Sandy Beach Pain Medication 11/9 Hour 2

Sandy Beach
Thursday, November 9th

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And we're back revision relative has a lot of those same there's senator. Shows you don't know is if you a doctor goes sees a same severely injure paying. But he's a sinner if you'll get the medication beyond what you need. Either via strain the dosage and length of the strip whatever or. And so Patricio fortune game and he's very successful at that. Even of his long term but if it if it is needed that's the key that's fine. But if not that's not so fine and so we're asking you what is the difference regarding drug suppliers. Between a street corner of our drug dealer or a Doctor Who writes a script beyond normal practice. And though one of attacks that we got in says its price. It's prize now and now we we hope whatever we've put our finger in the face of the street corner drug dealer. But the U the drug doctor wearing a white coat where more reluctant to do that. Now I don't know if he's gone beyond normal practice or not because I don't know what normal practices in the interview. But the of the courts will have to make that decision. Well Wendy had struggles the federal prosecutors will have to bring expert who says that is so far beyond the norm. That there is no blood no other interpretation is is that it was a deal drugs little white vote on. So we'll see where that goes out like your opinion may 030930180616. Man who threw six and star and I thirty is another text. He mean the last caller is on full disability can't work but he golf's and drives a motorcycle. It is as WTF. Is something. He also drives a motorcycle I have to go to gym to get in shape enough to do bad so I think he's doing pretty well it depends on the disability he has. There could be things that would disable him that still allow him do that. Right who is next that I think it's my US senator Mike you're on WB yet. Well good sandy and I. Thank you for having a good subject this morning my pleasure or what you were easier it was your viewpoint on this like well. I got a couple different situation that I'm wondering my mom had cancer in 1965. And you have to take. A narcotic. Everyday till she passed away and 2001. And fortunately enough. The pain was extreme but if you was able. Live with the pain and the medication did all the pain. What she was or able to live a normal life and what do you do in situations like that and right now I think doctor go see. Being attacked and I my feeling about doctor call you are compassionate men and you don't know who's coming and what are trying to do you're looking at the patient as the doctor patient relationship. What compassion that this person needs now. In meantime you know. We know. Individual bonus 23 other doctors. Took three other pharmacies and what you don't situation. First of all the way you described I'm sorry to hear about your mom but. And that is perfectly justifiable and and if that were brought up for discussion. We wanted to relieve her pain which I think any humanitarian would wanna do and she lived X amount of months or years depending. And we kept her as pain free as we could I I don't think anybody has a problem that I don't think the federal government. Or anybody else overlooking a doctor goals he shoulder as a problem with that is with people who are who get the out of the scripts. Who do it for a different reason they might have some pain. But it makes them feel good and and Noah and that would put doctor go see. In a position of being an enable lower a rather than a healer. Some things you can heal over its long term as long term as is the way it is I'm sure they'll be time frames brought in service. In into this trial showing the norms would all of. Here OK okay. Thank your much. Let's see who is next I think that would be dire CN Youngstown. Garcia on WB again. Oh hello Darcy. I am myself. Yeah. I buried very conservative usually. Al attic or whatever. Thought I respect. That these people have him. That they heard about him in positive people love actually and so it's not but it glowing terms. I. I think it's right there. A witch hunt and I think where people's personal responsibilities. The doctor. You know started being like a target on backwards in the flow management as it. And our medical corps of a cost than ever they thought that I I've I'm a bishop. Someone's got all that. The only question I would have a first of all I'm always suspicious of things that happened regarding his government but. What the purpose why would they pick one doctor out of their large community and and they're making a concerted effort to. To make his life miserable what would be the reason for. I don't know I it made. The prosecutor that an elected position I don't know or. Quality is a US attorney is I think he's the acting on bill Vogel has stepped down about. As a several months or maybe up to a year back. And the US attorney has to be approved. By media by the by the senate so this is the acting US. I. So yeah believe me I don't think anybody should have to suffer pain needlessly. Is where it crosses the line. Where if you didn't get the script this time you would not be in pain but you like the feeling that the script gives you. That's the area I think that they everybody's concerned about. Sure. 00 absolutely. But look if if we're going to be reasonable about personal responsibility. Why do we have the cops carrying our can. All the buffalo policemen carrying our cash and now good night and neither it unless somebody made a choice and the choice backfired and they overdose. But nobody points