Sandy Beach Sexual Harassment 11-21 Hour 2

Sandy Beach
Tuesday, November 21st

With sexual harassment in the news, would it be best to cancel the holiday party? Listen to Beach and Company LIVE Monday thru Friday 9am-Noon on News Radio 930 WBEN


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That's good BJ got a jailbreak Ali's people love being accused of a sexual harassment taking advantage of a people. Who work for them or whose career being held in the hand them mainly yet. Al Franken Louie CK cause would be. Rose I mean I can't believe was the Roy Moore Harvey Weinstein the list keeps growing and growing everyday. As those article I have in the yeah. The New York Times. Has some suggestions where people are getting more nervous. About maybe statements that they made that were inappropriate. Maybe things that they've done or inappropriate. The answer according to this article. To harassment cannot be avoiding women. And outdoors if you say you're a manager. Because not everybody is is the movies you have regular workers in your manager. And you have any kind of social event or overtime or anything like that. The answer camped to just avoid. Contact with the women we've got to integrated we've got to make it a level playing. The field. But the problem guys have now besides the ones that I just mentioned but the problem the average regular guy has. Is that that you don't quite know where the boundary is what you might say to your best friend that a bills game is not what you're going to say. To your next door neighbor who shopping. At tops and you're standing mature in line. It's not going to be the same thing and you have to recognize that. And so they they say yeah I'd do not just distance yourself with the women. Some workers say they're starting to follow the pence rule. Which was formally known as the Billy Graham Earl after the a evangelical pre term but is not a name for vice president heads. And and this to me on saris ridiculous. Henson said he does not eat alone with the women who are not his wife. Or attend an event without her if alcohol is going to be served. I mean please. That you know what that says he's saying that nobody has any self control over anything. And that their managers is asleep when Harry met Sally rule. That you can have a friend who is of the opposite sex. Most of my friends of the opposite sex I have very few friends of the same sex and then that's fine or may. But I find that to be ridiculous. It's saying is there's no checks imbalances no inner control. You just wanna sleep with anybody in sleepless is that basically it. Tony do you believe in the pens rule. I'm starting to I hear yeah dozens of. Yeah must think about this Jessica's rush was talking about it and they can you know. Maybe that's a wise decision. When Harry met Sally that the boot theory on that movie was you can have a friend of the opposite sex without wanting to go to bedlam. And I found that to be preposterous bug about you know oh in my past half the guys are my. He's a gamer Collins at that they don't think I'd like to Johnny glimmering yeah I'm gonna about it too bad I Bob Billie beamer his brother OK Ellie what do you think. Yeah I agree I agree we deal I think that's preposterous statement I rarely is I have a lot of female friends and needlessly put me I. Byrd who. I. Question yeah how old are so but that I think is outrageous. Really do. I mean you want to Pannemon back four or five million do what you wanna do lord you know not but. I I find that is that's the standard that's ridiculous. I think. But and so okay so. Media the vote was none of us agree. With the pence right. Why do you do your starting to NASA usage is starting to widget and say he's dead now. Just starting to workers understand where he's coming a year ago okay. I understand where the vice president's coming from but I don't think it's necessary but that's his own decision the job. Writing down Penn's role okay. Remember we've had a lot of these guys that that talk a good game and I have no reason to believe that parents is isn't sincere. But we've had very famous preachers are against it and so of course that your car hookers. And then things that we had people cry on television saying that. There is a natural. A natural attraction between Amendola. And in now we can expect that between two to people aren't. Now because we have to because we hope we get letters. My how old fashioned but anyway the bottom line is I don't believe him I don't believe that's a really go I'm sorry. Now. Should you if you're a manager should you play it safe. Georgia players safe that's not really fair. If you're avoiding a women for the sake of effective they're just women. And I assure you shouldn't. You should avoid them for any reason except you don't wanna be around them. And does the natural reaction you have to you know orbit around any one person but it shouldn't be ruled out because they're women in your guy. You know we're also grown up with some some sensibility in your in your head and I'm thinking that that takes away any kind of thought process that you have free choice. If if you were rubbed if your incapable of doing. Now we have video of our policy of telling employees this is another executive. That we're free to review all electronic communications. Says this guy. But that's typically not and what his job responsibility in the small company. But we have the policy of telling