Sandy Beach Second Chance 11-22 Hour 3

Sandy Beach
Wednesday, November 22nd

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Second chances made Peter has not gonna get what I mean he could end up getting one before the embassies and they could end of going about not this week. Is about I don't like to hear about a second chance 30 what was your first day like network. Or your first date. With somebody special. Or the time you met her rep parents. Or you aren't you met his parents for the first time. On though on his team that you're a member of a team what was that first game like. About the military. About Thanksgiving. What are you thankful for and what not to talk about. During the Thanksgiving table. Those are my friend Don and Pennsylvania Don you can back up my story about Dorothea Hubbard being the smartest girl on the glass. Oh without question. I I I still think she was. I I question your sanity what you are now. Pleasure as the dolls is very very guys and then you'll you'll and anyway the three of us were best friends and school soil a lot of memories. What first memory you wanna share all of us. I guess the first memory is. The way it happened was that first day. I had about three of them never had a sack of one's. So all GO zero for three or worse the bigger man he's always there of of one. Right we got smoked. He's got all our time has evolved that the catch up with me. Well I put a Spitzer why do you think none of these second date didn't show up. Well at first like a world where she's out of the but all of the committee can't be anybody else stolen but finally straightened out after about the fortnight data everything went fine after. After that. While you are as I recall brilliant would numbers you know you as you could do anything would numbers you didn't just trying to impress them with your math skills. No. Irish have you use what all's limits barks there Don. Yeah oh yeah my two blocks. And didn't have much. Those innocent days when as you think back. They were fun they were fun and and the memories is still vivid in millions as Abbott yesterday. You've got that right. Not the other one that is my first day on the job were actually I consider it job. Well I work for this plastic company. And they stay sent me and that's where else. There must be. A thousand that barrels. But deep barrels in that warehouse and they Westbrook who are all over the place there was no duty to do it widget so terrible side. They want me to organize them and final mop it back a ball in good order. Well it was a long day of a detective had to be proud of them have been. Super jewel your job gradual over a barrel. Well. Well we both worked with bill marked up playground for central low England and a lot of fun things that every people when they are two odd days they want to give their kids that their it departments there and then we have a lot of phone won't work him through. Always great but I have to consider that a job of the Australia that was more fun than a day or anything else. Well you ran the miniature golf course and and view of miniature golf and so wire shall do. And so you have and what changes at bounded doesn't get better than that. No it doesn't that's being impure. And I first day in the military. That was something Al. I actually got sent on KP and that was talked I mean they woke up about early in the morning. And I was there for I think you're fifteen or sixteen or more hours it KP I was one tired do when that ship was. What are you what do you do you peel potatoes and things like that prepare food. Now I had did I go wash dishes and do this and do that. And around the edge of the kitchen area it was. Well that's our right you're a lean mean fighting machine usually. It should be a different job. Well now back did note that you wrote that. Dixon exit you watched it minute by hand I mean hundreds and hundreds of these things because it was all day long for all the mobile. One meal. While well I want Alicia are very happy Thanksgiving my friend a lot of my most of precious memories involve you in our third friend there and thanks for calling I appreciate it. Well the same thing that you probably people wish you and Tony and everybody. The best of Thanksgiving and. Thanks Don thanks for calling on. As if third grade Ole hole would you be in there in nine or ten. You know mattered and that's where Adam I'm a tan. And then we've been friends ever since that's cool yeah as physical guy and he's a fun guy and he's a good card player. And go horse player. And as this are different and noses music yeah he does his music is on the got me started on the right road to rock and roll that I will be back what our news radio I'm thirty WB. Oh you know I can. It was a reasonable like Stephen Doyle. He's is she calls from time to time and she's a journalist or whatever we talked about a lot of the issues with. I now I like her even more I don't have an affront amoeba in today's paper mentions that even Doyle. Is hosting a tribute to Fats Domino. And I think it's Saturday. Could I could be wrong things the mayor whether library. Fats Domino one of the absolute founders were our general who's who just passed that he passed the day we we're going to Europe that day he passed. And I love passed them on fear and if you look at. If you look at my iPod and my iPad every Fed's nominal song ever recorded is on there eyes so good and I I watch Emma and and I'm line all the time because is different clips and stuff that hadn't seen before. But as she is hosting and I think it's Saturday. Maryland could be unabomber. And so their season best of man awesome quote. Who wouldn't do it now London and foul. 380. Berry here