Sandy Beach Streaker 11-14 Hour 3

Sandy Beach
Tuesday, November 14th

Should the Judge give the "streaker" a hard or soft sentence? Listen to Beach and Company LIVE Monday thru Friday 9am-Noon on News Radio 930 WBEN


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And we are back where of the region governor if I was a member of congress I would alert my staff that if I was that are going to be asking questions. Somebody on the stand and you're sitting behind me. You have to remember the camera is on the you have the member of congress and with the static shots a little say on there. Ended drew Bobbi Joseph lingo. I just saw a lady asking Jeff Sessions and questions I don't know that lady as. But right the hot anger is a staff member looks really young too. I'm probably twenties geez chewing gum silly she's got a hold down and so it's. And now I believe me they'll review these videos. And to suggest maybe a little different projects. Okay it's true symbol lamb right today's his big day in front of the judge. Should the shooting yet punished. What leveled most of the can happen ism 12150 dollar fine. Ninety days in jail. I think the finest fine maybe some. Other stuff but certainly no jail time. Although I I do Banca message eventually has to be sent out that the kind of rude. Lewd crude and sometimes they're dangerous they're behavior has to be. Has to be looked at the NFL Moses the big concern. And and this excuse a lot of people from even going to game. Here's some tax sandy. Please and pleases them I'll caps please address your voice and stay home tomorrow. I love you but take care of yourself where it's side. Tim lawyer how that race I didn't even though it likely. That he makes an election that's a real expert obviously Tim Burton's. I'll tell Cindy to eat fresh pineapple today who will be amazed by the results I love pineapple. On the you know less than a European trip world. I have pineapple Jerusalem as the morning and it is it's so good so yeah thank you for that suggestion. NC thirty days is should be the Max an excellent. Send him to an impulse control class make him pay for it and a legal cause of the prosecution. So that's a bad I just say because jails who are issues. And not know are good or anybody calling themselves senior. Wiener. Not where you long ago I tell me give me a couple of that is both ways we've analogue all of it all the. Sierra sack as ever see the naked bike ride imposed upon the people of buffalo. That's yeah IE paper it was funny. Is often times you'll see naked protest. And they usually are by grinds things like that. But usually. You don't get to think about what they're protesting because you wish they weren't protests. There's certainly other people might the only carrier barrel of a better than you do and so the it's not a day at the beach I can tell you that. It that it does not look like a lot of those great. Swinging European beaches. It it's it should be have brought out the casting should be a little more stringent and auto employees. Let's go to our second one who's Donna says a soft one. The heart sentence should go to the drunks in the parking lot hurting other patrons. Like the guy who jumped on another's back nothing funny about it about a spinal cord injury this kid was just having some forbidden fun. And absolutely true I don't know if Michael my kids always tournament. But yeah absolutely. You jump on somebody's back to Becker be a back issue for the rest of their lives. I think if you vomit on somebody's shouldn't be. Responsible for that obviously you view you would get him fight you should be responsible for that all of the behavior. Because I guarantee you more people at that gave me even. We're looking at some of the things that have gone on before the streaking white. And didn't do that when he was streaking they were laughing and cheering and clapping or whatever. So negative the phones out and taken yeah exactly everybody's got a full service go video. But that's that's the point is a lot more objectionable stuff. Then his. They're here is. Do him shaking. Much of it on the defensive line. Yeah and offensive. Opportunities. Should always there. So there was more offensive stuff in wearing bills you reforms then being totally naked. One more before the break Joyce says did you know that Bruce Willis streaked down the main street in his home town in New Jersey before he became a movie star. Maybe this I had that mind works for Bruce. A legend in his own time. While I think Bruce must that a couple of pot still because most people wouldn't do that. Is specially. If you if you hope for career. In public. Because somebody to bring it up. As I'm gonna say remember Bruce. Forty years ago and our home zone who. Of course now involves several law and will vote. With. People whose names we now in abhorrent behavior that's enough. We've we've seen go left a bar slide a little bit absolutely. And as Mary was with you hold upwards of being historic. And the east diesel not beamer he's got that look doesn't think that we have outlook yeah he really does if you Arctic and I would activate the camera. That. Yeah it's a little suspicious. We'll be back for more I'm whose regular thirty WVMRS. Allah in west Seneca Allah you're on WB yet. Yes just congestion and it's in my throat armada I'm taking medication allies should be better. In Parker could discourage any future episodes like debt. Gentlemen good hefty fine and I am appeared he. Yes something does something good something fashionable summit looks good so you use say you've never read you've never done anything like ballot and in your youth. Ella who. Yes you you never doubted streaking aren't like that. Yeah you're gonna last that this but it is true. When my daughter was born I had so many players that