Sandy Beach Internet negativity 2-13 Hour 2

Sandy Beach
Tuesday, February 13th

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And we're back we've been BJ governor M sandy beach follow the money follow the money usually works and even a digital platforms. You know lever witches. A huge. Advertiser. A Unilever spends nine point eight billion dollars a year on advertising and 25% on digital advertising. And so there's a lot of money involved a lever Brothers says that. The summit this has become a swamp. Look with fake news and racism. And sexism and extremism now they have brands such as a dove and Lipton. And Ben and Jerry's and there they're threatening to pull upon on the advertising dollars the billions of dollars in advertising. And I have an article in front of me mentioning that there was an advertising conference in California on Monday. And people like Google and FaceBook. Were delivered a message. By Unilever. We cannot continue to probably digital supply chain which at times is little better than a swamp in terms of its transparency. Those are the words of like Keith we the he is the marketing boss and delivered the speech. Of their brands that they have one of the world's top advertisers were very huge budget. We'd says that the proliferation of objectionable content on social radio lack of protections for children. Is eroding social trust. Harming users and undermining democracies and I don't think that's an overstatement. Remember some former. Big wheels with FaceBook the said the same thing of they've got to. They've got to look and how to make it a little bit more re Smart maybe a lot more responsible and is now. This is not something that can be brushed aside or minorities that you know Lee Lee or no longer advertise on platforms or create divisions in society. Or fail to protect young people. A lot of this of course you see and discuss every day depending on how much time you spend on line. FaceBook and Google have donated. Have dominated the online ad market for years. They have large amounts of of data. Other companies have estimated to have gobble up more than 60% of digital ad spending. In when he seventies or you're looking at a major major player. It's a situation advertisers are not entirely happy way Google has already come under fire. From companies that discover their ads were being shown alongside objectionable videos. On its YouTube video platform. And I don't see that Tony. I'm on YouTube all the time. And I really. You know what they try and goes after you vote. Injured a few inquiries but if you put cars or some trucks whatever. And you'll see a lot of companion pieces available. But I haven't seen objectionable stuff just popping up blue and you know I am not usually is very connected with stuff you've already inquired about. Yeah like you know if I do a search for a particular band that I wanna listen to in August suggestions for that are. You know some rain around their but it's usually in that in that will house. All right so FaceBook. Meanwhile. Has faced a groundswell of criticism. For enabling fake news filter bubbles foreign election meddling in social media addiction. You know there's certain way. Online digital platforms whatever Nevada go onto our allies made a more enriched. More things to do to keep you company to inform your whatever but it's also a turned into a sword times. The company were sources 85% of its revenue from corporate posts and videos announced in January it would now this is and this thing. This is for FaceBook. That they would prioritize posts from friends and family. Over in those stories and content from businesses. So that they're trying to make it more family related more than just commerce. But are things that you'll accept and you'll understand and and appreciate. That's good tone of them. FaceBook also revealed a users are spending less time on its network after chose to show fewer viral videos you know. The viral videos are just a licensed as stupid stupidity. Some grammar Q. OK look it's a little kitten. On the leg on the kitchen table trying to have a cup of coffee. OK there are some of votes but there's also. Stupid ass videos that people post simply because now they have a. Stage there was a program on TV that I watched while I was recovering. And it was all about. Viral videos. That you see. And the. And sure or real okay. And then there's Amazon was that what's parents and his brother ability rates if questions I. Bet yeah her expiration date is our begun yet guys that is by 1983. There's a couple of videos that they broke down and I remember seeing people post on FaceBook. One and a lot of people were excited they can at this Lyon got revenge. It was out picture that a couple posted a format that lion. As if pages hunted and killed it and they're proud but they don't realize that behind them is they are lying common an arm. And many people thought it was real all good these these people got what they deserve only to find out that is fake it in with there's a company that puts these fake videos together because. The more hits they get the more money they may. I if I'm lion I'm Diane I saw the line and video yesterday. The exact one you just describe our I don't know why. I didn't put you know tourists get mauled by lions. Nothing like that just showed up. I'm their wives of sometimes you know even you know is even and that John most of its time to stop the pops up. Is related to what you're actually watching wanted to watch but a lot of times like you just said and how many hundreds guys that we heard. People of committed crimes. While video and in putting online people of kill people and put it online and not take real real people. So it's it's a ridiculous. A Google and FaceBook do not respond. After this speech. 