Sandy Beach Streaker 11-14 Hour 1

Sandy Beach
Tuesday, November 14th

Should the Judge give the "streaker" a hard or soft sentence?Listen to Beach and Company LIVE Monday thru Friday 9am-Noon on News Radio 930 WBEN


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Hello hello hello is leasing company I'm sandy beaches actually sounds better today than it did yesterday to me. But anyway I said no there that's as they've that's what he calls himself. He calls himself Sanyo winner well we hope with himself that he's referring to what I say do we there's going to be in court today we'll see what happens when that. Archives of finds out fear and hang in there. Sam. Now here Tuesday as a kind of deal among the right now you know when you're on medication you know always thinking clearly. I hear I am getting everything ready for the broadcasts and I go and in my briefcase a date. Here is my in my head phones at that okay. Go to my blog here my commercial listings there we go. A letter where my glasses I can't find my glasses I'll need my glasses as do my commercials wait a minute that I leave it at the desk no I didn't. I was wearing them. The guy that's the last place I would love them. Is on my own face. Because who wants a look at my face exempt me so there you have it says you know there and that's that that's what he calls himself I guess Carlos danger was already taken so that. Ten. Anybody that refers themselves as a Winger. I'll vote to be honest with you the name linger. In the name leaders sound very much alike. However I doubt. And doing them. So totally you who you have about football banquet the other and I out of that ego. I went awesome it was at the events in matches tenor to college in Niagara Falls. Outstanding food and a great time with the kids and follow coach all that's nice that we're not a good time Samantha Danson blocked off she's there it's. All you haven't played uptown fall in with Nene is she just went crazy and dance floor. Holler okay well I hate they have Perry is I was able waving and as you like those are always just doing the name a worry yes Jim went what you mean. Nene is the response I usually go what I was trying to get a prom date in that BA BA but Maine may well I'd know I tried to save my voice is best that I could you guys about it and speak a hundred words since that I he has signed up yesterday and it does sound a little bit better isn't gonna try to baby a little bit. And get on with the today's show. And they're going to court today is Tristan. A Lambert 29 years old he's the guy he's streaker. And did you see the videos of those idiots with the with the tables again. This is the body slam cup bodies slamming him as well one just amazing. Every time they show us something about Buffalo Bills fans. On television and they seem like idiots I dread whole thinking yeah are you really do because that's what they show up and yeah partial vision they would go to you know weight is a bit of problem they'll find their way home. So ya we got that and now we get this and go we wanna know according to Paul Camry and now. A lot of cases. One of the charges. It's it's not lewd to simply run new roads and activists. It's not rude to simply run note. However. If you're gyrating. That's another story. So I am thinking. You know. What exactly. Is a gyrations I know you move your hips era. And then you first you put your. Rightly close of site. This way it's a little left his way into the right out of you got that then you kind of go nice and light tank and then you gyrate around gyrate around Jared or. So who give beamer give us an example of gyrating. He gently used irate beamer. I'm I don't know policy I'm beyond gyrating I. You know a lot of Gerri and her I. Just marvelous way gyrations. Got a job I think a gyrating is a full 360. Degree certain. Schiavo why don't we go for coffee after the show any kind of expect that it's pretty good trading close to working I mean I think in this thing that I was. Well toward kids just the backside now I wish I guess either end and working. So I that if you go to the bathroom. And put up what's that a petition there. I know it's working is more like this gaffe gyrating is like best is if the Earth's lower gyrating. It would it would be working with will be gyrating around you know as are the earth move you know yeah out OK so much as. I feel the earth move under my skin so. Why we're doing pockets of the many years ago. So it was so far Cambodia says you should know. That's if you are gyrating that is not. It lol illegal is not if it's not. What's the word I'm looking for provocative. And likely to triage unit crew regroup reload you're just food that Leo yeah you just as simply. Gyrating. If you're not gyrating just walking moving whatever okay and he was running. I I think it is really hard. To run and generated the same time. One would think he has to be a good case for a clever lawyer. I'm sure there's got to get a good about it. The if you're running and gyrating bounce that's worth applause I think that's pretty good that would be scale I can barely walk while gyrating Sawyer I don't think idea would go as it is very is it looking up the definition of generating. Because