properly. Actor couldn't have gotten it. Well obviously. I thinks there has to be some thing but I don't think it should be jailed. Then neatly into rock as sense of modesty. We've got a lot of sense that a lot of straight. Is and get the number of teed off. Thirty my generation. Not valid for it and then usually it. No I I didn't I intend to mark you I think your generation. Heads and the value system that America has I think we've eroded that over a period of time I think we can agree on that. It. How far. How far because remember we had the roaring twenties. And then the thirties he kind of wild sue so you gotta go back a long way don't. I know but I don't know if we ever can't end this thing that really bothered me more than its Greek tourists the increase. In the attack a. While yeah I mean especially west Seneca. Iditarod it sounded like an insurrection on the Mejia. Audio that we brought back. Well as as tired as we can't vote amateur races they voted for themselves. Yeah and I notice that is Sheila Megan is not to. Interest and talking about it either. Well good bloc allies in what they say present. And just like 8%. Yes and that. 8:9 AM really well guys the day. And they helped it billion hate. I got them noticed from my political hot that's gonna go up to pour 127. Dollars some are. Law ya everything everything isn't going up when it shouldn't be and these guys tested especially via when you don't have unlimited wheelbarrow slow money every dollar counts right. This year one year until closer security. And I don't have found Obama is the money tree. I would like to. I think those women while looking for an in Detroit. You'll have less senator I don't think Obama got that there was senator. Wait they should do something. Because you don't want to encourage that to. Behave. No I agree I totally agree with that are there days you but they should do something. But we have to act proportionately. And not just reactionary and will be thank you very much Joseph always good to dark view. Right now they have to do something he can't slow law. A bug them you know nothing crazy. I think crazy will be jail time the maximum sentence. A would be a 12150. Dollar fine. In ninety days in jail. I'm ninety days doesn't sound like much in jail and if you've never been in jail I think ninety days was in my a lot of time in Asia. A Tony urine for shorter periods than that. And never did it go over. Hillary now a lot of disappointment salary duke last. I was one of the success on very. Military guys are dead zone regularly a couple of things. Kathleen says. By the looks of him definitely a soft one. I don't know wow. How insulting. All he's gonna take that personally Kathleen. Rushed really will be because the only reason you would do that and so people ago. Pool. Did you see him on the authority. That's nothing's him on the 45 it was a really ought. By the time he got to the end zones all over I don't think he's in despite giving it. And a home and I have to get in and Kurt says. C five and let him go yet people duel in a year in jail or less for fatal hit and run. You wanna give my harmless streaker and stiff sentence. Pathetic that's a little boy that is a good point. Human life is taken in the court sometimes and very lightly. As far as them via you know you'll be responsible for one. A via inattentive driving things like that so I think that's a that's a legitimate point guard them. Now let's see this as harmless fun the person who should be looked at. Is security who allowed them to get on the field what I did that happen. They think about it now there's no place where there's access to the field and privacy. You have to be among other people before you wanna on the field. How did they let him get his clothes off and get on the field. Hunted. You can't terror away outfit you know breakaway and then jump you know like you know it is like that okay yeah. Maybe practice mills. I here's one says talk about turning the other cheek. That's good little play on words they're very good charge a dollar a yard. For every yard that he ran times served embed them from the field for a year. I'm betting either. It's time served. Which is basically. Nothing exists on bail. But barred from me. The over here. That might be a meaningful lifetime ban a yeah a dollar a yard. I think he went from ends on themselves. Now wait a second of the person that threw the Joseph hot now with this the object last year. To that person get lifetime ban next I got a lifetime ban from all NFL stadiums. Really yes will be thorough. An object and object. Old reality. While he threw that yes it under the field Qassam could have tripped an official had to pick it up. I've picked a worse job with the stadium is the people have to pick up stuff. Go ahead barrier the newest member of the security didn't tackle that make you guys. Source to actually make it dire picking up that out yeah exactly I do not think about that you might accidentally forgot there won't deck and figured out but you come home from work on the Thursday and realizes I mean how is first they don't work. Well apparently got great tournament. My first there was my last day and conflicts but they met exam next for cultural forum. And he felt like James Brown you know James drugs Jim McKay. Go to stage running out of gas just totally spent because he was a great performer. And one of those guys have come up and they put it Capel. And then he would be rejuvenated. It's pretty cool in Oakland it was there you go you'll see that haven't realized that now I don't you know. Paul says he should get a find it hurts plus probation but no jail time. Yeah I'm with Paul. I think that's that's the right thing to do. Our society has to lighten up according to this tax. There was no ill intent. In going