Sandy Beach Streaker 11-14 Hour 2

Sandy Beach
Tuesday, November 14th

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Yes we're America we're about region company when asked about her son's running regular in the field I his mother his mother said that down. Well everybody knows that that's my son he's a free spirit and no bad intentions okay. In Mets that's good somebody. I got a hold her considers sun is hot. So I think we definitely have a mixed jury on this one. And we were like come he's easy going kind hearted she says. The I was basically raised by me and my sister and I he might tender hearted boy. So obviously ma loves and that allows mom but in most cases I think mothers would not be pleased. That their sons we're doing things like that but I'm thinking the bills have three home games left. If you know the problem was that he didn't have most of the crowded laughed. Because the games aren't. I think you the bills should announce that there will be a streaker at the next three games and they'll be you know one male and female oh. Then another male on the theme of the bottom up and into equal parts and I think they'll play. He's save of trivia there at the end of Hamlin were getting beat well alive and that'll be it. Also you know could use who could use this guy. The bison. Because all the buzz is have those specialty races. And hope runs of movies he retired celery vision salaries done I think he'd be a good replacement for celery here. What else they have four. I I don't know I mean Holloway and there's atomic playing regular check coming in blue jeans are okay these are as good as the ones in Milwaukee. Where they have rock or us. And hot dogs and where they stole the idea he got it figured they'd get a good idea because it's fun I went to several of those games and is fun to watch them. But we're asking who. What the judge should do you know what moms who say horse on in a normal relationship. Don't do it again to what he would. You you needed time outs he's twenty nines and I don't think a time it's gonna work for him Tony give me a couple of companies. I can and let's see began Italians ask the guy gul it was all in font and it didn't hurt anyone. I'd rather see that than a bunch of belligerent drunks are fin in the hallways. Now that's a good point or fights. University fights they know what wife fights in the movies and bar thing is never pleasant and never at all I'm no matter. Under any circumstances. That's not a good a lot of miles on that stuff you're you think about it. I hear is his action was one of the most civilized at the end of that game probably a lot of hostility because we're getting. We getting creamed at the in the scoreboard so he was probably a breath of fresh air so far tell me I have noticed that most people. Wanna be fairly lenient. I missed most of the women the women what are moving guys leaving guys guys there'll harsher OK maybe because they you know. They are competitive. Guys are competitors possible you're undergo private and why now. Okay. Quit looking. Watch a game it's a good game where it's close with my comeback might become better friend Greg Hambrick yeah exactly what Scioscia. Landis has let him go with a fine after that game most people will look for something entertaining well that's true and think about it like vitesse. Whoever you heard talking about the game. Just the hardcore sports guys that's in no restarted but the game games terrible. We weren't competitive at all in this game and of people on a national high thinking where are off to a good start. And this is the really second. Shot at. Making us look good and they failed miserably and so maybe it's just as well in 03 on 301061692. Through six so third. I'd I don't think. That if the judge brings him his is nickname Richardson Lambert's nickname of similar Weiner I might might hurt his case. Because that shows that. He was thinking along those lines and it wasn't just that free spirited act of all the games terrible economy shed these and rundown of the other goal post. It was like maybe plan. A solo maybe that would be harder and other employees also as the street it was better entertainment and the Buffalo Bills. Yes I did the early the guy I feel sorry for is the tackler. They guided had to tackle. Remember what Mike Curtis did the ball more calls while ago I ran on the field and act he was very sorry feel exactly religion. No I don't I am surprised there yeah. In in today's NFL there'd probably. Be lawsuit in Nabil lawsuit and the commissioner mighty fine. I don't know if you have a right as a player it creams somebody who runs on the field he showed he did I saw that game he put his arms straight out and clothes line. I saw so many highlights and the NFL announces one of the greatest because it was one of those things you didn't expect to happen just like this. But you do and expected them. It would abandon them and unpleasant had gotten deck like that by a player in Mike Curtis wasn't the type of guy you really wanted to upset at all but there if they have but he ran near the bills they would be hard pressed him find them. Let alone level analyst knock a ball over a couple of our DB's would have given him a real theatrical lower but still he slips out there would have gone and it with a shoulder no exactly and rolled back rolled his go to you know and says some fireworks off and things like that. All right we're back with more Beijing government going and release argues they've my voice for the next segment on whose regular thirty WB. As far as public lewdness. The defense there would be that is active running up to feel wasn't loom. But he didn't do any thing gyrate or something like that that you could say we're. We wanna know what the judge should do with the tryst then lamp right. Because of who is a streaking activity. The old the harshest punishment would be. But if found guilty of all lived because. 