Sandy Beach Second Chance 11-22 Hour 1

Sandy Beach
Wednesday, November 22nd

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Well hello hello hello is reaching company ams every major around 930 today show on my garment or go to bubble bells will be telling us probably. Who is going to start and that is the are the tough questions well I believe there may well have retailer you'll find out. Right error administrator and I'm starting WB he had perhaps frivolous. Yes yes yes we tried to serve our audience and in order to use our bureau audience you've got to know your audience correct okay. I spent a lot of time in buffalo and I know the buffalo audience and this morning Wembley early morning news team and a chef on. And the shaft was going to answer all of the distinctly difficult questions about cooking the perfect Thanksgiving Turkey night. OK so they bring a chef automate open it up for questions. And one thing I know is our audience asks perceptive questions they asked the questions that are hard to answer like the first question and I Byrd was. How do you put that Turkey in the refrigerator. Now I mean. This is not an easy thing or chef school for that. But if you're still listening and in case you are you drove Georgia or something here's how you do it. First and it's important to do this first opened the door to the refrigerator. Okay that's the first thing you know because if you don't do that the rest of it doesn't work. Opened the door slowly. Of the refrigerator got an okay while the door is open. Put your hands on each end of the panda would joke you'll cook the Turkey all right. You have a firm grip on it now walk over slowly to the bridge. And if announced why did end a tray in the guy in the shelf marriage you'll that the trend will fit. Now and this is very important because if you don't do this that Turkey will spoil close in the refrigerator door. And then the rest the residents of music and you'll be surprised how many people. Try and put the Turkey away without opening the door it's a mess you know the jobless get all over the ground you have that problem and you have to see your doctor yeah I'm John Taylor he's no stump I'd like you go over this again with I know I can't it's it's too it's too much languishing. You have dribbling Jim let's remember them they have and having hit a long time the dribbling jobless and try to get them to leave and I think it's always going a Christmas song right now I think there are all I want are prisoners are dribbling just. And now. Are right you think that question it was hard another one to the chef. Now you're going to show up in the expect shelf life questions don't you venture our second question was. Is that okay if I put mayonnaise on my Turkey. Now I. Let me tell you this. There's that there is a Turkey the Turkey when you take out of the oven as part of the main mail by then I think just as good. Later on either in the day or the next day Turkey sandwiches all he now the have you our white lead person. Now I'm not prejudice Blackley matters too I'm just saying by the way why. Meet a person. What you have to do is remember that it's dry it's a fairly dry thing. So mayonnaise on match is very helpful if Malloy sins of Morrison's video white may. Makes it yummy yummy yummy now I don't know if you put it on dark green if it's the same thing or not. But these were two important questions and had to be answered otherwise to families would have had a an unfortunate Thanksgiving. Because if you don't know how to do those things bureau luck even I know how to do Turkey now the job. They. Coca. Do it truly is a direct hit a character that. And I covered all very good. Asian immigrant stuff. It's amazing after just that a few short decades Hubert Obama take the bad cleaned up I. I blotter assault plowed. I told you the first year that I got married. My wife. Decided that she would make this this is the first year you put this in perspective. Edits you would make the Turkey and that's very nice and Andy's side of things came out very well and whatever and no 11 small problem that Turkey Xia. Some of the bag and written books that lets you zero she is young. And inexperience in and cooking a jerk. You it was still good I mean thirty's or face the good and is it jet answered your bullets templates jobless Charles Georgie. Georgie OK yeah so off. All right so that's it now what do you go. We've like the things with my Turkey I love crew member's office. Yeah I loved homemade apple saw as a Bernadette makes homemade applesauce woods is yummy like that. I like any kind of potato mashed potatoes any kind of like a ball but dementia broad agreement favorites. Like that I'm like up high for dessert you have to line gotta have pine must not stopping stopping it yeah if it's a I've had something original like. Most stuffing is a very good British the end and people have. Have things they won't share with you like the recipe for this that it's handed down from generation to generation and nobody else should. To go to a stuffy and tasting contest just try all different kinds yeah sausage. And obviously like the stuff sausage yes okay it's very nice. So. I will tell