Sandy Beach Second Chance 11-22 Hour 2

Sandy Beach
Wednesday, November 22nd

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Well the club house announced today Tyrod Taylor will be the starting quarterback in Kansas City this this coming weekend. And there's so I was not entitled to show's second chances but as goes beyond a football. Because of Biederman had his first chance that it didn't work out for a lot of reasons. And I was wondering what your thought it should get a second chance we're back questions have been answered at least. A by the coach and so tyra on will be the starter but I never thinking your first day at anything. About your first day of anything and I roads on your first day at work. Your first date. The first time you met her or his relatives. The for this day you have as being a team member on a sport in any sport but the first thing is always rough. And those sometimes disastrous. And I was just wondering if you have any recollections of your first day at any of these things. But let me give an example. And I'm talking about really your first day not not a day your training and where somebody is sitting right next tunes does okay push that button. Not a day when your observing. You're watching somebody else Stewart a day when you're doing it yours the person you're the man you're the woman. And it is it's going to. All or rise on your shoulders. I recall our first day at work very vividly. By myself. My first day I got through it it was a six hour shift I got through it. I was scared to death I was it's a what I got out the air at six to 6 PM. I was on from like noon to six. When I got to fears that via my shirt was soaking wet I mean I was that nervous. But I kept oh within myself would do whatever I could do at that time. Didn't try and do more than I was comfortable way of and it didn't sound bad at this downgrade better than some bad. But I I just wanted to get through. Just wanted to get through it. And I did but I'll never forget it as long as I live in and I think most people start off like government first they'll work. About your first day. In radio I remember I trained one day or one Saturday night. WX RL. It was country gold Saturday night I believe was the program a good size good because it all yeah it was great music and are remembered it was funny because. I train with somebody who actually knew from. I'm north buffalo. What school what her brother he she train me one night in and the following week I actually walked. And it's all by myself I have a lot of duties after run this program are I have to record news I have to closes stationed down at night and they shut the building you're trained by a woman yes there's there's the only woman is overture injured at 200 way there is that to be to be sitting up from bag. That's what your troopers that. Right at what I do remember being so scared oh yeah how trying to get through this if it's right you play the first commercial getting back into the program yet. I just did that if. And and you want to think ahead so you can come up with something clever. And your mind freezes only nothing averaging just you just want that clock this day and of shift and get that first one done. Allegedly refers to the radio today. Yes I and my first day without sitting next to the legendary Tony Caligiuri I remember. Like he said being nervous and then play in the wrong break at the bottom of the hour instead of going to I'm hockey in news. All I left the Rush Limbaugh parity is on. I a similar note that as though when they go to break through they run for charities from the network. And sometimes if you forget who would go over there you get to hear from their they're funny immunized. So and so you have at the end of a shift did you feel you are. Successful. Button no no I I still don't usually feel successful at the end of a shift. But I did not I I knew their stuff I had to work on Gerard came back Saturday land cigar Dave did not have the same prob. No problems that was regarded the bro he's a throw a question about that let's check out with a man here in west calls. Matt that your first day on the job I'm ago. A nightmare I tell us about it. Well and the only way amateurs there's a carpenter and outdoor courts this. Wonderful guys and we checked. Michael amounts and only determine how windows wouldn't. Personally I went to do I cut it. All in the second and the third bank wall and and finally at the time he's in your gonna currently being like oh really what's good for him that he lets you do. And he immediately return a carpenter and it and it. That's not an easy job because mistakes I guess you could cover up mistakes by most good times somebody would see it is no way to get around it. Well really the a great teacher agreement. Worked there for like fourteen years and not an alleged. Well that's good Benoit had a rough first day either use you got through a load a good to hear that thank you a map thank you very much. Yeah I think anytime you herb if you appreciate any help somebody will give view of their already doing the job you're doing. And sometimes people are very helpful if you show a willingness to learn. And and that's that's important certainly it 030930180616923. Sixers are 930. The next one will be good that we can do all of these as an directly. First day. On the first date. Now vests. We might have to I have a dump button here. And there it is and looking usually says dump what do you empathy. But this Imus is beamer I can't figure out why in your Tony. The firm history the first date. Now we we've got to set some parameters I mean. The first day he could be really our community to a 1213. Maybe and maybe even younger men. First OSHA would say first grown up day hat. The you know you go to a restaurant somewhere aren't that good idea because otherwise you just fumble through a hearing Elijah. A