that date so that would be very helpful. As I bet if you go to YouTube they have they have videos of people junk rating. I I think it's a round motion met on the slogan. OK you've got you got something there. According to Its move or cause to move in a circle or spiral is specially quickly. A war. Dance in a wild or suggestive manner. Okay so the first one is I guess your own a circular motion like this you know kind of like you get the game via news watch my little pony thing. That that would be a that's gyrating. And all of that might be to work umbrellas you. Maybe I shouldn't even think about. Take a break it will be back more. I mean I'm gyrating version of beach and company and union sort of tax borrow it says sandy sound worse than yesterday I don't think so these guys think guys are worse than yesterday. The same as yesterday or better than yesterday I feel. Like my voice sounds better is as some better. It should call law or not. You can handle the truth. So apparently thinks so I thought okay now here's some more on the the tax board. If the streaker was a female there being no charges that's absolutely right and that's the way it should be in it would be everybody's while computer well absolutely. It would go viral in a minute okay. I here's another Miley Cyrus is great worker. Elvis. I was a gyrate or access to ask. Because Elvis. Court king is there's an extra bump. Just like I never knew the difference between bump and grind. Bump is that grind is this grinds out like a half. Like half way. I'm not really sure of it is I think is right after generation. Okay. A grind. This is a bump we know that that's easy see you know how well that yeah active zone instructions those bumper ahead you know. And are bumping your client of at the bottom line is. She was aid worker and Jai Elvis was gyrate or and that's the difference at the snow in. Today we are going to oh this is even better description. It's naked hula whooping. Yeah exactly right because you don't bump the whole. Is the sport make it who will be while bumping and hope it. I here's the play we're gonna runs OK yeah. Now we're gonna do Bob envelope yeah I do a sliver okay right there right across from where we go up committee says alt. All Tyrod overthrew it. He didn't see it wasn't you're an open event. OK we are going to talk. In a more serious tone although we have we've been having a little bit of fun when this and whether or am I you know. I I didn't want to I didn't wanna go the sleazy wrote a lot of it take the class. And so the reason I. I I said these questions up the way they do is so that it won't invite you know Tom chief Kim cleverness. This is real serious law enforcement business by the way. Join an adversary. Is a spokesperson. Plumber Joseph Johnson an anchor for the DA's apartment so she gets to talk about this. Aside and join us tomorrow and on target about should I was thinking I'd never do this is an anchor. But anyway. What is so that's the reason are you structure of the questions. Of the way the way that would be well I did today I didn't want people taking advantage of cheap OK so my questions are. Should the judge give it be software them. Give him a stiff sentence of those of the two choices now what is a stiff sentence. That would be a 12150. Dollars and ninety days in jail. Went what would be a soft Ely I don't time spent. Time spent doing well I don't know about. Acknowledges should or should the judge. About these soft on him another chance I'm thinking well. I'm thinking and I don't know why I have a friend that's a judgment she could probably tell you answer this. If you had a name. And you call yourself since your leaner. And you're running around a football field with 70000. People villains Elise who had authority. Wouldn't you think your predispose to be doing something like that. Although I don't know affecting count against. You know I mean because. The the other lawyer would probably argue that it had nothing to do what happened on that day plus. As somebody is going to have to identify. Somebody well. Oh probably a policeman or at the lucky guy who led to tackle them make it. That would be that would be rough New Orleans would have passed and that I mean to a wonderful answer yeah go on vacation. It started right just before this happened. I don't wanna do it and their what do they do they covered him up with a radio ringgold resulting. And they do something yellow. Video probably says security. The security jackets exactly very pleasant and he liked that because those alleyways jackets. So that was good news I admit though he shall Goodspeed he's cable show really goes V them thinking wow I wonder if people go to via come by next year less time I'm in the lower get a job. In the morning being chased by police and security wearing a nothing. Edgy shall the NFL com by. I may need to run the forty naked to get my best time I'll think that the guys that run it make it probably want a better time than those who addressed. Common sense is let's wait. Let's wind resistance. Most of the time as well as you concentrate. That and I'm thinking that you would have a better time America in America and the good life. The strangest part