you this act is before the show won the past. Ways to cook a Turkey is deep fried. It is absolutely amazed to see it would require room. Yeah it's Chris being in the bskyb has grisly cover up the meat inside Jews he already Joshi and scrumptious yeah Yemeni. I don't have a deep friars notes are from either side I guess it could just bring a jerky to a restaurant that community brightest and habits and the major benefit. I wouldn't let tries smoker wants to see how smoked Turkey which while it's hard to keep it between your lips will happen it's it's quite large. If Cuomo tax it and now that's been our big errors athletic all the time. I assume you like things that you'd get a refreshment stand bed that at the end of the first half. Yeah that's correct time looking forward to a nice slice of pizza and day out cola our Thanksgiving pizza that's right not in a member of Thanksgiving more than a pizza party would you like to carve the pizza. How ever however I am doing things giving us a few days later so I'm looking for its waters to all the eighth the Turkey and I'm with telly this be the stuff he has to be. The stopping can ruin their Thanksgiving. Oh yeah if it's bad but I've never had bad stuff I think there's a lot of leeway if you have suffering. Good to have people like it it is not a is not a 100% like or a 100% hate most most of it is regard I try to make it the way in my mother's used to after she passed away insisted and turn out right. I'm I'm not very good at me it's the user recipe yes she ever as a big yeah a lot of women don't write them down. They are my mother everything was off the top guy pinch of this dash of that that's would you yet. So bad says speaking appearances and dashes in the Charlie Rose story now I think he didn't he didn't offend anybody else. Since yesterday he's out on what part of the Turkey he'd like that's not a guy who enjoyed man. We've got to get above it do not go away and remember if you're going to refrigerated Turkey opened the door first it's very important we're back after this that is a beach and company. A Tony it has some weird things you say good you've always mixed. Your mashed potatoes and your corn on the plate gymnasts yes yes they get nationally mix when you meet them they do what they like to hang out together and Lauren and really Claude Zdeno is okay. I always did this. If there were like six things on the plate. And there is no one thing that I didn't like. I would need that first right to come together out of the way gas and then you can enjoy the meal is like a starter writes like you're down in the early in the he has stands ready go race using bolts. And then bogeyed that and then got the good stuff like that but the Turkey you've got kinda guide you to raid away because you don't like cooling down to my god I love Turkey are really do as all of our favorite got to have some skin and the and I like Turkey do. He very very good now not everybody. According to Brando Lacey are ace food person here had today ever come. Not everybody eats at home more people are eating out. And I have some information from her says more than a few folks fleeing the pressure of grocery shopping thing about this. We'll get the food prep the food clean the food cook the food eat the food clean the left overs. Ago tidy upper house they prefer to go to a restaurant where you Larkin and you say let's say. Turkey please thank you very much and then there is a small thing at the end you have to pay the bill but if you if you if you forget about that. Many get up and Levan the only. Downside of that is leftovers. Left overs to me are just as important as the meal. Because you're even lock your eating the mail your your dreaming of leftovers who'll like going to be way tonight at 6 o'clock. Make him nice big Turkey sandwich. She said according to a National Restaurant Association. 9%. Of people will be eating Thanksgiving dinner out I mean as one intent. 9% of table eating at home said they'd be picking up parts of the mail on. Do one thing or the other. Either you make the meal at the Mayo. X part of the mail him buys part of me that's not right did you slip in and audit their own dishes right. So you you stop at Kentucky fried Turkey and then he gets something and then you put it in mania. In addition it's yours. In 2011 only 6% of those surveyed plan to eat out on the Thanksgiving Day about a third the restaurant they frequently a patronized. On Thanksgiving 30% go to a special place 16%. According to restaurant association's survey trying a new restaurants so of people basically. You you give up a lot of the work when you eat out and it's nice I've I've beaten out. I've beaten out and obviously had that Turkey dinner at home. And that enjoys fine I preferred at home I yeah I don't I don't like the leftovers and if you if you have left overs residential treatment. I told nick about one of the most important parts of things in the that he needs to start to embrace finishing via ahead of his sister's arguments seconds no nappy. Are well yes you pick what you got and if you're Italian you got to loosen about colts lose them. Well go to the nearest couch and lay down and take him