Sandy Beach Pain Medication 11/9 Hour 3

Sandy Beach
Thursday, November 9th

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That's what Beijing governor have said he made sure the indictment by the US attorney a 166. Counts or against doctor goes including six fatalities. As I said it's it's tough it's tough for us to judge because when I'm medical professionals we don't know what the normal. Practice looks like we don't know what the normal procedures in light. Are there are robe that others. Program for everything you think governor I'm sure that the government has all kinds of numbers to show. What an average practice of a pain management should look like well an above average. And if there's something minutes ago catches their eye that's probably what they act on. But that's beyond the scope of love of my ability to judge whether it's a good thing or not a mine is a simple approach. If doctor doce was writing scripts trio. When you did not need them. Then that's wrong. But if there's no timetable of how long in my needs something especially if you have a back problem and that problem something like that which normally doesn't go away very quickly and if you have to be on for a long time we have three. And you you can have a doctorate enable our anymore and you're gonna have. A via a street corner drug dealer enabler the stolen name dollars. They're giving you something that you don't need but you may want. And day here is it a couple of attacks from people who who have obviously been through this sort of thing. The biggest misunderstanding. That everybody has they think these people wanna get high. That is not the case they just don't wanna feel sick which is everybody's response. When his used to having the medication. And suddenly stops. Here's another Tony and sandy I have a very important point to make. When someone is on pain medication and the reason they get addicted is because they're not weaned off of it. And that's that's probably true. Think about it like this any any old issue had. You and your doctor prescribes something new start to feel better effects some of his script say. Take the entire. A script worth of whatever it is so that you're sure you get rid of the problem and that's that. They don't keep you want it why after the problem has been resolved after the problem was gone away after the pain is gone way. And if they do and that's problematic. That's only give me a couple of a Facebook's gonna wanna get back to fall we've got a full bank today. We'll start with sand juice says there are other ways to control chronic. How pain. I assure you there's a lot of ways depending on what you subscribe Dubow right now we're talking about. Of the pain management practices of doctor gold sea and and folks like Arthur goes and other please. Policy as after a very bad treatment plan from doctor goes years ago I will never take another pain pill for anything. I was never so sick in my life it was never really monitored while on this nasty stuff. I believe anything over five days is too much cancer patients excluded from my opinion. I live with pain I will never take another pain pill as long as I'm reading and I'm glad that doctor goes he is gaining punishment. God bless all the victims of his treatment in our p.s to pour souls who lost their lives to do is negligent behavior. Well those sound like they have of his fan club right there yeah yeah and one thing we have to be careful of you know you can change. As you get older. You know the book things that you were acceptable on your youth. For instance for a instance I'd love don't enjoys easy don't enjoys all the time suddenly one time. I suddenly became allergic to Romans and now it's still I can't have anything moments are Allman extract or anything like that it is showed up as an adult. And the time my ego was rushed in half electric shock. Through the emergency room and nearly died I told a story earlier. The real and that happened. Is because I felt another round of guy out coming on and I I had at that time before Los all the way. I use again go a couple of times a year. All right and I had some a script left from the last time I had gone out. And I could feel it starts come on I figured okay. I will call a doctor in the morning and go make an appointment go see him because this is a regular thing for me. But meanwhile I knew I had a couple of pills left from the last time. And so I took one. As I've taken them all my life. And it put me in May have reflected shock and I'm allergic to non steroid and the inflammatory it's. That happened from something I had a year I'd take him before. So your body does change your reactions can change and I nearly dot aide. Had I not gotten a great treatment at a suburban mode Fillmore suburban. I almost died. And that's what they told me and I believe. So you have to really be vigilant and you have a doctor event sometimes it is good doctors give you everything you want. You'd like a stronger pain medication about me that's not in the cards. You have to listen of doctor follow me follow what it says follow the directions pay attention. And even that won't be a perfect wife Brooke will be better than just needlessly taking things that are not necessary. I was code to. Ella Ella you're on WB again. Good morning Andy could get here you bet and the eerie camp. Thank you I have the Christmas ornament that you sent already up even though I don't have a tree. Oh. Said the I didn't. I didn't like he did not get that could Catalina with what tomorrow is gonna break. I know I know I'm sure going to be your Lamar jewel what's your thought on what would argument well. Well I can get people that have so drug out in the streets there an extra money. This isn't sticky situation. And what you want