employees. That we're free to review all electronic communications now. No I don't know if it's over and now because now we're different company on Friday we merged with CBS. So intercom is intercom plus what used to be CBS radio okay we're one big good company right now one big company but in the outcome handbook. And I it's little leaders say when they come oh we have been here is the latest edition that's the first thing it says on there. Is that the telephones go onto us. And the machinery belong so us. And we have a right to reveal it and I'll always assumed that. Anything I ever wrote on the on the company website and things like that or. Able to be reviewed. I think if you don't you're looking for trouble. Sandy and I have to make and I have to admit I. Posted a picture of haystack did you get rid of it I hope you burn and suburban Hayes told me how to of all walked outside and dad did tell us that what will that help what did you do what is your posts that we just send it out to all users yes. So. Anybody that uses the company. Email system. Like that and and gets monitored but obviously that's something that's you know you should be aware harvest not yours. Just like in school the locker your kid uses is not owned by your kids. So by the taxpayers okay. The computer use of that work is not your computer is not your website it's the company's so if you're doing so mean on the company website and then them this sort of thing my column did you. 803093018061692. V6 start I Brigham several questions now. Cancel holiday party is this a way to cut down on harassment. Canceled holiday party no booze no fund. We have no fun at this party do understand and guys. Is an option play it safe just avoid women that is grossly unfair. To women and grossly unfair to you know. You should judge everybody by the content of their character if you're on my ma me using a Martin Luther King. Saying. And there's two and say no I'm I'm going through. Distance myself from them if you're depriving them of an opportunity to advance in the company. Maybe do some more creative thinking anything that they could've benefitted benefitted and that's really unfair I think. And do you believe in the Penn's role. You do not have dinner alone would Vinny any person of the opposite sex. Especially of alcoholism call will be back with more on those regular thirty WB vesco to upbeat at Ontario figure on WB yen. Hey there and got a few you know I kept him really out of operate out. What help and just imagine your I'll be all right now the culture of god in it we eat burgers so well. No there's so much Scott group go all out there. Under and it is guy's got a great marriage. These god fearing. Eddie always tried to say what you know. Character being Richard I add that he could be taken advantage of 186 other young lady. You know if it thought. The smaller the pocket and think about working. Out. Up like that then I hear quote he claimed bad and all the sudden. It is mole like it's turned upside down I understand what you're saying you're absolutely right but what we put it in the caught back up how. How how how. The culture of corruption. And coming. Out of he is and I don't blame them. Well you know you're right about your assumption embed it's easy to set somebody up and NN. And end of the power senator of the country which would be Washington DC. I think you know you're doubly right so maybe he's on some repeat it's sad day that we have to say okay there's something like that thank you. Yeah it's obviously moves echo what you thing that is who these idiot set up from and people use anything or try and take your manager. That's exactly what when I was referred to earlier said I would not want to take the chances it is so easy to be sent opposite if you're a politician and you have to iron intern let's say. He can't take the chance that is going to be female because what if the opposition is trying to set me up here you know Barbara we all know and now you can't put a pass down its. Still we've gotten this far away to Obey there because of the consumption is. That even if you talk a good game you're incapable of a behaving yourself and so you you'd take away any temptation. Are we to go to the house and take away all the ice cream of throwaway because we might be tempted to have some. I world of gosh I really I really is especially in Washington. It's social slimy not there's nothing I would not believe going oh Washington. Because it's it's just that's the way it is and that's the way to play the game. And it's not a game. Jam him down marginally on WB. Good morning Leo you are fine Jimoh what do you think of that pencil. Well I I feed from Ontario. Stole my thunder I agree with a completely right they. Just to expand on that perspective. I think would like prince. He has really done is she's pretty much eliminated any appearance. Or eliminated anybody from even thinking about that because his wife result is whether. So that's and it takes that out of the equation for him completely. But that's like saying I don't go to the mall unless a copy is accompanying me because I might steal from their because I'd be tempted and it's sad. About that those have been. Well yeah your right this is the state and out of where were is society unfortunately in the way. The way things are done in DC. It's its release. Good man like him. He'll have to come out and say things like that just sort of try to