12150. Dollar fine and then ninety days in jail. Should be just get a fine should get a slap on the wrists and yet probation on the provision of a double what should the judge do. Yeah in Myanmar where we're having a little fun with the subject but and other. A rowdy fan behavior has been a problem for the NFL for a long time. But usually it's a lose grosses them this is usually you're fighting them into blah vomiting and and things like that. This is them this is perhaps about your first choice for entertainment. But at least it's not like the other is by. Who knows it'll probably be all over the other anyways so let's go to interest them. In saint Catherine's load up Christen land right at different tryst addressing here on WB yeah. It up. I'm not I'm AJ and it cited Dick Beatty and I. That's so maybe there's no extradition treaty you can stay there safely guard them what's on him and tourism. Why aren't you acting out you know a little bit. Anger or Butler. Log book fair crack at it pretty sure that in the movie. At all. You see it streak. Could be rock would be a portrait that you. In reality it will be the mother. Beat you look at. That's right striking out against. Is hidden. Resentment. And it's your kept behind your behind the scenes all these years and others is going to do it because she you know mums going to be barrage of calls and emails and our guys this. It's right about it that it might get emotional. Ability. I think that's good the only thing worse would be a boy name's Lou thank you thank you address them appreciated. Guys don't always amazes me when that when people give their kids unusual names as part of that way. Because they everytime the kid gives his or her name for anything they have to explain it. For their whole lives and never changes. Because. That's what you got tag would and that's what it is solo who still on and indicate apple. Was that. I think she was a army wants things. One of ours ours who would've felt throw it with velcro. Somebody naymick and apple wasn't Steve Jobs again. When he met by about that much of a company Tony a couple of of this. OK Kathleen sat. Find most exciting part of the game reminds me of the seventies. Well it was the most exciting part of the game and that's a sad began laws. Because you know he's just running around down there on the field and they tackle them and I look away because I did not sees the video. Did they drag them off was he walking. That they put him in co ops that they have his arms behind him. Did he say don't tase me bro I'd really. Which the only thing you saw of him going off the field was he was wrapped in the jacket but he was walking with two officers on. Side he was walking OK good because I watched cops all the time and many times people don't cooperate. And they have to drag a law that would not have been an ending that's terrible leads and a sporting event at the hands of the police carrying you like they can you imagine that Hillary it to somebody go through that I could never happen you'll Zell will be obvious. That the law during a sabres and flyers Rawls who knows what kind of a low life would lawlessness. Exactly know they understand. And I'm sure that when they contacted your mother she said that's my boy got. Never found out. I admitted it on the radio while that's that's pretty cool but not many of the illnesses have been dragged out of this morning and by the police no that's pretty good president that. America tribute but I went out laughing. Well that's good let's go to the crowd if they weren't here and it's not true is them they were laughing through another what is. Linda says this is nothing compared to what is going on in the world might call it was funny. What they're right about that. We'll all that terrible things going on in the world. People dying and all kinds of probably wasn't against mother nature. With the fires and floods and hurricanes and tornadoes and look as though this is really had nothing. Compared to that but there there are certain. Guidelines should always say for a civilized behavior monument. Is that you don't run around naked in front of strangers and last year at the beach that allows new yeah that's true if you're at. That's that's what they should try to get the field designated as a new breach that they would have nothing to triumph. I think you know all those great lawyers could could make them. Say he thought he was avenue bridge right he woke up and he was at the game. And he was naked in the ran off the field is Jessica disoriented exactly. Happened all of assembly were thankful we've awaken and for that brief moment you know assure you are. You let your house and you'll note now you're traveling you at your cousin of these those you don't know he woke up. Look government in the stadium coming into her field. And I gotta get on here as soon as I can so he was actually doing to grow out of favor right by rushing. At a very diary. With the locals and out of there I think you did a good. OJ. We'll be back. Listen I get some more and more we don't we have more we have Marty here. Marty era WB yen. Yeah