28 team is either be year of tech lash. Where the world turns on the tech giants and we have some of those already or the earth trusts that we've. This year where we collectively rebuild trust back and our systems in our society so lever Brothers you know lever. Is taking a stand. They're saying it's it's hurting society. Turning their kids. It's it's they're dealing in extremism sexism and racism and it's true. And it takes a voice like that backed up by a check of the size that they have. To get them the listen so what can now. I'm gonna ask you the audience out there. A do you agree with the good folks at lever Brothers and and say that the Internet has turned into certainly there's some good stuff. Some helpful stuff we all use that. But there's a lot this has soared do you believe that how could they may get better. What's the worst part of the Internet to give us call it Austria on Montreal 18061692. Through six are 930. You can catch us crop top and ads say nice things at 30930. On the Asian companies standby for more right after this you know we were threatening to pull its advertising from digital platforms. Saying they have become a swamp of fake those racism sexism and extremism. The the mine and amount of money and is nine point eight billion is what lever Brothers friends every year. For advertising and promotion point 5% of our goals the digital platforms like Google. And their FaceBook. And Doug that's what they say Ando are from a lot of people say that the the Internet has turned into a sore I guess it can be a totally if you wanted to but he. Depends on on what you're doing women and whatever so I'm asking you. Do you think that the I do agree Woodley were Brothers or do you not give some examples of your audio off that obviously have to use some. I common sense here is there more harm than good and there's certainly a lot of good comes of it a lot of things we can do now couldn't do before. Reservists or something you'll think I'm just the most gullible person MO RO it's always you fool me. Is let's see one era there's there's. Oh winners it's okay. Sandy you're really missing the point being played at our flying into and perpetuating it over ruin. What point am I missing a larger now I said that the Internet can be very helpful it could also be a sore is wrong. Or is it that it has it not been helpful. Has it not been a sore. And what are my perpetuating that lever Brothers and an ever writes spend money and buy the audience that they want. Am I wrong by saying the audience gets to make the decisions. Because without an audience you don't have a product. Because about an audience you don't have any participation. And you can't lower sponsors and sponsors and aware was that wrong. But I think a vet of viral videos for instance. Some Mark Few you can understand why their viral all summer in Florida being and understand their viral. But we've had a lot of things that. Aren't open to interpretation. We've had people kill people and put online. We had people who commit crimes and put them online we've seen stupid kids jumping off the roof of their house of a component on line. In my wrong with any of that and am I just an innocent waif wandering through this sea of wretched this I don't think so yeah. I would like the innocent Shia retiring. A preacher man to you Alia idea exactly. That is so that's what you're you usually what people say when they don't agree with your point of view is that you're missing the point or give me your point. You losers are missing the boy aggravating give me their point. Obviously don't have one policy lots and lots of luck so now what people do you got to think about my best. What people do online. Isn't necessarily on lines. Ability to curtail. Except they've provided a stage. That wasn't there before okay. If if you wanted to do this before maybe it wasn't available now it is. And that's why they have to they have through moderate somewhat I'm not saying censor it but you have standards or standards. A community standards of decency standards. That I have to be met otherwise you have no audience origins if it's a license thing you know license. So honestly feel I think. Would be next in Georgia you're on WV again. This city for Mike Cox is Sergio businesses like. Unilever. Portland. Brewing for noses out of social economical political issues because. And just generally better. Which is making billions of dollars by selling so. Selling chicken and all of their Q it is themselves off. Subset in all of that will not do business where some. No matter what their product is an switched to another product because they've decided that they. But these. Political or social economical stand. With the with the public for products and their money. Well I think what they've decided keep in mind now. When an advertiser or is on board. I'm very not necessarily buying. What the what the contents is. They're buying the audience that is viewing Mac continent that's just the way it works and somebody advertisers are Michaud. They're not necessarily buying meat. They're buying Yule and and people like you who are listening to who are a potential appliance for their products so a lever Brothers is said. We don't want to be associated with a lot of this stuff its there and so we're gonna pull advertising dollars which is strictly up to them. Now they're rolling the dice they may pull their dollars and find out of the people who want dove bars and looked into the end and Ben and Jerry's. Ottawa wants back kind of stuff and then they'll lose but if they decided that's a safe place for their family and they can feel comfortable. Are using it as it's was intended audio is then they want but it's their money and they couldn't decide how to use it. Well