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Sandy Beach
Wednesday, February 14th

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Well hello well is BJ company have said it is gonna help Tony out a little bit because Sony's might now he's the executive producer of the show and yes Tony I promised I would do this where you're. Today is Wednesday. February 14. 2008. Team and you have a doctor's appointment. Today. Not yesterday but they don't work or legislate well McCouch. So I was going to see his doctor yesterday and birds is a punctual guy makes all the arrangements everything's set somebody comes in to sit in for him early and that he got his official driver shows up they get their right on time. For today's appointment as a pure whites are 24 hours early yet just a little bit and give me a discount you know hopefully. I could swear this year though where and I was in the hospital. That they said the thirteenth that I didn't give your little card you ever can't find it can't find the tired okay. And a soft as though you're going to see the dark yes and that ultimately it's the sling yeah I know get in new cast Ari out what went having rubio. We'll find that out today to call you think they would ditch is slowing before they do Leo. He says we don't have the time to keep waiting and I I don't remember an explanation as to do with the the tendon. But two to three weeks ago they're going to be next week and the week after a good luck because it does look a little uncomfortable are sick of this year via its. Driving me crazy I don't sleep well. He can't get into Koppel position anyway. Knowledge itself slow news when they're not feeling your best well good luck I would do it this isn't the odds are going to says no this is the regular guy yet doctor Kelly doctor Callahan on your doctor Kelly I'll go to a job. I now some thing that I guess I should feel sympathy for. But I don't whose hypocrisy. Maybe you well I'm I'm not enough about human being what can I tell you oh maybe my heart is made of stone. But drug is this dozens bring a tear in my and I. In Nashua, New Hampshire. All sorts in the Manchester, New Hampshire arm well aware of Nashua, New Hampshire. There is a person who won powerball. And the powerball that they want was 500. Million dollars. So yes your view on the bubble of public schools may be your figure out that's half a billion dollars today one half a million dollars. On power ball has not claim her prize yet. Now machine oceans one and the lottery officials know she's won but she hasn't a officially claimed it she's still is within the window of time the pilot she is now before a good judge. I'm the winner known only in the court papers as Jane dole. The reason she hasn't claimed it yet is she followed their instructions. And now she can't do what she wants the do. The instructions on the tickets today sign your name so that is your ticket and nobody else can say yes she has my ticket. If you have a very but she wanted to remain anonymous. But what she found out was you can't remain anonymous. If you win the lottery there because of the lottery rules say they have been named the winner and G is she signed the cards designed to take it and now she's trying to get the the judge to listen term. But here's a school. Oh when Jane doe realized she had the winning ticket you follow the instructions on the ticket and I'm a lottery commission's website designed to take. Legal experts. Note that if only she had talked to a lawyer first she might have avoided the entire issue sure to set up a trust. That would that was signed the tickets of the trust was cited it as she could claim the prize. And to be the public would trust to be the public face of the winner rather than the Jane doe person personality Silva head of the trust. Would have access to the money which is error. Instead of her having direct access although it's the same thing lottery officials say. Other Internet is the chance to do well that ended when she signed her name. So that's set now. She says that since she's won and people know who she is she's been down those who have offers from around the world. Of ideas on how she might keep the money and still keep her privacy others have offered to change their name. For her figure from a million dollars. Have been all kinds scams or whatever and her lawyer says she's highly stressed. Here's the part I don't care about. Too bad. If you are behind less stress send those a sign that the senate committee. Okay I'll deal of distress I will be very happy because these guys haven't. We all have stress what we got a dollar and 92 and our pocket or half a billion dollars. If you're going to be stressed anyway why not be stress with a half a billion now I'm thinking that might be helpful. I can relieve that stress with trip to the dilution yeah Al Leach who instantly I would have a Ferrari less stress you know I have so much stress that. I'm not going to date Kate Upton and I have so much stress that I'm not ever gonna have a Ferrari. All right I have so much does that at some pocket presumably mirrored don't all right. Our bats where my stress is bigger Albany eliminated by giving these half a billion dollars as immoral or is it that little sympathy for this woman. If if if did you want total privacy. Don't buy a lottery ticket because the bad thing is maybe you will be stressed. You know I always have to laugh when people win large lottery jackpots in the music it's not going to change my life. Why in the hell did you buy a ticket if you like your life exactly like it is don't buy that ticket. Very have a half a billion dollars changed my life forever billion dollars or a Bozo masks