protect themselves. The idea I think your rights and Jim thank you very much a you know you know it really puts limited a difficult situation. Now let me ask you Tony about this summit through this scenario. Your professional young woman you're Smart you're good at what you do is in the corporate workplace. Now. You know of that you know that there's a lot of power in new York and in your boss your boss can fire you. Can hire you can give you a promotion to recommend jewel floor. A fabulous job. Now you are by nature a fairly conservative person when it comes to joking and things like that. You Kyle loosen up a little bit of that so that he doesn't think your stick in the mud and distances himself or do you staging your troll a person. And maybe lose some of the things without giving anything away except for the fact that you know you are very cognizant of the fact that if you appear to be. Two straight laced. That Bob. Nasty truth yourself you abuse while so you you don't you don't get the deal fair break right I think there are times. True that. It pays not to be too good looking is not a problem I yeah. But we have women especially you know as well as the ideal way to hear you know as well as I do RD from under. That if there's a guy empower and his assistant is really attractive woman. So what then bank yeah. Is she got that job like she's very attractive. The avengers she's always you have got mad that they don't give the other women break against you right now. Do you find that I believe that yeah I think it's better to just be average looking. Or whatever. And the so they'll assume that you didn't get the job because of the books. You know people start Mims results Thursday we understand you're almost holes favorites because of your fabulous looks and body and I have to admit it's true. You know I IR I'm willingly gave it up and ordered to become a burden us. You think it's easy for me is saying no to everybody that you know needs something. Joseph and act costs and seen how bad we feel thank you thank you for that thank you for appreciating it is not easy being me. Here. A more or right on the board you go out and get back into it and it doesn't happen. Let's go to rule we have enough time for trust them in saint Catherine's dress in your on WB here. The idea. I'd agree that we your your picture of and I don't again today Buick being afraid of not being able control himself like that it has everything to do it but instead but I want Al. Who it's about the whole reality that today. The act is the woman's accusation against the man. Is it that mail should admit that man regardless of whether the ball this year you're just your average Joseph. You can be our friend with a woman for a year and suddenly something goes wrong. They gently insinuation. She opened can't bully you're proud because. I don't know. Just begin continuation. Is enough to ruin your life. While that's true you know it amazes me not that some women haven't felt that if they come forward their career would be either torpedoed a slow down or whatever. But all of them coming out at once now. Tells me that there is a big big large number of these people I assume that happened here in the air but I didn't realize the magnitude of this. But your personal like story very quickly to hear back working at salt at a place. And then got over there were a number eight ladies and Italy particularly true very attractive. We get it right conversation at the end icon that the you know I want. Your very very tracked the lady love the way you grass. Opted out. I don't all week Larry. I act on. But not all about the list we attic late. Said yeah but what. Well don't complain that big but really come bowl time some of the things you say it should we talk about well. Up caught. It's construed. Like. And you know he's got the weapon in it would into an. IQ no walk off format when it. That is true and I wish it weren't true but it is true and we've all seen it and so what happens is that something that is easily cut back. You just keep it all business all the time thank you that's a good point thank you very much. You can't you just barely look at a woman pushing a baby carriage and saying hey your babies really beautiful. They're a failure coming out of them. I mean it's it's it's too bad we've lost that innocence in this country we'll be back after. And today's deal of the day for my Bible verses it's admitted that he that he is his certificate for a buffalo battleground good floor. Tactical laser tag for tube was twenty arcade credits and an order for its next. People are usually like hurl bread sticks and each other during you know Lazard that your. A fifty dollar value for only 25 dollars by yours now my buffalo perks the odd cup. Boy I'm telling him he only our way to do it. Ultra sensitive show well. I have to be careful for every word you say that it doesn't offend somebody especially somebody of the opposite sex. What I say what I do a free hand movement everything I'm open every gesture I must be careful and hope I working. I'm with a guy named Tony Caligiuri who couldn't me more and why it took a vibes in the April while I'm talking about this. He's wearing a shirt. That says. Just do it used to baby just do it now you don't worry I just enjoyed shirt. Happens if a woman comes in there would have a hard track a bit welcomes the change though -- only or adjust George shared Torre said. He has got to