Sandy Beach Presidents Comments 1-12 Hour 1

Sandy Beach
Friday, January 12th

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Well hello hello hello what is Beijing company I want the president I want the president do not address that that meeting a prod colleges. Because you pick up phrases here and there and you're liable to drop a memo runways. Got a lot to do today that is charges here and tell us about a big event coming up. We will be announcing in this hour than next beach trip stand by for that. Got a lot to do first. Out Tony ARD you're the executive orders of his show Tony we'll keepers ears open getting ready for everything. City briefing basically on the state of the ice and in the various creeks. So we'll go to that immediately when that when that happens. In this hour we will announce all of the information regarding the lucky seventh trip to the seventh trip that's alive the reason I call it. Lucky seven would viking river cruises and you might want to get something to write something down with. Meanwhile got here just in time mine had a beautiful breakfast. I enjoyed laundry detergent for breakfast. You believe it there eating laundry detergent now Ali I mean you got to have your fun somewhere right it's ridiculous now is a guy I always. Love to talk to his name is that is George he's the quiz master hello how low seeing what a Wiki day. All the man of god what are. We got all we're gonna have three seasons and won today. I'm Derek all of this information and well let's start with you first of all an event where you're alive a lot of people here on the radio and TV and all that. Is very exciting and you're doing one for the town of Hamburg drug free communities coalition. A week from. Sadly so jealous about that. Yet this event is a huge team trivia that we've got about. Rich 1618 teams right now there six person teams. And we're gonna Whittle it down to one grand champion Bergen Emerson every team there are gaining never discredit him and we gave never going to be there. Danny never it's gonna be there that's why would you invite him he doesn't know any. In order to land on your game and I have some knowledge about some things he does not account because he's got a lot of money would different serial numbers on it. But it was ours Mullins. Job pocket of air. Pretty Smart here's my advice if you're having pocket can lock up the refreshments. And today before a carnival like about my you know what. A lot of stuff he does he wins eating contests. It's. Sell so what does he what does he can graduate Decker graduated on the other day some balls and thing I think he won a bowling thing I'm not sure what it was. And he he does a lot of things and he does very well so yeah I will be good and then it's lunch anyway. Guys its six person team and we're looking for more teams. And this is a wonderful fund raiser for the hamburger drug coalition which I belong to which includes. School people and got counselors and law enforcement and the town of Hamburg. We are a coalition helping kids and and warning them and giving the evils of drug abuse. And it's certainly a worthwhile message really is they as we said team a six OB there and it's at the VFW post 1490s. Are really big hollow place you want Burton. Fifty dollars thirteen. You get get this you get pizza what you did appear you get dire. All kinds of prizes you get soda it's going to be an unbelievable. Amount 21 and over responsible adults. And what what what what a great times did you. Rwanda's you promised bucket at a pizza. Because we better make them all government. This is these. This January 20. You can now call me at 673807. Oracle at 8262226. I'm telling everybody this is going to be that trivia event of the evening we have W post 1419. As he said don't like you wrote in Hamburg if you never attended one of his live shows us it's very exciting thing lot of energy a lot of people a win prizes and and it the good part is that you yeah you get you get energized for these I had thinking OK what the whenever categories and radio and and the teams start to you know working together and and competing it should be a lot of fun I look forward to it now I can't tell you I can't we just gaining a I wanna human action young so I I've been wearing them five or six times silence him and action at. Posey and the crews as I was and says because we threaten to dunk them in the water just thought it was a I don't have that a but that's. That is charged a quiz master great cause out of Hamburg drug free community coalition one week from tomorrow the twentieth of January. The games begin at 715 the doors open at 630 got VFW post public view and Hamburg. And dead I Dennis even has his number where you can call yes 6263807676. Or seven. Six to a 73807. Yes it is the number so ago you think I appreciate you need a lot of fun day care dawn give member of the really hard questions who don't look at. I like bill like this guy get one like. If you had a hundred dollars. And you spend ninety dollars if not I don't sell that he's never spent nine billion dollars out of 130 bus robot. Back everything in the. Oh yeah oh yeah I never Google. Hey I'm a little housekeeping here a 25 dollar gift certificate to pains restaurant located in north tunnel on that's it's one of our dollar value general conference rules apply. 644987. Fives and number and there's beamer. Joseph beamer will chuckles a person of his liking to within the prizes and north not a lot of and I may before mania campaign avenue. Serving families delicious Italian and American favorites for over 58 years. Open for breakfast lunch and dinner that year round it is beach company and just couple minutes we're going to be announcing. The latest trip. We got a lot of things to do today excellent job from our news team here and there. Are covering the ice problems and water in the basement problems and and we'll keep you informed them that Weyrich a basement this is. I you know although we certainly see. Problems we'll mother nature around the country water in the basement this structure role. You have your whole life I mean you know take everything out and throw away the things that have been wet and even if there is something a simpler your pump going out. It is very disruptive and that a great job and and I think the people down there. I'm handling this the notifying via people to be on alert. Now a great job nice job and a glad we've recovered via the press conference. Now. As I several we come back we are going to talk to you about the trip all I can say is why all hooked up a I was I was setting it up last night we got the final approval from Germany. And though eleven's tell you what's going on meanwhile have a writing instrument handy. I see a pencil. That's so. Right so it up penciled nobody. That amount possible but have something reddy's and you can jotted down. And might grant can use client crown would be good meanwhile Tony I warned you do not eat the laundry detergent. You know I saw you were chewing on something it looked very colorful. And I notice you're shark analog cleaner incessant activist it's a explains on the inside out. A look backward Amare and including the announcement of the new trip on his radio and I'm thirty WB all right it is finally here there's a lot of a lot of things to be across the dotted in agreed to do and whatever on a trip like this. I'm gonna do is a little backwards I'm going to give it a phone number first before I tell you what we're going okay because you're going to want it and rather than that I haven't all at the end number of the phone number now. For information or to book the tournaments are you about is 1844688. 