Sandy Beach Internet negativity 2-13 Hour 1

Sandy Beach
Tuesday, February 13th

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Well hello hello how does region governor I'm sandy beach today this afternoon could be a day or WB and makes big milk that it could be made right here. Today we are loaded with punch he says punch he's everywhere. Today could be the day it could be the day. But Tom pocket. Actually explodes. I think you're just why punched Kim Cobb home I'll have to get big of federal authorities in there. Find out what the combustion method was I think it was punched me. I think we definitely have the conditions for gas and O'Brien. As was complaining about the a flavor of prone punch duties. And so what we did is we secretly. Put some whom throwing in one of his regular Portuguese. And he's going to eat by mistake and now we're locking the restroom doors what do you think it's a good idea your idea. If I was idea puck I can see him exploding would pieces of pocket all over the walls. And the floor Philly Philly dot net though his last words were pass me another one half I thought well our refund always enjoys a 1230 because that's usually. 1230 is when he sneezes lunch while doing the nose and I was sort of me and and if you're saying did you have you had a voice you have no not yet well there's enough room around. Believe me I get up when she's here to feed all of the athletes at the Olympic village I'm sure I'll break down at some point I I think your world through. I almost called you this morning because. Apparently. As a result my roof melted at the it'll end made a little up a puddle in front of the you'd agree nor. And that form into ice overnight because it was only like nine mile up the house and it was tool. On the way here into hula into the studio and I went to hit the girl when it wouldn't open because there was that then then ribbon of ice. And ramping you're gone my friends don't. And have him try analyst describes or forming. But I decided not to resort to one arm and hand anyone has ruptured tendons too so I guess you would've said no I the past. So instead I did it but I didn't go the way you did it good idea I did it in a more thoughtful manner here with a sledge good Hoffman didn't. I did you watch any any Olympics last. Yeah I watched. Policy team Japan take a teen Sweden in women's hockey. Oh OK one. Sweden all right I watched a half pipe. Those girls and most Amare girls seventeen years old. Oh those girls are fearless. It's a fun sport to watch. But here's something I don't understand. All right Olympic athletes. Most of us with few exceptions. Have never heard of any of them until the Olympics okay so it's either to a four years depending on the cycle. And then their on air of the tip of everybody's tongue and you know they names or whatever and then they go back to obscurity again but they live in a different world. Go boom the missing gold medal winner. On half fight have by gonna call leak him a copy sent her a she it was a fabulous wonderful story she's seventeen and she's. So good she is so good and there are parents came over from Korea. In 1980. They moved to California. And now she's back competing in a bit of the previous homeland in winning gold I mean it's a great story. But here's what I don't understand about this story. The one of the announcers said her father. When she was ten which was seven seven years ago because she's as ever and then. Well I decided he would helper aware of her career by quitting his job. Now hobby is how do you live if you don't have a job. And your daughter's training for half pipe. I mean I don't get that there aren't any professional had to have five circuits. They don't Wear advertisements on their uniforms. So waiting get the money is or half pipe association. Maybe that mrs. has a good enough job and should so that's an ugly yes I mean you think of because. I mean as much as you like something. Like you could say you know what. I'm going to do is support to Apollo is donuts I'm I'm quitting my job and eating lunch trees for seven years. You need something else you know I'm talking alone and about apparently there is a financial support for some of the stuff and the other thing I think about is. He said his daughter grew up. Wanting to do have played OK and at ten and he made that decision. Now where do you go to practice. Half pipe. Are there half pipe tracks all over the world where you can just go and practice and it's the same thing would lose. OK suppose you'll I was supposed Nicky says I want to be a closure. So you're not from India and I would like to get larger and okay I'll take it to the luge track in Cheektowaga. I mean wherever we're do you go to practice this stuff I'm sure there somewhere the other must be somewhere but there's probably not many of them. Because I can't see them opening up when Michael Long for instance. But it's underlies. A lot of the Olympics are fun and despair it was nice on this composition and a Shaun White is. Is going to hear his try today he's probably best known name. In in half like they might cut his hair off. Wonder who likes Sampson you know we are you in long errors winning and in the last night right here in fourth. Yes I am Nickelodeon and moves then. Says strong wise what where'd British air goal yeah. Now okay beamer now bigger bigger guys this suppose it's just another way you are ten years at all. I want you wanna personal. Half piping all right but would he give up his job and affair would have knowing come for seven years are you gonna have fired. I don't it's not end I would want until well I ever would have expected that from my father. But I think he'd do the right thing and thing such as global yes just experience or because that you go over job you know our Geico I don't think they're gonna ask you can you have now and not on your resume I think that's a great place towards the if it is your rehab barber buckeye team would rather do currently I would ask you what orders board VP Al Carla. The next double go to girl in the mixed doubles this morning Canada and Switzerland won a match. Match where I'm sure you like that because it was a mixed double there was one woman they did wrong and let me tell you that fights debate over this zone coverage others haven't and pummel him let me tell presented a mixed doubles the Canadian girl Caitlin laws. Very attract the very happy when you don't. That. Comes under I got that story about these two sisters best friends. American's best friends both a lot of well be in the Olympics both get on the Olympic squad in different teams. And they say ago when there on the eyes it'll be fierce competition. But other than