Sandy Beach Pain Medication 11/9 Hour 1

Sandy Beach
Thursday, November 9th

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Well hello hello is region governor M sandy beach how odd that Rand Paul was mowing his lawn. When suddenly his next door neighbor came over and then whacked him a couple of times and you know that's not a good thing. And that's why I have a lawn service because it is too vulnerable when you're thinking I'm like cutting even laid out is all I've missed the spot. Not as every march of that story than we know don't you think Tony. They were neighbors for seventeen years they vacationed together. At times their children grew up together and all of a sudden Rand Paul is wearing first all noise canceling headphones which don't work very well on an airplane Benoit especially the balls I have Bose noise canceling. When you click that switch it takes all the engine noise right out you can hear it at all I mean is really good. But anyway so whatever comes over and and says that relax them a few times and a bad is it more to it than that. It's got to be more of and did you take the paper out of my mailbox things like that although I don't remember one time my neighbor. I came over and started viciously attacking me and I said money so if I'm a sudden. It arrow or but I don't want to see you go to jail. But. What do you think what do you think is there a week and I've only speculate in beer shamelessly embarrassed if were wrong maybe rains dog when and the neighbors long. You know it's always something small with usually they get neighborhood feuds going I'll tell me about the fence or the leaves blowing into the neighbor's yard or. Oreo it's always something like that we had a neighbor in north ball will give bent over. Long clip being sick on her driveway. Yeah it's like you know I didn't blow the leaves over a limbo the snow over. And nothing that's just the nature that's the way it happened and relax and go by the way I hope a guy that was behind me. A near zadi yesterday as relaxed. Because. I was in the right hand though claim of and take a right hand turn however the light was still red. Course I have the option of a right hand turn on on grain and there's a lot of traffic there so I decided. Well maybe I will go in Chile on the barn. Lay on the hard and I took my foot right off the accelerator. Decided wait till I see the green arrow. Meanwhile I don't know it is I was going but he was in real hurry and he kept and I could see my merry Hussein is in red. And it was beautiful it was a wonderful moment. And I decided I am not going to move one inch and so that arrow comes out. And when the arrow came I gently. Lay and I was and the big east. I have a car called obese I was in the big east you just touch that accelerated and you're in Cleveland you know it doesn't look. I this. Hole. We Asia earlier right hand turn them I did and an eagle around PS curves gym or near the hotel and Cameron and I guys I have to back. Tiger's flow coming out of his mouth. The only thing that didn't happen that I wish dad is he didn't get out of his car there but. Maybe that was a Smart decision yeah I think that was a really Smart decision but anyway. Lot of things going on first call did you see that they had some kind of seminar will live well known national sports people. And go Bob Costas. The juicy though we're Kostis had to say all are costly is says. That he does not bring good football not just the NFL. Football. Does not have a bright future. Because the way you described it especially with a CT stuff he said he would chip it it destroys your brain. And he said if I have a twelve girls on I would never a lot of play football so that's the most prominent voice that we've heard Bob ignorant. All okay is the ignorant and he's definitely ignorant on the subject whatever he wants those of us unemployed head dizzy dizzy and know what's going on guys that age group it is receive equal literary he doesn't have a twelve year old son while I show it if I had a twelve girls. That I would mount a football because he fixes through dangerous. So that's at his opinions are obviously currencies and ignorant statement okay will chart that makes them it's because some of them is that bring among. But that was that was a big story yesterday. Now here I had to make a correction on my sandy beach your page. Because. I was Stan said he makes. News. Beautiful Ferrari. You know poor guy for 58. And and as I said post my picture next to it and then people were saying. How come your posting a picture of Tom Selleck next still does. Let's for a and you know everything I've Toms as of Israel it was read in this report 58 it's over but. Other than that and we had to explain that it was not. Not on Celek it was an incredible look like me it was me I'm and it was not my Ferrari. It's it did not belong to me if the lines of my friend Bill Maher went. Who is a financial wizard that's wise for a corporate it. Is very good at what he does if he's still mum. You should get a bumper sticker and nobody puts a bomb cigarette for our fourth hole I said you should put a bumper sticker on it says do I know how to invest money or watch. Guys you're driving a Ferrari much you're really good at what you do and so are. That banks were allowing me of a few minutes of fantasy. And while I was a check him out taking pictures and all that stuff some guy drove by. Addai eggs and is chinook socialized. But. He he obviously knew Meehan and lava guards surgeon. Such an eye catching cars nothing like it. In looks like a little bit like a bat mobile through. There which is the coolest car of all times. There's never been a cooler cars in the battle real. If bay if any company. Who get the licensing rights of whoever owns them I don't know of viruses is the state owns them or