Sandy Beach Presidents Comments 1-12 Hour 3

Sandy Beach
Friday, January 12th

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Yeah my hands clapping for a true. You guys love that feature very very good very imaginative nice job well done. It is beach and governing let's go to my friend Jon in Pennsylvania hello Don. Good morning candy and good morning Tony how are you guys still have today. We're fine ever question and ask you first you the Eagles your little outside of Philadelphia now. The Eagles play Saturday of from a mistaken is that true. Or early Saturday and what is your weather look like down there for the game is there any Jessica obvious no game or one of those things. I don't think it's gonna be no game that is going to be on a smaller scale but what you're experience to happen or McCain. It is spoke to be very. Pretty good warm what the game starts is that it's going to be lowering temperatures as the day goes on. So could start as being well above freezing in and follow freezing. Well that's it'll be uninteresting game July John I'd done. What's what's going now what do you think about what we're talking about today would have Donald Trump we want him to win. We're rooting for him to win and every day we got more fires to put out we have put out the last fire we got to know one. Yes and my question is so. A little different then that take that most people have called you today. OK live album. The way things are going down with all the opposition against him and it's a lot. Does he want to win. While bad that is a question I was brought up in that book to whether you know maybe the thought of the presidency was. Maurer gratifying than actually being the president that is a question that was. A raised by a lot of people I don't I don't buy it myself but what do you think. I think the way things are going at quite possible because look beyond that batted. This met his method to all this bad this is it is. Kind of scary. He still Smart to do what he's the way he. Goes after things the word she used as a way he describes saying the way he's constantly changing things. That's scary to me. Well think about like this so his father very successful left him a million dollars he went to the best colleges. He's been very successful in they've cut throat real estate market known as New York. I'd I can't see him getting bat in my success. With the game plan he's using now although he is getting some some good results he's giving a lot of ammunition to the people who would oppose them. Well yes yes but again. It is he doing this deliberately. And to be able to retain his dignity as they throw him out of office. Knowing that he is his ideas were right he's just the method of going attic was. Wrong the message was good but the messenger. You know was problematic it's time. Right and other I don't think he ever faced this kind of opposition. Governor. It is like leading up Libyan president of this country I mean that they keep want things done a certain way. Pretty much you can guarantee they would done that way and it was it was a bit angry easy for him that way. So do you think event he thought the job that was open was the job of king instead the president. Yes sort of that's a good way to describe it. Yeah I think he ought to carry on left whatever I say is gonna go these people look up all the lying because. My message resonated with most Americans are all about not America that he got elected. But he's finding out that did this country is a little too much socialistic. We're just. Good point I know at the end of a mating males that dearly dearly. So I was a little worried about that. You don't. Own. I know what this is like. Star athlete you know is the best athlete in the game. But isn't taking care of himself enough. To keep it up your routing form you'll want them there they're natural winners. But because they probably always been natural winners when they face some opposition there and I use that that. Not to this level certainly. And it might be losing his a taste of a fight. Yeah and just I think they've brought it up in the book that there. That he honestly probably didn't think what else bothered that he was going to win. Well I don't think anybody thought who's going to win maybe his wife for him maybe an even that's a maybe. He was the ultimate long shot. But he didn't win and I'm thinking for guy who has always had a big ego this is the most ego gratifying job you have probably. But when Malia others come and they surround you it's like behind you is taking down the line and something. And I'm sure he's not used to that well good luck to gridlocked city Eagles this the Saturday Don. Well thank you guys very much of that and that you have a good weekend and hopefully you'll be quite as bad as what I'm hearing well the weather we. Oh yeah let's also thank you very much appreciate it. You think about that aspect of it was brought up certainly even during the campaign has brought up in this book now. Do you think that he was you know fanciful but I could do a good job as president. I'm ran and then saw success even as running. And then impounded the fact that he won and now he's not a government utilities to do a joke. On Saturday Night Live which politician when they're standing up they're saying idea I will not run and if I win I will not serve. That was a long standing. Align their visa Saturday Night Live. Do you think he didn't think it won it got a taste of it now I just assumed to be doing something