of Emmons says what about their personal responsible for me. You look at the drug dealer and say well he should go to jail but you're right if you'd take it willingly and knowingly and something happens. You'll you'll make those choices yourself nobody did that for you. Okay thank you thank you were a much if there's one basic. Thing I heard years ago. Regarding people who use drugs okay. And the person was on a talk show television structure. And I don't recall who was blood the worst start swimming. He says you know everybody talks about a drug use and how dangerous it is and how you know when a player give is on on a mankind. He said but let's get one thing straight. People use drugs he's talking about especially at the beginning. Because they liked the way they feel when they use them. Now the problem is. And in order to get that feeling to come back and to come back in to come back you have to use more and more and more. And that's where you go off the deep end of it. But they'd do it because they like it nobody nobody forces anybody to the ground sticks and Natal in their arm. Or keeps your jaw open while your popping pills and you don't want to you'll want to do it. And we try to help people who do it. You got kids escaping drugs was really. Herculean effort by. By very littlest to get that give that building up there and get the help that their kids. That kid's name. We've got all kinds of awareness programs and its even an for a layman knows. You know they'll say there's a dangerous drug on the street right now is being cut where this and you could die in what happens people still militant side. So where is the personal responsibility but nobody wants to stand over somebody is overdose and point a finger atom is that he should have made better choices so we we crops with narc ten. So that when you don't make that bad choice. We can help you and what happens we've had cops say that sometimes people do it more than once so you don't learn a lesson there. Now if you if you need help from getting away from pain you should get it but if you're doing it because it's in joy able. That's the problem will be back with more under Israeli and I'm thirty W via a same senators we're looking at a 166. Count indictment. Against a doctor goes to pain management specialist. And asking if he's the same or similar debate and depending. On on your point of view now if you talk to former patients. Indy big and sing the praises that's fine. To the point where he got them out of pain but we also don't know the same people singing the praises because. The they got a good feeling when they took the medication after they needed it. When they didn't needed and he was willing to script that and that's what burgers it via a government will have to prove. Two to be odd hours ago had a couple of operations or whatever. I am I've been on some pretty heavy duty medication because of abdominal surgery twice. But I don't ever in my whole life recall high for anything ever prescribed to me. Expect closest I would I would say honestly that I've ever come to anything like that is why nearly died. I went and there reflected shark in the I was Millard Fillmore suburban. And during the process of them getting me into the emergency room in treating me for the shock. It was the most peaceful. Wonderful. Rea it was soul. Good it felt so good despite the fact that I was dying. And doctors told me that. And I probably would have died had I not been brought there I'll but the bottom line is. It was a the most. The relaxing. Wonderful feeling I've ever had now the truth is I'm a strong person. But if you had a filling your hand and said look this is the exact same thing that you felt when you're nearly died. I don't know I'd I'd give it some thought might take that pill because it's it's it's unbelievably good. But the bottom line is you can't do that if you're the doctor if you have a doctor you've got you can treat feel homeless. You can treated. As it's being properly treated by normal procedure. But you can't just keep handing stuff out because people want an ad when they rave about a make a rave about him for 202 ways one is. He relieve the pain and that's good. But if you're still taking. Medication and after you need it and you were able bottom why you raving about. Because it's like saying gee it was really nice the other day when I rang the doorbell. And somebody answer the door with a bowl full of candy it was Halloween night and I got all the free candy I want it while Letterman gap retooling that. But not necessarily the right thing to do so that's why I've put in the is in the question. Beyond normal practice and that is what they're going to have to prove and I I've no idea not a medical professional. Now there are some. That have posted a sandy my wife Susan and dean and his practitioner. She tells me how many people come in looking from ads she instructs them on the truth pain is part of life. Prescription pain men's are only supposed to be for short time. Her belief is the only people on long term pay demands of those dealing with cancer and end of life care. And there are many alternatives available to reduce pain the truth is people want the easy fix unfortunately most don't use the logical a lot of pain. As part of life I understand payers are alive. I find nothing noble. If you have the opportunity. To reduce it or get rid of it to keep it I'm sorry you know I'm not up for sainthood anytime soon. If I can reduce pain I would do it if I get rid of pain I will do it and hopefully not get hooked on it when I don't neither anymore and that's the key. If they keep you