Pakistan Martin. Two things number one now this may or may now be true because I gotta suck and I am. I understand that it is ideal was getting out and tackled he was gonna go to the fifty yard line and take a knee. Well. With cabinet maybe there was an amendment leader. Are you think that was it it was gonna take him anything he was taking a social position. Absolutely I mean the rest of us including. Most of America's been subjected to other people taking a neat so I think he thought perhaps he was. It the opportunity to create his objection. Well let's put it this way as he seems to have a crowd with a right now I think if he made it and took me I don't going to be the same thing that your money thank you very much. And I about GQ. I don't subscribe to GQ that may surprise you. But the man of the year for GQ. It is. Kaplan it. He's the man Javier doubt his loving yet and no bomb man of the year. They are not chosen because they are the best there in the greatest humanitarian zone cure cancer rate. They're chosen by one particular cancer Veba. They're chosen by the influence and impact they have on society. Because I think it was time magazine. That though once gave man of the year to Adolf Hitler error remind you about that. So it's not necessarily that you're a good person is just that your view you made an impact. But I don't think you think government deserve that zoning. Mil I mean he did make a impact because others started going and those backlash against. The the league that's a pretty big thing. The league has not faced that kind of a backlash ever. I can see if he brought. If he was bringing awareness that brought people to gather to talk about. You know what is going on in in a legitimate way you know meets our offense in the real dialogue. And you know maybe something came out of its debt police for doing. Differently than they had come before or. Or the players' reaction would be different he didn't know he did was taken the kept his mouth shot. And act like. You don't. And the opportunities. Many opportunities body blow it easier it is girlfriend did not take him. And so yeah I agree review and NYU JJ watt rays were 37 million dollars for the hurricane relief in the house don't wanna talk about that wasn't merrier because that's not a big. Let's go to Brian into a lot of Ryanair on WB yeah. Oracle yeah a little bit of a little bit better yesterday what's Europe I'm on the street things out here. Well you know I got a story early virtually destroy us they Beckett all the veterans. This past weekend at my it was a Korean War bad. So like rob I'll always respect in the military. You know Beckett today at all. About a high school we get all. But early seventy's I guess it was probably the bills' first Monday Night Football game televised. I was young I was all out by tighter and then teleport just have to be in my bedroom in a ball right about 12:30 in the morning. The end well we beat them mr. special social and I'm like OK so I went back there my parents store or dead hello ball. And and actually you know might be edge call my ample time to go about Bob blow up. Police department in pick up my brother who had a direct after the. And a B. Again oh wow that's a little too close though but he wasn't making these random feel right. Thank my brother was and they did you know Obama is the if you've I guess he was. So what are you assay is whose bodies there have been down. He did it I bet I bet your father was not too happy about it. Well at least he had the courage suit to run on the field. And he was an Rockefeller also Eds adds good thank you Brian thank you very much you don't want your folks to get back well. Guys absolutely plus there's probably a fire destroyed dale involves. Maybe a 5 AM maybe jail time let's see with the judge says. And as we said. OK amber you said as long as it wasn't gyrating. That probably isn't defense so I don't think he's physically possible to gyrate and run at the same I don't think you do. Under his regular thirty WB. We are back clear of them reaching governor of a judge in Orchard Park today we'll see tryst in oh amber I didn't hear and decide what to do them. Either simply a tap on the wrist something small. It could be up to 12150. Dollars fine and ninety days in Jericho. So I don't know what the judge should do air and if you were his mother what would you say it publicly now I hope they don't him jail time outside July. The people who are already in jail. And the radio. Watch TV. They read the paper you can imagine a couple of those guys finding out that he was going to be sent to their jail. Never known conversation. And they go here and about that's streaker. What's his name tryst them whom we're getting into a new guy and interest and the Mets should be Tuesday yes it is. Guess what it gets more oranges thing you know his handle is what's that says you're lien there. You're telling me that's not a holiday four. Via a group of prisoners and jail finding out that singer Weiner is going to be sent there. And besides they would know it would be arm where would you keep Asia you know what I mean. You got to learn the to go to make Asia of Andrew and I hide it because I've seen every prison movie. Every single one. They all have the obligatory. NC now to only give me an idea what people think itself are both online. And a tax the real man's real and our FaceBook page people have been generally sympathetic. Say no I don't follow let him go let them go people. A letter Q. Have for us