else. I have no idea I can back inside this guy's had nothing anybody can now install predictable that's the point. Look if you like logic and I do. I I had in my own logical a lot of times but there's so many illogical things and illogical people that many times you get it wrong. But I'm thinking. If anything he's got to be intoxicated. With the authority and the power. Having the ability to butcher a penny in your hand and right so your name on the paper and something gets done or doesn't give them because you said it. Now maybe he's time maybe just getting more respect or bowing and scraping from the business community that he's getting from congress. You think that the via. It could be and or open gets a break right now where you see how the weather's. Start to change already solid astonish sheets. It it really is you know I start to argue a minute ago as impairment or is there yeah my largest popped out has all must be hard drive home and we're back we're more under Israeli and I'm thirty WB yeah I got a couple of checks here. Sandy I work for a Waste Management locally. Found out this morning we are getting 2000 dollar bonus nationally. From the drugs from tax plan 2000 bucks. Yeah even though Nancy Pelosi won't think that that's the chicken feed now say if I would trump right now just regarding back. A major hit we've heard from Wal-Mart yesterday. With thousand dollar bonuses and whatever and we've heard some several airlines planes or whatever their battle a lot of them I would have in my people put up or. Of our new tax plans so congratulations to all of you and just keep this in mind. Schultz show what you've accomplished because you can't count on the press to do it for you that's for sure. They'll look for as somebody who got left out of the bonus pool by a day or something like that. That that's what they will do they don't want to give you credit for anything so I'll let people know. That that's the way it is. At trump isn't PC. I think that's part of why I voted form could be worse could be drunken Hillary. No way that's what it says right here. And I'm thinking he's got a lot of good stories to tell already. Just needs some moderation you gotta you gotta hold back he can't say every thought you've ever had in your life. How about the lowest number of people collected and unemployment insurance is 1973. I just saw somebody common Facebook's name and o.s like dead under Obama please watch. Oh please well yesterday IE I saw a a poll which I think it's Joba can't recall the origin of the poll. Which says that 55%. Of the people think that this good economy is brutal Obama. And something like 40%. Think it's it's trumpet and there's still some left and most people ever clos. Well they can't name one Obama policies that led to dad's economic development as the Obama low unemployment. Assault hotline as a whole point that's why if the press wants California they're telling yourself. If you've heard of the term the bully pulpit he has the ultimate bully pulpit up open. I would do that myself that they won't if they want to tell the American people out solemn. But Putin is it is one right there and local a Waste Management sort of facility found out this morning we're getting 2000 dollar bonuses nationally from trump. From the from tax plan. Okay. Here's Tony get me out give me wanna yours go back from. Phones okay. Shell says he's right. Most of these refugees have tax burdens not tax payers. There are few good ones. But they are way outnumbered by the bad ones. If they have skin in the game then maybe that would be more reassurance that they're going to americanize and assimilate to our way of life. Then I wouldn't have any reservations. In Latin Moran. We certainly have a right to be selective. As soon be percentages. Than me and the actual a numbers. Of people we take him to our country. But I've heard the statistics and say we've taken more immigrants than on the rest of the world put together. And still was not enough it'll never be enough for as long restaurants and office because they don't want an office they don't care be cured cancer. While he was there they wouldn't tell you about it let's go to Kevin in Jamestown Kevin here on WB yen. Standing there and here's the is cabins and James Ellis and to remind me of crazy dry over. He knows the lead in the 55. But he'll do 75 because he played maybe. To interpret presenting my ticket. But when it goes to 35. And still doesn't go to 75. That's what he's got to get out and go 4040 I would get a gold of the vibe. It was just great view again. He wants is speed and get tickets anywhere you go over now when it is deterred by. I think that when he gets the speed limit then you can look around and say you can afford a ticket album authority and thank you very much. I I do think. Psychologically. It's a good combination actually it's it's a dreamer and I must argue about the dreamer is as far as immigration is concerned. But a dreamer of yes this can be done yes this will be done and the authority of the president. He has he has never had the full backing of the Republican Party. And he doesn't have any friends basically in the Democratic Party so but he does have a lot of friends of the polling place and that's what counts. But in order to work in order to sustain that he is a he's got to play with the others occasionally. And he has the charm to play with a others. He has the intellect to play with others sometimes it doesn't feel like doing a but when you confuse your