on it because you'll want it which you don't need it I mean that's as simple as that jets. Let's go to Bruce on a cell phone Bruce you're on WB again. Homers yeah. I would look well a lot former patient of doctor Garcia's office. I have no pain management doctor that was under. What we've read he was C three other times that he's been investigated. By the FBI's. What I can see it quite as it is okay that's fortunate with. This is our big obstacle for kinda he's been investigated by the FBI. It's one of the reasons I left the other reason that I'm I'm I'm I don't know yet. A bullet to take them either. Heather that that surgery. Go ahead accusing Doug. Audio is very back surgeries very painful and very complex and very tough to get rid of you know. And console well it's that moral courage and couldn't. But I'd if I don't you agree yeah Nick Carter won't take it. But that's what they were prescribing or me. Was Muslim or if not not like an 800 milligram or sore right report for Burnett burger or something. Yeah like when I broke my three ribs they gave me time on all three thank you very much was a much help go ahead. Yeah so. Bill that was one reason I left his office. Streak has investigated by the FBI there's something going on. And now they vote part of via a part of they counselor who's a 166 counts. Six including. Deaths now I I assume. Bid because there including the death it's going to be a wrongful death that they'll have to prove. And I don't know how you do that but then then again I'm not a prosecutor I'm sure they're gonna have medical professionals saying this is normal practice this is what he is done and showed different examples. But that's it's going to be a tough case the prosecute. Yes exactly. Leadership group local vet but. But a 166 counts that they've they've dubbed the big thing and this is not a witchhunt like I heard what other caller citizens know which are. I had another person giving you what you like you of course you're going to go like them until you find out that it's harmful at the end. That it could've landed and video they were complicit and you're complicit because you want it and they're willing to give it to you. They're okay thank you very much and welcome back of field will be a better you know people would back pain. It's back surgery. Neck and neck pain neck surgery in a couple people going through that there weren't accidents and whatever. Very very different feel what it's like even if you just sprain your back. He and you twisted the wrong way you lifted groceries out of a car and parties here hunched over. They'll like here you know oil if you barely stand up at bone spurs in my spine and that's no picnic. No it doesn't Roy Rogers had dispersed them here in Beijing straight Andy's idea and trigger hated. They come I think it is mentioned run faster stars about thank you very much we don't need that. Maybe we have a party later with some of the other horses what do you think. I know I have a great deal of empathy for people who are campaign. I don't wanna see people be in pain if they don't have to be in pain but I also don't wanna see people hold on a drug because the doctor was willing to give it to them and you'll take it. There are certain restraints we haven't society. And I'm assured them medical profession is as upset about over prescription of drugs than anybody else's. But the bottom line is that you have to be accountable you have to be accountable for what you do the doctor has to be accountable for what. He does and I remember in the U. Last set of indictments. They had they said bit scriptural being written while I was on vacation and then and then hope I'll YE a thing. We'll be back for more we're reaching company. Good engine companies is don't people get really riled up. And they sit down and they type a message and it shows up. On our attacks grain meant they had thought it through. That is such a serious subject but it'd be the answer to know what you're driving up is so obvious. That you felt the emotion of I must send this and I've got to make my feelings known. OK and here's one. Crap. This doctor has lowered my father's Dole's. Well mr. crap whoever sent this and outside obviously. I don't think the government saying that he missed treated at every single one of his patients. It's a oh I mean rarely and then the next one. Radio school doesn't make you an expert in pain management. Are drug you rose. How many times since I signed on today have I said. Normal practice I don't know what it is you don't know what it is not doctors. But the government. Will bring out experts on what normal practices though bill Baer you with statistics. They'll show you what the norm as and a built figure from there. Oh did I mention that both of those quotes came from the same person. They did. Because we have their phone number does not mean it it's and excellent excellent in the matter of the other and so when you get that angry. You don't care they're making any sense your head out the good about that Tony. To be a pain management specialist at yourself and campaign listening to the show so I really good by saying you're from Iran thank you very much I think it worked listen the bush oh you're gonna comment. With all the yeah we never claimed to be experts and on drugs I've I've never had taken an illegal in my life. And so the bottom line is you know pay more attention. And the fact that the lord your father's ghost had maybe about an atlas that's great that's. That's that's what should be it should be what you need not what you want. I'm and is an otherwise and this makes some sense that even though