Sandy Beach Sexual Harassment 11-21 Hour 3

Sandy Beach
Tuesday, November 21st

With sexual harassment in the news, would it be best to cancel the holiday party? Listen to Beach and Company LIVE Monday thru Friday 9am-Noon on News Radio 930 WBEN


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Well it never ends it never ends Charlie Rose as the newest addition Mo ago Roger Ailes ago Bill O'Reilly we got to raise Roy you more. Al Franken Louis CK Cosby. Harvey Weinstein and now rose I mean it's just an amazing list of people. Who are road it's going out of the woodwork every single day a couple of things surprise me one is the magnitude of it. But another is the fact that and I can understand. Idea a person being in a position where I RE I can't lose this job I need this job. So I guess and at the put up with something I don't wanna put up what is the meaning it's wrong. But what surprises me is that. As some of these things have not come out years and years ago and also. Not that they shouldn't have to. But I am just wondering why because I wonder why things happen as they said not because they should have to. But have you heard any cases of women just quitting and saying I'm not going to put up with us and leaving. Now. They stay and maybe they have this day not being critical of that I'm just being inquisitive as to why. They stay as long as they do and does some of them for years and years and years. And idea I'm surprised that that. But that's a part of the tragedy what's going on now is that it's altering. The workplace relationship for shore. Between. Good people who have authority and power and the people who have less or none of and that's exactly what's going on so we got some questions here should we cancel holiday party that might seem like a little band aid. But that was a recommendation of one of the a business people interviewed in the New York Times. Named Nellie bowls she is the writer and person she's talking to is that 37 year old guy. Who is a director. At KBM hold design firm in services go and Jesus first of all. Let's get rid of the dome of the holiday party and he says he's starting to think in respectively. What what flirting is okay was I ever taking advantage of any meager power that I had UB. Didn't go under oath because the bar it's a slippery slope. And it's awfully hard to prove certain things. Somebody falls on a breaks and arm you can improve OK so take X amount of time to heel you going to be uncomfortable. The doctor's bill might be so much. But if somebody feels demeaned. And really. Really feels that intently. What is now we know how to measure things is in dollars what is the dollar value. Vote of giving up your pride. What is cool what is it I don't think anybody knows and so we get some of these tremendous settlements. And people look ago while. For instance one of our Texas is fox pay Gretchen Carlson when he million dollars to settle a lawsuit against Roger Ailes. Come on now this you really suffer that much is deserve such an outlandish amount of money. I want that same opportunity as Simon guy. I think that's the hardest thing to judge. It seems like an awful lot of money but would you be willing to have to deal would that toured the amount the settlement ones and that's an individual. An individual discussion. Let's go to Dennis on a cellphone finisher on W. Yeah. I don't see any of blindness what's gonna. If you go back and it dates back in the 1960s well you know. And see we used to cruise comes around you're just seeing girls and it all you do with the odds say I don't. You know ball on eight notebook offer all they way back there this it was it was anything else. And we'd all be in jail for just saying hi in order lowered just trying to see if they want to override your carry. As always and don't we use a variety of the cars especially Friday night there might be a couple of girls there that we know hey you know to my wanna ride they would do it and we go get ice cream or whatever but that was normal now they have the swat team on after you. Exactly where I spent more time in jail on more money but what society is the problem is. Is that we have to be weighed meaning guys we have to be on full alert at all times of everything we say because it could be misconstrued we don't feel that way warmer company of other guys but we don't feel that way now with women and I think part of the relationship now is artificial because we're we're confining our were remarks to ourselves. Yet the more I ask them. And hadn't scientific and I can I compliment you value and introduced an displeased so the Italian. Don't have I think California did have they had an infamous. A case of sexual assault. In which they had to get something sign. I had never heard of that before that you needed to assign permission. I'm from somebody but that's the way it's going and and some of these things are very serious some of them we find less serious. But I think it's casting a Pall over the whole male female relationship that. Well as turn everybody against you you're alienating things that you can't I you're you're afraid to say anything to anybody for crowd out. And I'm old school I am. I say how well I think and it's not as old going to be disrespectful or anything like that you actually a couple of and in a woman and that she looks good. And an exit and you walk away and an editor that service here. Yeah you're as a stalker you're just saying very very very nice look today and and that they worked hard to get that look by the way. And they spent money to get that book. So if Volek looks good trio as