Sandy Beach Presidents Comments 1-12 Hour 2

Sandy Beach
Friday, January 12th

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However as quick as a Bayesian company last night was very usual over a mate. First I had a lot of things that I had to do paperwork wise at the desk and whatever and so I was at the desk for several hours and and while I was at the desk and even before. I didn't have the media on an MTV didn't have the radio I had not none of that on I was concentrating on my writing and things that I was doing. OK now it's that time and nearly time to go to bed. I was so I always check my idea my email and check my iPad. Just before going to bed see if there's anything I should know before I go to new land. If you've if you finish you mean sleep. Okay and before I go to new gruel and I check it out and and go first of all I go on from Tim Weiner. Now occasionally I'll get a communications from him minor this might be a good show for tomorrow or did you hear about this or whatever. As we exchange ideas back and forth and waddle waddle play what's that what's what's good radio what is good radio in just a general conversational thing. And it's from Tim Moyer so I opened that 11. And it said he reminds I was totally incommunicado. Four hours and hours this. And I open it up and it says personal Ali it's it's at its address to all of us. Almost everybody though whose name you would know is on this and it said. The good guys do not as good term. You. On the air and it explained why we shouldn't use that term. On the air we are still regulated by the FCC. All right now streaming is not regulated. Satellite is not regulated but but we are radioed to Havier regulators. And there are certain guidelines and if you if you goal Australia those guidelines. They say are on knotty broadcaster. Here's a hefty fine and so are not allowed to Salem. But I'm it that I'm thinking why do I get this email. Not to use that term first of all it's not a term I use. I've never used them on the air but I am thinking. Somebody must the use that they don't just write memos like this out of the blue as so I started thinking. I knew it wasn't are mourning Tuesday and because I was here and I know was in May. There wasn't Rush Limbaugh I'm sure war. David dollar via this is not the kind of so viewers today. And the other is a syndicated. No I don't know I couldn't figure out who's edit then I thought I'd I'd bet something happened I've got to listeners that it. And that's something happened and they didn't bleed from fast enough or something like that. That was my conclusion way it's only would that have been New York conclusion to a at least if that actors I didn't think any of our staff would say at. And it's occasionally every once in a lot of people get agitated or something in the race as a word falls under the amount. And then. This morning. I turn I'm ready or 5 o'clock and I find out exactly why we got them at all. And I could do aside. We just had this Chicago. Does it show. But why does this keep continue going and now. That in freeze frame. As I head I know what I'm going to talk about regarding that and as ice and they share. As we began the show noted look at the screen. And fought his fox says Donald Trump it's a Donald Trump glow. I have a very good relationship with Kim John own. Huh. Isn't that's the good good he threatened. I eternal damnation and hell fire if they ever launch another missile. Isn't this the one who. Coliseum. It's via video and Johns on federal. Rocket man Gaza rocket man. He's got a it's a good relationship. He has a good relationship with a I don't know what a bad relationship is but that's the air and there again I mean he set this. I now there there is a very narrow. Narrow way out where I think reasonable people. Can't agree okay most of us look at that and bigger it's totally out of bounds. Whether he's on your team whether he's on the other team whether he's not even in the game. There's certain things that are just out of bounds but via he used that term to describe certain nations including Haiti. And now he does that narrow window of a skate. I give to the president on this one and I I this is rational. All right. He described it as a you know what. Once you remember when Haiti had the great natural disaster really hardening several years ago. And the United States there are really made a big big effort. To help Haiti months early and technologically Ian. Food and things like that we found out a lot more about Haiti and we are renewal before that okay. It's it's probably the most destitute. Country on earth. And we found out and I'm not not stretching this. We found out that some Haitians were forced to eat and that because that's only had dirt sandwiches. As you recall. All right do you remember Tony Awards are about dry sandwiches. I don't know about you know about what happened when I saw that I I I've got my checkbook. And I wrote a check. I because I was not aware that I wasn't as it's who batted sixth tragedies do that but a lot of us Americans wrote checks and we want this. You better then I saw an update. Like five years after year. That and found out that the billions and billions and billions of dollars in aid and food and that things that you would need to get back on your feet. Never got to the people. So I now. If you are talking about. I country. Where they eat dirt sandwiches. And even when