Sandy Beach Internet negativity 2-13 Hour 3

Sandy Beach
Tuesday, February 13th

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Yeah we're back we're very BJ governor apparently. Your view of the portraits of Michelle and Barack Obama. And and I Karzai reminds. As I said I'm you know I'm art expert I really am not. Op idea I like what I like I don't like what I don't like hands you know that's that probe whether or when they said the up portraits would be unveiled. I assume they'd be you know kind of official looking in on the hill a classy that kind of thing and though when I saw the pictures. I really take that politics aside I know this is not a political. Question. I saw the pictures and I was embarrassed when I saw them thugs looks ridiculous. It looked like it did it look like Barack was what standing and a bunch of leaves. I don't have the merger in primary and Michelle. Was that the last dress on the hanger. I mean really it just I'm no expert on fashion there I should know this person is dark about our fashion but I know what I saw. And I thought it was them insulting but obviously they have the final say if they don't wanna use that they would use it and no matter who printed it. One of our listeners cat who to send a message. He's an artist and he was like this just. It's he asked if you online as I did yesterday when I first problem you see former presidents Democrats and Republicans. Okay yeah that's good I mean you know it reminded me. Remind me of the scary Lucy. Root bound if we have seriously they have taken down and they get a senate where Donna Jamestown. I think that those pictures should be sent to Jamestown. Now to be fair yet each was a different artists there portrait of aren't they take this for ours and what are the odds are getting to grab portraits I don't. How big are they better be used a different artists now. I don't know what's going on in the President Obama won these included the artists alternative I'll give him that it's now at least he. Made it look like that is Barack Obama. You know it was him I said if you if you if they said okay name these people and they held up that portrait you would always him I would I would guess Barack Obama. I don't know what's going on in the photo why there's a chain error in the middle of what looks like a pile of. I didn't all the last myself of is I was trying to burn my sister at the state. Let me just look at what is as seen a pretty and in which. And they burned the burns and Joan. Mark the snake and I was like six years old. But I just don't get it but it doesn't surprise me that I don't get it but because people have different opinions. In my opinion are his words populists. And tell you that aren't but I I thought this isn't very. Or it is appropriate. Where the light of president and are the First Lady or you'll like what they do or don't like what they dual party they belong through. They still belong to us as being part of our history. You know there are part of our history and to see those those portraits. Representing them when apparently they must've been OK welcome there's no way they could get them published an. And and and polls and all that if they didn't like them or didn't think were appropriate I just thought they weren't very appropriate. Florie former president and first Lei. As afterward. Something you would see. If you're united besides between that and dogs playing poker or or the velvet Elvis I mean that's what it looked like the me. To me again am not an an expert bought. It. It does sum up Barack Obama's presidency as garbage the pains are garbage Barack's presidency. Was garbage so. To me it goes to gods. These effects. If it character is it would have been surprised have been given them a look at a city. Lowe got a lot of very goal. Lots of Bebo PT Barnum underestimated. The birth rate is. I think Vienna at Detroit. And I'll pay more for their products meaning their leave roses doing the right things. Now we get this out on the paintings. These paintings are terror ball I mean that's that's okay. They are not official White House portraits I knew that. They are going to hog they're going to be. See you're going to be displayed the along with the other presidential and First Lady portraits and I forget where but there were. I hope of these about fig leaves covering Randy Paula fan even Stevie Wonder knows campaigning doesn't look like Michelle Obama. Well that's true. She's attractive woman that dress is not an attractive dress. Iraq is a good looking. Not in this picture. Is there is look at Barry's hands. It looks like he has and pay a six finger. I don't have it from me. These are you're looking. Do you do you have any boards of resolutely six fingers. Unless I'm not looking close enough I don't cal because the way s.'s hands positions do you think it's there's a posters. A way of telling us that this is his opinion of you know like get there's a six finger or or there's a joke in there that we're not picking up well I've drug if I am bringing that. I was Saturday. Okay sandy needs to look at the picture again his left hand has six fingers isn't there from one. So you don't you don't see a six finger and there. Because you know we don't we're most presidents in the past events five. If you company from. Maybe. That debate. We shouldn't have to be asking these kind of questions. It's pretty obvious that the president has five fingers or six fingers and be a six maybe it's the message that we should go look at. Okay. Here he is the way its position it looks like he would have five fingers beat fourth home. I don't know I've asked them can't wait until it. Now it's like everybody sees something different here's another. Obviously. I get rid of because some of these. Critical. The portraits are