of course and you know what does that ostracize themselves from so upset. Our customer base that will not purchased from them because yeah because. Political standpoint. You know and it really just it just stick to the matter and which is stolen so. Belichick and Betty and make enough money to be able to afford to have a debt in order to get a bill now only by. Christian radio. No idea I don't think they're preaching Matt because what they talked about was extremism. A first off I don't think anybody is out there are selling extremism. Or selling sexism or selling racism. It's he they are objecting to the contents of which they have a choice with their advertising dollars now is certainly up to FaceBook and it's up to go low. Does decide no we're bigger than that we don't care. Air and as I said Lee you waivers taking has bigger chance now doing this as not doing anything. Well Sergio received over and channels are little Gloria even I'm a religious shows. Door. To jump in sure. While recruiting me so oh. Adding that any such basis. People's. Which. Should. The other people should rule and the people's choices are are what make of the deciding factor. You know believers just saying if if we're going to buy audiences. And get a minute or thirty seconds of airtime we wanna know who Dubai. And does so they they have if you are is unanswered questions though if you are stockholders in Lehman Brothers I assume it's publicly traded. Would you think this would be a good mover not a good move. Absolutely. A killer move like this anything that on themselves from there. From there upper eighties. You know I I would absolutely I would definitely need to serve well they're gonna pull our ads from these company. Just because. Statement or. Something that made controversial. Debate and behind that but there are areas where as the city of voting public information out there and letting people decide for that's for themselves. Well there are okay. I've thank you for your press and it's of you want to and we appreciate your golf tiger Phil. I think lever Brothers is is that they're taking a chance. And if they might find out later that. Manned the people who eat those dove bars within GM Ben and Jerry's. The love this tour today who live in this door. And after a nice visit of a sore. They without a doubt bar out of the freezer and really enjoyed that I find that out. I'm trying to dove bar Oltmanns breeds well and chocolate on dove bar you giving me. Ice cream bars. They were a wanna first premium ice cream bars well whereas it used to be ice cream bars. The ice cream was the symbol of the chocolate wasn't that good okay. And then they but they were 25 cents. And now all of sudden dive bars came out there were a dollar 25. But that shock it was phenomenal and so is the eyes for him. And that's you know the premium ice cream bars and they've been there I think they were the leader and that. In that sects of Everett. A bite scream and things like that I'll have to sell the I don't think lever Brothers is. Is trying to whipsaw. These social media boom lowlands and and though of the others in two base error line of programming they just wanna be able to advertise them places that they think their customers will be comfortable. They've got a choice Google's got a choice Facebook's got a choice and they viewers and listeners have a choice. You think this is a good mover and on newsreader I'm thirty WB yet. Backlit Beijing Governor Palin an invitation to join them and member of. Than myself. For the viking river Cruz that we've done with AAA and we've done six trips so far and each of the six trips sold out. This is true of numbers seven and they're great and viking river cruises best there really are. We're leaving June 26 from buffalo and come back to buffalo on July 6 Prague to burrow and boy B viking bode up. And there will be stopping in which Hamburg Germany. Dresden. Berlin Prague to Switzerland. All kinds of great ports and at ninety people. Ours is all that they. 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In another optional trip to Munich. A BMW factory museum tour. And this is Greg BMW has a long storied history we're going to of that museum as does Audi and we're going to be Audi museum in angles that as well. So if you need more information from triple A 18446887477. Time's running out because we're getting down to a precious few cabins. Left do agree with the lever Brothers that and the Internet has become a swamp of fake nose racism sexism. And it's realism and he they wanna take a stand and they have the bully pulpit because they have. A bag live and nine point eight billion dollars and 25% of that goes for advertising. By a Google and FaceBook and things like that. The head of marketing for lever Brothers said this is not something we can be brushed aside or ignored. You know a believer will no longer advertise on platforms or create divisions in society or fail to protect young people. So they're taking a position. And they're putting their money where their mouth this is not a fail safe position. They may find. That the people eat those bars drink battle at the contained. In our you know really enjoyed Ben and Jerry's ice Graham. Why they may love the sore they may wish they'd spend more time on the sore and if so. Ultimately will rub his willows. Order taking a chance that you know this is such as civil war where he's going to speak up for what we believe. I'm by me personally am a firm believer alerting the marketplace decide. If you have an audience for something and it's not let's cast aside illegal okay I'm not talking about bomb making and just on about general entertainment information. Subjects. Aren't you got an audience for that. Even though one Amanda one big advertiser