what. But if they could just totally. Absolutely. Duplicate the bat mobile they'd sell a ton of them I would want 10120. Absolutely. And you give me my psychic you to be Robin Wright I could be Batman what what is. What are we gonna make beamer. Tucker if the Joker that. I've asked a big. But you have you wanna check our cool for our votes I go to the city beach. FaceBook page will take a break it will return on newsreader and I'm thirty WB. It is Beijing company I'm sandy beach or we're working veterans that. At least so. I can never remember which are you of the obvious holidays you can remember about the. Some of the other is you don't ever think we have off until Thanksgiving. It will I love we'll have a chance to talk about the military. And things like that affect the stories now that we good I was like that actually in here and allies here is here's the deal here's what we're talking about today. The US attorney yesterday. At area a press conference. Wasn't the day before my time my time frame it gets all makes them. Together but anyway. A 166. Counts of against doctor are grossly. Four basically prescribing. To put an ice shelves are prescribing too much. Vote too many open. And the bottom line is. That his it's a difficult thing to look at and and judge simply because we're not doctors. We're not medical professionals. A weekly obviously. The seeded people and in and pain. Need something to relieve the pain and so what we don't know is what is normal practice. Because of the way or not physicians. And so it's it's very difficult. We have to leave that judgment. Up to people who don't know what normal practice is and even. With the word normal. Okay. What's a normal for a one person to deal with pain may not be normal with somebody else. I see no reason why anybody should have to suffer through. Pain when a release is available. But the differences you have to know. How much. How much and how far down that road you wanna go and be camped tool you can have to willing a person on the other hand. Because away I wrote that but what were the headline on the show. Is this okay drug suppliers what is the difference. Between a street corner drug dealer. Or Doctor Who writes a script beyond normal practice. All right so there are guys assumed that there although there's always exceptions but there are no arms. And I also assume that if the US attorney's ought to get involved. That they have. All kinds of medical. Procedures. They have all kinds of medical experts who can say what normally is. And if if every once in awhile somebody pops up who's not normal movement it needs more more of them than normal amount to relieve pain. That's probably okay unless the raw like that or a lot of them are like that. And then you get to question. The treatment so I wanna I wanna know where you stand on this because we all talk about the OPO Lloyd. I epidemic and whatever but here's one thing you have to remember like tea. Like the phrase things in the in ways that we can all we get our arms around without it being too obtuse okay. In is it save the visit the street drug dealer okay the street drug dealer is the one that goes to jail. The street drug dealer does not the street drug there was customers. As a matter of fact. We have policeman. Armed will not canned. To help customers if they over bill's okay so the police yeah these persons overdosing we have now are can occur. The taxpayers are paying for this. So we have that in that scenario. We we blame the person supplying the drugs. But we don't really blame the person using the drugs. Many times we we find a reason well. They're using because of this overusing because of that this happened that happened or whatever but we try and find a reason for that and we. We wanna get him into rehab and we feel sympathy and all that sort of thing. But there's no sympathy for the drug dealer on the corner. And if way it dealer if they yards doctor is doing beyond normal practice by Al lot. Then you have to look at it it'll be very interesting to see. Oh oh what they what they bring in for expertise. To decide whether they should have charged or not now. A according to indictments. That six people have died. Now I don't know in a normal sized practice. In a comparable practice. What the mortality rate would be so it's very very in this is not an easy subject to discuss simply because when that physicians. Oh and we don't know exactly what that no army is. But I do know that I see. There's no nobility in suffering pain. Okay some people while I know I'm not going to do any thing I'd I'm suffering a major. We're gonna noble that is I don't find in the war at all analyst who much you want to. If there's a reason. That's one thing but no reason has ever been proffered that though would make sense to me I don't think I'm being noble when I refuse taking its own because I don't like pills you're a light bill don't take them. If it's. Rand Paul broke. Six rooms six ribs on the guy Jim all right Jack him. And they go through a similar I'm saying now in Texas when I got tossed off my Mair. The first summer rotor. After a bar but I broke three ribs. And it's very. Painful but the reason I brought that man is. There's they don't give you anything for the to fix the ribs you just have to suck it up they'll give you a light painful I got Tylenol threes. I don't threes and every breath you take is painful aren't. As so I remember rug being around hospitals whether or signs. If you aren't paying be sure to inform us about it. So everybody wants to alleviate pain you do it is important. And you don't wanna go from the pain of a simple illness to the pain of being addicted because. As. As you need more and more to get the same feeling. You could fall into that and and that's what we have to rely on other people to tell us