the work. I've played a have a pretty embarks I'm yeah. I guess stress for a lot less than half a billion images in my last is that there was remarkably less than have a burial at sea mines. And harsh reminder usually you're offered a bigger break. On the stress free beach and company under and I'm thirty WB I was doing today you know results are about a domestic violence and one of them president's advisors and whatever. And and we've we've been hearing about all of these things. Since the new administration as they go over. You know this person did that this other person didn't do that in the ides of Avaya a vet and these people. They have people at chickens and and say things like. Do you have anything in your background that would be problematic. I mean really seriously. It's like virtually everybody lives could take a job and federal government has some skeleton in their closet that gives abroad out and and and a battered around and they gets thrown out the to came back. But. I understand. Average on good authority does next guy is fluent. When they appoint him. There you go be hard pressed to find anything wrong anything at all even the Democrats and Rachel madcow won't be able to figure out any things about him. Andrew Dice Clay I think I think I think he's getting ready for federal position. I think that's really good hit a oh didn't imagine. Them introducing Andrew drug guys play in some government position and as a press conference all would that be boy oh boy. All of Andy loses though a lot of fun now today guys are master work. And for a guy who is as young as of the emirates. I am really surprised at how accomplished he is. He's a producer of the show when you hear these interviews. The enemy comes and either from the network gore off from an independent stores. They talk to beamer beamer gives them the lay out OK here's an army talking through an out and die here's what time you'll be on and you have a hard out you have to be out by a certain time because you're going to be another Tuesday should. It does all of this and today he had. His phone seven minutes before air time. He had. And it's I is that she's Italian but a supermodel from the swimsuit edition that's right and says she is so I heard him to endure as that was end there it. Andy's at you'll be on in seven minutes. Aware of Ryan and so as a cause of bush would rather. Have a conversation with me in the boot into coffee into I had a very good at that and what are you wearing it. You know there there are pretty well. On treasury has a lot of guys when you're on the swimsuit. Competition. In Europe that. Many issue. Lots of guys are saying let's have coffee. Well Sandi know me here at WD in nothing but professional absolutely you reek of professionalism and I'm not come up and I did. You know it came up after the interview are what they're fresh blood. They'll all but you know I like him I might Tweeter. And my two leaders you don't pick and. Oh yeah. As oh are you hearing at least you'll have a an appropriate answer because professionalism. Is our ball. Beverage and do it but it was over I will let you know that guy. It's it's and it's fun to watch your beamer and action because via. He's very good he has I think he semi pro I think you go pro Rico because leave school early in his future I think he's and a sign in sheet. Men and later cases to go. Back and act is very very good. I now I I watched them growing yesterday. Why here's our here's how much I watched okay. That there was a person who took the handle of this stone order collar. And threw it forward. And I watched the guys sweeping environment. It lasted sensor and a switch fifth of the whales. I AM when they get ice that doesn't sweeping I think a suite three ice would be a good way to shouts back what shops Saturday exactly you hope as the old fashioned sweeping thing nobody loses I'll use something is electricity its electricity is our friend. You know it's ever vacuum coming out in front of the growing. Automated sweeper in the room bought a book. Yeah. Yeah yeah I've fact make a man's eyes rumba and have a Canadian standing on government what do you think and it came up with a better they have the overhead shot of course of where the zones supposed to be. I'm thinking first of all sort of stone who's on the line. And mind. Or get out and end of the hour in the center of that circle where they were trying to get an. It and to have the detonator and so that if they goes right over a senator. Go boom it's nice and nothing nothing majors ago cherry bomb I think. About I think that would be a fun thing it would had a lot of zest that show I might watch it if they did yeah I don't watch much at all did you see the winds on the mountain. Now why Powell holy cow looked as though they said they had to evacuate. The Olympic village. Well first of all where he would take the Olympic village. I mean those it's the Olympic villages where they all live in the Slaton the duel and stuff so where would they bring them. I'd go to Hawaii would be nice to repeat and not much wind if but I watch some of course we got some locals or at least four different. Love fairly local people are going to be showing how good they are hopefully they they do very well that's going to be in the same day. When at all it is so confusing all the time. The time is so confusing voters that are so it's 1130 tonight right now. Right now 1130 tonight in in the career that almost on the yes they really are now speaking of Valentine's Day. First of all surprised and shocked that he needed a poll this morning. On May be early morning news fame and hobbies so rebounds Wednesday. The winner was we don't. We don't the