you help them. The help doesn't get to the people. Yeah a lot of it gets filtered into other places by the government. Now if you're there is if you're deciding how to characterize. That. That's their country. If you say it say what blow what he said. That's one way that I think legitimately. You could you could describe the state of the country. Now is that this day are are good people bad probably not is the government bad probably is. But if you get if you're down so where your eating dirt sandwiches. And even though go to the world as a ratio and sending billions of dollars in aid in and a things that help you and it never gets to you. I think if in any time you're away from a microphone or camera and you described it to your friend. You could describe that. It doesn't mean it in my mind it doesn't have to mean. Bed it's negative toward the people but maybe it is very negative toward the government so that's my thought. That's my thought certainly. It's not the kind of language. That what we know there's a difference between style and class. You know you can have. You can have a a style you can be Sam Kennison. If you want to bring you every Sam Kennison MB Sam Kennison. Nobody's being zambians and right now they can have some class and find a different way to describe. That is you know we just I'm sorry. Ice I'd love Donald drop how still vote for Donald though but I'm I'm tired I really am we don't even get over one and there's another. What I'm talking about this now. And it's already on the Kim John on his one you know has a great relationship with a please. Please step up. And I like your opinion on this because my opinion. About Tim might have the right another memo giving other words situations there on the radio. We'll be back with more police. On news radio 930 WB. Now Tony has a record number I think. Of vote of FaceBook entries and before are here is the knee jerk here's an injured anybody that says any critique. Of Donald Trump. Doesn't matter how long you've been whip them how long you've been. That you voted farm. That you've been supportive of him if you dare say one thing. That might might have negative view are what are you what you are right no well I would say this. My rhino. Is Rush Limbaugh rhino. As Michael conclude all right no. C'mon. Yet when I go to put something between your ears that's worthwhile would you this time around. I'm still gonna hold form I'm still gonna reform but I'm really tired of explaining every damn today. It's something else it is because you know at the old one goal away before the Nolan shows up. So I'll tell you said there's a war going on on the page right. UN and might have to bring in UN representatives of it be helpful. Yeah I need reinforce a bus and are you that I would yeah we'll start out what Bobby says yes she's an embarrassment and an eighty it. Well I don't know if he's an idiot I don't think both for instance what I just told you about Haiti. I think if you're describing the state of Haiti as it is today. And what I just told you about the natural disaster where the world embrace hades and all kinds of relief all kinds of money machinery everything. And five years later it looked the same as it did in the revision of five years. So you could look at that and describe this. A Haiti like that you might use better terms but. I don't disagree with his appraisal I just disagree with the way he expressed that. I'd go ahead Randy says probably a little harsh so why. Sentiment rings true. The poem says bring this year tired and you'll pour not your gang members wanting to rape and rob. My I don't disagree with that certainly are right let's go to a peak in Ontario Pete you're on WBM. And what are you all look like this work may affect them a little. I'd say within the next 11 day. I did that big. Eight in American history the biggest. Political. Off all that he's gonna topic it has no choice. The factory there we're giving CIA and FBI. The department people vote out. In the weight because they were spotted it from about now you hear these people applauding tightening go law. I see what happens a lot little while. That's why we did we needed for the greater good. Choice and wealthy. People eat healthy I don't think I I'd like you are. At the he picked out we are just stick it. Why. Every once in awhile he bought apple ID rule pretty low pocket literally we're gonna watch. Justice Department FBI. Well I think you your brain of some good points and some hopeful points. And it's a year in sales of take any sales courses one of the things they'll tell you is never talk beyond the sale. Once you made the sales shot op. He made the sale but he won't shut up. Do they give me thank you very much you know there are people like that. You've seen it and every day life you're at a party somebody's about to leave. And they kind of addressed the crowd as they're leaving him say something witty and get them from a 00 goodness they have go to guy you know. And two minutes later he comes back in and tries another one and bombs. Once she'll hit them the mountain. Alone. Will you please we didn't even get a chance to get to that. A phone fast enough for this one. Would you still ongoing from two days ago. And even then there there's so many that you don't have time to aggressive remember he told the globe it was me anyway whatever you bring me whatever you bring me a sign. First of all that raised