what the normal. When I had them a motorcycle accident mentally was broken in my arm was in our swing with pins rotator cough. And I had to take pain medication there was no question about it no choice but the pain was on bearable. But it was always in the back in my head about being addicted to pain pills and tackle and wait to get office are brushed. You got to the point bracket tolerated. OK these are going well we got. There's there's two lines of economists. Older people you'll usually find if you're if you're it's our time about your grandmother and grandfather. And this say they need a pain pill for summaries and I'm just being generic here now. Most of them won't want wanna take it. Because there there afraid they'll get hooked on narcotics they've seen so many movies. They talk to other people I don't wanna be come dependent on. As as as you're younger you say that I there's no need for me to suffer this pain. I I need something to alleviate the pain but I don't want anything more than that you know I'm talking about but there are some in the middle and the ones in the middle say. Yeah I like the feeling. They're dead via read him on the strip and if true if for a physician is too willing to write that script. Without proper examination or has somebody else right didn't sign his name. Which is that which is he's been accused of that's a different story. They said they wrote more prescriptions than a hospitals in New York City. So you know unless he has a really huge clientele was a really bad string Novo lock. Who constantly need medication. You you have to look at it and see this thing on wrote I'm unfolds in a court of law but. It's a me it'll be a very interest thing a case to watch how the as a way of tracking that. People. Wanted him to be added doctor. Because he was so willing to write scripts so there is actually going there because. They knew they can get pain pills through them well that's quite possible it's like oh are used to go to confession. I'm Saturdays. They have convention you picked this EU you put the smallest line. Obviously a picnic at a and I think. Did that little song and shake there but yacht you'll find out where things are more friendly to you and today and your needs and your wants and where things are less friendly to you. The key is to treat the pain. Without over treating pain. And prescribe what you need without over prescribing what you need and that's what we don't know beyond normal practice but I like your thoughts. On painkillers. And the availability through doctors I'll tell you one thing. Good doctors all read the paper and they all watched TV news and they always on the radio news. I think doctors have probably. Got more conservative as there's any question at all. Bill be on the lighter side rather than the heavier side now. And I've seen signs in doctors' offices would say. If it's good if you are in need of a long term medication and we will be happy to refer you to love the proper specialist. Which means. If they wanna give stumping for the something's going on now. And runs its course you're not gonna get a relief on that. It all three on my 301 and I'm. It's excellence tonight who resist the 930. Regarding drug suppliers what's the difference between a street corner drug dealer. Or the Doctor Who writes script should be on the North Pole practice we'll back him more after. And today's deal of the day from my bubble a berth is at 260 dollars a that we get from pure air care. Western yards air duct cleaning specialists were. Long way 99 dollars though claim eight vents one return one mainland. And I mainline and a drier. The event that it can go up to six feet. A go to my bubble of perks dot com on your check that out meanwhile I'm asking because. We are not medical professionals we don't know what the norms are and so I think we have the will probably find that out as the case progresses against doctor goes he went. I masking drugs have wires what's the difference between a street corner drug dealer. Who we all condemn because they're drug deal is we don't condemn the customers. We condemn the drug dealer. Or Doctor Who writes a script beyond normal practice. Another words in intellectually. You know oldest person does not need this drug. That they are using this drug because they enjoy the effects of this drug. If you write a script for that person I think get a you deserve to be yeah pointed out. Now I always get some Smart ass who has sends a text early in the Chicago. Well I guess you missed the part about him being out of pains specialist. Hall. It's OK I didn't miss it. I I said that there are road. There's always no arms there are other pain specialist in other parts of this state in other states nationally. Who have to deal with the same kind of situations. As. As our local doctor. So these norms of air now certainly no arms can be can be a little confusing. You wouldn't go beyond the norm here and there which can do it all the time when all it. The of people and I think that's up to the federal government to prove that he overdid it. And is up to the medical professionals that they'll bring on. As experts who do know what the norms are. And who do have a handle on that better than we've to a civilians so I think it'll be an interest in trial a tool watch. When he gets going but I'm asking I'm asking how you feel a bug pain relievers. I am a bit on strong pain relievers twice because of operations abdominal operation that's at. They never did much for me except I hope of relieve some of the pain there's still some Paymah I don't think you should have to suffer pain. At all there's no need for there's no reason for it unless there's a medical reason that they can learn from. And you're willing to go along with a but to me. A normal of practice with a normal amounts within