own people. Then you got to go look at it and same maybe just the it's just an adjustment here and there. When I saw via the banner today on on the parks. That trump says that he and chin and Kim John Malone have a good relationship. Hot. I'm there OS is totally secret that nobody knows anything about. Or would you consider good friend if they said you're launch another missile and we're going to blow you to hell. Hell fire okay like the world has never known. That's up from eight Liberia don't cozy little pick up the ball a lot of talk for Kim Jung on. Our relationship. So I don't know why says things like that also about the words that we can't say. He says they weren't that was yesterday and today's as well it was tough language but that was not the language. Okay. He says those tough language but that was not a language so the only our combat that I concede. Is he didn't consider that. Tough. Or he didn't consider it tough but not. Not in the same way the others viewed it. The people would would bear said that he said it. He didn't know you'll notice he didn't say. Just out now I didn't say those words he said there was tough language but that was not the language. So he's denying some thing but I'm not sure what do you think is denying. Within you never know I can tell that's the point. Sure in the wrong with the game you and the light. Oh you didn't tell lob via a person raising an eyebrow all it's my I know from. You know body language but when you're not there and you don't see him but when it went all the people will not all of them but when several people come announced that this is what he said. And he's in the eyes. Of the quake. Where do you go from there. With air dude you go from there. Who do you trust is the big game show would be nicer or working right now. Okay where are going to going to a break in the we're going to be back while remind you of the the nexus sandy beach any memory of and viking river Cruz will be June 26 through July 6. Will be leaving from buffalo. Some of the places will visit Prague Berlin. Will be aboard the viking BO ya. Which is a lot of in the warships and the only holes ninety people so as like a big huge. Yeah. Very nice very personable so will be are going to win Hamburg Germany Berlin and Dresden frog Switzerland and all kinds of good things and we viking river cruises all of the excursions are part of a package. And then 30 Joseph Ontario. A return visit we went last year I had such a great one of the biggest concert attractions. In the world. And there were working would be under real people so they're arranging all of the hotels. The the seeding of food and there should be a five star night in Nuremberg. Forced error I ignited a master rich which is where it is that's one of the options. Another option the BMW. Factory museum tour in Munich. And the Audi factory. Two or in any. Aside on our guys I'm music Bebo won't be able grows spent a lot of time. 18446887477. Following get more information. Our eyes somebody you know sent a scenario for its next. Evidently it's gone down eight degrees. In the time it took to pump. Tanker gas. And plants while. Atlanta is a region governing I'm sandy beach. Obi. These quote I want to give you apparently Paul all pulse Pat Paulsen. I was a comedian on The Smothers Brothers show and every election year. It will be a shtick about how he was going to run for president of course it was for president was it was it was fun. And somebody attacks of this. That Paulson used to say. If nominated I will not run if elected I will not serve. Not so it was funny at the time I don't think that that's involved trumps mine. But I do think there's a period of adjustment. Even if you're really successful one finger is always a period of adjustment as you move and put on different hat is definitely one here. By people he may not have a great appreciation for. A lot a tax alone long term Peebles is there any wonder why. And he's not used to doing that sort of thing maybe gets a little frustrated at times but and shoots from the hip. But if it was just explaining. His view of say Haiti. He might be right in in describing the state of Haiti but he wasn't necessarily dharma people of Haiti. Because believe me and they wanna a better life if they if they have an opportunity. But what we learn from Haiti after their natural disaster. Is no matter how much help they go actors they got billions of dollars. Sent to them for for Haitian relief I even wrote a check for back. I was very moved by some of the things that I saw happening there when I found out that some of them had to eat literally. Eat dirt sandwiches. You say how can this happen on earth. It shouldn't be happening. And billions of dollars listened to Haiti and and all kinds of equipment things like I'm five years later found out it wasn't a better than before. Probably crooked politicians. But definitely the people Warren helped. So when you look at that. And you look at that history. And you'd India is the charm that he used may be it's indelicate. But I think that if you use it shortens the state of the country. I don't think it's objectionable. It's only objectionable and I think your viewpoints of the good the people. The people themselves when I'm sure would like it a lot better and is now but they're government is a standing employer that. Now more dense to come out and say they're not going to change attend the state of the union. Boycott call Holmes who cares if the owners. Yeah how I'm naturally