don't thank you thank you made. I now know were asking me a second chance Napier government is not getting a second chance at least unless something happens Tyrod. Because Tyrod is going to start this game against Kansas City. So it's not about second chances and I said the similar appearance on the you know. What person hasn't had a disaster is first day on the job because that was made the chairman's first day on the job really. And I think everybody had so tell me the stories of your first day. At the net at the job the job. Your first date out of that work out the first time limit his or her relatives including a mom dad sisters cousins whatever. A first day on the team first day at a military. What you have -- thing to be thankful for right now for Thanksgiving and what not to talk about. At the Thanksgiving table I'll say one thing is harder right now invading them used to be fined about like this your meat eating. It's a singer for perspective over guy you're meeting her family you don't know them you know her and you may not know her that well okay. So what do you talk about. Now in the old days you talk about what was in the news or whatever and that's not a good idea right now. He isn't walking into a dining room and is a nice Thanksgiving dinner in his area. The word trump. I mean it can't do it whether they like or don't like are you strike up by Politico conversation with the ads saying. You know these second federal court row yesterday rule that. The federal government must pay for for gender reassignment everything above that. It's a I think you know other people you don't know yet. So isn't easy you talk about law all kinds of things that. Our normal car radios Charlie Rose one guy. If you go your favorite him pretty well you look these gays mine. I mean I see there that conversation. Now you guys you know we talk about everything that's there there are about he knew imagine most of the stuff we do here every day. Being a conversation pennies at the first dated the girlfriend's table. Can you give you do that widget on widget would you eliminate almost anything. Yeah now how about the players taking Indy nope can't somebody have that's exactly right now religion the things that they said. You should never discuss. Then oh all of a sudden it was located discuss them now we're back and never discussing a man and that is a religion. And that's certainly. Politics. And their gender what what you discussed with them music. Music oh yeah they'll say this music don't hate your music and you hate there's lots of Scott Bieber Christmas music will be guys Leo beamer is. Our idol Chris ball hard Tony your Christmas elections and sometimes coming under question I get into the sugary stuff but I'm still true to its policy in Gaza and bing Crosby's after against any of the beamer via there's. Give me here a couple of titles like Christmas. Ma current Christmas song I yeah. I like that shipments Christmas song grooming enhancements. On and sinks Merry Christmas time happy holidays. I think now. 98 degrees this gift is the most programs is the is most under rated Christmas song. Of all time. That you like any manly man I'm brands global brands that. Well mailing. Christmas and all things always go play half of AC or DC. I mean there are things that. Yeah down. There's there's it's not about there really isn't think about it Douglas arts. Of the husband I mean the father or the mother either turned off by ever paid it. They use the odds are you getting to people agreeing on the sport and the team that report looked at UNG and you have the Red Sox and yankees. Yes and in this week and we have Michigan and Ohio State and which Ohio State looks like their better than minds he's. So make sure we don't bring that up tomorrow you can bring up. Honestly yeah and Mike and tiger drew vet my comp who sweet I could do little mixed martial arts and these guys. You could start with a very generic. Topic you know something that and then like we talked about yesterday being able to read the real yeah are you artery girl you know because. You could you might be able to. Abort real quickly if so I'm not going right and still save the danger Will Robinson danger area you don't wanna be big guy and I don't know the commercials for what the brawl in Kansas City. She's gear and got shields up he's got re yes sure so it takes off the Jersey he's got a raiders sweatshirt. Now. I don't wanna do that. It's as people who definitely feel strongly one way or the other and you better know what the room says. Because you don't wanna get in that hassle and all of the things that we talk about a regular basis. Are controversial. Now which used to be maybe that not that happened they are now. Don't show up at lemurs house what are Virginia this year in golf it's not the worst. When people accidentally say alt hi Virginia do this weekend. Then here's your stock and he's on now here if you want to make an impression with her parents please. Under any and all circumstances. Do not Wear a baseball hat that worked just don't do. Don't do it unless you're a man amateur or professional and late or your five. OK because once you get what I had backwards. That the entire room has made up their mind the tone is set. The guy is you know he would the error her six year old Brothers or go to a real cool but everybody else and aromas ago. Well I think for a first meeting you have to have the style right you know. Looked presentable probably no hat is a good decision. On the first time yeah they are experts are review after you've already won her over you're going to meet her parents so you have to make it. Look who's talking like I know but if you know he drew