ridiculous Obama is laying in a pilot Lee it's with a disproportionate share Photoshop din. Michelle looks like Vanessa Williams I don't purge like Vanessa Williams. Vanessa Woodward and addressed against it. All right there isn't that lovely it was that Obama and actually poison ivy. I don't know and is it looked like there is ago reddish tinge. Or because a beamer is my official art interpreter. That would look like boys and I think my color blindness let me show you can't sell outside you wouldn't and you're good art critic of your normal I am not a good critic. Tony junior jealous bearer. Here it is and I Vienna I can't tell I don't know poisoning looks like tired of this Ira exits from via rock world. Is and I yours coasters. I'll Obama and and by the Obama as both have a push on I love that as of our parties have a my sister. My younger sister she's a centers here and just applause her. Another says it's his left tan book and Adam Owens says it's his left hand by his leg. And that I had another one is an actual post but some isn't shown. So it's the homeless you know main. They got that all that publicity Torre thumb is bad picture. I'm I'm thinking that. When they showed them through via a former president and the First Lady. And what you loved to have been part of a crew there with the audio and video. Oh that's just luckily it captures me yet some had a funny post earlier this morning coming and the pictures and I'm looking at MMX and I'm thinking I have to find hidden objects. And it like and I'd let's magazine Sharjah remember he had like where's the pencil where's the dog down it guys that didn't in the picture it just it doesn't seem. Appropriate for a presidential. And First Lady picture that's all I can say it it doesn't show me at least. Class. I think class is missing from both full and both people. Well today but at least from the photos. Other matter I think it's swell I can hardly wait maybe it'll be on a Wheaties box well Wilbur. You can still a contender because there may leave people out there especially artistic people who see something different in that. Then the rest of us see the press there was don't see anything really outstanding in open. You you pays your money and you takes your chances will be back after this I don't have a little fun a live Leo presidential. I'll portraits. The one of vote Barack Obama and former president and his former First Lady Michelle Obama. As I said I I would tell you straight out I am the last person this comment about anything regarding art. IE I do not have a feel for art at ball OK zero. But I looked at that was of those paintings and I'm thinking I just came up with some captions. Of what those painting say. And it could be hers and something to him. Could be hymns and examine her or can be somebody you're saying while looking at them okay now Tony had depth gamers if you like these okay. How about Michelle. Looking at the press they've former president saying very change your clothes and finish the leaves. What do you bank Sarkozy is that a higher salaries and he's dressed up OK but Barry is saying to Michelle. A we'd be going now wearing that. Have you ever saying do I look to have in this dress I mean that's the good Joseph. Car these are fun things we got to get a few laughs out of the Obama's. Because we certainly do them a lot of lapses in the eight years there where there. You guys that have any any captions. Wars but hopefully hopefully is that Michelle say do I look fat no stress out out of theaters popular gift of Homer Simpson disappearing into the Williams I. I don't ask that question Obama going into Italy are Babs. Funny that's funny it's certainly leaves itself open for criticism Tony got a media. The captions for the basic that they can see Hillary's emails in the back I thought I. Or Hillary paying off the artist yeah yeah I Hillary's like off to the side. As she's got a role of money and she's paying the artists for painting the obamas like that makes her look better in or remain. Can you imagine if Michelle Obama looks like that what happens when Hillary has something payment. I mean you really I still I'll look at the picture right now and I don't see how that's Michelle Obama. Easily the biggest hurt and how it doesn't look like colonel it's going to be hurt yeah -- imagine something close I would assume the artist wouldn't offer was somebody pretending to be here want to use the word artist Johnson's exactly. Let's let's find out what Walt things and as a spring for a while Iran WB again. Oh it's all that okay let's go ahead. Yes well I would like to Bachmann last night and it they've brought to fork out and Odom are apparently. Are Barack Obama is not their flowers apparently there flour and their well being from Hawaii. Odds are represented part of his pass away okay now why you oh and apricot. Well OK so so flowers from around the world did they say anything about her. Her picture. Yep river Barack are to mean date. They ought not awful IIIBM. And I'm like who I act but he's the kindergarten per. Yeah it does sometimes you know people pay a lot of money for art that you'll look at you wonder geez you hang about the demise of mud room. But I is the beauty is an elder thank you all thank you. So while says that they said on fox and they were flowers. And but he doesn't he doesn't get that address either. The pop up asks how Bob vests. If that's very saying through. Michelle. At least Monica Lewinsky had a better dress when you could. Yeah op only guys caption. Oh and caps and history. There we go beautiful blue dress for you to the cleaners that will be never denies that this is good pop art picture. But that's. Yeah it was really great ideas it's to make a lot of money where vision how to do or OK I was best this