may know one another one may either right. My other OK and we got to separate. Where the source starts. In other words say your husband finds that area another curia online any runs away or whether or religious flat with the kids. Is that the fault of the Internet or is it the fault of her husband. Think about like that. He come at a little Johnny is suddenly engaged in activities over the computer Johnny shouldn't be engaged with is that the fault of a computer. Or isn't the fault a little Johnny and you are supervision or. Information or whatever so well. We've got to be careful not to blame the messenger which would be the Internet. But I think anybody can say truthfully that if you spent any amount of time especially over via last few political years. There's a lot of garbage on there and a lot of misinformation. But is that the fall all of the medium itself. Or is that the fault of people who are buying the tickets. Think about like that there wouldn't be of a bad stage show with their people lower buying the tickets for the message. So you can't blame as they show and they you have to really. Maybe hero little darlings sex thing. And you don't know is that the fault of of the Internet or the fault of your little darling. If you if you you know as the Internet as a baby sitter. And then you find out that a yard in other kids are not using it the way your life and it's your fault was. For allow them to have a computer. And for not monitoring properly these are all things that can be remedied without anything drastic. Happening through the Internet. But I do see a lot of people are just discussed that whether it's it's it's it's filthy. As I said I've seen some things. That have been directed to me either so Americans are on the air. So that is that Tony here's Andrew re agreeing we're most of this you got two kids. And you're on a lot and you're keeping your your road. Additions. The way you want to be portrayed. Yeah you know again I keep my age you know my personal FaceBook pages positive its food its car or is your football. Things and my family if things that I enjoy. Our Twitter I basically am on their free information and you are low re tweet information dead but. You know I can find my personal opinions on there. I think you know in as far as my kids go I've pretty. Pretty strict and and monitoring them you know I'm listening. You may not be looking at the screen but I keep hearing you know both kids love YouTube. Samantha likes videos and involve little kids playing with toys and dolls and nick is an hour and a sports now. They don't operate in a vacuum now even if you're sitting next of them at every moment they still go to school. They still a playground they still play sports they they interact with other kids. So it's not like if you just don't take your eyes off of those kids every minute they're away. That everything's going to be wonderful. Because as I said the they have to interact with the rest of the world right now the stuff that he's getting from his friends and scarier than. Anything that seen and the in and out I would be exposed. Book that the only thought I have regarding content. Is the NF provides a stage that wasn't there before okay. The you have you know I go I you have the right to remain silent you have a right to remain at an idiot. All right if you wanna do something because you have a stage there. And you think you'll be viral lawyers everybody's gonna know who you are he would do some asinine thing is that the fault of the the platform. I don't think it is I don't know how much the platform ever takes down but then now you're getting into deep water when you're talking about censorship. But there's a difference okay supposes there make a bomb. You know that there's no statement young and that allows you make your own bomb so it's illegal why is that site out there. I used to me I mean is there any purpose for that side. Now now that's what that's so these are decisions that have to be made. And how many times that we found out there's shooters and and bombers and things like that over the course of the last few years got a lot of information. On how to make weaponry in and obtain this of that on the Internet. No I don't know how much the Internet his you know all kinds of things flying around every day I don't know much that monitor. I don't either and he had brought this up we're talking off the year it seems like. People become so gullible. When holder Bernard they will believe anything and everything. I always to make fun of that commercial with the with a guy. Who comes across the beautiful girl and issues as our matter on the Internet you know he speaks French you know him go Polly boo ya USA. So while I think people have become so gullible and then you want to go back to PT Barnum there's a sucker born every minute piece I just saw. A video it's gone viral a butterfly flew down and and took a little puppy dog and flew away when it. It's amazing. I seem butterflies and looked like that in my backyard boy ever keep my poppy indoors I mean there's a lot of boobs out there. There really are and what does does it he's Toby there's pages out of here you need to talk about all talked about boobs not moved call it different groups. But out of people are gullible and immature. Kids. I do immature things they've always done them. They need to get a lot of never had the audience form if if your r.'s son decides to write a lawn chair off the roof into the swimming pool. Before our may be one or two of his friends my rear view it now it could go viral all. And unfortunately he's something bad happens advocate but that's that's the way it is. I don't know how you control that if all goes back to control by the parents. Because. With the parents. Not