well as her what's the problem in ins and doing what you just said the problem. From his wanna goes further lingers and and never stops though we don't we don't always know the answer to that thank you. Member Antonio riding around looking for girls die every Tuesday when he calls. Last week is a bill I don't hurt my success by a person always don't walk around before we had cars right okay and though he Lisa right around. And Adam and that sort of thing was nothing. Crazy. Nothing outlandish it was it was like a movie. That's amid it was like American graffiti pace of her children graffiti like that. American graffiti is a version of what all small towns used the door Friday nights and have a big deal I would I would say. Now because we have lawyers involved and legalities involved when talking about we're talking about what I would consider. Did not but. Not offensive. At all it is is is as well mannered. And well thought out and in your being a gentleman Kurt you know in not being you know some law breaker. I think it's way overblown to be honest really really is because what happens is when in doubt you don't. Okay she looks very nice today. But don't cult killer because if you do could be the wrong way. Somebody might hit you comfortable matter maybe she's okay what but the person sitting next this isn't vision and golf manner we don't know. Maybe maybe you know via video company election so you compliment everybody. I mean I we don't know but the bottom line is. This should be more of an honest relationship I think between him will be back with more activists getting back to Abidjan company in Austria and I'm 301806. On six nights in recent experiment thirty. You wonder why we don't open doors for them anymore. The self appointed busy bodies sex police cause all the of this that trouble is normal for men to pursue women okay. Here's one I'm women offended now by innocuous compliments sad day progress found in insecurity. So a lot of the rules that we had in place. Seem to have fallen by the wayside for fear of litigation. Lawyers public humiliation and things like that. Wrongdoers are wrongdoers. You know one day and we know and they know when they did something wrong but the simple pursuit of the battle of the sexes the man pursuing the women. Been going on since well and would you like to try this apple. Right until now and I I don't analysts see that change. And it shouldn't have if you yeah they say if you see something say something. Well if you see a beautiful women beautifully dressed and and you're in her you know in her zone you're right there. Compliment what's wrong with that there's nothing wrong with that don't assume that every compliment as an underlying. Our request because it doesn't. Okay it's area and Texas area are on W via. That morning there are Texas Texas very good at dark you but he got. Who's well well on say nothing LA I did my little he'd be here because. You are eloquent race and I'm not what he market restaurant but black there. But he might not. Are primarily and they've only. You know primarily. How are pretty wild that amount amount. Yeah MM I'm directly toward my outfit what do you know to break the current and I bet they. My personal opinion arguably it is perverted. Or then you guys in the inner conversation and they don't all about. I have a picture which I've group of them wanting to post. May have that sterling would chili cook off with a woman a standing next to me wearing a T shirt. That your grandma would have worn out and some all right your courage I'll I'll post that goes to show that Democrats shrinking violets looming on every. I complain to make people. You know I think at. The top of the it is not an awkward I see some of the same people on the Ayman without. A lot. On my side of the lie and only as. Yeah it'd be neat. If you can feel rejected that they did but you look at him he'll pay. Good point guy does sell what you're saying they're a good point and I think that is though like the pens roll like Franco. Let's or explain that that's kind of like a defensive rules are so you'll know all the vibes are out there are the signs are out there so don't tread on me thank you thank you. Tony you've got to have plenty of a faceless or are we sure use some Leo a lot of calls that. Roseanne says Al calls probably the main reason for bad choices. Everyone is allowed to drinks eat meals a Merry Christmas call home isn't that what it's supposed to be. I I. Think that in some instances of this person is right and I'm not Mallory and since the of the people we're talking about at the beginning of the show all the names we throughout their Roger Ailes and and Roy Moore or at Harvey Weinstein and Bill O'Reilly and our most CEO Louis CK and people like that. For them. It's expectation of privilege. They are famous they are rich. There are people who like to be around rich and famous people. There are also people who take advantage of rich and famous people. What goes on if you weren't rich might. Not the goal on bill when you are rich. And vice Versa. So vet I think there is no it's not just about bad manners it's about power. It's about the power to get anything you want without ask him. OK sometimes just do it and that's that's the aspect of these things and that's why they. Now a lot of vote people don't report for a long time because nobody would believe them and like when I heard about Louie CK I was crushed. I always CK and a and his standout material is very edgy very RG in the real world so a sense of okay. But I didn't think he would go to the extent that the he's already