is pop art. There is a cleaner. Right there. And he they have those rows of things that are going to be picked up there on the mechanical thing that goes around around. And write him back O'Connor is a blue dress. With a ticket on it for Bill Clinton. You sell that Alia that would be very salable if I if I had any artistic ability of all I dropped as well. It will get cinema Bob the joy. Disease artists that being that would be a cooler moving them. That would have gone into something like when Playboy used to be. Really big and they have real honest to goodness our authors and artists and whatever that may your good of funny caption. Let's go to my goodness cellphone like you're on WB yen. What's a big way. Well he just went away. That says yes sandy I don't understand what's the big and the phone just faded it didn't get hung up or hang up which I don't know which is better. But he just disappeared who. Blue. Let's go to a David unlocked board David your on WB yen. And I think the last guy I was gonna say what the big stink. Yeah. What do you say the ever caption for the picture. Oh yeah under very just say hey Michelle what else to borrow a paper this looks like he's sitting airdrop and a Democrat. All the age of I thank you class class we always have glass no other. What that guy he's okay that's a suitor to exceed those thank you okay I'll smile boom boom boom. But women. Take a great deal of votes time and effort. And where exactly what they want there it's got to fit there are exactly right the decisions never never easy it is never fast. I can't believe. That Michelle Obama had a choice of dresses too aware for the sitting of that. Of that painting and that's the one she chose. It boggles my mind to think of a once she didn't want. If that's once she picks what though what that addresses like this she did that she discarded. Can't imagine. I'd like your opinion on the head through pictures. They're supposed to be out of representing Barack and Michelle Obama. Tonys as he does not believe it is Michelle Obama because it doesn't look like her at all. Lot of times I mean if you ever see some classical. Artist Lou what they pains as applied the person or whatever it is. At all. But we'd like your picking energy electric short caption in there with our Manto fun and go straight and I'm pretty WB yeah. We have Matt good Beijing governor I have a copy of the article only in British Vogue Magazine. Showing me portraits of oh Barack and Michelle Obama so I'm gonna go through us now with my area my excellent observation skills. Reports of a test. First of all it says Barack and Michelle Obama returns before from a global news cycle. As the official portraits of a barrel on veiled in the National Portrait Gallery in Washington DC. In true Obama's style neither of portraits were conventional or even traditional. And both mark the first time African American artists. Have been commissioned for the moment. Now on this I see. The first question was how many fingers Hosea. And I'm looking at that picture. And I'm from right toe left I'm counting 12345. And the last looks like a finger to. I'm counting six. I'm counting six because of the may be the the way it looks it looks like Barack Obama has six fingers. All right and now. I hear is Michelle Obama. When I'm focusing on Tony you're right this does not look like her at all. Her face doesn't look like the face of Michelle Obama. But I'm obligated to dress. And especially the pattern of the dress. Of going underneath her rose left arm down to her. I need. An irony may be your lap. And looking at the design and you know what the designer right trio of you know when they have the when they test vehicles the make them compliant with the US law they have to use these Crash Test Dummies. The stuff they put on the dummies heads you know the circles that are filled in and on the lines going in the era in different ways as the dress looks like. It looks like the address of a crash test me that he is sick because they're zoning is it runs out. Do you get that that impression to. It looks more like Koppel will with a bunch of different patterns. Off from the guy may be as she went to that and noted. I noted Amish designer. The year central armor and usher. Is as Barack's. Portrait was painted by her hand today wiley an artist best known for his vibrant large scale paintings of African Americans. Which is subject sit in fantastic often ornate settings. Michelle's was painted by Amy scheer a Cheryl. A Baltimore based artist known for her vibrant hues of color. And for giving her predominantly African American subjects a grace scale skin tone. Well as I look at the picture there right. I'm okay. So that's so far we've learned that wells that we have. The moment was significant for many reasons this is British vogue now. The mod Genevieve patron manager of African American art both use of call are. The four hour wal. So that's a wall behind him when I first saw that I thought he was sitting on each year in a pile of leaves. I didn't realize that via the step Brothers maybe made this the flowers on the wall that a big song like that I think they've they're probably their favorite artists through. But also for the dress warm by Michelle Obama the Fuller's style which has graphics sensibility. I'm which distinguishes it from traditional formal gowns all wise is nontraditional. Is just as much a part of campaigning as the center. So what they're saying is she's taking a revolt. In the taking a bold chances it symbolic. And it if I were them I'd say thank god is symbolic because if it's supposed to be. If you're supposed to be you know just things that people would see and comment on and if it wasn't symbolic and real real trouble. But symbolism is different from ever papal. And