are made a valid point that maybe the people that don't themselves. And every medication we hate to admit that I expect. And I think a lot of that depend on how they individualist biting you re heck. Given medication or what they're. Too much stricter little. There's impact if you see the commercials on television. Side effects are worse than what you have horror and homeless. Britney that's why don't they put up. That I might like to try not to forget it. And you know another thing however we haven't brought up at all today are people who get scripts and then sell the pills these pills go for a lot of money on the street. So that would be a big big no no as well. You know Andy when he comes down to square one. A lot of our problems is to get amnesty would people. Well he. Is it today I totally agree with that. That's a whole different show over different time but I I agree it is it's not an easy answer Alan thank you very much. Yeah I get down to square one once that McMichael. Up. Back here and I blog Mensa the original. I'm Terry my card room. Under is greater divert it ever be again that is the day from my bubble perks is there 260 dollars in derivative from pure air care. Western New York's air duct cleaning services. For only 99 dollars they'll clean eight events. One return one main line and a dryer vent up to six feet go to my bubble perks dot com. Let's go to. Line in this would be hole in the long a wonder is Jim in north tunnel vision we are on WB yeah. I'm finds him you hear of thoughts on this. I wanna tell you that in 1999. I was diagonal slippery. There disorder called William Burris. And one as a result the air's pretty. The nerve endings these isolationist or eleven when they start pretty copper. I was excruciating pain like my feet were on fire. Mind all stride many different and medication. And audit but it think got you reap what about furcal. Doctor Sophia are indeed they edit me very. Strictly. On the whole program and explained the danger well what you can put up adequately on personal pictures on my older look at war vote for a month. And you really look at it was alchemy. I don't know what I wanna start. What Bobby Parker Goolsbee our I don't know what is going on all of them. What a review your took most people probably is there or what but. Well kinda getting darker it'll be I don't know you know how are what built. Well we're glad you had a good outcome now though you started way understand that part how did it end another words. It did you get to a point where it was less and less than than you just didn't use them at all or are you still using them how to what was the end game. As I recall. We people agree that there Perry course improbable four months I would try to get all of them if you are old Aaron Lee. We meet up and little by little and finally. I would welcome totally did an opium for the course. Five days I was taught them total popular totally. I took a look like real long Burt Burt from notre. Withdrawal though. I had repercussions on the clear just feel like my skin would crawl corporate parent bought I didn't drop them. And our virtual people all the way I'm really heartbroken to see what's happening right now. Well I have neuropathy. Diabetic neuropathy and then I broke my ankle. In the same place I have no proper date and when you you mentioned earlier when when you're in terrific pain I've never experienced anything like that so I have IE I hear which is saying and I'm glad you have a success story to tell us. Thank you very much. The other security. Give you what you need when you need it. But I don't wanna give you what you want when you want it. There's two different things and it's a pretty straightforward. Thing now when that when disclose the care of course you're going to have one doctor. Under oath testifying one thing. Then you're gonna get another doctor underwrote testifying may be something else and I heard Paul Camry talk about. No posed about that I heard another lawyer talk about that saying that there could be. Conflicting witnesses who both have credentials so I was somebody has to make up their mind. But I'm sure when you talk about pain management. And opiates and things like this that there's enough information out there credible information. Within the medical community that says. Look sometimes people go outside the norms we understand that. But here is the basic package. X amount of people Maxima on population and what you have what are they on a longer they stay on how long does it take for the problem go away. Did the problem always who's on it forever. I mean there's gazillion things that have to answer before you can decide I did. A doctor goes he went beyond normal practice. But I'm sure the I'm not short we'll find out won't that the US attorney's office and just jump in on this and say well. Let's do this because it'll get headlines and we have nothing else to do and all of this is no I'm not going to be an easy case to prosecute. And they've got a really really have done their homework before they would even bringing in indictment like this for a for a doctor. OK who would be next it would be lying to. Which are being John Hamburg John here on WB again. There are born in India and brought a fine job but he got I wouldn't say more about that. Of toward it appears. I got deployed as. Bill are worried about why I want to keep Patrick it is or who I want my. And I decided to ignore what I do at all I would rather have my you don't go to. I saw him every time. What other patients would be intrigued as well there are multiple. Dealers followers manager at a older watching more secure subscription. What transpired so I I guess the white. So you know you could've stayed on longer but you chose not to and he was fine. All you