occasional old average year there is one thing but a massive leverage. Is another story. Let's go to a Franken tunnel under frank you're on WBM. And a desire to different. You know I I think going back to school teacher for for many years it nerve damage to my left leg. About. I'm very big E. Coli bacterial infection I hit many years ago from an operation. And you know. The doctors back then. There are very real pain management actors any area and actor goes see what they with a young pain management actor. Just in his practice and a lot of factors were sitting there. Patience they have because he was the only pain management doctor round but you know what I would date him. K directly. A different. I don't know how to see it but it definitely on different types of medications to see what would work best be incrementally. At the bottom. He has all right this is you have a work of it doesn't work that mode will get rid of that and more try to. Sounds fair announced on through and. But he never. Over medicated me but you know what I found out some. We're right it would a lot of patience is that who are easily addicted to. To medication and its purpose cracked a certain amount of medication or just posted cage. But they elected taken like the work ever actor called on as some might say it's all the take like for example at the gate. And it's like 350 milligrams or whatever. Feeling possibly three. You don't get served them well I think it ignited templates for tomorrow. If you take 45 tablets today. Which is you're in perpetuity. What you possibly taking out fourteen yet at Oakmont now you got like a wake up before your goal. To refill your prescription. You know your packet again another prescription. Because by law they won't refill that description. Now it got the doctors called a rule that patient. Abuse. The medication that you are being described. What you help you do all before they can't. The AT. Insure communication between actors you're by the station's fourth goal from doctor to doctor. While the other doctor shopping and and guarding going to different pharmacies in the pharmacy pharmacists don't. I'd know what you're getting from another another pharmacist so. Various reasons were or given as to how to get around it and say they've been successful. I knew that one guy. And and I it was a good physical sorry just one guy may gain every time. If any he abused drugs that it got it was a drug addicts every giant that you. He need it here. Is expecting the call. The ambulance ambulance would rush into the emergency rule. Now they couldn't turn them away because Egypt it was a so much pain he said. So they would get have a shot. Not only couldn't they do that day in New York State. It's my understanding was somebody comes in my ambulance. And they emergency room the big they get treated first. Yeah that's right and he he got now that's what you call up using that system so what you would go to the emergency room and you look at his. Tell me that I bought are you kidding me I think you're abusing innocent I sit. It at all I can't go to what got to get that it's a magnetic addicted to get that the medications that I watch I don't mature actor. Look at this registered drug addict I just want to also pledging to just felt I don't cleaned up for crying out loud exit. I hit that taxpayers are paying for your ticket he's able to go to the emergency room so they interrogators whatever it is that they're giving you. Still. Corporate. Now you know there are norms in all of this for instances if you been diagnosed with a condition that is not going to go away it's as long as you're alive you're going to have a and they give you that script and they keep writing over and over because it's it's for a a a total a treatment for that as bad ailment that's one thing. But if let's say the norm is a month to get over something and you're still taking drugs for three years later. Obviously something's wrong and and it takes professionals have know that we don't know it as as patients we don't know it. But evaded the medical community knows that and I'm sure there is upset over the over prescription of these kinds of drugs drugs as anybody else's. You know it just recently had back surgery. And we're the when hours' sleep and I saw that actress Reese says Richard says it needed a pain and I wasn't in Lou I says. Don't give anything obtain exit number if I already have enough men sick but I already have an update on taken from pain. You know within our game which and I can't. This out. Doctors are army is that you have back surgery or whatever surgery victory having a lot of people are easily. Just say didn't want to hand for paint. Because nobody wants nobody wants to suffer and there's no reason for anybody who suffered. But it's the doctor's job to be the impartial arbiter of what is the proper. Treatment for what you have that's what they're job is and if they're just too easy and Ollie says yeah I needed and they write it. I may continue to do that. That's obviously something's wrong there it'll be interesting to see. With the feds. Used only in the court case. As experts on on mobile exit in over for over prescribing I've read thank you frank got a run back to a very much. Remember idea went to the doctor wants us and them having pain in my back he says get a divorce. And it was right. I said my back will be back tomorrow under greater Athens joking Jack and easy cheesy jokes. I never miss an Roberts early. I think I'm over prescribing jokes I'm doing too many bad joints top shelf guys I should do a good joke every three months will be back we'll have more under his regular 930 WB yeah they see they. They sell bamboo floors above that. I'd worry that if willing willing escape from those solely for the floor so I don't buy this mostly good