Sandy Beach Malls and Retail 2-14 Hour 2

Sandy Beach
Wednesday, February 14th

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They'll live good Beijing company wow I should during commercials reflects seal here's another one flex and don't say it works fabulously in my mailbox. It has a cracked poll. We'll see your doctor. And it held it together fabulously. So. It is absolutely people who abuse that love it and that we just have fun with the fact that he would that is rowboat now. To see if it worked. Has that lately so long for the future of small. And if so why what got me started thinking about this was I saw area. A report that the Euro and witches though one or bettered developer is absolutely. Is talking eastern hills mall. And who knows they're talking about maybe you. Re purpose of that entire footprint. And go about make it into. A living center shopping center and their typical navy entertainment. Who knows what but 1 eastern hills Mahal opened it was an instant success as though were. Most malls and and other most name somewhere bigger so we're better. Some somewhere about the same. And it was a it was everybody's a dream meant like the shop no I've never liked his job. So I've never really been a big fan of malls but one thing the walls that offer which I love. Is parking. You know if you're a little army to your place of business just make sure I have parking because of parking forget mark. I don't care for the world class restaurant is their marketing. Now OK I'm going to McDonald's. It's just that it works with me and that's like last eight by the way I was coming back from a medical appointment. And decided as a restaurant in north buffalo. I had been to before and I thought physically and forget that there is no parking at all. Factors you pull up next in the street big mounds of snow. And dies on the other side looks pretty good idea down you know why because that alternate side parking. And you couldn't park on the puts it. As Ryan and a going through a I kept our and enjoyed a of fine meal at the plot restaurant where they have watch violence. Caring. And good food. Is so now or drowned very very nice or good form. It's over your original. Attractions for malls where you saw stories you and only read about or is seen as floor. And they were suddenly there they were some of the anchor stores some of the specialty stores might go find something there you didn't. Couldn't find somewhere else. It's a good place as a destination. Especially for ladies I see women go shopping together. Many. Doubles. If it is something this afternoon after the show I wouldn't call Tony and being Wednesday. I'm mom and you've risen shoes we guys or come with me no we don't do that. Size matters not a guy thing we just don't do it. So usually it's either employees or women. Big guys mean what you might be out in the parking lot. I'm listening to music or reading or doing something about where it when I'm gonna go in in in gangs of three and four. But to go shopping when apple shopping for shoes. Told you mentioned on the air you ruined it you've Rwandan I've got a good track issue. A guy can't trust another guy even on Valentine's Day Reynolds was the world come to know where we should go shop where. It's a place Kolb Etsy shop featuring customized. Point with schism portraits. By our friend cinema. Bob Stowe said ray ray yeah looks like he's OP no donor's own gig now. All of these guys he's very talented. These days and illustrator. He is very today. He drew a sharp for the above one that was ran for quite awhile that's right he's very talented guy that good Gallagher jobs there. I.s that are shoes but you don't. Sessions well thank you I am too I'm I'm waiting for the spring line to show up. But if you do want to go to the jerky store were open for affect you anyway for that. So. What's happening now are fewer people are going to the malls. And you wanna know why I I like him alive I think I have some ideas. Of why I don't have them all because as a zone a mall shopper. I think a part of it is you you want no hassle shopping. And I know they've had problems with some balls. Especially on Friday nights or whatever lived though with teenagers others are gathering in causing some problems and but it tried to keep that at bay because that'll cure your business Ari. Maybe people just are tired of it maybe it was him the mall's lower or doing something good. Or something right by others were doing a better. And that's why is always online shopping. Online first reared its beautiful head. Peoples that well it's nice groove never replace a bricks and mortar but it is replacing their bricks and mortar when I started first. What got me it is our shopping online first words music. OK I would go to record store looking for a specific song. He reminds us that my whole life has its this year. So I know what I want and I know my music it and is a great pride in in being able to enjoyed my music. Now what I want when I wanna hear it. But what I found was you go to a music store and maybe some kid there would twelve pounds a metal in his nose. Who didn't know what the hell you're talking about and anything you want and and may be blasting those good music until your eardrums burst. And I like my music loud but not that now we're pain is involved. And I just get tired of going like that and that's why I stopped going to record stores instead. You IE I've been going am buying my music and at that time by books and things like that from Amazon. Amazon had everything you click click click. And it says are going to be there in three days or two days order ribeiro was. It was the right thing that was charged properly and I never had a problem would my idea credit card. And so this is a lot easier and get exactly what I want and then of course later when you download individual songs you're going to be better. But the bottom line is that so I started because I didn't need the hassle of the crowds. And so I