audio video and see if he didn't say anything all right I exploit them everything in the they are here but I still think he's he's a great actor. The bridge where all. Well if he has a patient that is willing to deal a little bit of pain wants to get off of it I can understand that's I think that's a responsible decision. You if you had stayed on it may or bills that would have been responsible to do is going to be a collaboration between you know and he. And I'm glad it worked so well for it thank you very much. I guess you've got to. It it it's. Yeah it's it's like a moving platform. Maybe you can do without it puts an idea of thinking well if I go off it now. A moment ago maybe you go back to where was before or at least partial I don't wanna do that that's a stay on longer. This is not cut drop saudis. It is not easy especially if you're dealing with pain and you get to a point where. They have to make I know when I went through. What's and he went through a Roswell have leukemia for seven fourteen years. And they would have a mixed cocktail Wear. They would have several things involved and it's a little here little beer at a little take a little way. It's not it's not a definitive view is you just don't look at paper the sale committee that this is possible to do and it's individually each person. But you have to rely on the expertise in the training of the of the medical personnel that you dealing with and they have you have to be on us with them through. But where the problem lies is not in the treatment. It's in the unnecessary. Treatment. The end of the initial response to okay here's what's wrong with the we've reevaluated here's what we think you should do. And let's get started to get a better I think that's probably pretty much under control is the and that counts like a marriage. You know it's for everything it's cracked at the goods are big but as time goes I go well maybe I should read this are bad and sometimes it. Works out in a 9000 but the bottom line is it is a moving platform. And if you're if you're honest with the doctor and doctor is honest with you we have a good but good for our chance of good result. It 0309308061692. Through six and thirty. My basic question. Regarding it's of drug supply is what's the difference between past street corner. Drug dealer or doctors who write a script beyond normal practice we'd like to hear. From you. Tobacco BJ governing a couple of text them both points of the drug companies themselves sandy. Stuff the TV radio I'm French drug company advertising I saw on TV it'll cure what's ailing me. So I'm Marty and Anna and alma the other is aware of of a drug companies held accountable they make this stuff curious well first of all. They make this stuff. And the stuff he works. They spent a lot of money a lot of time and they finally get clearance to bring it to the marketplace. If it's miss you lose I really can't blame the drug companies. It's like. You know a company makes an automobile is that they've maggert truck and make a truck. Now you can drive Graham out of church and that truck waved and bowed to a crisis market and men committed terrorist attack that truck. They made the truck four benign purposes. And it's the same thing with the any kind of medication. They go through trials and all kinds of things and the things work but if there miss you lose it's not really the drug companies fall. And if you know within any any drug any script you get as document looks like via you know encyclopedia Britannica. And I don't know anybody raise the stuff but so they give you plenty of information. And it's up to the doctor and the patient. To use it properly. So I you know the only thing I don't like about the unit of the drug commercials on television is the fact that they're trying to get it they're trying to probe you into asking your doctor about Bayer drug would be the right thing I can collect myself. And it's just puts the marketplace of there like you know there's all kinds of things available to you. That a cure everything but if you notice and try it some time. Of the activity that video that you see. During a commercial for a drug okay and the audio you'll hear. With a commercial are totally different. Okay if you look up on the screen you see you know the dog's chasing the bone in the kids diving in the swimming pool a man having a pick red evolve that. While publicly and now there is saying. There's if you do it your face is going to fall off and then remember you blah blah blah blah blah they do all this disclaimer stuff. It is a lot of these things can be very detrimental to your elephant and they spend half the time and if not more than half the time. Lou we have the warnings. And after you listen all the warnings you as you finally get to see with the drug or Florida for something that's a lot a series on the warnings. So you don't make a bureau mime but that's part of your own decision making process. Primacy 123. Or five that should be frankly I'm a Williams though frank you're on WB via. These deputy if you have two different determined that big women's health care that best. Based medicine right. We'll tell me about its own Jason you have diabetes yes before yes that is bearing number. Okay now you've got yourself an accurate numbers already has correctly young the nuances. Many destructive they're George is based numbers. Always come up saying there's no pain out there this go with the fact that the god with the other reporter the patient with the patient says their pain. They community of the united campaign well how deductibles demented and other than is asking him questions. And the good part. There's no subjective perspective they objective. Tool committed a pain in at the heart everything it's up on the wrong foot