you have to do yet now you're on to impress the parents because that could turn the thing real quality. Absolutely you'd have allies and it's likely a military it's that would generals and worker wage on or admirals and work your way down if you get that you'll get the others but if you don't get them it won't matter I met Cheney's parents in two separate occasions and at one. Occasion Mahler and offer you represent you're. It was it's a well known her brand's future. It handles the birds. And it. We were at Italian festival and that's gotta agree with that and a Harley-Davidson. T shirt. Yeah alone. He turns to me in sad. My daughter just tackle on a motorcycle alt well you know I can understand of parents are very protective dad so he made sure he got that then out there right away and I think I said. Two words to him the rest of the day yeah I'm thinking that they are very protective and ends and so you know yeah. You start out small yes will vote can we go on a bicycle ride. And you come argue this motor get on my bicycle. This says potato potato potato that makes it our government is and that's. No I mean when you made an imposing person like your father Obama. That's going to be even tougher because he's very well known very good in his profession and and a lot of people. Take a look at him and step back yet. So yeah I is they give me was awful of you know what vinegar now and you'll know shrinking violet but I just said you know I'm just gonna keep my emotions the first time I've met it's the dark figure growth talked about for summer her parents. It was a disc jockey. And I used to just say who do wild crazy disc jockey things okay. And they vary in size but very conservative. And I had to be I had to be almighty my best thinking behavior. Something that's going to base have been screaming from the room. But as it turned out. Her mother was an absolute. Doll no questions asked and made the best apple pie and made you feel at home. Like you live there your whole life her father however was though what we've Colin knowingly yankees. In order Yankee is. Yankees. The low pipe sticking out of his and he's looking at you and analyzing every word. And the IDs city at all. He's probably saying who is this. Back at it but it's definitely an okay guy to have her brother's very protective of of the of their sister obviously but it worked really well I have very. Good in laws. Never had a problem Lenovo also that worked out a fund my buddy Frank Wolf might be getting into some trouble at Thanksgiving. He is going to be wearing his. Make America great again sweatshirt all. It's crazy and hang the Turkey he'll be a jacking them. Throwing. An average in you know I would take a break it will be back there you second chance Nate Peter I didn't get one you did. Tell us about your first day at work your first day on a date your first. Attack and you met the relatives of first I want a team in the military. What you have to give thanks floor at one not to talk about it the Thanksgiving table. Elliott backward Beijing governor AA. Let's ask reminder to start because there's only been one break out TV show. This year in this call a good doctor. In the it's remarkable I think it's really really well done. And you check it out it's on Sunday night I can be wrong. I seventh ultimately the tape and it's very good but it got me thinking about doctors or whatever I think they're cool this Thanksgiving would be Satan had a doctor in the family. Now pictures Tony see this as my imagination network say a doctored the family. All the food is on the table the Turkey is in the middle surrounded by members Austin and mashed potatoes and carrots and all the other things and rolls and whatever. Now everybody in the family has to dress in hospital garb and they're standing around the table in hospital garb. Mast. You know all the things hardware sales and operating room. Dad who is the doctor or mom who is a doctor whoever is a doctor approaches to the table surrounded by her family or his family around the table. And then he operates on the Turkey. And so as he is slicing a Turkey would say. Cranberry sauce and somebody would pass programmers and he put on there. They say potato is there with butter we need more about pressure that'd be the bread needs and demands more butter you put more butter right. And by the time he is done. Everybody in the family has been served he takes off his surgical gears you sit down and have a nice mail. I like that a good idea. Who would be a good thing I need a 77 stat yeah eggs they could have yet to many these hospital movies. And I also. The one of the best observation I ever had was with a surge in Roswell park. Judy Smith and I asked her when and I was interviewing her I essar who in her family. Carves the Turkey emeritus. And she's at her husband did. And as she's a surgeon okay. So I said well that's because you used to carve the Turkey and then sewed it back up and expect it. I love that joke is I remember that our favorite arms but I think it is urgent. You're operating a real people that serious stuff you can't make a mistake during that. But you're operating Turkey. Why not have a little fun of it you know throughout Roswell you know will be perfect for cut the Turkey plus the Da Vinci. Alves right robotics Turkey that would be cool carve the Turkey will have a robot I don't like that you could have you could put in a program for it and just watch it carve the Turkey. I'd like him that I'm thing M answer we go to suggest that the rumors. Let's go to Roger in Akron Roger here on WB here. Roger a lot about a second chance again any story florists. Well yeah I do two correction for ordinary. My cousin