Russ says she broke the law descent who should be with the penal law says it it is jail time to put him in jail I shake jail time. The penal law. Of the people see that in the B Jones aren't. I've hours signal we don't wanna go to jail. That's not exactly yesterday you guys step back. This is the avengers is no winner no you don't want that and and the Carlos the engine thing he's already in jail or has been set as you know I don't know if he's actually serving and so. They're giving to be a special things happening what Austria. Rex as a sizable fine as a deterrent to others community service as a lifeguard at a nudist camp at least one year. He stays out of trouble. Oh that's funny that's funny but think about it community service. What they have always gonna do to improve the community you're going to be appearing before groups. Giving a speech. Saying look I learned the hard way. Don't don't run naked during a bills game. I just don't know I simply because I turned my life around since that. Right now I've gotten down to a moment and make it to advisors games that lets people where. You don't wanna sausage runs on the heavier than Iraq right. But nods at the same in the bills right this is more recruit more people there although they keep playing like this and that we'll open. Don't let it. Let's say frank says throw the book get on the toughest sentence possible. We need to stop the stupidity at one bills drive it's bad enough the team has missed the playoffs seventeen years in a row. Now we have to discuss fans streaking which is hardly new. Jerks in the parking lot jumping through tables setting themselves on fire sacks in and out of cars outside of the stadium before. And after in full view enough is enough if their parents are willing to knock some sense into these individuals it's about time the courts do. Yeah are you don't seriously. I have some sympathy for what the guys it's closet who vote right of that threat I have some simple there really do form because. It is getting a little out of hand. We've been having a little fun with this obvious comedic opportunities. But I think there's some. I don't know if the book but he's got to get some punishment. He can't just have a job congress. Because there is too much ridiculous behavior it keeps a lot of people from going to games. Although we ever they're good attendance. It also keeps people from bringing their kids to games. Heard we've heard that many times the drugs keeps most good yeah there's an accident that he does bill ones or vomiting and jumping on tables and that's why I don't go out who the hell wants that he'll pay for that you paper football I want to bring my kid did to look at that no thank all of were paying for football maybe we should go to money back from last week you think that wasn't exactly football belt was. May I pass through your defensive line. Surely come and buy C goes supposed try to run under them and you score points we don't want to bother you don't wanna be friendly. Says in tackling your on the ground. One more before the verdict or. Raymond says B easy on him granted there were kids that scene that. Which wasn't good but give them a break. Yeah he's not that young he's wanting. Does not hold. But it's certainly not a I I think he's had time to develop a rational thoughts. So I had swimming and the only responsible for your behavior if I go to the judge. I would see that he got some kind of fly you give me find up to 12150 books. So I'd make sure you got some kind of fun and I would not symbolism the jail. But I don't know if community service is an appropriate. A remedy for this. Because I don't know what his message would be. When you send somebody up community service that rob the store as rehabilitated their life as one thing but when you have somebody saying today. A they from the truth after they rim maker of a bills game doesn't hold quite the same amount of panache. If you get my drift. Back after missing him. Clearly. But one charge would be trust session that would be the mr. Boehner the other is exposure of a person. Which is a violation of non criminal threat. So some people may you know avoid personal we're getting a record number of attacks them. It and and Facebook's and some calls of people generally want their opinion. Build and a lot of them a few of them say throw the Boca. But nominee most of them want to via sympathetic. To the streaker but here's one that I got to avoid taxes says seriously. Have you seen some of posts on social media. We have these and not so good looking women protesters. Bare chested with nothing but these these covering up there and Apple's. Nothing leaves much of the imagination. And it turns out your rent there's a burning just looking out from. Haven't heard of everything arrested at least a streaker is nice to look at this parlor game signs have. I can give you via an update on that because that happened a couple of years ago in Times Square. We're we're women were protesting the right to be topless in there your Tuesday is not against the law for a man. But it was against the the law in New York's. As best I know and does so what they did is they went to Times Square which is you know everybody ends up the bachelor want to have a and they were topless. And they were arrested but they were allowed to go back because they were not doing anything provocative. They were just topless. The reason I give an update on this after the hall of fame ceremonies which was launched them. Our hotel is basically