right from the beginning. What do they ought to make you a quick view you had to get a phone earlier. We said. He take one pill date you know his doctor prescribes and oracle today. Have a caller. I know it's not a great thing right but you better watch it medicine because. It is my net is my neck is right he got ninety co democracy got flipped over. If you get that are although our industry would pick it up itself though felt like I find out. Who who who who to vote what it would have been him in the bottle bill to come and ask him what will with of the united tilted yet about going to Wear those of. Yeah are you know that's an aspect that we hadn't talked about until last half hour of somebody selling the script. To people on the street and making a fair amount of money for. Yeah it is glued you know it is and they're gonna come back and do wanted to know if you think that I'm doing a good thing only get one out of what oracle is they're presided. But this is payment it's upside down its target. If you look at yourself he had it in your speed. Do you remember when he had to you describe your doctor ever work ethic being indicted is very difficult even to describe. Guys it is that there was a burning sensation that felt like my feet on fire Moya I it is stuck in my brain I still remember. Typically your pilot says. Be on fire yeah he you know you're you do that in the gasoline. People of people who understand until they have to describe it and give my insight into a medical professional you're just a layman you do the best to describe its of them they're thanking you in medical terms of thinking and in terms of summary doesn't know anything about it so it if they have to be able to read your mind sometimes. In the debate site any remote pretty faces they looked into the conductors get we gotta better go see and nobody can believe them up to this point. And so they come in they kind of they edit this bit Cilic regarded as they hold up because it everytime I think the pain he looked so that they are exaggerated. Yeah it's a that's a good point is it is not a definitive saying there are not numbers off of a page for treating an individual patient. But there are numbers off of a lot of pages that could give you a normal practice. Kind of model. Now some will exceed that some will be below it but at least they have something the work would would that model. Yeah I agree with that there are enormous for today but in tactical piece immediately would be reasonable for government state. So it might be a little bit skewed and it's hard but. Yeah I and I remember the newspaper article said that he was writing more scripts than a New York City hospitals. We are you know are popular I I don't know how many of people as is patient but I'm sure that they're going to do the numbers ten ways to Sunday. A during the trial I thank you a good point there frank I appreciate it. Fact is that you have to describe what's what's wrong or view is not like there's an X ray and they can see it. There are some things that you may say okay I've got a problem here. And that they can find they can make him look at a picture of that and whatever but there are many times when it's strictly. Your description of what's wrong and as he said and they all last. On on a scale of one to ten what's your time. And we are all different some people can some people can take pain. Better than others. The worst person for taking pain that I know. Is there never. All right and I'll tell you why I've told a story before. I he was at his house once and he was up putting up a picture or something and he banged his thumb with a hammer. By you know I didn't quite hit the NL hit the hammer okay he is not good with pain. He starts to feel Ole miss is not good he leans against the wall and slides down on the wall and ends up in a sitting position. He actually knocked himself out by trying to put up a picture up. So what happened. They called they called the ambulance he they had just moved into this house by the way so all of the neighbors been ruined all of them and they didn't know and Amber's. All right the ambulance comes. And they put on a stretcher and are gonna bring them out through the ambulance. And he's lying on his back and when he opens his eyes all of his new neighbors. All of his new neighbors are are looking down at him and think he said that he as it comes still looks a visit my wife tried to kill me. So I mean ethic that kind of person that that doesn't take a lot of pain in arms aren't about he's a pain sensitive. Even for criticism. You know have you have you noticed that zoning whenever I criticize them looks a little sad he and so I pat them on the having Guillermo lonetree. You're good yeah I am good in them I am bets on. Go go get that will be back tomorrow news radio and I thirty W via it is a Beijing company here is a Texan you can Texas a 30930. I have been a patient of doctor goes sea for eight years and he didn't hand out men's semi. It took five months of visits are trying chiropractors. And physical therapy massage therapy. Before he prescribed my methods and because of him unable to continue working well that's great I'm glad good positive outlook. That's outcome and that's what we all want. The question is were any scripture and for people who didn't need them but just want them. For whatever reason. Maybe they were afraid that if they didn't have a mean the moment didn't need them they fall back to their old ways and and endure pain again. Maybe you're gonna sell the drills who knows what they're gonna do them. But the bottom line is it's I think the doctor's job not only to recommend. Things you get on. To help you but you gotta get off of those Americans as well unless it's it's an illness that is going to be a