out. Because that's one of the food taste even better in at all yummy that was. And you rise gently close and visions of sugar farms are cranberries. It is jump right over in front of you. Explain to him as you'll have to take it happened you wake up and you have a second helping. All right and van you know he left that out you know settle down a little bit and then you go for dessert. And then you have your sister did you dessert. The Dodgers as a young guys just to a young she broke he's on the way if I'm not a guess and I think I'm an. This Oreo cookie and yes how you doing your bird. Bacon and in the debate and a burden you like bird the bird dog is the war as though that's that's fine senators tomorrow. I remark I first came to buffalo channel 7 NEWS to vote on Thanksgiving morning actually. Broadcast the Harvard cup championship correct those kind of a nice thing to do what they stuff. While the Harvard cup is gone oh let's go every weekend and it's hard to do it in the arm recovers from there I will was doing all these you can be due remembrances. Remember it's one year ago this is what became more when I played we fell one game shy. Harvard cup championship. And we lost a lot yet they went. And it's in he listed roll over. And so little rooting for now with the purchase of the estate we have three teams in Europe for a state championship this weekend at the Carrier Dome in Syracuse. And Lancaster. Maple Grove in west south west now so we can move them and also the target drug tomorrow at the Turkey Trout our entire not running and by the way I was going through Buddha in the injury. Prior to that proposal refrigerator door and data and how is reaching over you x.s. I'll budget and Tom pockets will be the official start right there with her before. Does he do it with a drumstick on him and my cameo at the he alternates ones I think her as the draw was that in the air juggling act hit a six love is on fire. At baton I'd be getting out running. My friend Trixie is running you know that are currently Trixie runs in this Maria every year. She's an oh she does more walking running but she can walk. And she can run and shoot him is to make room for church in tomorrow's also for a lot of injuries. Yet probably people who don't regularly. Notes that the running is the guys that will be participating. And their neighborhood Turkey bowls. Where guys get together and they have here although you'd play touch football or tackle football and north Crosby field and can more there's usually see a couple of. Games going on grounds that usually goes stills and Nash junior arms and young halfback when he's ready yet have points so there's a lot of things going on it's a nice happy day and video to be happier you'll a couple of minutes. The bills press conference we usually don't carry it usually carried by our sister station. And I don't know if it's exactly on time and are supposed to be at approximately 930. But maybe if we're lucky. And he may not but maybe. Our coach will tell us though is going to start the next game will be Peter Manilow will be Taylor Willoughby Taylor Willoughby Peerman and B nick Caligiuri. I know I think Vince Bergamo separate out so he signed to a 101. 01 game deal Damon knew she wasn't available OJ was not he was injured that's the point on that he's no Rob Johnson I can tell you that. But we're abstract when you need them I know while willow we'll find out exactly what's happening because that's an important issue people wanna know. Besides how to get jerky in the fridge they want and I was gonna start. And that's it because the way our nation. A second chances we are to give second chances and my question for today will be. Should we give Nate Peterman a second chance should he start this week through. Or should we say well we've seen enough thank you very much. And going to be your coach should be a telling us that hopefully. He says it right at the beginning okay. Because ended and the suspense will be over of people will be leaping out of their chair going yea or nay. We don't act in the house what pie he's him for dessert no he won't OK yes in one word. You want tailored. And this is with Tony and and and beamer or Peterman Taylor being Taylor there. Let me guess where the important. We were spoken ago I want Tyrod what does surprise and say he can say Taylor yeah that's right he's a rule and bring al-Qaeda that was Virginia Tech guys followed the rules that one word one word it is they worked there is is not hyphenated. Tyrod is one word that's OK it's an unusual award resort. I'm hoping Jim Michaels arts is that one word I'm not really short diverting from Peter and stuff. I always go for the underdog. All right we will be going to the press conference assuming it's that's what it's supposed to start. Under Israeli and I'm thirty WB yeah. Yeah. So did Tyrod Taylor will start this week we've just learned from the a bubble bills head coach Sean McDermott. You're happy about that I'm the only the only thought I have is this first of all. Take take the word playoffs. Out of your vocabulary Liu please save us from next year. Because is never realistic for this year and you know I'm with a coach