started with that now I'd do more on line shopping at a fair amount of online shopping. I got Tony that today air compressor OK if I had to go to a store and find mattered to Burress are probably one about it. But I knew where I bought mine. As right on line global bullet point and click and now I have now Tony. And the kids are already planning on what blow up things we need to buy for the beach resident Samantha is a senate dolphins are so low that we cannot take that with us we'll allow we'll have. And you won't have to hop from block rises poll pull the trigger there I'm very excited very organized so I'd been an online shopper for some time and a lot of people. I think one of the reasons the EU would go to the mall instead of on line is if you were trying on clothes. Or something that you had dismiss now or something you had to feel like the cloth the material. And you had to be there and try it out anything else in the inanimate object. Bit is made out of wood or anything like that. Both leaders and Thornton that's. I've never I've been doing this for years now shopping online. I've never had a need to go to a mall. In very seldom would you go to Ramallah say you know I'm I'm looking for exists. And you'd go there and and you couldn't find it so. Why did you stop shopping at the mall or wise if you cut down the amount. Of time you spend at the wall giving the pluses and minuses. Of a mall shopping. And do you like the idea every purpose things so mall footprints like eastern hills. And make it into a virtual community in a virtual community. An actual community. OK a real. Honest to goodness you can touch it community. I think that's a good idea or really do I think especially if you have limited mobility and there's everything you need right there. Makes it very very attractive it 030930106169236. And star and nine Thursday. After this so you got be a battle right now for your shopping preferences he used a still go to the mall there are some things the mall has that are preferential. There are some things or it's a lot easier. Two or shop on line that might be one of the reasons that some people can hear the fat lady singing for malls. And though hearing the idea at all and is in the process of good talking to eastern hills mall nothing is bent. Officials. Is no plans have have been released or anything like that but to refurbish the malls a living senator and I don't like that idea law. I really truly do where you have a community where there are community. Whereas especially if if you have limited mobility or things like that you could have there virtually everything in need. Within a very short radius so I do like that elected all the pluses and minuses is. A mall shopping TO. What would make them more attractive. Let's see sandy I recently drove to best buy for electronic parts. As the clerk Ford he said we don't have a vote if you go online you can get it. I responded do you realize that your answers putting you out of a job. Absolutely. I'm sure that. Whoever replied through the shoppers there. I had to say that because pro probably part of your job. Some have online shopping or you can shop online. And have it delivered to radio brick in and mortar store near you know. That's one way to do it. And so there are different ways to skin a cat but I panel's suggestion in general. A but the bottom line is you might prefer that kind of shopping is no. Hustle and others said the kids. I go less fit them all because of the kids it's too much hassle to go and try and close with kids. So I buy online and proposal for a return them. Yeah I've I've heard stories of people. I'm not sure of their size. And so they'll order a couple in different sizes are Jason sizes. And so go get home built try wanna look at this one threads and then return to me. I don't like to return anything. I should let things my grandmother gave me. Idea I don't know why it's it's a character flaw. Women return anything and everything wouldn't know it wouldn't ol' hesitation OK guys. I have I have a Euro a a coloring book my grandmother gave me I just will not return things do you guys return items a shopping items. Sometimes. I have a shot that say yes and I don't shirts. Ed pared some things with tags on them. I really do I I don't return anything I just don't I don't know why I need it. Yeah wow I don't where at a good edit they know how to do it true they know the process they get it done fast boom boom boom boom bow and what they can exchange at forward I'd ideally what color comes in a while ago. And so they've they've got that down. They're very good that we're in non because we don't want we're going to do it beamer view return anything. Dell because of my time in retail I know much about pain it is for those people on the back arsenal unless the item is broken. I will not return I will Wear anything you give me a while the sizes right if the sides is that I get to someone that where's that science. I know I'm way Leo that's the way I feel about a true I'd rather give to someone else and you know and usually it's somebody's smaller than myself which is almost anybody. And so a buck a yeah is to get chastise all the time because. Was you know wearing it or you know using or to return it now I'm might use it someday yet here let me put him is I'm Mike uses some big roar. Where things are still very true my disk offered is still there. I'm gonna start wearing out again I'll even go it well maybe if I was toward a house on the active and that's a bit better about hang onto my closet is listed crew chronologically. By side. As you walk in the door that's the smallest I ever have been. And visual arts in the back of the closet that's the biggest. And and it's like there's like dial. He's just going there and somewhere in the middle is something of pitcher step by the scale back go in the closets you know we're so is that part of vote. Your shopping reference because you've got it by mail your return or by mail. Or