apologized for in real life stage is fantasy. Realized Israel life you can say things and do things on staged can't say I'm doing real life and you have to realize that and they know the power they have and using it and that's the wrong. Leo with those the light beam shorelines and sexual harassment. And now Democrats are thrown Bill Clinton under the bus a little late by the way but but they are. Maybe this will finally be. The Arab mechanism to make the clintons go away. Yeah I could be because he got to get out of jail free card than me. You think Hillary trashed the accusers the oh yeah exactly and then ended described him as bimbos. And he was accused of a lot more than flirtation. And yet after you have to remember that. But Padilla of the comedians especially. Are funny onstage. And that's fantasy and that's why I think get away with a Pickens say things that they couldn't say him in person. Of the luncheon transferred from the stage of the realized this when you're in trouble. Oppose the fifties or communities is trash women all of them with a black leather jacket. Loud mouth from Brooklyn you're talking about comedian he is he's been a few movies here and there. And his name is is escaping me at the very moment. But he couldn't he couldn't say realized what he says on stage. About trade trashing women that the women who have their basically disservice as at his pleasure. But those are different they have to separate real world. From performance world let's go to or Kevin impaneled and Kevin your on WB. Wouldn't say Kevin. What you. All I'm wearing a delightful was short sleeved shirts and look I'm a fetching. It's believed that are going to be well I have a confession to me in light of everything that's happening now before you dubious record collection may be the first to partially. It Lombard will be on here and because. I wouldn't have a chance to do that Uga folks tomorrow. But I want to thank you Democrats and you people critical progressive that this infidels. Province but complacent. Probably won't like having Weinstein outside didn't unlike what no I do know Luke and John. Non non errors. And well. And we. Did. Every time we looked up at some hearing and somebody's saying something you go wild that's dumber is I'm done. Yeah but I don't buy it. Because you don't objective. Was to end our commander and chief. I absolutely. Yeah. We did a great protection I am actually it it was a three but it seems to leave. I don't think we've got drunk plenty of I was released books site in a couple of once again. I happen to be near the site and in light Tweety. Fifty people also which people would you support that sort of old and then of course up. Out of a couple of my friends and I basic let's just couldn't and she's supporting it might well. She is how much you appreciate you get beaten before and after that this is good on my eyes out the excuse me. A it. Well she's the book at you is it and a you have bags and happy Thanksgiving view. Andrew Dice Clay examiner does and you threw me up as much as somebody from the fifties well he's playing a character at all yet is that there wasn't no it was a performing. You know it's like funds the wearing a leather jacket and him a while he his whole act was was is showing that women are subservient to a that was as the last hole you big time acts but he couldn't do that act now. Can you read them doing that I now know obviously you do that we have now. I yelled I said fifty amid that was the artists on he gave with a leather jacket in the in the cigarette hanging out of his love. I thought I thought Wednesday when I was. Mentioning that there's a funny sometimes a name just Lola come to Yuba. Andrew Dice Clay. He's decent actor you know he's been a few things in these away from the character. As a character that he was playing it was really him yeah he was in the shall client's story. Shall some of a couple of a movie so I. What would that would mar beach company under Israeli and I thirty W via. That we're back we're in the region and have sandy beat a lot of these things resonate with that we've been mentioned and no video offenses. RB alleged offenses will be admitted offenses occurred in the workplace. In this article I have from the New York Times said the answer to harassment. Cannot be avoiding women. Still some workers said that they were starting to follow the pens rule. Which we told you woods was though following those Billy Graham role. Vice president Penn says he does not eat alone with the women. Who are not his wife or attend an event without her if alcohol will be served and I think vessels preventive maintenance there aren't. And also. We have play a policy of telling employees that we're free to review all electronic communications. Sent another. CEO so that. Those those machines in the office and not yours they belong to the company and they can review them and often doom. While we're seeing now in this is the dangerous part of what's going on. In the workplace what we're seeing now is men are backing away from the role. There we try to encourage them to play which is actively mentoring and sponsoring women and in the workplace. Of the words of Al Harris who's been running area you have business go work place. Is capacity programs. These apprehension on the part of men is that they're going to be falsely accused of sexual harassment. And so it can turn on who obviously. I think one of the best suggestions that we've seen was they text there. Who said the better to keep your personal life personal and you're. Business life business and don't mix them and if you don't