glaze you can't see anything clearly you just wanted to go well. And that you want there to be a second day if you like what was happening on the first day. But you sizing each other up you must've had some reason to ask her or he if PS view Loomis as a reason ago. And do it and I'm sure over the interest thing or comeback on news radio 930 as she didn't ask you do look fat in this dress you have a chance of succeeding. I'm having a successful first day well back after this that is abating company. And then they'd Bittermann denied get a second chance. I was so hoping they'd give him a second chance I think everybody deserves a second chance and I'm thinking oh how many first turned out to be disasters. Your first day war alone now with the does somebody helping you your first day on the job alone your first a grown up to date. Say high school is something not a little you know fourth grade party or something like this with your. Your first groan of the aid and the first time you met her parents are or if you're a woman you met his parents and and his family or her family. Your first day on us on a team. You get to go and play in the for the first time as a member of a team. And also will throw in here this holiday is called Thanksgiving for a reason. We're supposed to be giving thanks for what we have and what we enjoy in our lives and writes annoyed you give a thanks for. We suggested that Theo first day would be maybe something high school day Tony you remember your first date did you walk someplace did you. Drive somewhere is I think a good first date. Let's say good easy for Tuesday at the screw up would be like a movie. Or dinner restaurant. Those are pretty sedate. But you get beyond that idea for the right thing I think. We went roller skating past super eight it's all right there you're pretty good without you this there. Laws now enacted to Anson and bogeys gate wallets do some floors now ya I wanna live your. The kind of spark alive that would be fund realized I. Back probably still skate all right yeah yeah Cambridge. Went well acted it while while but you have to qualifier because not everybody that you wanna date and and highway shut out to Nancy count me but there are yes and seek out on me earlier yesterday Grover student now's berg still remember that the it's like okay we're gonna movies no special qualifications needed not parties who want to go through via. You know a dinner. Pretty easy everybody aids but skating and got him on Wednesday yeah that at all you ought to play hockey and also our it was easy for me I see you all right once again Iran news short ago. Now beamer. Am Merv beamer Tony Awards and get ready would be dump button OK we may needed even the first legendary date of jewel Kramer. It's hard for you to believe I wasn't. I didn't date much and as I still don't date much and number way but yes you do workers go high school. My job. Your learn to date right there a way to go would be now. I didn't go line to the gates. With a friend of mine's sister and I'll probably wasn't Smart. But. I thought they would well we did a movie and then not Johnny rockets. At Hillary the fifties thing. Ons now I'm not sure if it would Weller not cousins. After the second date which was a school dance on my friend complained to his mother and his mother told her she couldn't see me. We're right there to bring him garner one. Well that's it that's not good well some good work and since then not to bring successful for states well. As far as state where in the high school. I saved up some money so that I could take I could take her to a nice restaurant and his restaurant on West Springfield was there when I was there and I'll call Vincent's it was a state house and very very nice. And I was gonna say a majority Hubbard there she was the smartest girl. In our class all right why she ever does not think she would date is beyond me but she was in and probably still list. Very very bright girl very nice quiet. Sensitive time so we're going two offensives and never bit into a restaurant of that quality I had to save up keep in mind. Because all of that was a part time job. And so I saved up okay we're going to criticism now we go to misses out look at the menu and there's a few things that look good mood. All right I want a fruit cup that's one of things oil as a fluke. And I'm very nervous because I've never minimize restaurant like this before okay so the front cup comes and the fruit cup has you know you know if you take them. Alan ball's little little round pieces of different kinds of melons and whatever. And that's what it was like it was a medley of a watermelon and cantaloupe and all that stuff the guys in little round balls. Now first of all I could inhale the entire fruit cup before I wanna do but I was trying to make a good impression Powell cut. I'll cut each each melon ball and so that it should show I'll show you are rarely right so sophisticated guy right. So I put my face boom down on the melon ball. And I don't get a quite in the middle. Everything went flying like a NASA rocket and landed Ford tables over four tables over it was probably six feet in the air. Because I didn't know that they are melon balls have been frozen and part of them was still frozen. I thought who can easily compass and half she's gonna really be impressed but that's gonna enjoy it and it was still frozen and. And now I am. More horrified I mean I couldn't be more mortified well that's the first day and I gave her all through Iowa. High school and then she went through the university of mass and I with the Boston couldn't go further apart and Massachusetts Bogans. And that was that as she worked for mass mutual I think girl alive review job to. But that was NCV. It got to be yourself if I'd just take him hold melon ball this well this isn't an you know I go to the net. But now I had to cut