eyebrows right away I heard rush that about that and raised eyebrows by a lot of people who are traditional. From fans not as enemies his friends are right. Now. Right after he says that because I I think he speaks English he said whatever you bring me also that because he says I trust you. Okay and he had friends and frozen in in the audience I trust you whatever everywhere aside what many say the next day. Well I mean of course it would have to include the the wall. Now OK those are two thirds of the subjects that can be handled independently but don't say what ever you bring me I'll sign it. And then they bring you something and you don't sign. The issue and he got EU if you gotta say what you mean I mean what you say. And for those of us out there hole. Little see some hope we have good trump. In the direction he's taking the country and he's got a lot of good things I think already either go unpublicized. Because they've been trying to take a mile since they won. Once you've made that's sale. I'm sure you know he's a multi billionaire. Developer of real estate. I'm sure than in his real estate dealings once he made the sales shot up. But I don't think that's ever going to happen here because. You know making the sale and then just standing there. Seems to be a badge of weakness through the president. You may get. You say that you shake hands on it you move on Tony in Ottawa employees. OK let's go to our next person is Bernard says. It is hilarious to see the links Republicans will go to defend the immediate Boyd president. Well I don't think is an idiot he's definitely not a boy and there and most of those time we've had to do was simply because of unfair attacks on the other side. Things that are are you very easily spotted and very transparent. And we like for some of the things he's done already he's done a lot of things already even in the first year. That we all thought if all we had a president that would fill in the blanks well he will and more and that's fine. But when the game is over on any one issue he should take the victory lap and go on to the next one. Don't keep talking about the last one in changing things. The the more changes on the ability of the weaker he seems. It seems like it's. A IQs you're out on your first they would earth. And she says yes I'd be happy to. And then use it or you shouldn't ought to reconsider that that's the Joseph beamer approach. Shot. He he is very good at the sale items idea that I gaze he's very good at that but you wouldn't ask for a second opinion would you beamer. Well I would I would just hope she doesn't change exactly 8 o'clock Ali yeah yields. Are like George stands. Gets my vote until it. As I say I want Donald Trump to win. Because of Donald Trump ones I think America I rarely do I truly do. I'm and it's it's it's frustrating. To me to every day not wanting to turn on the radio now according to turn on the TV. Not daring to look at the newspaper because LB five other things. It's in it's like it's like presidential whack a mole that's exactly what it's like. You way. This issue one another on shows up. Now of the president obviously has a lot of issues Diller but there are some things worth playing the game over and there are some things that are. And when the especially when you win. When you make a point or you seal a deal or you get a a former Rhode negative vote and turn into a positive vote. Enjoy the moment. And then go from there. You know I know weighs the pros and me I bet he does laws that many people. But we want him to win we hope it wins will do everything we can to help homeland but sometimes we only do so much. Will tiger break and we will return would be Jim governor just reminder if you want information about. Lucky seven viking river cruise ship live sandy beach and then never at a damn everything's and to reach or give room to billing. A call a triple way to give you information. Or you can book it depends on what you've liked that is a 1844688. 7477. Back after this. About a target rich environment here's a quote from Nancy Pelosi be ready for this to show you how out of touch she. These tax cut bonuses for workers. Amount to quote from. Her given mind most of the companies that we've hurting including though while Wal-Mart the today. A big in their room there awarding thousand dollar bonuses. Two workers now I don't know about you. Thousand dollars as a bonus didn't do anything extra earn it they just thank you here's a check for a thousand dollars is not a from. But it shows you how she in visions of America from her perch she's rich she's in San Francisco where you better be Richard you're gonna live there. And that's her own view of the world. The thousand dollar bonuses are crumbs. Think about like this. While mark the biggest employer in the world. Just said eligible employees and I don't know what the criteria is I think we have to be excellent. Will be getting thousand dollar bonuses several airlines have given thousand dollar bonuses but rather than give any credit to Donald Trump. She describes the bonuses as proms maybe they're crumbs stuck her. You know what I mean but not everybody is and her tax bracket. And only an American sake is such a dumb statement. Be the be the fruit way elected official and a very high position. You know as we as we ask you know we let everybody and including dumb people like you and we led them we will win