties people buying lobster tails with a benefit card. They were as proud as could be. Now how many times have you heard that exact thing I they were right in front of me. They were buying lobster. Rule where that will outlive their benefit card I don't know for sure not what do you think you think that's urban myth and a I don't oaks I don't know what's covered. What. You know you're here why wouldn't matter whether it was covered him out of it was covered be wasteful. The people yes and allegedly hungry to give them lobster tails it's phony it's just people don't like the program basically. Wright is an in depth are angry with if they if they are giving obsessed disgusting. When you can get so much other stuff to feature but do you think it's true do you think people actually do see other people with lobster tails you know in today's teenager would not be surprised are how are you. I think it directly I think they they missed a spot here I'd seen something very similar I think every line trying to buy lobster tails and told you can't buy a lot details would bet Clark. So they said hold on. Took that car to the ATM machine where you can get cash with your EBD card I've seen this happen you see the signs on top of the machines except EBD card. Get the cash go back and buy it with the cash are indirectly they can't use the card but there are certain things that they'll say the cards are accepted for best but it defeats the purpose because most ATM machines or grocery store will take the eight EDT indeed you can ask for. While Zaire's airs at Ottawa like that. There's a video on YouTube of a girl bragging about buying a lobster with food stamps and then she feeds insured dog. Now this doesn't seem right now I'd not that it would if it happened and obviously that wouldn't be right. But I can't see somebody saying. I'm buying lobster with a whip my food stamps so that I can feed my dog all I can see that with the they would just say. I think there's pit planning videos of people bragging about what they give our public assistance and how anybody that works for a living is a soccer and they don't plan ever getting a job. Again remember yesterday we were to I was just yesterday were talking about. Think things online there were manufactured there were put it you know man you've the group and Abbott did the lion really. Eat the person that it just killed alliance made Erica. So how do we know that's not block it could be somebody acting vice president byword if more on food stamps. And I were my you know dog like globs that are. I wouldn't tell anybody that I would you know if you did it for what a shame on you but if I did it. I would keep it secret why would they purposely just try and rubber then just to show that this damning. Systems yeah basically because there's no there's no shame in you know when I resident you're right about a week your way around now food stands for what my dad was embarrassed. We where government chief he sent me to go get. The cheese because she was embarrassed. I know that that was a a primary concern. Was my grandmother and grandfather. And my mother and father that well that they could make their own way and not not do that. And people it's there if you need it as original abuse it. But you're right bit deprived of all I don't care scam them here and here here's a lobster for Fido I had this game as a badge of honor the town whose that says it's whose dad. Because I have heard that so much. About you know the lobster especially. But I think of beamer might have that right. There's somebody. If the car didn't cover certain thing I at first I didn't know he could use the card to cash for cash right. I know that. You want whatever what would ask why. Andy I guess with sounds like it hasn't been you know relief is sharing like that. Some mud down the line would include actual food which could be consumed obviously. If if from. If you are hungry need food you should be fed which you shouldn't get a card good for food to buy things that are not going to alleviate your hunger and it just going to scam the American public. I think that's a pretty I think that's a pretty good. Waited to describe it but Tony you're absolutely right. One of the biggest foundations. Of problems we have right now is just absolutely prevalent. Is is no pride more. There's no go result for a prize gone away class is gone away and you're exactly right it's get it you can. Get it wherever you can brag about it is legal or illegal and that the American taxpayers pay for and make she gives somebody's face or I get yeah get loud about it too. Take a break every time a news radio 930. Askew through what you think that that bill emerges read is true. Or preserving a bills will be back for more on news regimen thirty WB. Okay this is spent Tuesday. What a thing I don't understand and you have people who abuse the system and say how easy it's been a freer ride on the taxpayers but yet we still have homeless people in the United States. That's right that it quickly and doesn't doesn't work transit. If it's if it's. Easy to get involved with Luke that with a food stamps and things like that if it's easy. A wire homeless people using it more and would that be the homeless people or abusing it. But go about getting that they're getting just. Just reports of people obviously and here's one you can't get cash with a snap card now is a snap are the same thing and I don't. Obama and I was talking about the EDT car I don't agree that would. Altogether but I still