majority of people don't celebrate Valentine's Day. And I was I was shocked by that I was amazed by act I think that's pretty comes out as they get drove in our heads when word first grade. These videos to give you those little candies gas and they would have saying Islam. And what you would do now things have changed. Because of first grade and you looking down their measures Pamela Razali in my first grade. Dream girl. Okay. What you do is you take one of those little candies and you put. The candy on her desk and it says something like beam mine and I can you imagine now if you did that. Imagine now your saying you work. The government office and you take a little candies is being mine and you put a woman's death. Or is it be overwhelming you know. In Delhi and you can't ask her to be yours. She's not yours and you never will be in your under arrest for harassment and you lost your job yeah so we used to some guys make up Valentine's we would we would draw them. And we were put that balloon candies on the dance that was very innocent and simple button they don't anymore used to having it be mine again these beamer. I don't I tell in you know usually when I would put that on a girls to ask she'd thrown in the garbage can't but what I was in high school they did this thing with roses and you can buy a single rose for a dollar right. And I was very smitten with this young girl when I was in high school so I bought twelve. It on the card I put get out of my dreams and into my car old should be Rory and she threw the roads the. Certainly you know and. It seems that with Joseph beamer bud. A good story that is I have a story itself to a sometimes you try and you know even if you're involved in a romantic thing. My wife went to see a concert. Anne Klein's. All right and when you were before you take your seat they were. With William roses. And I and because it was like a Valentine's Day thing like today. They gave a rose to each woman as you as she entered okay. But they would give a rose to you actually and you would give it to your partner that's excellent work. Now me being the professional clown that I am they had to me I'm there would otherwise. They handed me that grows but rather than just handed tour. I decide how judge show her how much I really care how funny I am public the rose in my teeth. Which and I put the zoom ideas like this and I about the door to realize. They take the thorns out of the rose. Hats aren't in my tong. And have the upper proud. And it was not fun and they always believing. It's a work. Some some big eggs should be left to others I think but when I jumped down. You know I was gonna dance like a flamenco dancer. And I put me in my mouth and went like this a happy Valentine's Day. I. It was not it was property known as a crisis so I've learned I on the to do that again could this treasure revert. To a McGregor were a lot more and Rosa I used to sign it once a month. I will be back with more beads and company and his regiment thirty WB EN. I am here to help the guys I'm telling you. I've been around about you know I've seen guys seemed. A lot of things because I've seen a lot of things but. If you have not bought the woman of your dreams something for Valentine's Day even though more than 50% of our respondents than they said. That they don't celebrate at all which really surprised me. But if you do celebrated and you just forgot. Okay I've I'm gonna bear you out originally. Ted this commercial on television caught my. I got mine died because of something I could give to my sister at Christmas. My sister and I have very a deal going where we send to each other. Unusual. Gifts at Christmas at all. But at least one unusual gift beer and sometimes you get it back the next year or whatever but I saw a commercial the other day that might fit. Those of you who today don't have a clue as to want to get the woman who found. Because if a client and back and this is absolutely a product that I saw advertised. And I'm thinking I've got to get one I didn't have anything to write it down with the panic semi see the spot. On TV on I am absolutely going to be OK imagine. Your girlfriend or your wife. Imagine her eyes lighting up as she opens that very special Valentine's gift. Elated. Toenail clipper could. And it really. And they tell it is seen on TV and it's that. Hulk and clipper if you could you step Schwartz's Uga Uga fans they're calling the blacks and it has a huge biting surfaced. And above the biting surface. Is a light. So that I imagine her joy in knowing G in clipper and toenails in the dark. I mean thinking nobody's overlapping nobody else is gonna give a tour nobody. And it's a subtle way of saying usual cluttered aisles more often are but I'm just making does that say. Real love never minded impostor pro or things don't go for like that blanket that you bring to the game. It was I knew six people compared under I imagine her showing off. Yes my guy got me in my life did. Giant toenail clipper on television have you seen that commercial I have packages he would he sat squat shared. I so I said almighty god because I just over these Chia pet stuff for Christmas. And now they've been putting shipwreck seeds or whatever and everything. And they have Chia pet that Shia this Shia that he urge you and there are cheer. And register over that I I'm thinking nothing's going to be that nothing's chi easier than a Chia pet thing. But except I think this would be and I hear you think she didn't. To show a lot of happiness when you favor the vacuum cleaner. Well you know she's she's delighted. To multiple. Your end I think I think it means good things ahead yes the idea that it tests we will