mix them. That's a good thing. Because you don't. Intertwined them also just reading you know you've heard of these were pressuring the Rome. Either guys have gotten worse at reading the Rome or reading the room is becoming more and more difficult. Because it used to be you have a feeling of where you are in a relationship what you can say what you can't say. And now it seems like some of those rules mention I think that's a lost art form I remember them. Yeah yeah I'd say it's like knowing your audience you have to know. But generally being generally. If unless you have it was you have a singular goal. Rome. Is is something that should be natural. And and if you're getting the feeling that you can't just use that as an excuse after. After you've been touted and you know your name has been ruined you wash your job you might be in jail who knows one. And then you say like like a rose there today. He said I thought it was. Even his or consensual but he had direct quote which meant he thought he is. What he did was. Let's for a full wolf. I was OK. And apparently. It was. Let's go to a Maryland injectable and bounce in cherry creek Merrill on your on WB yet. There although it pilot didn't. Alabama I would vote for a war. I think Mike arrogant man because they would check of market account by the minute. And colonel commanding or college and get mentoring him getting to be ashamed to be one. Defection was sculpted early lowered to our content Ellis sexual adulthood more terrible if you look at it warming. And it suggestive way you just Alter. BI it seems like they've stretched the definition of love what you're talking about him. OK so warm and I don't see that they wanna be equal they want to be that same commitment. We were very happy we want to be be here coaching them hold these we wanna I wanna get everything man do we want to beat it saying Hispanic. And at this same pairing up. Dare show and candidate and can't say anything internal damn what they had done and current. Event I was actually inappropriate. Indians. They go and why won't take went sports article. That's true I mean you think like that may not only went into sports locker room they wanted to scores longer with the approval of the courts. So yes we want to be. Like them we want to be there I I wonder women or guys are running around you know we're very little on. If if if that's a different feeling of four on the outside as opposed to their job. Well you need to wanna be one of the age or you don't wanna be one of the make up your mind taking it like the weight bench and aren't track together. And don't don't care because why should they can't guitar. And can give you some kind of rooms into that gap to that they. Won't. Because you don't really part of the running order and detonate ended chipped out to eat the night before. Thank you god. Can't speak on how well they've been all wrapped around it how deck and you combat. I don't know what you column but it. It seems like they do they get in the situations through the average person which would be entirely predictable. And I I I can see if it happens once it's it's a shock it's out of a blow but if you keep going back and you expect a different result that's them that's the definition of insanity is. But it's it's wearing at their towel which probably can't him covered. And she tours the night before when he can't go out to dinner. That's it that's an excellent employees and that's why I. Now primarily a night I did not bow out of it like that but that is a good Voyager. Why would he not playing days she is that granted be well well she's. To date with camera. And he had scoring Kiffin cleavage. Her directed and pain at any concept called practically the chicken or are under shelling or do you think she can pretend. Well I would think so I I would think so and now you're talking logically Marilyn which is what we need we need more logical talked. Weeks of from the time we grew up. From the time it was. I I don't I don't know. I can't see Harvey Weinstein in a robe looking attractive to anybody. He knew Tony would you keep a picture of him in your wall honoring him well no I don't think so. I mean he has the poster boy for. Perhaps. Well move maybe not your first choice and some. Of but he gets you in a movie well yet it is not a month. Yeah how we're going to. We're going to do a show like this exhibit that I thought it would be too insensitive but is certainly is a logical thought. If these are the people that are saying what's happened. About the people and haven't said. I'm sure there's lots of them. On new they were willing to make the trade on news radio I'm thirty WB yeah today's the day from my bubble perch is a certificate. Form battlegrounds. Buffalo battleground good for tactical laser tag for true. Plus twenty arcade credits and an order of red six that I don't think of setting particularly playing laser tag today Newsday. Libby Brad stacks of cars fifty dollar value for only 25 dollars by yours now my buffalo perks dot com. Right Tony give me a couple of bureau Facebook's that the real bottom piling up and like to use some of the food. Mary says don't cancel make it during the day no alcohol and flight decades. Make it as wholesome as possible hopefully everyone will get a nice gift from the lost. Gently of the month club is always tease Omar. Who. Okay. If you're going I don't like parties. I really don't like parties now. Bring their kids follow what could be more fund them that you know. Are kids run and Iran. Ed good job via a month ago empties mile it's. Is there a worst wedding. That alone