stuff. We're asking about the fact that drug suppliers. What is the difference between a street corner drug dealer or a Doctor Who writes a script beyond normal practice. Now I I know that normal for its most people but not everyone there are times when you may have to go above and beyond normal I understand that. But if that's a regular practice and they look and they look at the thousands of patients who have each year. How many visits. And that they can come up with a formula oh vote one way or it's reasonable to. To suspect that it's over peruse over prescribing. And believe me if you have any of pain clinic or other paying. If you have X amount of patience there are others who have excellent operations and so a norms can be established. A no question about that. But I think go like relying on the and information. For the six deaths that were included. In the indictment. I've to be pretty precise I don't know how your your hands on the exact. I am not meth not just method but the exact. A mile of treatment that was necessary and was that an over bills. So David I'm sure bill on. Unfurl all that in the trial but meanwhile we're asking. We're asking you well how you feel about pain medication. And I think most people. Take take pain medication and hope the pain goes away on it does go way they stopped. But some don't. And end the pain medication affects different people liberal as you can take the same bill. Give it to one person they feel one way it would two and a mood feel different ways so. It's kind of hard tracked it down but it is possible. Let's go to an Andre Andre here on WBM thanks for calling. Who in the hell are you. First I'm a well welcome aboard that really got floors. The public dumb I'm gonna bid character back to 2001. Against six major back surgery we'll. And I think that the goalkeeper Bob just under four years. I think he's a wonderful doctor myself I'm I'm sort of think you're right I can't envision the kind of I did his office. And what they used to put we were just again. Might think you know. I can't imagine. You know what they're seeing on TV I can't envision it. You know while some of the things like the last time the indictments came out is not much yesterday but before that. They said those scriptural being written I am and people signing them in his office while he was on vacation. Things like that you have to be diligent you have to judge keynote camp what Obama automatic pilot. Right but when I see them one time I use appealed once a year and then IP a I live I'm more tips I think for a day might be doing a little. 1213 years now. I have no doubt about it but I don't do it I'm I'm not commit and live a normal I'm playing pretty much all the time but. It's so amazed when they talk Phelan and after your accident they decided that this pain will never go away without. Medication or what what do they tell you. Well. I would generally just took the pill that got from my neurosurgeon. Now normally they only covered like thirty or sixty days after the surgery. But and I got pretty good you know I didn't really want to get in the team manager thing to big government Freud nine your 120 days. But after a third back surgery. You know like I couldn't do it anymore because you're gonna have to get a pain management doctor and that's when I sought that the goals. I don't think anybody has a problem if a pain management doctor prescribed for you always specific plan for you do. That there that requires longer term them most normal plans would call for it's as if he doesn't says a regular basis. On off on most of his occasions. That might be considered over prescribing but certainly an individual treatment if his justified I don't think you'll have a problem of that. Yeah it won't that the problem is it not you personally but lucked out of the media and a guy who lost disarm. Are due to an overdose all the rules have changed thirteen year old girl I had to go to the doctor maybe once every four or five months. And they would describe every month I get my till now I have to go every three months. They do blood work every three months to make sure I'm not guilty until somebody else you know they've really made it. Guys electronic communications that a better true because there's inner communication between the parties involved to make sure your not. Doctor shopping you know a double dipping doing those kinds of things I think there you're in your own best interest as long as you're. Relieved of the pain and if if you stopped doing on the pain would come back I I think is totally justified them. Normal life and I don't I don't so much of Canada's summer I drive a full trust Charlie over a goal of but II don't do when I used to do like 7000 miles in the summer. Now I do about to resolve. Well anybody that pin can driver because that's what I had to. A full dress or Harley I got my admiration so good like fear and thank you for your story appreciate it. Yeah we're asking about. About the difference you focus. There's an individual person whom these may be more than what I normal patient would need. And that's okay as long is this justified as long as is kept up to date as long as they're not double dipping in going to. Doctor shopping or going to work drugs are shopping things like that as as causes on the oven out nobody is a problem with a but when it's when they handed out like candy. Inaudible Halloween. That's when it becomes a problem all right now nobody is saying we're G I want to see the doctor and my pain never stop now. No it says stop but it was over prescription and that's basically I think what we're gonna see when that trial comes up. But a 166. Count indictment including six deaths. I don't know I've read it bodes will be interest things to a record fizzled like we'll be back with more would be incumbent.