lifelong. Let's go to Joseph all in for darn it Joseph you're on WB again. Yes I did it make comments about you were talking about the culpability. Of the pharmaceutical companies yes there's no reason being sued. Is because they mature record that is that the doctors who prescribing these medications. Just how would it debate it more. I went OxyContin came out. Being. They were staying at what they did. And now you have a whole generation of people addicted to medication. And what's happening now they can't get beat is the doctors are prescribing it anymore. So it's cheaper to go and buy her a winner but the so before the drugs came to market that was part of a clinical trials to see if they were addictive. Speak out now about the addictive. But they told the doctors. Well they should definitely be held accountable for that you but there is art and you don't smoke don't quitting nicotine when it. But they didn't active people and it is. All right well certainly we believe in a responsibility both corporate and personal. So that would be a major concern. And not only that big old. People wanting this medication it didn't used to beat up when you went about hospital they would ask you you know watch your pain level. Com of endured had they didn't used to add that and Cole the pharmaceutical companies started pushing. That team went had to be something that you. That you would rat. And what they started doing that these other sales are these medications. Go through the root. So they worked on both ends. Is that they got it they got the man built up. And then they bet that demand by saying it wasn't. It wasn't addicted. So it's almost like would you like Fries with that where the customer is there the patient is there there is a need for shouted to fulfills a thing hunger. To alleviate pain or whatever and and then suddenly these. Drugs appeared and the dark there's. Took B word or I'm sure they took the word of a pharmaceutical companies and have found out that wasn't exactly as advertised. Yeah in the pharmaceutical company I doubt people that hospital the doctors saying. You'll have to ask people how much in their. Well that's that's an interesting point nobody's run under the first one to bring it up so I'm glad you did a Jules I'm glad we got him there before the show is over thank you. That's a good point. I know that it costs a lot of money. To get drugs to a point where that are actually available in the marketplace. And now as I was several people vote mentioned earlier. They advertise extensively ask your doctor if you know whatever it is. Is suitable for you. And so there and they are trying to create a market for things that you may not even be aware of the doctor wants. Doctor I noted. Talked to. I asked him if it bothers him. When people do that you know here's a Doctor Who was as you on a plan and things are going well but then uses. This BO can we try that. He said no it doesn't bother him at all it would bother me he said no it's a learning process a chance to explain to the patient. Yes or no why you would or perhaps wouldn't be a good a good choice so if you have a if you have a doctor. That really cares about his or patients that as the time. That the problem right now is that it's become almost like him you know that Lucy. Are now Desi and Lucy there and Lucy taking the sharp noses are coming down on the conveyor belt. The belt is moving faster and faster. The number of doctors is not keeping up with the number of new people needing help and needing assistance. And souls the amount of time you have to actually converse with them is limited. And and many times you're seen by not the doctor but. One of the doctor's associates and that's why they're there while equipped to handle the situations. And that but it is it is everybody is looking for more time. A more explanations don't get me a couple of your FaceBook before always there ideals. I would be glad to Paul says just enough to take the pain away is okay pain reduces healing time and also affects. Your relationship because you've become impossible. To be around. Well I you know it's true I I don't think there are some people who. Really. Suck it up and won't take pain medication they'd rather have the pain and that's his choice surcharge. I'm not a lot of room equipment I see no need if I'm in pain to suffer pain. If it's necessary okay but if it's not necessary why would you do it. So the bottom line is you need a relationship with the good doctor has to be honest. Yeah this is what it is can I do without it I probably camp. I can do without. Most of river maybe not all of I'm not really sure. And it's you weigh this against that and they all of the drugs by the way in Iraq with a each other and you have to be very careful of that. I look at it like this if I can function and with the pain and fine I keep calling in its Pakistan well as to what off. Oftentimes it's not cut and dried it's I can function at what level. For instance if you're coming in here and do a radio show. And you have a splitting headache it felt like somebody put a knitting needle in your ears yeah I can do the show. But at what level. You know I'm talking about. So you if you want operated top level and keep in mind goes people who are in jobs is that require X amount of of definable production that they may be slower maybe they're a little nervous about that the you know what I'm very much we all have different out of jobs and we're judged differently. So. I think we had a good discussion today we'll see where this goes when the federal. People go to court when it. At about wraps it up for region company I'll see you on Monday. At 9 AM on the Israeli and I'm thirty W via. It's they never have to music he's certainly let you know have you given him.