I'm with a team I hope they win out they made the right choice the only question I would have is. The first day at work once you do think. About whether we should have given a made Peterman a second chance were big on second chances and it wasn't like he would've won the game by himself. And it's. More than likely that he had a lot of help and losing the game. But I also believe that he should've gotten at least one more shot at it and maybe they'll do is clean up time see my thought was the reason. They gave him a shot at all. Was that I doubt very much you will see Tyrod Taylor here next year so they were probably saying okay. If he's going to be here next year let's see what we already have input Peter minimum they weren't happy to what they saw. Maybe he was into early. Maybe maybe it wasn't ready for whatever but my thinking is if you're gonna give a guy that's known as even on the roster. Think about like that S allies even on the roster just in case ace in the fourth water the third quarter brackets dating and he's got a going to hand the ball off. I mean the point is there there's second and third string quarterback for a reason. But they're also NFL quality of people you're drafted that went through the same scouting that today everybody goes through. So I think they should give it another shot but I'm OK with the Tyrod Taylor. I don't think it has any implications at all for playoffs I really don't. I think it has to do we've with pressure. If they have any hope at all they wanted to have Tyrod and and one thing. If the line isn't doing its job it's better to have a mobile quarterback. Okay every mess that is the basic I mean if you are a statue back there looking like you know Heisman Trophy. A replica. You're not gonna last too long and that's probably what happened. And it's very difficult to to come into an NFL game. And play quarterback when the offensive line can't block for your defense is in your face right away any. You keep there's no way you're going to be able to succeed and the first passion to throw. To your heralded new wide receiver. He gets game the first. Year and the second might tip up in the air and it never step ahead not a good start. You know Joey also the difference about for the chargers might. And the the Mike picked him up saying that we can silence is they're not even blocked him. Is so I'd like to I'd like to see the address that and maybe. As the press conference goes on. It will be addressed though by the press and by the coaching staff but so I'm okay whether that I would have preferred diving Peterman just to see him and I was shot but. If not apparent about what happens now we have five Tyrod looks terrible. What do you do then. You going and try and find Bob Johnson he's party somewhere. He owns a bank. William 25 million dollars okay we're back after this so was the innate Pearman is gonna have to keep setting now as a Tyrod Taylor. I gets to start this week. And I think it about the whole thing. You know it's it's a sports deal but it is Israeli like I don't know dating and marriage means like this. You're out there and you see somebody across a crowded field. And you say off that's the person for me. And debt and you take around them everybody's bragging about it even hardly wait is here and meter. And end of the unheard team you know and is she is she's doing fine. And doing much better than the thought as far as the approval of the relatives that are going on oceans is pretty good and then one day you say you know honing. You are pretty good but I'd like to try and I'm overweight. And and certainly try a second one for the weekend and now what happens the relatives turn against her don't talk tour. They don't pass or the grammar sides she hardly has jobless chew on talking about and she's kind of like the don't belong person of the table. So then you go back to your first one and you say. You know what. Yeah the great budget better than they go on so I guess we'll go on and you can start next week I'm thinking now. As somehow. That doesn't seem to work and realize but I guess in sports you do what you have to do. So I I think that the bills when they started Peterman last week. Were looking to see what they're gonna do next year variety and that doesn't include time Iran I would think I would be very surprised as did. And there's some of Leo posts up here saying you know it's it's didn't take a genius to figure out they were blocking form. And I was basically hey you wanna go get him. Now totally you're happy guy because you'll pick Tyrod. Give me your overall thoughts now get beamer his overall fund arguments. I think this is the right move for a couple of reasons and as you point correctly pointed out. If your offensive line can't block you're gonna need a quarterback that can run better and in Tyrod can certainly Ron we slop that Peerman canned. And you still get every. There's you know the rest of the see what six games left. You know when you're mathematically out of the playoffs than. I think that would have been the time to put Peter may and as I agree with you idols he Tyrod come on back next year at least not with that salary. He get a look at Peter men