that's didn't work out so well when you wanna hear from you 803 on a 30180669. Through reserves. And started 930 let's go to David in north buffalo David Muir a WB here. Yeah. Twenty years old for a job road course like degree. And reporting company. In the door and you know work in the pine tree labor sort of or. And he the Orman comes. A copy from machines. And now with Canada. Countered caught. A ago though. Was it because. It was mobile. Oh is that the it's so what. And agree. It is an ankle. Entry angle sit down and cheer and anybody were to record or knows. Here's the labor selection whoever. That the people with the means doing that that the U. Them here course ethical backwards in the coffee spills all. Alone the whole. Now on McCain because animal while there. Oh lead lap when. So I'm thinking like grow it or change it can't compare that. Job. I just went to stop the oh. I'm going into so yeah. I went to school and party. With the job. And street and a girl. You know I've known you know where yours Smart earlier. In the I would. Smart. Ass. Who is as you went to the bathroom on yourself on your first. I. And have David from north buffalo going to bass or about my first. Because we don't carry around an extra pair of pants well it's not not standard operating procedure of eyes were sharing their mortified moment was there we appreciated and I think that any time you're trying to make the good impression like your first in the job on the first date or anything like that. You try too hard you tried to are they always tell you just be yourself. Well. You wanna be more than yourself. And you want to be somebody that presents. Something or of the of the mob rules say differences through her daughter. Yes I think you should keep getting him he's really terrific guy. Now Tony probably good rave reviews because he was skating around later crazy man and that that's a nice thing to do. I don't know have Dorothea we're told her mother and father about via the errands a melon ball caper. I'll but those are the kinds of things that a sick with the India and you can tell right away cancer Thursday whether it's gonna worker you really can't he can't sometimes it goes off the rails but usually. Usually you can even if you're nervous. Even if you're it's bearing conversational is usually find something. I remember not being too nervous house kind of relaxed. Just. Go out and enjoy the day or night well you know sneaking in from the closure of Bernard yeah you're full of self confidence. This is an army is just year her mother said go with him he's a good skater and again well you hit he hit. Maybe imports are better poor they need to. RC like the kind of guy that the mother was today. He is in Alaska but a careful eased up fast recognizes. That right. I would hope not. I think I get a really good first impression you. Yeah press ask you know you're really that would be easy to impressed thank you thank you yeah. Like your personality alive. Women going out I mean you know where you're if you're going to know whether or grow the mothers always super productive in the father logo. The guy that Israel. See you ought to be very subservient. Senator men get to a cup of coffee you know really pouring. Let's that they show. They're definitely got a lot of daughter. If Joseph turns out well would you might work or before we get a finder's V. We'll be back tomorrow undergrad or thirty your first ever job Liederman Thursday on the job. Turned out to me reviews lest there on the job. What about yours tell us about it on news right here and I'm thirty WB. All right we're back live Abidjan company you know where is talking about and made the airmen although he did not get the job fully number two it will go to rock Tyrod Taylor and so that's that but if Peter McDonough we're going to go to second chances. And them wondering what the first day on the job was disastrous for him. Five bush interceptions whatever or all his fault in the bottom of the line wasn't blocking things weren't going well and so he's not gonna get a second chance but. Once you think about your first they had anything. You're probably not very good not many people just step right into it. And suddenly your Peyton Manning doesn't work that way. It's usually takes a little in fact traditionally. There have been many famous. Players in the National Football League especially quarterback. Who started slow Elway you know yeah they started slow and and many of them. I'd I think even Peyton Manning did not start you know like super strong he lost several games right away. And but. They come you know as you get there they say that the speed slows down again actually see the plays well that's up and and they've been turned out really well well. I don't know Peterman you know shot with a bills or anybody else would. I'm thinking about disaster is or less than stellar. First time around. Let's are anything on your job. The first date. The first time you met the relatives. Your first time on a team in your first game in the military the first day. Had to be addressing what was boot camp life. Let's go to Iran and so on the Ron here on WB yen. I'm fine Ron your first day I'm sure you have great memories. All you do well as kind of like that's my I did I grew up in the united. I live in Carolina's most beat writer of title it's like the area where all the houses look like one another cookie cutter cut out. Not that's up Porter if it's it's a very blue collar work in the area and influence people. I don't know about Carolina. Worm problem well I'd gone to local kept the price war. And of course the rub shoulders with sun isn't. We are doctors and lawyers and people I would I considering possibly. I just don't Nixon circles well. Anyway as it turns out. I got to know a couple of guys Asians. Base there's going to be there's going to be all right stand and