forward. Engines by the way the colder against the less of a problem is going to be which is true. They try and January ya exactly true because we demand the bills don't play there and never play in January at least and I'm a long time in seventeen years and even in January. And I don't know what this year either the coach said the same thing he said last night we lost to a he's got to coach better. Vision that you personally. Best debt that's that's a stand and how important is I mean. So that I'm not a moment players on the underdog as she saves a car reforming jet fighter coaches as. The money we're paying so badly. You think eager to find an open receiver if they would have would that be asking too much you think the darkened locked c'mon you think it's you know you're supposed to knock him down so he goes and knocked on your quarterback. Honestly bill like that we didn't expect to win this one offers first place. We didn't say that because we wanted to go into the game but we didn't think we had a chance I they were like you don't disclose. And July are refreshing dark. All right let's go to Mary Allen who says a break can you blame him after that game. Let's just move on he wasn't drunken driving. Much too harsh a sentence. Now do you think he you know the court can only fight on twelve and fifty dollars. But he may have to spend more and them lawyers. Is possible. Now do you think that he can set a goal for me page. If you did if they did today's. That would be surprise go find me because I I I could Ike and you have be meter in the markings of a football field. I'm only on the authority now and I have to school in an army and you keep him thirtieth Jewelers cities. People may start incursion to do this at other event. Eddie are festivals coming up I'll bet you can't get from the street to that story. Well that's true. That's true set goals I like a task oriented goals yeah now via a see who could do it I don't think you'd do it with a savers that's ice right now. I don't think that would work yet to stick to baseball pays off for sure and that definitely the festival's. Other festivals or apartment that's. Yeah our. You don't want to be careful and when you know it's ninety degree dog don't go bring your dog to Edwards you're gonna appear naked. In we have rules. Office of food faster where that yeah there face the buffalo and have a whole movie in what he. Well today. Barred registered embassy. Professionals who are going through the attack if that's not just earlier in the waters in one go there. Exactly and it's not that there has not that it in. Rather of marisleysis. Rage. Have a race paper and Morris say he had today I buried that is definitely you know I would. We're more it would region company as I struggled to get across but I would in his voice but I'm going to do that because I'm committed to it. They get paid under the and a lot but a news radio I'm thirty WB. I think any of tres amber I guess a good lawyer he can get this whole thing thrown out of court you know why Tony and you should know this. Your filed a lot of the criminal defense attorney. You should notice. I don't think they might recognize them. Because you need a special mare and I swore in the somebody like this and I think I have a right here. It very seldom after uses a in the case of a streaker they would have to use this special. You have a right to remain fully clothed and the clove and you take golf willing can be held against you in the court of law. If you can't afford clothes clothes will be provided for you. Since I've met and that at bat and that it was part of broader doubt yes it's me I am naked. Yes I have my interest in November 29 results. Yes why my name professionally as senior Winger. But I'd doesn't mean I'm a bad person you know I've club up at the ballpark you do know that right. I'm so I don't think the game the right camera guys warning. Have they done that they might have an open and shut case and ignored have been a slam down. But I still think my idea yesterday of putting through a lineup is better because visual recognition you know faces a panel. I think I think they needed radio full line up but I don't think they did daddy there. This is sloppy maybe we should have a special prosecutor pointed you know most often it is a budget. Trump. Of course your strokes fall and that's all the reason but he did he wanted to approach this. No I don't think that's. A every you know is how well trump was received when he's overseas. People overseas block them. Outcome some of us though I do some of us though. Is that is that wild. I mean they treat him like a rock star when he arrives he's been our rock star they lay out the red. Fancy at our product that yellow shirt. It's a special shirt that they where in the Philippines if some kind of went on earth where that picture well that's why had a hard. Because the president of the Philippines had the exact same Veronica. It was a yellow dress shirt Wear long sleeves would notes ties and open up Malia and neck. And I couldn't figure out why the president would have the same shirt and and but that's it must have been given no it was a gift and he wanted to honor the Philippines a week war good for him but yeah we see the people. There they love the fact that he's visiting and it's it's a good thing. But not a homicides and all right Tony give me some more every time we refresh. The FaceBook page we've got fifteen more I don't think we've had this many FaceBook and a long long time what else yeah. Dell says he's no criminal just a prankster it was stupid slap a fine and quit wasting taxpayer money. On a non criminal. I agree with that as I said the only thing. That I do think has to be looked into whether this is the thing that does it or not. Is the behavior. Of us some