where the Lion King. And we decided let's have a nice dinner we have made reservations. At a very nice restaurant on the other side it's I'm square. So we had to go through Times Square to get to the dinner okay. And over what happened was you know you or I he sees something. And you either say I'd like to see more and no more or I want to dismiss okay. Walking through Times Square was that a lot of people aren't. And I saw these though these living models tights that you are superheroes. There was bat man and Superman and all that. I have no interest although I've paper Superman I have no interest in him that so I know today so they're out there probably. Promotional and for some new movie is looming and I didn't pay much attention. Anyway we get to the goat restaurant. And several members of our party said should go through Times Square yeah region. Did you see that kids superheroes. Well they were body painted their whole body was painted and you could not tell. That they weren't in their customs. They were totally naked I don't think they had bandage on them. This was all pain all the time. I'm animated musical roller I can tell you that because these look like in shape superheroes but I didn't even notice them because I wasn't paying attention. In a one night we came back from the restaurant I did its engine and enslave them. So that there's a there's still doing them a counselor. And we we meet too much of two big deal about the naked body yours. I care beamer here soldier there anymore. I can't it's just we hear so I know is sure it is yeah oh yeah I'm better than you've charging adults don't stop out. I. I don't think overseas in Europe when you have a streaker I don't think it is as. Much of a big deal if that's there was more liberal thoughts and you watch on television what they Wear to the beach if they Wear anything that a stroke. You know we didn't have time to go to the British were in Times Square. It's a long way from the beach C next trip your neck yeah. Actually we're working on setting up an extra work AAA you have maybe we should suggest that swear word and or the BH or IIU is a nice European beach whoa yeah. Triple hey I've seen those movies dot AAA ago maybe doubled the I have plenty trip together unless you have a minimum good let us. I told he's thrown me Tony is trying to make the prophetic. Not that we all have you know address that he's trying to legitimize it it's no big deal. Old Camby always can be they'd get more right what should be. But you remind me a guy who complains about the luxury cars and you go to Rolls Royce and grow. Yeah it does all right children trying to get rid of it he gave it. You want a winter car can't somebody who's a letter. To customize it right exactly. Yeah I think to be really cool to have a Ferrari. And for a bumper sticker that says my other cars for our guys I think that would be exuberant ghoul. My outlook is Regis. Did you hear that the first it'll get into specifics. About the first GT Ford GT he's going to be delivered the buffalo yeah. You looks really hot I can tell you that. It showed his 450 grip and wait and see you have bet I'm here I was gonna buy it once you futile much giving large open. All right I'll skip thank you very much. Who I don't know how you feel about trust them amber Wright because he is zone he's going to be in court today this afternoon which might keep abreast of these things. He will be before a judge. Who will decide what his punishment will be. He's although he's pled not guilty. Which is I guess her policy or cameras say that standard it gets things going. But first involved everybody saw you. MV cops security people tackled Yahoo! will. And they brought ju ju ago. And you're under 500 dollars find him so not guilty is kinda like it's a tough sell but. Maybe is procedural. About what I'm saying here is. The most that can happen this recounts. Of the three charges. And he Arafat if if he's found guilty of all 31 of reprieve. Pretty easy charged mr. Christmas. But. That's that 12150 dollar fine if he's found guilty at all that's the Max. And them them also ninety days in jail which I'm sure you know as well. And I don't think is warranted ninety days in jail. Interviewers mother what would you say his mother said. That's my guy that's in mice and is a free spirit. And all bad intentions. And that basically is the difference as Paul Cameron explained earlier this assumes that. And a mess. Did that basically the difference is him in motion movement and intention. If you're just running across the place. That you and I guess that's normal flow almost of its. But if you're trying to entice an accidental words something like that you're trying to. You're going to torque and set a lark. A photos which are doing if you get into that. That's problem. So he can be found guilty but I don't think anybody's thinking it was going that. So I just hope he doesn't go to jail because I don't think jails program but I'd Tuesday. I do think something should happen there should be some punishment simply because it's you can't just. He letting stuff go news then there room. You know kind of outrageous. Because you wanna be a nice guy because we have enough problematic behavior at the bills and any any given day game so you have to do something. But you don't want to overreact to it but if you don't do anything and say well they turned a blind eye to it so we got a real do what you want ago. Will be back would blow beach company and whose retirement thirty WV.