I'm going to the Olympics but if eyewear and I'm not going to visit the president railway who cares. Stay away you know wannabe then don't be there. Then you can tell your children now. You know a valiant person you were. A person that that believes in the right thing muted wanna participate because you didn't believe in him it's. Melbourne is gonna measure stay home. That's my attitude and as I say about president. Hey you win something you wanted to and invited north as I'm Joseph. Let's and a sandwich warrior you know employees. Everybody acts like it's the end of the world right. Now you know arm visit the president felt visible breast milk is fortunate that I gonna come and drag you out of your house them organizer you know well come into the other awards ceremony at all like it and smiled. We'll have a picture taken when you. It's a better then a friend of mine. Who paid to watch violence is the first time iced over this story. I thought it was five I was wrong it was ten okay. Friend it's a friend of somebody that I know. Who paid 101000. Dollars to have a picture taken was Barack Obama. Men. I wouldn't it incensed averaged bureau. But that's that that's the point some people are and that's me to a Barack Obama rarely can you hide the picture while we're having lunch. I don't give me a double. 00 okay see Leo says not even close every poll for decades. Has the people view when our country headed in the wrong direction. And now that has changed he has so much farther to go if he's to correct the course that has misled us for decades. While that's true that's true and by doing that you wonder why. He doesn't I have a lot of friends who are Republicans because they like it the way it is the Democrats love that the way it is or was that anyway. And some of his own party like that so so when you come in even though you want and and and you have a party label. The not throw because they think you can be part of the swamp. And they ought to be drinking daylight did just the way it is but be of the people the ones that people would like Q when I. Did that put him into office that voted forum are the ones that we like what he does. But I I think he's got to lighten up a little bit on his rhetoric. And save savior or your best shots. Four win and when they come. Don't you so they'll just come out with guns blazing every day and every issue and corrosion and losing effectiveness. Let's go to Allah in west Seneca Allah you're on WB yeah. According Andy I agree which is I think both people are tired of all the. Victory. The elevate. It's not just bickering and its unpredictability. Usually we can get used this some some most things. But when it's unpredictable. We can't explain it to our selves. We tend to questioned more than we would have normal. And another thing Andy would be real. Get a hundred dollar gras. It'll be able to help. I Nancy pull all city miss spoiled little rich you know why. From. From California. Sanctuary state set San Francisco's Sanctuary City. Says that votes thousand dollar bonuses. That are given now because of the trumped by the tax cuts. Our proms maybe she maybe she'd like to say things like enemy cake. Because that's where she's incumbent process. You know it can be a bit around the reliably hit well. In every morning I'd trade relief well. Arab country get back on the program. And felt that bad news that my generation grew up is ever going to end here. There are good values and they and they lasted though a long time. We weren't perfect we're still not perfect but I think where I've got to be a lot better under this president than they would've under Hillary Clinton. Well I think. But it's like. In their struggle. I mean we thought and not think it is to make it and the kids. But like I feel very good bill. You know here's the here's the thing that's exactly right and what about those service people I think first draw anybody who wears the uniform and is willing to. Who put their life on the line troop to preserve what we have deserves everything we have. Every opportunity end of the widows of those folks same thing. According to pay grade because Horry get up I paid what you got. Send somebody to get aspect and the country's debt. We were rounded out the bad news that we can Hastert instead approximately seek out the elder generations don't get it at all. Well being younger generation your everybody's has loudly younger generation this event is just that I don't think they have any appreciation. For what went on before them if they think history started the day they were born. And without appreciation for those who come before us because they gave everything to us and it's our job to give everything through the next generations. Without appreciation aware we got an. I how to we have our heads on straight if we think it all revolves around us. There's been no Germans say Andy we get too late. We get to sort old and too late and I. Well I am I'm not sure that god gave was that Donald Trump I'm glad you want a better America which is what we all want thank you Al I have a good weekend. Edited video oh really that's gonna be achieved is superb people the quick. Bickering and work together. I agree or you thank Allah thank you very much about is any speaking of team. Bills departed ways. With the offense of coordinator Rick Dennison all non GM so shocked being there and iron to take. Over the plate call when you guys could probably do is gonna just keep it. The hourly Alamo when we on the one. Let's