if you have to go back tool. Of the mall. Blow what about that now Lotta people like specialty shopping. Instead go vote. Instead of mall shopping and they've they're not. They've acquired in two online shopping and they have nice areas in buffalo where he can do that the only problem I have with that. And nobody ever wants to hear. Is parking I'm just telling you. If I have to hassle them find a parking space. Devoe like orchid WGR or Franklin street. Is that this round circle around and sort of hope I've on the spot before is on the year. Okay now Longoria. With a beautiful place. He'll blow up. But there are. Commenting don't work at the end of towards getting a car and at home. You don't have this search you know you're left. I love that I really do and there are people. Have philosophical problems would parking. They seem to think parking is being need. Most of ours thinking it's not it's very important. And then if you go to schlep any stuff back to your car from where you've been shopping you wanna know where it is how close it is or whatever. You don't have to run around three meters every fifteen minutes. He'll have to do that you know what happened not find a parking spot. Like I could've beaten last night in buffalo I did not delivered him under department. That's got to be too busy guy it is and that's that's the problem the pluses and minuses of a mall shopping we'd like to hear from you. And is the fat ladies singing for the future malls and what do you think of a re purpose. Former mall if that it would be a former mauled they go along with this that's eastern hills. And if they set up one A your city within a city basically. I get a comfortable zone that would have living and wreck creating and and Mexico in the entertainment. And I think that would be a reasonably good idea I think you'd be very successful through. I have to admit I do not mind go to the fashion outlet mall I actually enjoy it. We will walk around first volley in the wintertime. You you know homes along the sidewalks or go for a nice walk in the mall area is a grown locker room in an area window shop they've got actual food court. It's a nice way to kill. Yeah there's nothing wrong with the mall it's just that I think people. Like water go to the point of least resistance. If you need a one sure it okay one shirt saved that. Next week you're going to a special place in the neither sure. Now you're our guy you don't wanna go along go to ten stores and trying insurance or whatever. If you have a catalog right there on line boom you know your size you collect maybe get 20 sure it's in your return one who knows. But the bottom line is with less hassle and a lot of people and nobody wants to hear this. But it's true a lot of people don't like to be around with a lot of kids where they're running around like you know mica a cherry bomb and a man he'll they go like that. Other people have those kids are okay well it preserve their kids but if they're not your kids you just wanna get in get what you want go home. And does certainly I guess rent children while you're online invitation is that experience. Aren't your mind. I bet if I hit it you know if you match you know online shopping I would prefer going to a mall and online shopping. For the reason you know we don't like to return to ease but if I have to return it and radical wished or to do it then do it online. All right and through the mail Tony gave his ideas like yours through a pluses and minuses the most shoving and won a body read purpose footprint. The size of eastern hills mall. That might be a place where you would live. Will you would have fun where you could eat when you go for medical appointments. So par where you're just relax or maybe take a little jogger wore your pattern of things like that I do like that idea. I'm really do I I'd always out. Because it's it's them it's everything is right there OK you don't have to go a long distances through injuries. Under Israeli and I'm thirty WB. Okay. Backward regions FAA have sent his age as a grim colleges interest thing. Set up on the 3093 coaches are two excellent. First we destroyed down to honor bill covered suburban malls. So we can happily shop in them. Now we wanna terror now me happy suburban malls. And build and downtown Puerto Rican shop and live with strong orders picture I think you have as as. Any society progresses they find things that are still doable still. Preferable. In what they're doing and they find things that they've they find easier to do better do more for Asians do. In other ways so I think you have your choices if you wanna live in in a Condo overlooking the water can do that. You wanna live in a bucolic beautiful place like you sorority can do that tool. So I think we have the advantages. Right there. Let's go to Dave in east errors behavior on WB yen. I am very day of loud and clear what's our what's on your right about shopping malls or shopping online are. Mixed use facilities. Well. Yes you there Dave. Okay yeah. Sure is not a resident yep really directory and he was waiting there for fifteen minutes why I think I can tell you right now. From a and I and time you know Biden brings to hide shopper me. If you're going to be in business. And so things retail to people who come in dealer store at least have people to take care of them. I understand wanting to cut expenses to the ball when you're going to a retail establishment there's nobody there to help you. Nobody there to give you information. Nobody to give you any kind of guidance well what is expected bill. It's just hang around and do you bomb a bomb into the right thing. I'm mean that's one thing that's rarely released. And I think you can take a look at. A retailer. Whistler very traditional long term ol' faction retailer. Like Sears. You're going to see errors in the past. And there'd be people in the each department to help you. There be somebody or cash register in each department to help you. And then it started