of all of it was his look at the expression on his face. It looked like he was ever in a blast his mind on the field. No this strangest part is his mother's reaction although he had because this is my second question. Really if you or his mother. How would you have reacted. Somebody called you and you're watching the game and said your son Billy Bob. I just ran naked. The entire length of the stadium. The bills the bills. Game how would you react you'd probably be mortified. You're thinking oh my goodness the good family name it is if it's a prince smoked here's how his mother reacted. Well that's mice and that's as you said well that's my son he's a free spirit. He has no bad intentions as soon as I read that. You know I was that he bloody meat I know I was thinking of beamer. While that's my son he's a free spirit but no bad intentions. I can tell you I ran naked across the McCarthy you have my mother would not be doing that. Now she that she was happy sure rugby please. No expectations for him exactly I can't imagine facing and the reason I said your mother instead of your wife for your sister whatever. Is that the close relationship you have. She'd grow you if you're in Guizhou forgotten this and it was nickname. Send your winter yeah I'm sure she did she ever got into a group that's got to restraints and his you know some kind of Internet node addresses Daniel Wiener. Who were. Oh you do that well I guess I. And the winner Louis all the way to get the most likely. Yeah eleven I call that guy exactly he could be a mister Malarkey that was there a slogan of them what you winner the winner in the world waited. All right we come back we're going to ask the real questions and those other questions by the way I can't believe post that one month low against that I part of it. You know big channel two's video only gonna ask hard questions all we get asked hard questions to harder and even Carter general zoo. We'll see what they do will this put on your little red. Jacket as this one okay. So. Should the judge be soft on that would give him a stiff sentence which is up to 12150 dollar bill at all find. And ninety days in jail. And if you were his mother. What would your reaction rates on Tuesday if you have a son and he did that. And friends and straight through like word talking view about it. What would you say a loser if you and I thirty WV. OK we see here the questions are as Tristan Lambert. Is going before the judge today. You know Orchard Park and those should be judged be tough on him a stiff sentence are should be soft on. Depending on how the judge feels that whatever. Me maximum that can be handed out he is a 12150. Dollars. In ninety days in jail or maybe or ninety days in jail and I'm asking which which rubio judge should take. And if you were his mother. What would you say now I'll tell you this that this first text I go. Says I think of these as speaks for a lot of moms. It says I think his actions were disgusting. If they were mice and I'd be really embarrassed side. Harvey Weinstein whose mother and so OK while maybe that was a good example of Politico. I they're really as more acceptance of this and I thought. Here are some legitimate ones. There is more nudity on your kids' cell phone let him go so this is they let him go and this is almost like jury selection dumbing. We should've asked euros father love. The jury selection in a case like this lol what kind of person would you be looking for yes that'll be sympathetic to it. The next they would watt beam around this have yet and I. Haven't we all done things like that. The judge should laugh and let him go okay airs. People went streaking Emma in the sixties all the time we live through it even heard anyway so that's true that say no no big deal. Mortified. Y know and those are some better mom she's expected this for years and really does sound like she'd go ahead. When she when she found out because people were according to lump. Jane greater toasty Ratliff. From the buffalo goes when people were calling them telling her she she's said things like while that that's my son is a free spirit. I hit a bad intentions though. It wasn't like she was totally shocked I don't know if he's ever done this before especially when the audience even though the audience was depleted because the bills game sucked. So a lot of people have left early about it seems like she wasn't a bowled over by that should always saying. And a so so far it's an announcement. Audio and now somebody you know cared and I can give them later in the show me some information. Yes Tony we've got you said in my screen people are looking like they're very willing to forgive and forget. Specially forget. That running on the field I'll be anyways you forget that I hope the commissioner does this because I think it is is Sox were drooping. Do they match and yeah a better match. And you better have anything on his head then if it goes up and I think he'll never get all the way right and I do that old apple give me a couple of yours that you have conferees Maryland says the best part of the game go easy and the guys. Know the best part of him is waking up to pulls it isn't your cup. Idol here and everything has got to