pass. Next week will punt that he knew exactly. I take a break and return on newsreader and I'm thirty W via now session after affect like this I'm watching the monitor. And the president has just signed a proclamation. Honoring Martin Luther King Jr. like this racist. Milk and it does not cause I'm I'm looking. And I'm looking and here is surrounded by dignitaries. And everybody's smiling. And he signs the document he hands it to someone and gets approval. From Rome Rome gets up he's shaking hands. And I'm I'm just praying for it okay this is going really well now just measure thank everybody for coming. And maybe you have another appointment someplace else you have that said that can finish. Don't say anything else now. Have lunch. I mean that's that's the way it is every day I hold my breath that we can get through the day without an Robert crisis I agree with that Joseph was just listening. And one of someone in the press actually yelled out. Mr. President are you or race or please. During that ceremony honoring Martin Luther King I choked. That was as he's walking out I'll do and from the handshakes to the door and a woman yelled twice. Mr. President are you a racist Mr. President are you a race. It's pathetic it really is especially honoring what I consider one of the greatest. Men that ever lived in this country Martin Luther King Jr. And then they would the Sully it by that don't have any pride really seriously. People have agendas and that's all we care about their agendas they don't care anything else and they're certainly not much of an additional our country. I give me a couple of more of yours we have a lot of a ton of a reaction today. Lots and lots of a faceless by the way if you want any. Information like the telephone number one or for the trip. It's it's on our FaceBook page yes but I don't. Carolina says maybe it would be more. Palatable as sound better to the liberals. If he would simply called them deplorable and your redeemable Drupal little problem with those start with that terminology. It's very good point that is a very very good point and if you wanna take oil he said literally. You can D'Amico literal tie right joy he said to the condition of the country when it's on Monday. You're not necessarily talking about the people. The people have been taken advantage of by the government the various governments there for a long time. And I think you could you could justify. Even though it's kind of broad. Slew gruden crow. But you could justify that as they critique of the country but not the people are another place. Roseanne says all Laura had few people who claim to be good Christians. We did it you only want the white ones. Most so in other words we're all race war I was racist well that's the same thing as an Obama was in office. You're racist if you are our enemy and that's the matter what happens. Uga be ordering a cheeseburger with the double cheese volume batteries in them which is mode you know it no matter what you want or what you say or what position today. If it if it's an end and had a different opinion and there is your races I don't at all does get old when them. I mean doesn't. Give a thought that maybe there are the ones that I'm thinking clearly. Another raised mr. Caligiuri you sure. And al-Qaeda and my weekend like this Zaria. Rihanna says I think this presidency will really sort out the racist from the good people just like these questions. Is doing Hans than divisional foes in our you know honor and I'm sorry have just reading The Who. I think it. My brain is fried men did we ever Arab insurance policies. It was refreshing of the brain is it covered by the fourth round not Ross I'd already be using all men they ever give I have a special pleasant occasion if you doing on the air talk ago. Because steam comes out your ears see that the other departments know I'm talking about a happy they're smiling. The worst sales kit is a no yeah exactly they say no one thing you can see him in a couple weeks that's it. We have the live would these images in the. Thoughts and it starts well before the show starts when I give up I am from our social media Reid dean. As much as prosperous seem with reaction of people has lie. Reaction of the talking has things like that so it starts early and it doesn't Hendrick when we get out. You can't force it out of your head you know you really can't. Because it's it's seeks its way into our daily lives. You and any real things that may or may not be there and you interpret them politically you put him through the political folder align and they say that. Why did they do that you know you got suspicious as bad because generally we like to be optimistic would like to be positive forward thinking and all the good stuff. We'd like to F five girls just wanna have fought on yet but now we're beamer. Odd. Bag no beaver have a good have a good weekend. Thank you thanks very must AS raid zero is still on the roadway and blows B I ice I do all of the original but I have bought a one. That hugs the hits a little better you need your hips out well the and it draws strength I had a high so that's what it's a little tighter on a lot more comfortable theaters largely Tony because how many people are looking drug. Watson lot of people equipment off we go Hillary should get an air cargo while ads that I don't work. Are that about wraps a so we'll see you on Tuesday Tuesday on news radio I'm thirty WB. It's. They never have to leave it be used certainly let you know I do given him.