ago as a south as they started cutting down and cutting down and cutting down. Then you're lucky you find somebody on the whole floor. And they don't know that much and yesterday they were selling garden hoses and today they're selling a heart pacemakers. It just doesn't work you've got to be taken care of because guess what if you stay home and you're on your computer. Somebody's take care of you. That's got a point and men and click and you've got to done when you just a regional is nobody there are not good. Yet there's. Is that I came to retail on and worked there for two years as a manager now was the receiving leads all the so they came off the trucks all the palettes that was my job of Barry but we cut down. Down so much in those two years alone. That when I first was there never had four time right I was in the back I took your stuff that was getting ready to come to the floor there by the end. I was not just our receiving manager I also had to take care of the customers in Tel certain employees what bill. If you're my attitude is your interim business or you're not. And if Jerry if you can't take care of the people walk in the door you're not business. Okay you think some magic name or logo it's got to keep them coming in women are getting the service they want the same thing as a good restaurant. You're going to a restaurant and nobody comes to wait on you. I don't care what the food is good I'm gonna keep gone back. And I think it's the same thing in retail and it's it's is really discouraging. Especially for people who don't go a lot like me. I don't go a lot to reach out to retail establishments. And so if I'm not if I need some information or some guidance our needs you give me something that's locked up. Or whatever. I once I want some assistance here so restored. Now where berg and having to have blown the try and survive and and the war more cut the more chance you have of not surviving. And that's another place we really lose out is just people be looking for the information wanna talk. Verbal or someone what they would look up on the phone every reveals what they end up doing buying on their phone walking out without spending a dime. And you know or else it's if hurts him in retail we're talking about malls specifically about in this case let's talk about this stuff about banks. OK I love. My bank. I knew everybody and my bank. Everybody in my bank knew me I went in there I was comfortable over a new mayor I knew them here's my transaction or whatever that's really great. I going to the same bank now. I don't know one person. And they don't know me and I've got to go through those same rigmarole as a by just got a whole freight train from Chicago. OK so what the hell are you and they don't want you to build any personal relationships anymore. You have somebody who liked to take care of you always helpful and may be made that gave you some good advice you go back third and they're the second time earth and so that's that to me is really kills a relationship. A situation between you and whoever you're doing business. I agree I think if you don't take care of your customers you should be in business I ate stayed loyal. To the businesses that are are good to their customers have. Pizzeria is the places that that you know I'm not like keep on them because they know how to treat the customer. Well I do the one thing that I always. Is and they regard pat on the back to an ideal of a couple of things. All right one album is still very good customer service with the other one. And it's a big bad manners and star of the other one. I go from hey this is couldn't be better relationship. To the last time I was in there. I had to show ID to deposit money. OK. I was depositing. Money. I was giving them money. And I did show ID to do. Hot. Swallow and guess what I've been there awhile along three months maybe I'll get over it. I've I've switched them a lot of the stuff that I do overthrew the government. Because it's just easier for. It's I feel more wanted there feel more comfortable there and and from a bank I I'm doing minimal stuff will now. I had a great relationship with them ramble on Iowa by that Hummer pass on about a Hummer. I called what good time Olympic all your personal relationship she. And check our remember that whomever it. She brought a check so that I could viva car. I reserve its own impressive about this is customer service. This is fabulous they knew me. They knew that I I was a good that a client for that check to buy that truck and I felt like a million bucks I felt like a millionaire because of that. I couldn't do that now my life depended on the day I they would have me show my mother's fingerprints now as just the way it words. And she's been passed for some time will be back with more on those radio and I third. WV viking river cruises in a lot of commercials for them on TV they have those beautiful ships. And the scenery in in Europe is phenomenal when on a river Cruz. You're right up close and personal when you dock you step off a boat you're there I mean it's sensational. And viking river cruise that was a really good job we've had. Six of these trips coordinator with triple A barber does a great job for us over there. And five of them band member of has been one of us and I he'd be Willis on this on this one as well. We're leaving June 26. And return from buffalo on returning July 6. I'm from Prague the burly and we're gonna is gonna have a really grand tour this time if fury of a former viking river crew Rosenberg customer. You'll get preferential treatment as far as of these affairs concern. And it will be aboard the viking rodeo which is one of a new ships and it's as one of a small ships. Which Israel denies 'cause it's like a custom yeah. It's have you got a Major League crew and first class dining. It's the elegant Elbe River ninety people on the ship by the way that's that's so you'll know a great deal of them will make up a lot of the passenger