elections were. Let's go to a time bomb in Cheektowaga time they're on WB again. Hi. Our money means keeping Pelosi has. Star kist tuna. Shares a lot of money I. Where her and her room. Money is. Seventeen million dollars a really well. Anyway. I love I don't. Here's a little to a colorful and should. I you know what he's done more countries and the other tries and has been. And the last what are you like thirty years. I think he's off to a great start. Geez these guys eighties and auto win me he when he wins he should graciously accept that move on. Important what what's. It to what they're. You know when. A ball. It looked up Tony you looked up. The 8000 dollar bonus and he said there were no. No communications companies at all after I saw that that you saw in that list. And slot are right John thank you very much thanks or draw I love trumps and that's what's frustrating. That's what's frustrating about it if you didn't like trump QB and heaven. Because you know that them if you don't hear the term you guys alike because if you like baseball better and I do about it. There's a term in baseball called a changeup. Where the pitcher is giving you a pitch pitcher pitches they're very similar there's pitchers and that everyone so objects it's not like damage via pictures totally different. And his swing at it because your timing is off. And you usually get struck out so I wish he had a changeup. He's he's throws fastballs. All the time and fastballs are good at the on sometimes fastball is all you need. But it good. Good changeup every once in awhile. Save it for when you really need it when you're really is it will be the most effective I don't think he has an industry. I really don't. It's only are you in the same boat as I am war you'll want it to end. And then there's always another sentence will be able briefed the that's set. Because what happens now if you go out anywhere socially. Weather here at McDonald's are at a fine restaurant you're driving are getting gas whatever is. Anybody doesn't like them he gives all kinds of ammunition to throw it people like us who like him. And now we got to do go through the whole thing again which means that they stay in office social media because you can't. Put up with the craziness. I mean you talk about giving giving them. Ammunition through shoot him down. And that's exactly what he does even when he wins. But on the flip side idle mind when the left is really tweaked its kinda fallen well they are by how much enjoyment are we getting in our stomach right now. I mean he's he's had a lot of a lot of success so far it under normal circumstances. We should be Israel radio filled with joy because of what he's managed to accomplish and I think we only learn part of it. It's even more than we think. But we don't get a chance to enjoy it very much that's the problem because is always the next one Peter and saint Catherine's Peter you're on WB end. I know you time and Peter would you got that. Whether. I can't agree with Q&A sense that we are wary it in the in the sense that in order a daily basis. We have to get in Gocong cardinal friends and and and I'm trying to. Do what Tom. Didn't mean and what he didn't mean except Russell river area and I agree that that sometimes when receiving your victory. Like hoping to score and we decide to team and of course quiche and then. And emote too good. Meetings that he was happening in the. Give a tax cuts every day it seems like another huge company says we're gonna give out big bonuses because of the tax cuts that should be significance on giving. Yes and and so I think from that point of view you know we wanted a reprieve so we can breathe bit. And protect ourselves but didn't think when I look at this port situation is. He his his hit in languages and move through cracks but. Let's look at it this Wii edition of the leak that Oakland was doing so we need to ask yourself this simple question. Dot com does not afford he would have made that statement this knowing that it would not been leaked. So it is a reason trump does not think you'll. We don't know reason and is already calculated and it something connected to that statement we just not a week it might pick another date that number one. Number two. He also said and that's the statement that we believe it as reported. That's why do we keep Moye Newton issuance into the country so he's getting more credit for that because that's probably fifteen months. I think I've Norway he would rip president Norway in so why don't we have why don't we have more of them and he says why do we need more Haitians. Well there's a way to save that a different way to say at where your point is taken. But they can't run and hit Joba had with. But. More. We judge. Is bad is going get of a great citizens hard workers. There an asset to any country they choose eleven. Yes the up to replicate it is that we have to get mr. trump. A certain amount of credit for his honesty. Because he actually says things. It has blown away but he says what. What we're thinking and United States. Right now is actually struggling. With a serious issue reduced immigration issue and we have to have a very serious or punt and front discussion. And I actually am allowed court that he could have a politician privately I'd become the general population and I just want to end this week. Which hit particularly. If you're previous quarter had mentioned