is going to do austerity CBS. News new correction evening news oh really. Walter Cronkite style. And has dipped lower. Can be heard in there and experience. Great I've heard a lot of about him and that's an exciting opportunity at the very prestigious job. There he's very close series from murder colony. And this is first demon gut them recreated a dosing group. Well you talk about me that's a dream job for anybody who's insensitive and network positions though. If you drive drawn before after a wish him all the best from Gaza but that's something special. Then did it ever all right thank you but like wow network anchor about that I've read several are I don't know him. I've read several articles about it very nice. It brings them mum some national. Publicity to our lovely little so let's go to Jerry and hammers Gerri on WB and I don't I'm fine Gerri what do you have for us up a second chance tonight. Let's battered during World War II he was and Germany. You know what led the indeed tank it would be old and at a bicycle out of bicycles for one afternoon he met he was going down the road. And doubt with his with a with a friend he would pick up. Is that the open which would become my grandfather and dad they stopped and about a bill that it's selling bonds becomes associate jumped off the bike and got into a ditch. He did it as a good pitching Tibet and the bike we've received the two sides of this beat that guy again. But what about a mile down the road there were about granting the case back about an hour later and all of people in this situation jumped. Our bed while Ole. Talk about a alive impact. If you imagine I mean if you watch real World War II food documentaries. Is tough imagining surviving in the atmosphere. Out. Yeah I would say insult the all right thank you Gerri thank you very much imagine that. Wow. Tony you have votes not a FaceBook today Elena you redouble before the break. Rob says absolutely first day of boot camp took about 500 pushups to realize when called meg it. They weren't actually talking meat hook up. You know major work for burglary. All the arguably one odd theory is grateful for retirement. Alter. Its very and I assure car are your life it's nice if you get to a position where you can retire. It's an amazing though if you ever look at the charts that are armed. That are in the news every usually in the financial section of their real story on what you need to retire. But they always they always equate that to what you would mean right now. Doing the exact same things are doing now and not changing anything. And it's always like it yes. It's a you made. 50000 dollars a year you need twelve million dollars to retire all of those is the pressure. It really does it's one more Tony. Let's see I don't know if this is very posting or care and dozens Berry and carrying terrible content posted net. But they say my crazy wonderful dysfunctional family Alves a you know this always you got to remember this. Way and when you have a relationship with another person you also inherit their family. Does from a as a member of this dog may be dysfunctional. May be crazy maybe it maybe great legacy at Susan's and was terrific. And that you lucked out if that happens. Because oftentimes a different backgrounds different today's. Different political points of view and whatever and unless you spend your whole life debating them which is not a lot of fun. Then good luck because you got to make a lot of good choices to make of the last thing. Was it a break and we'll return under Israeli and I'm thirty WV sometimes is not easy to get a chance though for a second third chance. An example was when my father was started dating my mother. It's old news very it was very shy. And my mother had a brother or my uncle Romo might notorious uncle rose two years younger than her. And my father found that every place where he started to take my mother. Uncle Bruno would show up. They were going get a hot dog and standing behind a tree that is on the okay I gave the go on a walk. And they turn a corner and is uncle Borough. What they didn't know neither one of them know my grandfather. A Sicilian Andrew Francis and didn't dislike my father but he was not Italian. My father's finish. And so my uncle my grandfather hired my uncle Bruno who follow them wherever they want to follow them. So finally my father catches on there being followed so he comes up with a plan that's foolproof. They go to where normal like which is near where I grew up will. My father rents a rowboat because rentals there he figures this is foolproof. I'll I'll road to the middle of the lake and we you'll finally be alone right so who rose rose rose to the middle of the lake. Puts the paddles up there and here is water splashing. Michael brewer canoe in. The it's as good as rowboat and because I'm. So it was easy to make a second but as it turned out. My Sicilian grandfather loved my. Might finish rather and things worked out pretty well now Tony we also asked today. What not to talk a level we asked about what you're thankful for on Thanksgiving what via. For me personally I'm thankful for friends and family who have the left did. To be in my life they didn't let tying. Cause them to drift a way that there there for me keep in contact and that means a lot to me. Well that's very nice you think of family and you and I were talking about an off the air a minute ago during this thus thus that. This sometimes the memories are you would you would not think that would be what are your prime memories what is on Thanksgiving. Mom said yes you can lick the beaters and knowledge. He's making something with the alleged leaders they you know this this engaged