list. We're going to as the Berlin. And win Hamburg Germany. And Dresden in Prague it's or going to Switzerland. And a lot of great stops along the way along with eight guided tours. With headsets you'll know exactly what's going on all the meals. And complimentary wine beer soft drinks. Oh lord on board dinner and lunch it's a wonderful package and very very elegant and nicely UB very nicely treated. Now we have a couple of optional tour is off of the main one here Rio 200 Hillary you via big grand concert attraction although I don't think he just plays classical music you doesn't he plays a grand big selection a different isn't there a huge Yorker sure. And this is sensational. Two nights in Nuremberg five star hotel. A one item Astrid which is the village of it he's from. And we went there last year as solid mass Trojan that most of big things is you know previous from bastards. And so that'll be one night at a masters shall tell Forestar and that a second optional trip. Doobie BMW. Factory museum tour in Munich. And the Audi. Factory tour trip and Ingles. So all of that is waiting for yeah I would down to the knobs is only less than a handful. Of troops left so I if you would like to join us 18446887477. As 18446887477. As you board this ship I don't really give us an idea what some of the of people are saying on your. FaceBook page OK let's start was shot who says. Just used to galleria mall flight should be enough reason for any idiot not to waste of time or money at the mall. Yeah there's oftentimes. The last thing in the world that retail wants. Is to make it more difficult. To get used to join them in and shop at their location. Anything that would be a sour you on that is not in their best interest and I think they do it they try to do a very very good job. On I'm keeping it like that but sometimes things show up been happening. You wish it could be different and it's not because the behavior of people. And that's dollars to it its eggs a handful of people spoil it for a lot but like. Me IE. I have no interest at all in anything like that. If I'm going to shop I'm going to show up I usually is goal get what I want and go home that's it all right. I don't spend a lot of time with the ball most of the things I can do likened to on line and I do on line. But if there's something that I have to go their rule for I will but usually don't preferred to. I tries cookie dough place that opened up a little cooking ago he had to lick the leaders I think is somewhat cookie don't have home owners something light and a joke known all man don't go half a Israel or your live. McCargo and yes I it's already in the water it's very it's beautiful media benevolent way. Mary says as far as eastern hills goes I'm afraid the short answer is yes you could shoot a cannon through any date time. And long it's had a long run time for change I think it will be exciting hope it doesn't take too long. No H oh they would tell you about though I'm on I saw on the news. Report today your rebel image on our freezer queen and then the developer came up with some very nice drawings of some highrise there. And that was true years ago. And because of the usual. The obstructionists. The environmental is. The ones say the birds can't see when the sun's up we is ridiculous. And it's been two years because certainly these developmental plans that they showed were very nice. Larry nice but there's always people that don't want something done. It luckily you have those that don't want something done and can get it done but there's always the ones that stand in there or their arms folded. They know how to better look for the future of the city and you do and and have that kind of thing and things very attractive and I wish ago way. It is a crazy day candidate comes up with so many great ideas and things that they're doing just over the over the bridge. They are set to open up any the second Super Mario go Kart track. Multi level this thing looks so cool something like that you know anywhere in west New York would be a blast to go to. Yeah we finally got video of the wheels moving forward on our development in Western New York. And I just hope that we use some common sense of not dealing with the as many obstructionist is we have in this community. Go to the idea that you know we've done a few times in our. A building dedicated to halls of Spain's but the broad characters like the greater buffalo sports hall of fame Harvard cup policy is just keep and I always say. Things aren't they children's zoo and museum is moving forward those wheels are moving that's great great all the things that have happened so it's possible. It's possible. As long as we have a forward thinking they're community give me one more fallacy that says no. We need Ed says now that says well those cities we are an item eleven nerds says no. We need someplace to return those items we buy online that turn out to be crap and actually see what the replacement is like. I have two problems was shopping today that constantly decreasing level of inventory in most stores. In the increasing lack of quality of products bought online. What I'd never got the right idea the level of inventory to. Because you'll see things in catalogs for that same store that you can get on catalog which can get it if you go there. Doesn't make any sense. It really doesn't know I understand that they can display every single product they have river Tuesday a large. You know large business but at least have most of them. Nine not keep it down to you know precious few and you gotta keep your fingers draws that they haven't at the store. And many times again earlier Texas. Visual would direct you from the store to go online I wanna hear that. Why am I standing in the store they're telling me to go home or go online. Houses go online Ullman the enormous nor does that figure. We'll be back what mall are now Donald Trump has some ideas about reform I allies under Israel the united thirty WV.