I got it's really nice girl while locals Wolfson. We like said and eventually we just decide we were. But let's move them there's a whole lot about that a bad. Something where I am title on a guy or else chicken little but that I'd like baited meter gambling and of course I didn't drive at times so. I can't quite get my dad dragging out right now. We get we get to the real fancy Nancy would hear analysts had was probably would. Something I I couldn't idol the out years ago but it. Anyway we we just pull up the partnership you'd. It was this massive. Structure. And look at them I mean I'm like holy smokes this girl is here and I came to the door in you know idea drop wait you know from under the simple fact that I hadn't eaten. OK so my stomach rumble on. Well anyway she invites you know and the Obama victory gracious in her mum of course is going oh what seizure do it ranks and my dad's trailed salesman and my mom. She's she's stable home and she works part time local cops and things like and she gets in where it was. Lou that in turn. The elements. I don't want to. And she went bogey listen. Arnold Wanda about but but but the way she added it just it really really got. A condescending. But okay. Yeah I he had said that what was well. Anyway the thing is I like I like this girl and I think we had been invited over for dinner and I just I'm just admiring what I mean we're talking. We're talking delirium we're talking fancy Ingram Coleman. Could work as a there is going on and on. The lower eaten all of a sudden. I just one. I'll get notes. And Williams that's the first one ever gotten Williams bill and real time. Oh my god well. I didn't and an ant bed of course I doubt you mean yeah I mean camping gaps was right captain. Absolutely it was like a no coast stations go ahead. The idea was great I mean I I mean to this stale or maintain. Gas station that are that. Important two but anyways the mother was mortified. But now I was relaxing. And I just said I didn't like her and lakers snotty little so so you wrote it off mentally. I got import more like just a step I just kept what in the ribs then. UK is the continuation. I did I didn't realize that well I I I'm sorry you had such area. You say how is the day what was a gas. OK well thank you could put yeah it's them first dates can be very very that's why said the safest thing to do movie. Particularly that you both like by the way because guys don't pick all the crash shall we know where they explode Somoza. Here picker chip. And you know it's any it's only a Chicago in early death has really do I know you do and find out ask your sister. Or your mother what's playing that daylight. And whatever it is takers there a case of a good start in a show your sensitive. Women love sensitive guys assessed Joan Miro. He's as good that I'd meal is fine so but they are again agree on much economy. Agree on what you're you know what you're going to have due to Chinese food Italian fluently whatever Eli. Make sure it's it's an idea it's a unanimous vote if you do that. I think during which it unless you put your foot and do something really stupid which happens a lot vision nervous right. But Tony was confident his role was getting steals would. Would go over the day and and the idea it was and think back man yeah in the did you do anything after skating now. You at home. After you paid for the rental skates and I had our own skates geragos. Welcome back who wanna hear from you your first day at any thing at war. A date meeting his or her parents. On a team in the military. And good if you have a Thanksgiving story I mean that's what this is about. Giving thanks for what happened in the regular thirty WB here your first ever anything including the military. Listen to this event and I'm sure this wasn't too happy. This is on the tax line first day on the job as a humvee driver in the US army. I sunk humvee. I had and lost half my gear in a flash flood. And had to be rescued. With engineering wire. I don't know what engineering Moyer is but. Basically he's not supposed to lose the humvee. The humvee was supposed to BO go through over under and everything they even had that extension on the exile so that. You could going deep water in the engine is still grieve in your imagine explaining that. Where zombie soldier I'm. I don't ice it was floating down about it was really well as a vote. So I could I golfer Jerry. That's inside doing everything Borough are. Feeling a day goes at it. And as you wanna hear my my father on them the first day when my mother my father was. I'm very shy. And he grew up on a farm dairy farm. And was still living there was my grandmother my grandfather passed away and I are I'd forgotten how he was introduced to my mother about. He asked her out and it's a lot for him to do that. But he did. And that he showed up. He didn't have much money but he showed up in Britain he's caught her on that first day I think they went for a drive or something like that. It was. And it went nicely okay. Well he wanted my mother thinks highly of them obviously. I only ever so the next day. He asked if the good government they're Europe again and maybe go for a ride and out of the first day picture up and the car was nice it was a nice hardtop. He's the describe what it localize Q whatever so yeah she said yes they'll be fine. And so I went to drop on the second day in on the second day he picked her up in a convertible. And my mother was. She's not easily impressed but the guy shows up one day in and eyes cards out car the next he's got a convertible one desperate eyes. What she didn't know. It was the same car. My father is had two bodies for a body and frame. And he and his friends. I did a rush job to change the body on the car they took the hard top from what the innumerable Iran but it was the same car but she didn't know of arts. It's going the