be more careful just do it go and sell all is that it yes on the motivational gas fiscal going get the order kind of covered. I love that I look like I like a manly. Manly command like that let's go to air am and you're on WBM thanks for holding. Yeah. I'm fine and know what you have learned your mind today florists. Our no idea they'll let you know BA did not look and it you know. I am I'm big pharma are. Either male or. A right. We didn't end. I'll put it this why I always. Call went. I broke through. Our war on women. Carl you. As battery they had little old. All happened there are that that they have all these days. Let me say something. Happened out 67 years ago. Yeah may. Have been permanently if there at. All. Are no women get thrown up against these hair. How bad mom wouldn't care then they'd get him. There aren't you bet I. Somebody instead let me and that's actually. How you look at these media alone at the pulpit box so what else. Stay here. These direct. That they were. Well you know what I did. Not what god gave them. Yeah. How big a bit about how debt yeah that. It did it. I think I'd say is on the negative at all. Yeah. I want men wanted it I'm not Obama it. Because of Obama as a prospect for not I what I look at how the women. Why didn't you are well. It didn't. And didn't stop. I am not garner a lot of ways that are that you can hit album yeah. Are these were and they aren't these women and I would work until it. All right I won't tell Mubarak. Has something our peril for the and then are bought her a little bit caught up doing what do you have to get all day and that's probably late. Well you're a woman who is the man that's why we love the talk to you thank you our demise. Is right you know it's easy is weighted it is discredit stability and and she said and and I agree whether I'd Olivo v.s woman I believe most of them there might be one to America. Stretching and or maybe embellishing. Or whatever. But the bottom line is I'll like the caller said before the break. That he called on the carpet for simply complementing. A woman saying that that he liked. The the professional style which she dressed in whatever column recovered for complementary. That happens all the time. You I think we've gone past the time when you can compliment a woman. There's. OK maybe you can compliment your wife because she's black but I mean there's somebody in the workplace or you know some idea that you have dealings with a regular basis. Because. There's there's no rhyme or reason to. Women dressed nicely where nice make. And look good have their hair done one to look attractive. They want to look nice. But if you compliment them on the way they look you could be in trouble we've seen it we've heard about it before. And think about like this even something simple like. You really look nice today. And you get a reply of the medal of good yesterday and pick it that's searching yet. And as I said earlier you can't even compliment a woman's. Pushing a baby carriage with the baby and complementing the way I you have to really really be careful about that of course. The greatest of all woman Pope laws. God help you. If a woman whether she's the woman in your life for somebody adjustment. If they say you do I look fat in this stress. That's the end of the world as we know it if you say yes. Lie through your teeth. Normally we wouldn't recommend lying we'd recommend the truth so shall set you free not if they ask you if you look back and address next to. Is my sauces lose your mother I don't know what you are switch or owning. Is my sauces what is your mother's. Are due I would rather mr. dwell fat as drastic so all he. If it comes up more often grow beyond that says about the advantage and collar and an both make a lot of sense it's common sense that's the point. And it's reasonable doubt. And women should not have to compromise is who they are part to get ahead in the in their job they should just be able to beat to be evaluated on what a job. It's as simple as that but men get evaluated too it's not like men tremendous shape as if things and women don't. And so there's there's enough blame to go around but we are not comfortable yet. It be easy if some you know number or letter just appeared on our foreheads a weaker regional. When Conway and comfortable yet that we have a correct reading of I'm not Bonham straight laced not that straight laced. Like a pass out not a towel I mean win or good at reading them sandy asked to be out. I know it's right it's a beaver and I crazy. Yeah aware thinking that you know maybe it's unfair to the other male employees. You know we have others. We have betterment. Who said the previous the other day I'd love to be as good looking to having the stuff is said behind act and not look at that nice teachers were words written says just do it. Of age or they're just village earth. A football game. It's as hidden message in now a look at it well just do it and arguments about you know model year. There are already muddy area so. We'll take a break early returner is gonna thirty WB here on our text line. This is a very interesting one because I mean your offer some good advice sandy I had to. Successful careers I am retired now I was advised by a friend while I was in my first career position not to drink at office functions. To watch those who did and notice how they were remembered and talked about and how they were considered for