think it's ridiculous that it it's still the same kind of money is that there's no restriction on. But got the beat a lot of food stamp cards you can't cash it's that that it's all put on to the same car. OK then they're digging declined at one point and they just going getting cash and ATM and still buying it. I think the card should be restricted to a healthy food choices. And not junk food because they enjoy if you're buying junk food where that sort thousands more money and in day in health situations. Because people are eating junk float as does the same wave of the lead drop out of school you're paying money for school. The availability is there they don't go to school. So they drop out and we end up supporting them in prison. About it like that I mean if there are things to help the populations. The population has to do their part. And and to do something to improve their own. You know their lot in life. With the assistance that they can get from the taxpayers with programs like that. What always made me and lo is raising services. None of these programs ever seem to go away and here's the thing about food stamps because I remember this specific. I own nothing about food sense but I do this aren't. The US it's I got into a real growth period. Where the number of people on food stamps. A nationally when weighed down weighed down so wat happened. A first of all that should be a good thing right. Less need for food stamps a good bang less hungry people so they don't agree on that but what happened. The food stamp people started advertising. Advertising including on this radio station that I remember where Hiram member response work. I'm I'm talking people into signing up for stamps. Now if you were really hungry. And you really needed food stamps would you have to would you have to try and sell somebody that the signing of food stamps I don't think so. I figured if you're hungry the natural thing to do would be this eco waste your vote. In a proposed stamps over there and available you wouldn't have to do the begged them to try and to try and get on the program and the reason. That that it was happening then is. The infrastructure to support food stamps didn't want to lose their jobs than lose their part of the apply. By you there either supplying our growing and doing whatever they had to do. But to keep people on food stamps. I the idea of government assistance is not the key people on assistance is to give them assistance while they need it. And hopefully is like jumpstart their car you'll push and then hopefully it'll start. And they can be self sufficient which is everybody's goal should be a rulers tool. I don't know if it is and I. But your member Tony what we did that thing about the food stamp people advertising. To get more people sign up because there have been a drop in people using food stamps I remember if it was any fire that we had a guy right there rice there on the wall it was here right next microphone. There block as. And I I was sitting right in this chair as what you are going. I would they have to advertise. It is good to talk you into going into is the kind of thing there. If you are hungry we were very happy to of followed up and do it yourself you would need to be sold on it by them. So that's that's the kind of thing all of these things. Have people around who would minister ram. Who supply them who growth things sell things whatever and nobody wants it to go away. I wish Ken Hamilton was was here today is he explain me one time and how. How people their people that make money. Awful of people being poor people oh sure and then after rely on public assistance. And dull old nasty. It. Circled behind the scenes. How the money our travels hey this person's bribes as politician and they make money meanwhile you have people esteem for. He is they get a tax incentive next time we are and jobs so or Wal-Mart a wegmans checked is the common people would benefit cards are underweight. They buy junk food. So apparently that's the first step the next Ebbers the purple spandex at Wal-Mart. And so that's that's the way that goes I don't know if batting. The elusive purple spandex oil. But I yes and I I'm not familiar way this. You can purchase birthday cakes. At Wal-Mart. Notes that you can purchase perfect exit wegmans with the EB. I can't afford what worked two jobs I've seen people use multiple EB ET guards it's disgusting. Man I'll tell you once we introduced this subject. That's screen was was scrolling so fast that I couldn't stop. I couldn't stop and get to a few that I wanted to read. So obviously. Would've. You know I guy contacted you see it happen everyday right in front of you it's got to be discouraging. Simply because when you check out. They want your credit card your debit card or cash or whatever and others. Are you are praying for them through. And they they just present or judges gave them so I can understand that getting a little frustrating. In a pervert world. Did the need he would get with the media needs and others wouldn't scam. But it's not a perfect world obviously. And like I said earlier people take it as a badge of honor. And brag because they figured a way to scam the system load you know I can do this if you do bad to you give more money you know and why should I ever work if I don't have to. Mo is present in Britain to set by the out of our ups and couples who tomorrow night under Israeli and I'm thirty WB and. Oh. Local. Which they never to leave these. Requiem you know I don't give him.