extra mile knowledge of its cool is it. It's only that story of several times years ago and I was always just amazed by. Because those are the days ingenuity counted you know and that was it. Shall I should have two cars. And she never asked of course she was too polite. I'd Tony you've got somewhat. Aussie FaceBook right. Yeah we'll start with a Bernard is as. A Buffalo Bills are notorious for making bad decisions Tyrod should've stayed in their sand Peta and back to high school. Well double the whole point is this either Peterman was a qualified second string quarterback or not. I would not say that is disastrous is that game looked. Remember the I think river first pass they knew wide receiver guiding them and had to be assisted off the field. The second pass who was that tipped. And he yards intercepted. Now with stuff like that it's you know you've got to overcome that but if it's your real big chance. To become a starter maybe that as debilitating effect. So he didn't really get a second chance. I was hoping he would get a second chance today and every did the same thing again but remember venue to make a decision on that but. Remember the milk is blocking either and remember that that was the third game in a row that they they looked terrible. All right puts them well with Tyrod don't want a muslin is. With Peterman so I don't I don't mind because I like to watch Tyrod play I like to especially watch them run. But I don't know if it's gonna accomplish anything right now if you ask me I think for next year they have no quarterbacks that that's mighty impression. They will try and move entire ride and they get somebody you might be more suitable to the office or whatever. But I think they're both Coke now. So we'll see I hope I'm wrong and I hope we win the rest of the games and an end up eking into the playoffs that I don't know another one Tony. I damn believes a second chances he says yes and I as soldiers trump otherwise he would left those young men. In China. I did that really annoys me what the father of one Olmstead from that you have that much to do livid yeah. So what we forget as they were over there shop lifting. Okay. So let's not let's not beg Gus see that up would make him look like there's something it's not they were shoplifting. And believe me it's not coincidence that he got him out of there Alonso ball is not the brightest guy yeah yeah. Well sometimes issues left them in there that is the only way you learning. One more please. I'm Melissa is. Seat at that at that no she says no I don't believe the second chances every time I've given them it's only proved to be a bad decision. Most leopards don't change there's. Thoughts now I'd I agree that if there in the long term low flow most lovers on jays have spots but I think anybody can have a bad day everybody. Are you seeing you seem top flight players. Have a just that terrible day. And that they usually stick womb anyway because they don't want to hurt their psyche. And you've seen bad dates in using first days on the job or bed and you'd be thankful to be given a second shot because. Here he hopefully. If you're intelligent you learned something. You learn something with Leo we're the first strike out you learn that maybe you'll learn to up to the commitments to get that job may be. That may be arm wasn't wanna should've been maybe the game plan wasn't that good who knows maybe the get this one. The offensive line wasn't blocking. One you know I think felt like yeah. They're opening the door for the difference yes would you like to hear that's our court of record program. I mean basically didn't look like they were giving a real shot so I think a second chance are depending on what it SO. You know I think it's a second chances and our. I think is to be difficult to given a second chance when you look at how porous. That offensive line is blocking why why bother right right take the chance to well. Yeah I had injury I have resorts are saying but we're also a risk of injury if there that porous this week. Against the chase because tyra is going to be running around like crazy guy trying to avoid being tackled. And the more running innovating he does the bigger chance that there might be a some kind of an injury. You know he's not a pocket passer and never has written. That I'm aware of I don't think who was it pocket passer and he's got a pocket now is not a day has been or know. Beamer beamer who probably tell you how many pocket passes he made a Virginian to. Yeah you know especially. 20072008. And 2010. When he won the ACC championship it was also game MVP in 2008 in 2010. Wide license thing dead as I rods agent for coming here on the show today and you always get everything they can do a lot of a lot of good time over tyra. I talked for thyroid. Itself. Yeah I believe was taken chances if Everett if the first chances that a total betrayal. If it's because you are nervous or the preparation put a little different or whatever lies lies is not a betrayal I believe in second chances. If it's a betrayal forget it. At least for me you know one shot at it and boom your route. All right we'll take a break it will return we wanna know and eight Peterman is not going to get a second chance but aren't you glad you've got a second chance describe your first day at work. By yourself. Would not you know no nobody can guide you you're first day on a date with the somebody very special to you. Your first day meeting his or her relatives in relations your first day on a team playing a team sport. Your first day of the military hope you didn't lose a humvee that might go costly. And also what are you giving thanks for tomorrow and what not to talk about it the Thanksgiving table. I suggest maybe don't talk about to rise and Nate. If it's a football fails because you may get a split a friend. Under Israeli and I'm thirty W via.