promotions. I took his advice and I subsequently. Pro I was promoted every time an opportunity came up. I ended up the regional director for both corporations. I I that I worked for I give this advice to young women now. And keep your professional life separate from your personal life and it will serve you well and no scandal no regrets that's. Actually a pretty good idea. Gary keeping are keeping your work life separate. From your personal life a lot of people lot of people it intertwine them. You know I gotta venture guys they go bowling a module women might be a bit doing something together and whatever and though than they have some mutual things. In radio you don't see a lot of it is see some of it but not a lot of it is minimize in my experience that. I don't know why is may be different shifts that we work and whatever but there isn't a lot of that. People here get together every arsenal substitute thing yeah but no large hail yeah. All right Tony you've got some of Facebook's why don't you today a couple of artists. Oh sure you said way I call company on this one Aaron and present them to us Beverly says it's men. Learn to use their hat. He's and top of the shoulders instead of the one you know. Maybe they should be. Well try to oh yeah way. Of Beverly wrote that you didn't Beverly era predict and we'll give them the least FaceBook. Thank you Beverly it's okay my sister was not my sister probably the most of my masses that it's not. The install it would never know she would never say anything like that now she's version and there are efforts that too well. Which and immunology had. Entered country. That make a good novel. A Ted do and Amazon. I'll DeRozan a baby's room there at the reds are you. Are. All right let's go to house says as some say is just isolated don't blame everyone for some people's bad choices. Or does that not apply for the situation. I never know anymore since people flip flops sold so often. Well here's here's the problem. Not just one problem but it is a problem. Advertising. OK. If you look at advertising and eliminate the the drug commercials. They're about looking better. All right it's all about blogs is all about the optics business. Here or use our makeup heroes who have where this. Don't Wear of that you have vote of fashion in this fashion that you have glamorous people on television talking about wardrobe and all this sort of thing. People wanna look good and they want a good for themselves of course. But they usually oil would go for somebody else though it might be their husband might be their wives and if it's a guy. It might be almost anything. But they want to appear pleasant and and pleasing to somebody else. Now the key is. To which somebody else that's a problem suppose you are woman and you put on addressing a look fabulous and that he can relate to take on the day. And your husband says you look great. Ghetto you know and then you go to work and at lunchtime. Mamet the offices and how you both are very nice dress. Suddenly there's a line that's been crossed there is okay for your husband tell you look okay. But it's not okay for the guys in the lunchroom to tell you look OK what's that picture I think or too uptight. We're too prudish at times we read things into it not everybody is is a snarling drooling big east. I mean I think you're allowed to be complemented line. That's the reason that you do it you really is who you wanna feel good about yourself from part of feeling good about yourself. Is audio book that you said over and over people wake up looking for or wings to be offended yeah that's true. That's true they wanted to be offended there either policy. It's beyond what they are Grassley a politically so they they wanna be offended. They wanna be offended because you've got something they didn't yet. You are rather you didn't get something they did it. So you vice Versa. It's all in perception is all in approach. But I think there's nothing wrong with the a well placed comfort a compliment. If it if it's legitimate if it's real and over Israel but how many times have you bitten the heavier tongue closure about to say something nice to realize. Now this is the time to do. I mean that's I mean think about it anymore because I will not come Yahoo! he's just don't I mean it's just author read our screen you just don't do it. And I've played instantly. It's still bad it really is too bad because with these the sexes are attracted to each other. Usually naturally. OK and then they they make it look even better. A with the right hair and makeup and clothes and all that. And yet no compliments of forthcoming because people are feared dead. You'll take them the wrong way it is wrong with that budget thing yes I ER and then that's the kind of society Lauren now or if you look at some of the cross side. You're in trouble you regatta march yourself around with a lawyer. Giving you an OK you know you're walking on the street and your lawyers there. Nice. Jacket she's currency is on the known zone OK and you are revived by the way you shall too much content. I am but I'm thinking winter is around the corner and I just wanted to going to be me. You know I mean I've got to be me I've got to be him. But we'll be back what are don't be afraid to compliment sweetie take compliments very well. Actually Obama Frontline if you hear. When to articulate. Like as Libya nuts we'll be back with more on the American people. WBA ethic.