only do you have oversight you have responsibility advocates. And there if they have a computer or cellphone or off its you'll our decision to do it and who's gonna pay Florida if you say no. The answer is you can say no but they don't want to you know why because I have a separate I was going to be a separate show. John Rosemont wrote a column. That people are afraid to offend their children. Okay. And I got that rose on column here in my file because I mean you put on the last few days. They don't want to be considered square. Out of too much of a disciplinarian. And so they kind of go on the honor system and believe me you have to early in the sense that. Young immature minds there really aren't as a charter members of that. Will be back tomorrow newsreader I'm thirty WB yeah it is region company or asking your Brothers. That the Internet has turned into a swamp with a loss of faith in those racism sexism. And extremism. Do you agree with the of their position or not and will this help or hurt them. I give me examples I think the Internet has been enormously. Helpful in many ways but it's it is enormously. Not so helpful and auto Aso more harm than good more good than harm what do you think is a disorder. And policy got a couple of actually a more Colorado law a vote attacks. Sandy it's embarrassing to think there are swapping social media polls might be how were understood the effort is future centuries. Because I often think about how we read journals and letters. Of people that were written 1518. Hundreds as the way to interpret and understand history. And that's why it's embarrassing as person that's an interesting perspective. Saturday. NC when they tried to boycott Limbaugh. Obama. And ad companies pulled ads and Maria they lost well yeah. Rush it because mine said this before. What do sponsor. Is buying time whether it's radio television. Newspaper and as a matter. They're not buying. The the person they're buying the person's audience you know sometimes it's different. The audience is a little different but usually they're in line with what they're listening to because very few people. Listen or read. Things they don't like. Most people read feel like a certain thing like a certain proforma enjoyed a certain performer that's where you go and Sylvia sponsors as with their body. All right let's see. Don't know if this has come up yet last night on doctor Michael C average show. It was revealed the artist of Obama's portraits. Considers himself radio specialist in anti Caucasian are looking up she created a picture herself be having a Caucasian female. The information is is out there. I I didn't have plans to mentions the the presidential portrait and that of his wife. I saw last night now keep this in mind art. Which is what it is and it is in the eyes of the re older. Human like that you may not like you may see something and it may not seeing anything and it's all I can say is that they get their deposit back. I mean seriously. Forget about politics put politics aside. Michelle and Barack Obama are very attractive. People in an unattractive you may not like their politics but is it a temporary tracked very nice why would you pick those. As picked have you guys seen those pictures. I looked at a dead you know my first thought was this Photoshop. Is this somebody trying to make a joke. Because why would you I mean everywhere is a personal taste I guess but why would you shoes though is one thing of you know about the Pope visited the White House and the pope's personal artist drew this picture of the president. Well what are you gonna do Leo but this was a choice. They actually said yes that's good now I'm gonna hang that up and it's going to be a number of other presidential pictures that. I really thought it was for show that it was you know Mad Magazine copier something. I thought it was a joke I wasn't picking up on efforts like I'll meet or something when he was and I don't I don't leave or something. I deal I thought of was maybe this is the message that a lot of us were happy if he would leave. I feel where. Have I saw someone say is he in the outfield at Wrigley Field gap at the air and Michelle. Bet dress it looked like she was under attempt or something to even look like her know that Michelle look at the Michelle Obama no no art no I don't. No why. Either person would accept that unless they just like that artist's interpretation of bailout. But men on your bird flattering corner fade into the background of the artist and not think they didn't you're giving me and that's why am asking job of course again. A there's no way you can just say hey I'm are struggling artist. I you know I need to sell sell my paintings you know I'm sitting forming yeah that's that's grandma puts you in any field of leaves. This is very attractive and mrs. Obama yeah I've met you never looked better look at this and I picked out a nice frock freer to Wear while campaigning you know. Only god and in this area. I'd like to know from the audience have you seen those portraits or what did you think of them may be because I I don't have a great appreciation for art. Maybe I'm relying maybe I missed judging and I'll say that right now maybe I can and crushed the third year. I'd like Rembrandt like the traditional artist but beyond that I'm lost but what did you think ghost pictures of the president a former president and his. A lovely in real life life. Under Israeli and I'd better what's Randy learn. Already these are ready to go than those in a bed of leaves this must break this must be going all around. People getting their pictures again and and painted in a bed of leaves. I think it looks very attractive. If you're Ray Charles. And actually see the picture my recovery will be back after this.