then they talk about the artists of the various. Pictures. And does not seem to me again any wild approval. Okay it's made of stretch. Cotton pop and friends. In a clean mental all geometric print without reference to anything past or nostalgic. About referenced anything. I gives addressing very forward thinking sensibility. I don't know when I saw the address I did not going you know 100. She's wearing. I think it really gives addresses very forward thinking sensibility. I go. Address. I mean rarely seriously if you measure worry that an affair I guess. Are right Ansonia and mrs. Obama put herself in the best light when she spoke at the importance I'm thinking about all the young people particularly girls and girls of color. Who in years ahead will come of this place and look up and see an image of somebody who looks like them hanging on the wall of this great American institution. I know the kind of impact this'll have unwise because I was one of those girls. Well I think they should spend more time there you know the artists and the dress. Because it doesn't. Zain technical Michelle Obama everything's about skin color yup that's it everything including address and those are not leaves their flowers she part of the country yet I'm not I think she's proud of that address. For the first time she's brought a murderous. To me. On and I get this through as I said that was all from mom British world magazine. I don't give me a couple of a Facebook's if you well. I seek ever says let's see where have I seen an empty chair always ask Clint Eastwood was addressing an empty chair that symbolized Obama's presence. Hot hot hot hot. Yeah how why would they have flowers or they have a flower walls. I could see flowers using two decorated Sadr picture whatever but yeah I never like Olivia just demand from the Rose Parade. And got to get a deal. Let's go to Mike in west Seneca Mike you're on WB yen. And the you know chill out you might what's on your minds everybody's lips and a all of these strictures. Aren't you remember back when. In the operating news stories at the magic. Now I really don't tell me they are are there that when you owe it is this your guys like really. Ali and look at the picture in its electric 3-D image. All OK I've I know I know what you're talking about now yes. Well if you look if you look at those patriot news squint your eyes like really tight and focused I think you can actually see how trouble making a rare great. I. I like their gowns and the humor thank you might thank you. You know I know Mike is talking about because I've always had this thing you remember the original Warner Bros. Batman logo. It's a close above that man's face aren't if you just casually glanced at it you see bet man. But if you look at it more intently you know it looks like it looks like a smiling mouth. With two teeth on the top and three teeth on the bottom coming up and then once you see that you never see the original again. Is Israel almost impossible to look at the original Batman face logo from Warner Bros. once you've seen the smiling. Faced with a two deep on the job in the three seat on the bottom they've ever done that where you see two different things yes that's often deliver video mourning goes into the story to about. A a certain color. There was on the Internet and people the more they looked at the more change dollar was a dress was addressed a ceremony this show award brings. Yes she should dorm address that issue would have gotten solution odds that it's that is just one. Harlow we want to know anything coming up with the oh beamer regarding comments on the Dresser have you discovered anything new you're ready to committee has six fingers. I intelligence in the toy that's up on this he has not we do not see six fingers aren't aren't at all are you looking at their way here are you looking at. This picture here. Through that women can. Yes you're looking at Ellen you don't say first off. Well. It's languished the important point. Abatements up our best picture here here at the wall on we know that pass rush okay. This looks at first I thought this was Barack. Idiocy hugged architecture as reporters. Its mission now so it's Michelle with a six fingers. So yeah now if you look. Yeah yeah I'm gonna count them again because I I was very good at math. One through 34. Five and the 61 is there but it's it's bent like almost backwards. And that it's quite aways from the thumb. So bear it is but is in this picture here which to show you how bad the pictures are I mean we know it was. I was him it was her. So she has. It's fingers. I'm on a revision this is it's bad when you can't figure out a simple picture in on our Obama. We'll take a break and return under Israeli and I'm thirty WB and if you wanna comment. Or give captions took the pictures. A big in my guest than Bob we also I don't know if you agree with lever Brothers saying the Internet is becoming a swamp with fake news. Racism sexism. And extremism and they may withhold part of our 98 point and I designed nine point eight billion dollar advertising budget. Odd because they're not happy with what's going on there you drew that are not on the Israeli and I'm thirty WBS of Michelle. Obama wanted to picture quote they're girls of color could look at and see themselves close quote hunt. Well as which he said that article. Here's what's San Diego on Tuesday. Mean I can't use that one all right and I'm this oil and OK this says. Be careful what Jewish warn you early occur is based consumer web Holland. Of extremism. Quote sexism or party thing that's conservative in the US and regardless of the politics and I agree with a swan. Regardless of the politics Michelle Obama is a beautiful woman. This does her no justice Oliver grace and beauty were