be honest here. While he may have some some Andy for what may yeah may be yeah I'm thinking would you do that if you were clearly thinking probably. Google and he does no good in game and that is there because if you you know gonna get away. It's too long run people on the other side of the field and had job for him even if you ran through the tough on all. You still probably when knocked it out you wouldn't get past the gates got to get past the players don't bigger rooms with Donald. But yeah I know there's no way you're going to oppose I can tell you that our Carol fans and media so you're gonna get caught. They're gonna find out shenae. You don't gonna cost you money you're you're you know there are similar in buffalo lawyers. You know unless he he does some pro Bono work. I'd I don't I don't think you will. A black its gonna cost you some real money. So they're gonna know what you are it's gonna cost you money. That you might go to jail is possible. And for what you do you've got to you know some bailouts applauding from the stands but beyond that idea. Fame yet you probably a you know you go viral forward till tomorrow right and then some real salute to a bigger and better so it grievances that embassy there are usually copycats. The fact I I didn't think to go to YouTube last Oshiomogho on the YouTube because YouTube those videos get on their pretty fat. I mean what's the deal with with. And would deem people are making love in the India stands. Opposing got caught by streaky that was against the colts I even remember that. I was thinking bits of the lousy game. Everything else we can do it. It. Born yeah exactly that was the radicals to him that specifically. And remember. The baseball game up in Toronto bowl yeah ass that was when the stadium was no that would mistake it was moving at a hotel rooms. With glass walls facing. The field and apparently this couple but. We're in a romantic mood why don't we shared with the entire crowd and they did. Remember that house but the very next with those boxy meat you eat it you think I think the dead will be back more whose regular thirty WB yeah. Remotes are. Individuals are either well paying requests from law enforcement and security officials. Ordered. Some individuals. Are getting or right. I kind of smile wanna see Joseph Biden is quoted as things lord about the the Republic's. The state of the republic in. Did anybody tell GO. That though on this Asian trip with the president he's getting he was greeted. Like a rock star everyplace he stopped. When Obama went on his tour. They practically ignored them they hardly send anybody in China to meet them. And so I guess that doesn't know they'll line but we're asking the question. Forward Tristan Lambert and amber right. Today he will go before the the judge in them which apart. One of the judges ever had a streak in case in Orchard Park. I'm not really sure I should the judge give him a soft this evidence or maybe a stiffer. Maybe a stiff fine we're doing. The maximum as a 12150. Dollars. Ninety days in jail and if you or his mother told you what was Tuesday. If suddenly the press colleges that you use oranges. Streak in front of a stadium. Almost full of people. And that you didn't know who's going to do it he's going to use them into it but here's something. Somebody had to see him take his clothes. There's no way you have axis of the field and being around somebody so we must the practice that through. Whitfield garments off. And then fly out into the field and run the entire length which is good I think. I think that he should be a poster boy for physical fitness Tony you said you've got a really good. Posts I have to read this one. This one comes from Janet. Who replies. Let it go it was forty in a bright spot in what I hear was a horrible game heavy said that if it was Joseph B there I would feel different. Yeah yeah. Yeah. Well you know the only reason I brought it up as as a could be problematic is we have enough behavioral problems of the stadium now. And if they just let this go oh is there okay. Just don't do it again we got a double against left just don't do it again. And go MPs myself and and then it's liable to encourage or suggest to others who wanted to do stunts. That I can go that day if they can do it with a straight American to me. He can make it to the front desk and back it be interesting to see how far you could make it. And you are you going through the sales of our reversed absolutely they would pummel you to the ground it's one would assume that stuff you got some tough Cleveland heads of the OK so you go. I just tennis and American flag speed of one. These accounts now and well that's that's fair as you could you could whereas at the beach yeah you go where and to meet the fact we've seen that they're drew huge. Idol trying to forget what have we ever posted that Federer. Webpage. We have. I act I know Chris Johnson probably as copy Chris Johnson probably hasn't posted wherever you and Michael Caputo has posted on his personal FaceBook page as heroes in this. Area as long as is not a holiday where the flag you have to be you have. Broke it. Here we go let's go to Bob and Jim Moore Bob you're on WB he had. Well