them. And my sister would get one beater and I get the other beer and then like an idiot you're licking. Frosts thing or whatever was on there and that's a great memory scheerer error really is. Now beamer yet let's visit the rumor this is a family show I and now we're emerged with CBS there will be eyes all over this guy I. Lowell is CBS to have to make another big decision this week. So I will say this I am very thankful for my family I am very fortunate to have in amazing family and amazing group of friends. That I've surrounded myself with that want me in their life I feel. Very fortunate to have them and I'm happy to be here and WB yen. Thankful that I'm working a job that I love well last night with two amazing people. Okay. Wear these arm. Mostly. Although obviously also I think full or to be five to nine shell. We're Brian season date or floors of course and and they're Tony and I are very grateful for your family because it's that you edits on at least three days a week. I. To aim it. Over everything because that if you really think about how fortunate you are. To be doing something like that do. And getting paid for. No lost its meaning has made it. Yeah it's our own race. This last week off but I have to do Gregory it's guard while that's as the big car the big limo Joan I have to watch the ball well. Let's say your first day Thursday for his day at once you have to be thankful for what not to talk about during Thanksgiving I think it's obvious topic here was one not to talk about. Because most of the stuff. That is talked about is probably better choice not to talk about it at Thanksgiving important things. Like politics like religion like Coca. A government funding and programs and things like that. Don't get into that at Thanksgiving just have a joyful. Family. Dinner. And enjoy each other tells stories it's fresher memories yeah I met mr. re yeah really kind of pictures show an issue primeval urges public. I hope the boss knows what else you who now. Over there it's a matter of. Everybody is joyous in that every story winds European happy. Williams says I'm grateful to have been married. To the most beautiful smartest person I've ever Mac. Now through my own fault I am losing her. However I knew the love of the finest person. Have ever known I will mr. sandy by the way it was was not another person involved just might compulsive self god bless you and your family. While that's a very different though than it is definitely and especially. The holidays especially Thanksgiving. And Christmas and I assume Monica. Whatever because you go back to your best memories of those times. And and you bring him back in that things change all the time you can never totally a duplicate and replicate. Those moments. You know what it's it's amazing. And you think back in your life and you wonder why you didn't do like you didn't take advantage of certain things. Like right now I would I would have given my arm no leg. To have learned Italian. When I was younger but when I was younger they spoken around my house never outside the house. But I never had an interest in learning it I guess when your kid. You don't but now like we just came back from a trip to Italy. Although the dialects are always different it would have been nice to be a lewis' do some similar conversational things. But you don't always appreciated when the opportunity is there to do something. But them I guess that's part of life is it is learning what's important now what hasn't do you have an auto employees. Let's see Allison says juicy Andy and your wonderful laugh all of those guys will thank you thank you very much. I enjoy laughing my my laughter is recorded on various stations around the country you may hear it from time to time. One more Tony ways most people are grateful for their health family and friends yeah I think that's true. I think that's absolutely true. And now you're you're gonna give us via a scoreboard or who were supposed to root for. In high school football during this holiday time as a little championship state championships who are we have Lancaster. West cynical west and Maple Grove. All trying to win the state championship make such a six prod no soup we know within one you know the teams are on here but we don't know the other teams. Do we have a strong area for a high school sports. I think we do you know football is usually between us Rochester. Then yeah some other sections we'll send one represented a buck. You know we've sent four were sending three this year is such a sex has been doing very well as were paid so much yet as I said I remember that movies that televised game on Thanksgiving Day. But I missed I missed the harbor couple lot MB in a member. Of the Harvard cup hall of fame. It's a lot of great memories and so you're at Harvard cum golfer and yes I am. Is there anyway you can give me that membership so that I can be almost tied within the ever. I know nothing about the Harvard company I'm willing to pay for. How will talk to Dave Thomas averaged close act. And NASA been in this on the scene I would tell you could do I would be most appreciative and on army and got some things might fall off for truck into your yards. In new washer dryer things like that we can say you went to burger exactly that's and hello exchange Il and be. Four run a grades and looks and everything sheriff wow. Right now as a merry go I that about wraps it up I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. We will be of back here next week obviously enjoy yourself and be thankful for what you have will see you. Then on newsreader and I'm thirty W via. It's. They never have to needs to be used certainly let you know I don't give a.