sacrificed to make fair statement. Investors Tuesday because that that's what she's quoted as as through. I'll watch videos movies if they pander like that and what they saw it and Tony I just came up with a with an idea. You're not G Sox right off shore plaza on Wednesday. I bet if you spent little time after the show you to your you're tied up here your recordings in commercials saying you know. Go out and get her the exact dress that Michelle Obama's swearing I think this is probably available many stores near future at a reasonable price through right. Watch her eyes light up as she untaxed that box and sees it sees that wonderful dress. They came right from the body of a crash tests though he and Al Gore ran after work to do it is the dress does nothing. I'm looking to address does nothing for. And Al Barack OK here it looks fine. But boom boom flowers on the wall I don't get that image show Michelle's face doesn't look like Michelle at all and it does like more like. Somebody else some somebody we don't even know rather than her because we're familiar what's yours like which are for eight years and more. So I don't know I really don't know he's got a couple of a Facebook's forcefully. These error a little rough the first topic that we discussed today. Sandy says it is the exact example of free speech would no filter because it is anonymous. Everyone says what however they want because they are not looking at anyone for reactions. Well if it'll freeze reaches trees regional wants to give that up but there are there are certain things that. You can't blame the the platform for. If if you wanna go on me if you go on line and do things. There may not be approved by your wife or your children or your church or your mother your father or your own conscience. It's not the fault of the platform. If all of a sudden your sexting this through different women. And you're not signing an RV once in. A letter you're doing that. It's not the platform small but it can be done on its your fault for doing OK there's a lot of things that can be done that that don't get done because. It's not the right thing to do but that's up TO. I'm I'm a marketplace guy. If you got an audience for it it won't matter if you're audiences it was good enough for you. It what Madeleine lever Brothers thanks okay you can do it goes straight ahead of the market decide. But I think we were Brothers putting up a lot of rolling a big paradise. When you're talking in my back kinda money and though leaving that kind of an audience. They don't just doom knee jerk reaction and my guess is there's been a lot of research done. To say well if you put your advertising out of this platform. Here's how it affects your bottom line could be more nebulous we don't know. Will be some you get new people could be you'll lose people. And you don't know when ago but a when you're correct kind of money it's more than just the thought. I'd keep reminding a lot of money. They need to spend nine point eight billion dollars a year which when he 5%. Is digital. So you're you're talking about lots of money a big gamble. Boston look at you know you've talked about billboards when your your time his program director teacher and you would advertising Hewitt. Mentioned that people spent X amount of time you'll get that. Are excited ever ties seen on FaceBook Twitter as it is useless I don't know at least for me. I can't recall one. Commercial one advertiser then ACI Blake if I see it in them out because I'm. Looking for something maybe it was something now wanted to read our our sport certainly ball. Whatever so I glance I just want goes right over me I don't see it I don't notice it. I've already replaced with the league Kia mining iPad and five times I believe almost only advertising. Unless it's something as good as you said unless it's something I'm looking to buy is a gift or something like that. If that if advertising pop ups show up on any side are visiting hours is the only. Yeah like you to view our mutual good of the damned if you're skip ads so resisting can skip ad out. If groceries and it's a bad at threes as a skip that right every five seconds of bad guys here Brad ISO Guatemala way to skip the ads I have no need for them. I'm not while browsing if our shopping. And those ads showed up and they were germane to what I was looking for market America. But basically. The advertisers are making ammonium me on on line right resulting in him so yeah so. Brothers Unilever. Is taking a chance they're making a statement in taking a chance. And remember as I said these kinds of actions do and just suddenly show law. This marketing guys ahead of a marketing for you know Weaver did not think of that on the way to the podium. This was re searched. This was a checked out ten ways to Sunday. There are big international corporations so it's up to them they it's their money that employs or they want. It's your time you can watch and then go where you'll ago. But a V viewers are the ones that and the people participating will be the final decision makers I think. Taken more seriously if they said they were poor time off for radio only because it not because I'm in this profession but. I know that advertising works in this in this media. Does it works very well with dozens more in Romans 11. That about wraps it up on our blogs about him Feinberg that when those dresses. Like yeah. Michelle Obama how we can pose for an official bing is they've portrait what if de winter I ran an extra finger. Because if I want it like Barack and I when anyone's right and here and it's got to be on the curve. Hours worth she went through with that. We'll see you tomorrow at nine O news writer and I birdied every via. It's. They never need to be used certainly let you know I do given him.