I denied or medical school. Sandy the high comes from taking more our members prescribed and also which they never talk about mixing it with alcohol. So you know that's a that's a big known well here's another exactly savvy you won't feel high. When they prescription is is during the year pain that's true. It's kind of fighting the pain I guess you might get your high when the pain is gone but you're still using the drugs. And that's where Google into. And to a sequence it's out of control. People tried drugs because they're curious. And they get on drugs because they like it. And then they find out they can't get off drugs and and they're screwed. About we always points of a person who supplies the drug dealer. The doctor rule over prescribes that whatever but there's certainly a lot of personal responsibility in what's what you put in your arm. Which are putting a mouth on what you put in god knows where. Let's go to. Read in Clarence red you're on WB and then. Up I'm Brad give me your thoughts on all of us though. Do you everyday strike there are greater. British it. I just wanted to mention. I don't know who could just look back but what is it that look when you're stranded here. Is that. That's also closely documented like. You know I figured if you get this seagate supply equals two today the ball lacks alarm. That's supposed to call in the fourth that our. Industry as somebody issues aren't in a week. The slope ordered their restriction and you know what that you're sorry that so warm it should be you know looked. That's a good point and I'm surely a pharmacies do that I have been at the pharmacy counter near closing one night to get a slippery field just that goes generic something I don't admiral was. Probably missiles to in my diabetic. The situation. And they said we cancel until tomorrow I said. Almost close why don't I just and the store until tomorrow but they wouldn't throw until next day they're very strict and so people have to from Angola that wanna get them illegally. Accurate. Yeah have you as gravity it's only because I'm on like three different heads and probably will be for us alive because I'm diabetic. But where might I came in a day early. And keep track of that stuff and blow it we can Philip tomorrow but we Campillo tonight. And is not on any idea any open at these images other things flora. For diabetes and doesn't that has happened to me it's not a good thing because I'm thinking wait a minute snag arguing balls and another hour. And then if I can sleep over it in the corner tomorrow morning suspect and they because I don't like medication I don't gentlemen I don't think most people like medication. But the people that do like medication and the ones we're talking about when. They have a relationship with the doctors who will give it to them despite the fact that they don't really needed. Remember The Rolling Stones the great philosophers. Of the western world that you can always go with Jules. Will be back football would be aging company and who's ready and I'm thirty WB this is on the tax line sandy. I'm not a doctor but I say that a Holiday Inn express last night. Very bad I hour at another farm rhetoric and try to joke for your true that's very very good. I'm a more serious side. As an addict who has been cleanup of opiates or five plus years. I am confident saying that everyone who gets angry at you a bug doctor gold would go see is likely an addict who was in denial. So I'll take you work for that this somebody with the experience. As I said I'm not in any position to judge a doctor Goss is simply because I don't know what the normal practices. I don't all of believe me there's a mathematical. Formula for everything. And I'm sure there's a mathematical formula that if you're the pain management business. X amount of patients X amount of vote of scripts and whatever there's always some that are outside of the norm higher or lower. Bugs that as a status visions in you can give you stats on almost any thing. And I'm sure that the medical field has stats on what is normal. And and benefits well beyond that. You know regular at the judge the jury you know whoever is a sitting in on the big news the deciding factor this. Make up the difference. But at first. Did you get this Tony when I first one they talked about that indictment. 166. They said he could go to jail up to twelve years and that last night I heard. From a television broadcast that it could be up to life. So that's a big difference between twelve years in life but anyway that would that would come after a conviction. Right now it's an allegation. It's an indictment that goes through the process all see where it lands. But my mind point of view on this is very simple. If you're if you're writing scripts for somebody who doesn't need. Them through to be treated. Then Europe problem. If they need it even if they beautiful life while ago among among a couple of things a pro BO from us a lot of them diabetic. So if you need it and that's that's what you need to have. Then you need to have it that's not a problem but if you just want it and don't really need it not have. Let's go to would David and Locke lord David here on WB then. Is it. When you're talking to the woman a couple close ago you. In passing he says you know what why would take away after the start you know the purpose I hit some thoughts on that. I think you may agree to me that our government and our politicians. Are notorious for not doing the right thing or not doing now willing to do what is necessary. To fix the problem. Date we we are over in Afghanistan and we allow the poppy fields to