they say that kids are invited now to the reception no I think a lot kids have no other realized we love children but we love somebody else's children and who don't necessarily want more war going an army does and they went years seated at a restaurant. You pray that the waitress doesn't see Jew. Next to table fully kids because that's the MBE mailed and you forget it get it go please and they always think prepares always think that everything kids are doing is is precious. Now and you're going oh lord get me out of here now I as laws on children Ramona wanna get visual of his meal and go home and essentially it is Tony and other. Ways it's not eaten might not be a person you want shown up at two parties that just keep your bleep hands to yourself if you have a creep for some reason. Come out of the woodwork at the office party that's what concealed carry permit is well. It could. He wore a low. Little harsh because I don't flights outside tripped on the carpeting bang and I. Go back or ecstatic too much caffeine and ask Nadia I mean rarely plays them and turner got him would you please thank you very much you could be dangerous. When morneau go to calls again Mike says if all it takes is boost to get a guy to act that way. Then that is part of who they are and he is probably a garbage human being in the first place alcohol just brings it out. Yeah I think I think that's probably correct. I think though one of the Betty big differences is men Acton talk differently around other man than they do around women. Now that that can be good. But sometimes trump about yeah exactly. You know you use weights with about sweet talk all the time before the show us. What police say before the show starts is not always say when the show is on I mean that's that's the real world okay. And if there if there's a lady in there with us at the gas is coming on our. We go into AV mode we don't talk like three guys which are right. Three guys oh maybe it's it's deference I mean maybe it's old fashioned I still hold doors open for four women. She's like old fashioned. It. You left it at any of that unfortunately now I have women holdovers from it I. Should I at least that's it but at least. I show you know our show some respect that's all it is it's respect I'm like you always hope with the via a my mother and I swear to use is true. My mother never heard me swear and so I was just about how to radio school okay. Of that. I swore of course I did but not from my mother is a certain respect we have. For women and I don't think that's your goal way. But women don't want sometimes they don't they don't want it they don't wanna be treated like that respect you like to but assured of the good part is that no matter what I did I could always make my mother laugh. And that was my get out of your car. She will be banging on the door and I would have locked you know because I didn't do a lot of some think it is they openness and I would say. You crazy. But it and they should start laughing and and I opened the door. That's as just the way it is that's the way I was raised as a whale probably always be. Respectful. I I try to be respectful to everybody as best I can't. But I think women. Many times in today's society don't wanna even be. Elevated they just wanna be at the same level. And that's all there is Stewart and that's fine but the trouble is we don't know who is why. Which one is which in on target about some you might have to be on super behavior watch every word Parse every syllable and in some. And they might sound like her Weinstein's Barrett. As a you don't really know violence and apparently I'm just using them as an example I know of anyway and aware of but her did have a colorful vocabulary but the toy model I would lover. But see if that's a sign of intelligence. I think I've government. Anybody dumb that was doing that I could point now so maybe it is maybe a lot smarter and I felt jealousy you know about that. So canceled holiday party and I don't I don't think you have to do. But as long as you remember the one bit of advice and it comes from a long time before this this holiday party. It is not a party it is a staff meeting would have family and sometimes skids and everything else but it's not a holiday party. It's a company party got it. So you got to remember that because you've got to be on Cuba's behavior everybody will tell you that people think that while a lot like it was my time now and and that the real me Nomo. A muscle roomy wants unemployment insurance. So no I don't forget to cancel it but I do think that you have to be alert and vigilant. Guys play it safe I think that that when in doubt. Guys going to that mode massive default mode. Okay. You mean I'm gonna have to listen to every word I used today and wonder how you're going to interpret it. And whether you think it's funny or the you'll think it's suggestive or whatever gas lines I don't have time for that Dubai I'm going somewhere else. And that's overs tournament a lot of guys like. Why would you why would you bother them if you had why would you bother doing. And that defense rose okay prepare and yes. But that's fine you know I'm always a little leery of holier than bounty hello very much or and they. Kind of tell you there laughter stat risen in in the world. I get nervous about that early due that about wraps it up. And we all complemented each other industrialists. It was a round Robin complementing session we all. Look good and field and we'll see it on 9 AM on Tuesday the united thirty W via. Which they never ask you to be used to swim you know I don't give him.