Bob what if they Annika is this a big deal or not a big deal. I think it's a big Bill Murray warriors last night. I were thinking well I didn't appreciate it would be there at barber. Are remembered being an ice court tomorrow laughs all of these. And while we want to jerk our world really want shortly where our medical Vegas and we all miners. And nobody said anything about well. You know. Tom buy hourly went to those school in the same school you went to and he is done several shows on that. I've I've never heard of it until he mentioned it but you you back there up same thing I guess it was just. You know no muzzle us is is do it that says don't believe the only couldn't do it today I think. I would doubt very much thank you thank you very much. We didn't have a pool so that eliminated that. Did you ever pull a bird garden. Now. And a court to school NN poll do Democrats are program burger. It sells for how to argue a beamer awards go to school and Amherst and we have a pool and a middle and high school did you was from negative there I did not and no I mean I did not use a Speedo either write any. Full of full one your like a little skirt thing that brings the where and when I was very body conscious high school so sometimes they even going with an under armour shirt. Woods rarely am I I wasn't as high as conference yes hello Bob there's you are now. No I ever heard of that though one they borrow a good show on a busy with school there. And I thought that's unusual. I'd never even heard it discussed before but there you have a backup says yeah he remembers that. Let's go to William in buffalo William on WB yen. I William. OO William. Yes is this a big deal were not regarding the streaker one good thing nobody started about the bills game because it was terrible so at least we had something the dark about. Well. Crafted deal again there are certain body part you release and it's like I think. Well. The only evidence doesn't lack of. Well that's true except that I one thing you got to be careful right at the end of a run it was wide right. Okay thank you thank you very much yup ago it bounced right off the right up the up rights as it is now they call the upper bars. Hey whatever you want it via our low one called off by just across bars in the crossbar. And the opera rights you don't hit the operates. You ought to get between the up rights right and and not be lower them across exact got to ignore it's I visualize if you get the ball. A mile high at the OK you know just talked coach Tony Eric thank you yeah we're getting way of format. Arguably go right to double more bureau Facebook's okay genes as no sentenced justifying. Ya I don't I don't think you should go to jail I really don't. But I do think on as a more serious side there they should be yeah more of an effort. To cut down on the rowdy behavior of this has been a problem. For the NFL for years and years. And they've tried to do some things they've tried their family friendly sections and things like that but I am the only concern I have. If they just slap among immigrants the muscle that's the only places apple that. That it might in coverage of the people who do stunts you know made that remember we did have a Monday night game here for a long time because some moron. Did hand overhead on the guy wire remember him a game. With cosell was guns and that we didn't have a game for years. And it took a long time to get back in the good graces. And so I think anything we can do that to kind of modify outrageous behavior. It's you know exuberant behaviors. Outrageous behavior is not like those idiots that jump on tables. How classy comment. By happen often during the seventies sporting events which streeters national soccer gains aria and it's. It happens it's not you know Europe while soccer when it's our record on betrayed after top swim anywhere against ain't got when they weren't here so while we drove to gas always one Wednesday. Tuesday US today I don't know that. If they non USA teams would do. I'm not sure you went there again it's at least something that brings some excitement it's rightly have you ever watched lingerie football. Yes but you and which are missing wife. Howard Stern's though opposite is a Super Bowl not all. Week yet the actual. Attractive women play indoor football luxury yet. They have numbers of them. The lawyer yes are they parted. Somewhere shoulders. Brad Childress and helmet and this year they're starting to halt the legends football league because they wanna become more serious yeah I'm not but either way. They are off. Artery album act your Mac you while you're tough and gorgeous yet there's good here and and their their forms would just say. What's your real clutch has left of the imagination. Women play in football usually where Bruno although I don't know if there is there ought to look like well yeah well it's. A lot of subtle and overlooked I don't think you were good over backward Marla busy governing we want to go. Where interest then whoever glamorized sees the judge today in Orchard Park. Should the judge be soft on him a stiff sentence. And it viewers mother look would you say what would you say publicly on newsreader and I'm thirty WB.