aberrant bills fans at the game. No I'm not saying this is the idea the tiebreaker this is the straw that broke the camel's back. But if it does have to be looked into and if I were at the game I find what he did less offensive than some vomiting drunk. Or somebody you know we're bio language or somebody fist fighting or some moron jumping onto a table. Because one of these days at tables and a break and is gonna break his ribs and a low pay is Wednesday that another. Joseph says why I think god he looks and he lawyer it is not his lawyers are not going to be cheap. The set he should be a heavy fine with no jail time. Yeah yeah and I think a good lawyer improbably yeah. You're probably get a favorable ruling by the judge I assume with the judge that makes a decision I don't think this is the kind of thing for jury I would be very surprised if it was like I've been these surprise before. We're asking who what you would say if you were his mother his mother apparently. A is. Area in the moment shall we say. When she found out her scented. Monday given along the field in buffalo she said well bass my son is a free spirit. But nobody no bad intentions and that's true he wasn't trying to. Do anything bad news is trying to do something perhaps. A little. Reckless you know Wednesday but. Buttons there so I give them a break and those with the judges who are under the robe maybe he's feeling. Maybe he's your little kinship with the with the defendant in front of you never know you can't now in fact I think he should challenge. The judge like Alpa chino do in the movie. I don't what are you I don't order I went out before you know 80000 people we don't know what you're wearing under that robe give us a week. He's go to jail time immediately. Thank you very much your life after they're gonna love spike your little room. He likes a well dressed winner. I would ask you about I was a judge has denied a chance in how we came up with the name senior leader. Because I think that would. That would tell the court a lot of his mines century put a lot of thought and I'm sure is probably focus groups who all think fussy probably has an idea. A you know logo. Sure it's a great job share or maybe you had media and the derby you know why it didn't even think they still did wrong. Derby but in my Beatrice in July natural order arena. So is there any young winners in the in the pipeline what was that the ECB bombers they city rollers go no that's the group Andrea and plumbers you know the bombers I've never seen orderly. But our live on the nose in Algeria where they try to elbow each other off the track. I should think it was cool will it looks by the time. I don't know if either of your bigot. I don't think we did and it's super skinny back in the day no no we did couples only here half. A threesome with them and special occasions you know being guys that grow older bro don't they it was Friday night after hours after hours Olivia will be back right after. As far as public lewdness. The defense there would be that is active running up the field wasn't linked. But he didn't do any thing gyrate or something like that that you could say it was done. Ice I started the day sounding better than I did yesterday by dozens of Elena argenbright. Thursday mostly cloudy breezy cooler if you rain showers may end as light snow showers. I have 43 were dropping into the thirties in the afternoon. It is a BG gummery got a couple of attacks heirs says sandy believe it or not there is a gulf on me patriot. So yes Joseph can you verified. I looked up gulf funny I didn't. And find the gulf on meet page but there is in events where they are collecting money for his legal fees in two weeks. Oh really yes there's also wants says there is a gulf army praise to help him by close. Up. Now I if I go funding bases were generally substance. There's somebody you know gets burned out there house them and they have to get into a temporary housing them and I didn't know before something like that. That's how it started but now anyone can go on there's only reason I read once and I'd like to make macaroni salad in the guy got ten dollars. As you know that's not right if they have those they should be for a worthy causes I think he can go. He can go maybe register on the channel Zuback school program. And you just get a a a winter coat. He's gonna need some things to hold them and run naked at the stadium and in mid January and you'll be the only one there. Because of the team will be there in January and that's another one Kenny claiming she's broke and just get a public defender to defend himself. I don't know what the parameters are. For claiming antigen can afford a lawyer I don't know if they ever look into your financial I think they do they do to make sure that denies is cameo thriller it's okay. Tony a couple of your Lucious and today bountiful and quadruple. A FaceBook page. Jeannie says they are making more of this incident than the previous ones. When EDS were performing lewd acts in the stands. That's true that's true and does some of the media everybody remember of the you know. The game against the policy they were if I can I even though where they were sitting in the stadium. Playing the colts when there was still a Baltimore. It was a colts game. And they were up I'm I can I can picture of a stadium the visitor's side upper deck upper deck yeah that's exactly right yes we did say effort. Up there is the operative opera bachelor's copper and the deck the deck that is upper. Is this opera part of the state atop it couldn't get any higher than that as well as the upper deck right if they did they follow they're up there and you know what they were going. We go through a door Bridget they were getting away with it. They have us us. Obvious doggie thing that