get a vote car. Okay see if you can get a beautiful woman there go to dinner where have you. After giving her a get acquainted gift of a lighted. Honk and giant toga Glover. Thank you for that much else except that I definitely think I could make that happen. You offered wonder when you watch these things who buys this stuff. I think that the guy in the rowboat. Any cuts that rowboat is me. Now blacks deal out of axial and then he'd eat all of that with ex CEO and takes the bowl hopes. It's a bit the I doubt in the history of mankind. If anybody has ever preparers would cut a rowboat in half. And many does that even worse would a storm window. Should the storm went out and he takes us. When god this guy needs some mental counseling if I'd just like how excited he is now when he says it's a proof that I in the way he said soldiers bowed out yeah so excited. The answer really is. And that they should you know up opera mini e.s. Or your houses where where the water drips and through very they show him doing the whole house. And he's got a little hand of that stuff. In truth you would probably need tea pickup truck filled with that stuff in order to do your house but they'd be big at Joseph hooked on this wallow. You know I've got to get a pen just in case my robo aggregates gotten half. I'd need and it's it's important that I haven't as those things that guys like. Guys like because we always think there's a lot of uses for something like that and how to get a canned. And you get in your mind it's not nearly as effective as it looks and the tried in my basement also. Stresses that they have a floor. He shows like his resume his boat and it doesn't happen in the right now does it look and yeah if you buy one now you can get a went for what was that's just just just handle the shipping to Cannes wouldn't get. Does the first quarter of that but exactly. You're right that's exactly right and they don't they don't tell you that but those of those commercials as seen on TV are always fun. And I would just slovo holy picture of the people buying stuff. There's a story in the fashion outlet mall and seeing a save on Jamie is everybody's stopped him well that's goat they might have out. The giants vodka and toenail clipper with a light on its right to the right there really card. Tony if they do Amman I want you to I will reap I would give your money. Buy it for me I. I pay absolutely want one I. It would hit you over the head with a frying pan of your brigade that tour if Cheney's listening rate now she's writing them down does a genealogy Nocioni spongy Girardi got the stuff for that little publishing fake several of the little green men under the veil is a guy that's got now most of us don't pay a lot of attention to our feet we should pay more. I haven't seen my feet since the Eisenhower administration by then there but on television they have to show you how well this works. And so the or Tony you know lifts up what the hood of a conga exactly. And looking underneath there's a whole bunch of green people in there and to have a good time there is nothing better v.s we've been able. And you'll live and frolic in your tone and it's off. Rocket fuel is a fight that aegis and from his cell phones you know. A the opposed regular oil ministers met your fine details of his hear about that. It admit always what is selling adult product. Or products that you're if you're gauger leaking or some thing. The products are always sent in a plane broom ball sits in its street ask bush exactly. These are people like ashamed to check their mail or what if somebody brings your rip erred error. Very the mailman. I'll have to drag Israel by mistake and my idea in my front porch here is yours as I have something really rude if it would have been. Of these so much fun he Elway though Amazon starts dropping things out of the sky Alia I think his worth buying roots stuff and having a sense your neighbor just for fun like that idea I did at my sister wants. My sister and I were Ra I was home and we were at the grocery store where people know war okay. And goes or going up and down the thousand G the first time she left the car when I was there. I had secretive and she's annoyed some adult products and underneath. The top layer and so she's standing there yard check out just waiting for how much it's going to be. And she sees this way she says that's not my. And it's in your cart lady. Or up to a baby our own take a break we'll be back with more would be huge government or newsreader I'm very WB here. That beach and company got a couple attacks hero we're talking about. Regarding that add a light did honk and toenail clipper. He says it's for every woman was iffy like olive oil. I'm not really familiar with olive oils feet what are its you have like big coffee or something like that I guess so yep the defied his. A lot of complex video says Plaxico. Works wonderfully our leaky rules as a temporary repair held strong for six months that's good. And there's another my father in law had a league east light. I strip about ten cans of flex seal off when I fixed it directly. So a couple of vote who goes. Four weeks ago so flat sealed part it's a puncture in the Kansas heal itself that's a good thing that's yeah I am a revision or. And if if they do work for a video not for the arming. And not for the air force would be a navy seal. And and it. Congratulations. It to our two people that I I know low closely was celebrating their seventh anniversary. And that would be a Tony and beamer. You've known each other online. For seven years it's wonderful so it's positive met beamer when he first came aboard. It was my first shift was working with Tony