grow. Which is killer and a whole lot more of our people than they did was airplanes her arm machine guns great Kaczur anything else. And we give lip service or sixty years. And fight the war on drugs which never even we never even started the war. Because the first logical thing would have been to build a dam wall on the southern border if that's where the drugs for common problem. And we're not gonna do anything to China where that threaten all being produced is smuggled into the country. So our politicians they're pressuring each other you know you'll goes downhill. I don't disagree with you give some examples. We we. But I huge tax on cigarettes. In this state are huge tax and yet they won't band the sell cigarettes because they like the revenue from a this is it's the same thing if you can benefit from it you can make it look like okay who are against this but will still take the ball wouldn't get out of and I unfortunately this thing. Well we got. They cap people dropping. I mean dropping dead from that from heroin and sentinel. I've goat he's not he's not prescribing math but they pass it off by saying this is where it all starts. Well I'm sorry I've I've been prescribing tiger total for 41 years I got nine heard it it discs three and my Lombard is six in my neck. I could take four of them a day but I take one. In real bad pain. I don't wanna take them commit because I don't have that kind of personality that I get addicted to them. But they make it so hard to get these days I don't know what you guys are aware and Mort that they're number wonder Arnold worked paper scripts for anything. They say and everything to aid drugstore your doctor's office select. Try to electronically yes that's true. That's where that you're the call. We'll we'll Cellini in Albany. Are no more bills on any narcotics. So you've got a thirty day supply at a time. And I had to drive to my doctor's office which in my case was around triple fifteen miles. Every thirty days I had just signed for this script. Back when they still did that there were no result ten network so while they have European Cup that test you. They already make it if they are possible for people who all have really serious injuries. But then they want to blame this factor for everybody stick needles in her arms. Played amazing good points I idea in my Allegra. In back of your honor. I you have to volume driver's license and they won't renew it a day before they're supposed to do and this is just about allergies and during allergy season. I hear what you're saying they're willing to take the benefits and pretend that they are wrote there through in the problem thank you. We've seen that before. Oh win evade the hypocrisy of this is against the law probably still allow you to do it as well as you pay the fine at a so that a bad guy is right on its code to a Maryland. In a cherry creek Marilyn on WB yeah. Oh what do what do you have for us tomorrow. Mr. Libby skippy I'd get. Object problem is the area to purchase that you went to work actor and keep it out and he had a problem and it will lethality. That your practiced a neat that she's going to need surgery. For a full. Ultimately I'm an errant okay great actor great Greg beyond. Calculate. The aimed at war and our end to reach and I who. He is skeptical that their territory and it'll. Celebrate your current collective pertinent to you know we'll hear later. It'll walk you work. And oh yeah they used to ink and all the long term sometimes if you have. Problem there are constantly checked out there. And that should not relax when you're in the world opening tech in the capital. L bench he was urging the and they want it there are double double decade and they labor. They are in forty yard gain from the captain. Oh. And the gipper worked out because she get out the other guys particularly. You or think you'll get right. Our external. So shallow Scioscia overdose okay. In the mean if you're a kid. Is calling it collective. Circuitry. Elected it would be like when you look at the dentist called the electorate. They had it taken out out of work. No I don't look at the albeit adding that actor. And a neurologist didn't I culture you know. You've got it going. Carol district is still. Circuitry cord Howard had temporarily caught Kelly great year. Cool. Because of the aircraft from VOA. And in the open era how to get it territory and they are at work and air act. Excellent or what they are running around it was not the only factor follow. Good bragging globally OP really really important our collective called it or back to church reading your link will. Well them I'm sorry that your sister had to go through rather I'm glad you shared it would last because I'm sure there are others who. Who Kim emphasize group what you had to go through thank you for calling. Yeah it's a dollar and the the medical field is it's that's gigantic we're all the specialists. It used to big there wasn't that long ago he didn't even go to see the doctor and they've got sick. Now they have a preventive maintenance and always go on a regular basis and have this done and that done and it's a your primary care recommend somebody else sometimes you need recommendations on vaginal. And those swords is very confusing and I think. What I like is like hospitals. I have come arms Bondsman. Where evade they are the representative between the hospital on the patient I like that I know Roswell as one is I think it's very helpful most of us. But I don't know much about the medical field until we're part of vote. Of having to deal so they don't trailer and I'm 30106169236. And star nine there.