you bought. Not yours and I would hope all of yours and your brother a group of what was your brother probably wide of our viewers about. Yes or a call a slugging sake lets you had a slightly and they were using as a lifelong my mom has. Your mother would use it like that dollars for watching TV yeah. But that this guy and he was that very good piece on TV all the time where they say people are using that ball games ratio. They show these people. Under a smoggy and I'm thinking of anybody ever worn like that the game may be hooted down off the field. But anyway that's right our ports to a table. Drag our. Best use the the thing now yes of who are doing things but big crackdown. Applaud it was only for a not AFC teams that they would charge right okay you mean and other. Now let's see ducks as head of what the soft fine. Now any worse than the garbage bills mafia does how in the parking lots at that Aaron absolute embarrassment to the city. Well radar and you know we have great fans here we have some that are idiots. And there was that are idiots get a lot of via the national. Coverage when they do dumb idiotic things and other people and encouraging them to do it. This wasn't him that way I. It was something with a minor. In the parking lot. Did he met last year have a helmet on light no not that mine at all under aged I'll get out lady Sugarman rest. They showed as Imelda yes. I can't say it delicately and know the nation's oil via I was not aware of that but the dumb things they do jumping almost tables. And stuff like bells on audio yes setting themselves on fire is it's ridiculous and that's what the national press picks up on. Now as we said the the National Football League has been conservatism that I have to admit they have tried. To do things to crack down because they know this can be very detrimental from the league and like the league's got enough problems right now they don't need anymore. But that table jumping him and I'll let stupid stuff has nothing to do with football. Think about nothing at all to do so I think if they have to. Punish trust them somewhat something. Just so amazed at Kansas say that they via new book available the Wednesday. Ryan says Juli is a horror Nellis naked plot. Well first of all of the art while he's running he brings her emotions and stay emotion I don't hear the curve. Mil per of 180000. While there BitTorrent 8000 people there. By the time they get there you proceed due late in the game against our viewers. Six people such a site sixers here we could go either way it was somewhere else for refreshments. But the bottom line is there was there was a crowd. And I don't think that that was his motivation. Goofy. Immature maybe but I don't think the users are super deftly. IC our side chases that has 500 dollar fine and golf community service. Queen a lot for three games is that 500 dollar fund her cheek and because that would be 2000 peaceful city. One would assume his red sheet after running in the call it definitely. Definitely. You know what B and make a great Snickers commercial. Here they show him starting out. And then the security people tackle him and throw total room and then Marv Levy comes in and says. Are going to Wear for awhile. Would be a great Snickers commercial analyst I don't know Snickers would go to. Would like it but I think the rest of us would like specialists as Maher views of the Libya. The talent and another. Carolina says consider that we live in a country where bird doll Manning and Clinton are free where GQ slaps in the case. A true he throws giving cap status is of the year seriously. Maybe we should throw him a clothing optional parade. Well that's true and I found it offensive about GQ. Not that I didn't understand the concept of person of the year there are due. As as we said the concept as a person who's edit the most impact. Not necessarily good. I'm not necessarily controversial or non controversial just impact. And I I don't think he deserved it under that label. But certainly people like JJ Allard who did a lot of good things and that's just football is a lot of and as the president himself. These are you telling me Donald Trump hasn't had an impact you Mano like the impact he's had. You mania the you may you say that's not the right kind of impact. And that would be your opinion. What I am saying is that the meg cap remic. They give him the legitimacy of pair personal who have of the year because most people don't even know. What the concept is the persevere things that he's a great deeds. Because some medical breakthrough. Summer like that is not a. Let's get to a guy wears a T this year with Fidel Castro erotic. And Sox refer to police as a zero yeah yeah let's do they have given birth and here are some of the younger doesn't make sense at all. A GQ's audience is not a very large 11 would assume. I stopped subscribing. Last Tuesday. You know because I already have enough tuxedos problem. In my patent leather you know proper shoes for special events. Some balsa. This is this is that this is an Tuesday where at Tuesday's Tuesday a CO wearing yours and Wednesday's glory he answered my hair has mixed up and look at beaver. The first ever seen him about the initials of the T. It was laundry day so this is what was in the closet don't worry I'll be back on track sorry your laundry is coming out of blogs. Yes yes it was a regular routine Melbourne usual text. No. All right we tried to have a little bit upon what it is but and a serious side. The fan behavior has to improvement this this can be dealt with voters should not be dealt with harshly. About wraps it up. I'm going to sweep a series last night's program awards tonight ninety work until the bonus. Sierra. As they never need to be used certainly let you know I don't give them.