training. He was your first ever comes for you actually won the first when you met the building when Kevin was bringing you were right that's true it's like MIC until. Now all eyes. I saw it was all professional model for show beamer who I've known Tony for eight years but you know we we waited a year to make it FaceBook official I Joni for twenty years I was going hoping it was very years. I. Ask that the current course and the first shuttle that was recorded show that I filled in on was your three recollection or there really isn't. I didn't know that did you do the job he did you come that's all that's that's that's that's fine when you're invited back next against it on the couch are aka the next Ed and Johnny. Joseph was one of those guys who went haven't brought remains just like him immediately. Oh yards Obama yeah. You need to do or hatteras that law was one of the true well there was never in my little brown did you catch a big. Now our guys seriously be taken care of your obligation today as the holy day of obligation not to arm of the church and target about. Getting something for women in your life the Jude to educate candy flowers. A little you when appointing candy you know and on every and a husband won a little bit human wave. You are bitten your struck out now I've genie is she put the kibosh on Valentine's Day. Many years ago saying this is ridiculous we don't need to do this you know what's a ridiculous holiday what is Sweden is there some other ones stuff they make up. Those it downsizing is okay about -- now your regular candy slash flower bureau lesbian. Well you know. We decided to build things they'd the first week in March because of our schedules this week out Greg but I didn't get a little a little slump that little storm Allison came in Vienna as a stuffed. I don't. It's not that I don't. I don't know it was politely a pleasant you're gonna come proctor for her or brown the other exactly is that no that was something that she Sobel we were out on Saturday and I'll I picked it up yesterday regrets that hurt apple. You've got to use your antenna has to be up because sometimes they'll just make a casual looks nice. That they're kind of thing and and then later when the when they opened the gift and it's that. They they know that you are listening and that you cared who went the extra effort as as I've told you when I get a card I just by the close is one of the door. I just works out better. A lot of mistakes in this dating game as we all Nelson you know. Where where are we got a new one where we're seeing worked well is that there are some trying to try not to make mistakes have been in the past. River learned you know we're here for you for advice to Hillary you are and I think nothing will be passed on him. Toenail clipper I thought I don't know of beef jerky was. That's good yeah that's good because if she's chewing beef jerky Asia's insure your all right that's good I like that's the problem was it didn't make it home. So what's next on the list at eight teller was pre moistened your children and a before he gave it to. And she's a bit at these jerk he's given so dry that the things that well here lobbing complete and this is a very good the dog him over the throughout. And leisure of a bad habit the dog as. But well I only want somebody who. Pour it on that and if people act like that. Well the good part is nobody would come over to visit anymore. Why it is politics at ingredients would be an interesting at least somebody do. How odd today I have always subject that I have been thinking about doing for some time. And what was the impetus of me doing it today. Is that I I was informed of the story. A loud to you know land which is. Greg developer they are in the building we're in now and they're really classy into a good job on. Things they do and and that there are terrorism not rumor about some of the preliminary stages of the talking in the eastern hills mall. To re purpose. That footprint for mixed use. And other words it would be partly shoplifting maybe some medical entertainment. Obviously living bear. Maybe a little park who knows what. These general thought was re purpose that not just those shopping mall but as a living center. Where it if you think of it they're clearly it would be something like India a mini city. A city within a city. Where the clintons and you are right there especially are bad the buffalo. Winter sometimes the stuff to get where you have to be on time. And that this phobia about a nice idea now is very preliminary there's nothing min. Announced jazz and nothing signed during like that but I like that idea. And that goes along with several articles I've read in the last six months that say the fat lady is singing. For the future. Of malls. Is general malls just general you've overtime on talking about the one with twelve shoe stores. Andy and this is the same look no matter where you're gonna go to Boise Idaho the mall looks the same as there as it would NG the blog at. But the bottom line is. People are changing their shopping have habits because. Other things are taken into consideration. At first they moll was all encompassing. Because everything was there. And who would wonder you'd see store names that you never seen before we only read about out. You had a lot of different products that you forget bear the parking which I usually people fooled focal. They don't know about parking. The parking is right there you know the search for parking spot there would be one there. And so that's sort of thing is where it started. Now it's it's not like that now I'm gonna discuss why it is that and what might be the future. On news radio I'm third party via.