7477. That's one in fact. Have votes on we have Joseph beamer put that up on our FaceBook page will have the whole thing up on the FaceBook page afternoon okay. A 18446887477. Now. Very excited in my hand I have a brochure war. Four of what I would call the lucky seven viking. River Cruz I'm call a vote of electors seven because we've got six. Hours every one of a sold out. And this will so Alter organ tell you and I must tell you best. We will not be able to expand on this the number of people that we can have as a number of people with a pair of we have and more tickets we can implement rules or anything like that this zip there's a a good number. But it's a small numbers would be. But today the lucky seven viking we're we're crews first about the viking river cruise you all about America record terrific organization. And have you done any touring you know with good thing about going we're vikings. Is affected the things are paid for. The excursions the shore excursions are paid for and it's all part of the package the meal as a all of that let's let's go through the nuts and bolts. First of all of it is a beautiful ship and we are cause we're going from Prague. To Burr Berlin. On the elegant old Bubba. Elba is the river are artist who pronunciation album which is the American pronunciation. And Elba which is the Europe to implement it action. And so I thought like a barrel on with the European. I we will leave the 26 from buffalo. And there and they'll do return in the July 6. All right so we leave June 20 states return July 6 and that's practically a full two weeks. Prior to Burleigh and aboard the viking Vila that as a navy ship. Will be going to Witten per. Bob Ehrlich and obviously. Addressed in Prague. They'll be eighth guided tours we have headsets that I spoke about the guided tour is they give you portable headset and you can you talk with the tour guide it. And has he or she describes it here at rendered so attribute after cumulative behind open ahead. But that's it. All the meals are included ten breakfast. Six lunch six banners of welcome cocktail reception and dinner. And had I I hope I damning scandals themselves properly this time because I mentioned and every birth is going to lead us. We're also going to Switzerland. What because we have some stuff up there. Complimentary. Wine and beer and soft drinks blue on blue or Democrat and I wish we want the five all part charges taken care of and you say wow that is a fabulous and I say. But wait. Does Mubarak and I was radio revealed to open I'm real who's one of the biggest concert artists in the world. We know we went to see him in his whole village of my ostrich Netherlands last year it was terrific. What this old line against the month. People asked as he does post a concert here. He's question posed it to. Our guy a draw all over the world we go to CM and master Richard you can because it was a good last year or a 1000 and stuff. I they'll beat. A little dip and a timetable with this time because after the concert which they. It's all right in and stretch now this what we're going it will working with the Andre real people he had as a whole organization. They will handle our rob you're gonna handle our hotel our transportation. Opera tickets. And we're going to it's going to be up for first class deal working with Andrei real for Andre Reid do to. This is one of the aid to the optional. Trip that was the deal you two. The concert just. Unbelievably good people who are they on an axiom. About who they came last year. Raved about and they're still talking. So that its option oh number one is the region to work with. We'll be there and we're going through work and live under read news organization. We're gonna have it seats. We're going to be eating good food and staying at a really good hotel first class. And now. For all you car guys. Are not. As you know my life is built around cars I've. I've I've I've spent most of my idea most of my discretionary spending on automobiles I just love them. We are going to have. A BMW. Factory museum tour BMW. One of the oldest names of one of the most revered names in the automobile business and wait. As mark. We are also going to have it out each door. And Audi. Factory and museum tours the museums. Our fabulous for both of those those remarks so we're going to see BMW's. Up close and personal in the history of BMW's. We're going to see saudis up close and personal in the history of rowdy so those are the Arab frosting on the cake. The under aerial tour is optional and the the BM. The BMW two or with the Audi tour is also optional. If you're interested in this I suggest you call this number. Because. They can send you more information of your life. You can book your tour now if you like and I will say this if I'm line on that and we cannot expand on this because of the limited amount of access we have on the ship and only holes so many people and the concert. In all the things associated whether. Call 18446887477. BMW. Two war. Audi who war Andre Rio two we saw him last year he's so good we travel halfway around the world to see him again. Class a fabulous. Fabulous viking river Cruz. We have a complimentary beer wine soft drinks are on board dinner and lunch and free Wi-Fi all port charges ten breakfast 616. Dinners welcome cocktail. Reception and dinner eight guided schoolers with that all part of the package with headsets. It's going to be fabulous it's going to be in Europe and we're gonna have a great. Great time. It's like you're Stewart who knows how many times I mentioned. Food no secret that. My attention they rip and you know we don't mention because we know lottery sounds like you know I just above the day in the bottom line is. It's more than just food. It's great quality food have as much as you want. Like desserts you look at the dessert menu there's a things on there you want data don't get a problem. Are you your view from his one dessert you get to all of them if ever. Debate mirror what they welcome it's part of a deal. We saw a commercial last night for viking two cruises. Now Stalin nick about the food and are we basically it's nonstop eating. Had no you'd like that yeah up and then you have a great time them and when you're visiting these ports the good thing about river cruises your tied up right there okay. Your right there and this ship that's one of its newest. The only holes nine the people. So that's it it's like being on a luxury yachts it's like being on some multi boo it a billion energy dot. It's it's you're gonna get personal service. Everybody sees everybody else we sit and have lunch and dinner and breakfast with the each other during his great it is great. That one phone call 184468874. 77. 26 we leave buffalo. We come back on July 6. I. It's anyone cared what I ought to end my iPad last night and so a message from Jim Langer hook. I said why what may. You know why things well find out together. Undergrad and I thirty WB end.