it. Our be viewed cricket here key. To Kitna went down they would get on the Asian undue rapids TT in this store a lot of money and embezzled a lot of money and that TT and in more wins and then what is wrong. So it's a very complicated issue under I wanna be hard to mr. trump but because I still love them and I support him when argues that ward Tom chipped. We want underway and thank you thank you very much appreciate that. Yeah out it's. First call I'm sure he did not get to areas. It's him agree that the success that he is without having a lot of tools in the end it's okay. But he seems to of the using the same one over and call for a the united so little change of pace because he is the natural charm. That there are there goes a long way of those with success you've got to have a certain amount of charm so little self deprecating humor. And things like that well rounded I think is a low around a guy wrote when announcing. Pressing much of that now do you agree it would look Peter just said that he doesn't say or do anything without having a planned thing you know had I I don't I think he shoots from the hip yeah I think I agree with you I think as he walks down life's highways you looking left looking right and making comments are what racing and he's going to be you know as honest as you possibly you know and with what he's thinking. You know is Eric campaign should and should have been you can handle the truth yeah. Maybe it is true what he said. But none of us like black red and words matter words matter will be back as is or preferably T. 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So have a good time let's go to a married. In Lancaster Mary you're on W via on primary thanks for calling. I think they're hoping to either greener and mentioned how I read I am I in this. So frustrated that impeccable what's going on with this you know what the president said in looking at the fact is he says. What what our country is because what the devastation our country the first priority picket meeting should not have been stock. It should have been infrastructure. Infrastructure and our country. With the help the American people this is what he once he was so the American people he doesn't learn. These people are illegal and the American people are paying for all there there's services and that's why he's disgusted. And I think. Can you write about. That is a right to be because he figures who the lesson has to be spent on that the more we have or other activities and as you as you mention infrastructure. Was one of the big items see he worked on all through his campaign and it's something that everybody agrees upon. And just before. Did you know all that happened. But they'll mudslides in California the blood on this past summer all the devastation our country and the first thing on their meeting at the meeting was. I would I would question I'm curious. I'm used the term it help when they opened a meeting with top cop. While I understand that I don't I don't know of what order in the line up daka is on his. A score scorecard but it is important but whether it's emotional letter not I guess is is his call. And I think I I think the president kind of reiterate what you know that the real priorities of this country people America first. This is. What just determined to call them what he and killing two about the current excellent thing and the others but the country and the others. Our content the more help what about the people in California all the places that were flooded hurricanes and everything else and by. They should be first and get put back on the back burner. All right thank you marry have a good way can come down married will all trying to enjoy the weekend almost govern itself weekend to enjoy with the weather. Got to get that I get to where your going do what you gotta do especially the freezing rain part of it. Tell you you like I am giving two feet of snow and it's OK to feel as though with little in the freezing rain them. As you break it's a deal breaker doesn't matter what your driving. As a matter how good a driver you are. It's you've got to really be careful and then that'll be this afternoon than OJ actual snow and as I heard there a couple of meteor law meaty role the weathermen. Say that when the snow falls on top of the ice on the bottom. That is very very bad game I get to drive into work tomorrow morning you don't Tony but people want to know restorers. They wanted to all their favorite James and you are here to provide data from a. Should consider and have that I've missed five to seven shields and sixteen years have literary that's that that's that's good. Joseph get a little star and put on Tony's forehead and I mean there. And if you bring in our own little picture will put on the fruitful we'll you know I need to go to parties city this weekend's all make sure I get the certificate and the stars. Are right we want to hear from you. I didn't even know how to phrase this. I put down was trump. Hot. And man. He's when your way and okay he would take a volume way and you want that now move on to something she went on don't keep talking. It's not necessary. As any goods salesman on cellular saleswoman we'll tell you. One of the first things they learned is don't talk beyond the sale. Once you've made this sale yield one OK he's made several sales already. But he keeps knocking on news radio I'm thirty W via.