eventually and then you go into the draft. Saying well we need a quarterback let's get one this early. Peter Main is not the answer Tyrod is not the answer so we really need to find somebody. Most of the time is a not all the time but most of the time when a new quarterback comes in and you've got him for whatever reason. They don't shine occasionally they do but a generally they don't and if they've shown anything everybody wants them. So you don't pick number of the the other thirty something teams rejected them so you gotta pick a diamond every once in awhile we haven't had a long lock picking diamond since Jim Kelly. Basically frank Reich I think we're very very capable and and a good good backup to Kelly and serve well and Kelly was injured sure but that's that's few and far between. A Miami has had really good luck women quarterbacks have gotten injured you guys extra ark would commend him in and do right is to keep the team together. But I I don't know I I don't think Cyrus the long term answer. Peter and maybe wasn't either but now let's vote him ahead of the Tyrod Taylor. NC fan club what he's got he's got a Tyrod side and he's holding it up. I'd like to first say frank Reich turned out awful starting quarterback if we look what he didn't Carolina so he was a great backup. But does he was not need to be a starter while not everybody's back numbers going to be Carter bright sometimes. The of these stars on line and things work now yeah. All but now I think after Sunday he'll like nick and Peter may and had to transfer out of the University of Tennessee. All but you know I'm not against them testing Peter and I think we knew from day one. This was Tyrod final season he was either gonna be cut or traded you know this was not his team this is in the coaching staff that picked up and and that's fair. But he went all in 15 games and it's it's laughable yes that you are still mathematically in a playoff hunt in a very weak AFC this year. So I don't understand. Why you would change what was maybe not working for the last three games Bullock got you five wins the last three games of which tournament woods era right. Well the last I'm speaking lastly before. The last three games or we're not great I would put the jet ski my tire he came out that game with with pretty good numbers. But he was not good the saints game Nolan was good saints game the defense was pretty bad. I think those are all poor excuse two on the bench and they were looking for an excuse to bench him that's pretty obvious I think there were during work hard and prepare it was a free arm for what if that was the player from the beginning white go ahead one to five games I don't understand at all. We are still in the mathematically in the playoff hunt in a very weak AFC. I think they learned their lesson dial if were out there if the bills lose more games. I bile means that didn't Liederman out there see what you eat and Lucas tyrant obviously dark but. Then it's it's over you know you can hear the fat ladies saying it's over and have them I'm blocking now they're not suddenly going to be motivated to hey we've only got 64 games left let's really show what we've got I think a bigger bloc formed last night America block form. In the future. Let's true but it. As a team that was five they had five words let's be honest the bills don't have the best weapons minus LeSean McCoy on offense that's what happens they were working we are so desperate that if we see a little ray of sunshine. We magnify. Oh wow. We're gonna play out. It was way to ruin it still owns the bills are going to be the playoffs I hate to be into the they're not do we get blown out first for Israeli threat right but here's the thing. The chance was there and I think for the players that was really difficult with the coach same. I'm not sure who really believe in what's going on here and when they had when they had one with odds against them let's be honest they had won five games. Now you can look back at some of those snapshots. The Denver didn't seem date what they're awful the dip against the big they are awful but still it was five wins at a team that was something wasn't projected to do that well at once at one point was fine until I thought it was just. A very interesting time to start anything Peter went in obviously you have to have the team behind the decision to end Sean McDermott didn't. Well I think the Germans put through I mean leases for ours here is concerned. You had your chance it went away you've got replaced right away if they put Jimmy Daniel are igniting in the second item of third and Ford thought and just to see you know full time until the end of the season in the draft so we'll Seward house where you we hope they make the right choice. I'm not a guess about a boy I was I'd love to watch him run and he's gonna have to. Maybe we get a lot of those a set ways. What do you think path figure releasing its just remember the more you run the more likely you are to be picked up. And heat somewhere. On the a forty yard line we'll be back Lamar under Israeli an attorney who I don't permit under the bills make the right choice here will be Tyrod Taylor back after this.