that there BFF. There you know it is closes to be able debate I he's seen I haven't aside I mean I'm not for a I just wanna see one problem. You know pummel Leo at least once in in a fight I think that would be no refundable. And see which one dad goes on pulls off. And where they're good stories. The win. Colin how do you compete in the kind of wind that they had. A memo I mean ends as I was downhill guys. Roll. Back or flying those guys are and bullet a risk are drying out they're fearless. But it was fun to watch I didn't I didn't see any. Quit Olympic update on the US what heads defeated the Olympic athletes of Russia five to nothing just what final closed very god burger. I'm still screwed up when the timing your other fourteen hours Adam is like serious things on nine at noon time there knowledge I know it's midnight right now. OK fourteen hour. So I still can't get that straight as if you watch Canadian is usually in real time watch NBC it's and delay. So it's it's hard to figure out. The how about the other of the Olympic Russians were what are what's the name of that team now Olympic athletes from Russia there not been technically the Russian team. They're they're they're they're they are for all intents and purposes playing for Russia but they're not the Russians the ones who didn't she is that what it is. The video of it is sponsored by area. By several drug chain he aqueduct and our thanks to break. I'm my father my father gave a truck driver and so that I could via a radio announcer I wanna sit in on a fitness. But he for seven years we had no income and no food. And and now I managed to get through radio school they'll have me and I've put my nose for the door. So it's a great Olympic story we're back on news read united thirty W via a we get lifted up by the Olympics it's fun to watch guy. I'd watch the Olympics or watch a lot of that and it's exciting. And Bobby are always comes up with a better way. To do things a difference is he's big he's a big sporting fan and that he loved of the half pipe last night and city really enjoyed it. Except he has a problem when they're uniforms. What they Wear when they're actually participating. They look like call girls that your local. Shade tree mechanic would be wary. And their big big helmet. And and and go oh and you can he suggested the half pipe bikini team and I'm thinking that would work. Out. You know what's amazing is how they get a judge these things. To me you know you got all of that the top and a half pipe. You can tell if you're you know like I know nothing about have buy in like me is how far above the top of a pipe they go. Then they're not I don't I don't look if arm I guess. As most of them when they fell would fall on there to bush. One of them fell on the on their head and that was a little scary. But I just I don't know totally holiday's probably scored you guys know how they score app like I have no idea. Is not time is not a timed event as it judged event so they got to use a personal judgment and those bills ladies are flying around there. How they do but when they call the scores they'll see right guy and refresh yeah and the crowd's always of the crowds and now. Because you can tell I nearly a third lists swoop. For about lack of a better term. When when the one on one a one goal when she came over there she was I mean she was moving as a little old goal over the plight. So what else is coming up we got more skiing. Hockey. All these winners wards. How about some more there must be some more skating somewhere. Because I electricity Stevens and yes he's getting us. I interviewed Dan Jansen in Wisconsin. And I did a phone interview would Bonnie Blair. And at that time when I was they're Beirut of the male and female balanced the speed skaters in the world right and training at the same place in west Alice very nice people through. And I got a Janzen I have in my autograph collection. He signed a teacher for me so that that's pretty nice Joseph and I have found a way to improve speed skating. Put motors on them know they're trying roller derby and speed Scalia higher polls I like. Yes I don't like that I think. Outdoor wrestling and especially when it's like six degrees. And pick. Up oh. He's he's. A body part just came off. Imagine. You know we hear about kids that wanna play hockey when they get older and the parents have to bring him to the it's a rink at 5 AM to get any ice time. I wonder if it's the same thing when you're doing half pipe in the kind of and who. The kind of stuff they're doing. I imagine because if you look at. You don't have many facilities if you have a good number of people that one protester we only have so yes it's like. You know when I was a kid ice time was extremely. Difficult to get there weren't as many breaks. The dollars drinks everywhere you know why they that exact reason you gave is why there are no people doing moves from your neighborhood that's right I you you're good you're good people do say you in your neighborhood now and go back there what do Hoosier yeah yeah they do you say that a compliment your illusion ability. They're still talking about it would you like to have one trip down a luge track where those slugs yes Iowa and possess one of my favorite of Nazi Staten slide those guys are crazy yeah there really are because they're lying down. The airlines are women go women who moves to obviously but when there are lying down they can't even see him. And how to control. They control slide because when I was a kid and I had a sled. You could jump you know it's running down a hill jump on your belly on the sled right or you could sit up with your feet I'd guiding misled. They are laying down. I I don't know how to do it half siblings bobsled I would imagine that they can control the robbers with the league's. I'm thinking oh I would Hope Solo. They had a crash I think Lester threw. That was scary. I don't know how fast they're going but it looks real fast I'm rooting for the Jamaican women and Bob slide you like the Jamaican bobsled team yellow they have a women's team now so I think that's pretty cool again no ice time management no leader currently is if you get every for the suns Alberto melt Heatley that there to get to go to practice as a bottle water there thinking. Take a break. And it will return Lamar would Beijing company gets up much today. It was nothing personal under as writer and I'm thirty WB again. Air we have acquisition governor hey have you up polish up your dancing shoes zoning you're ready to take that your daughter. Two RA you daddy daughter dance this will be my first one. You have you practice where you live there dancing weather now it's kind of difficult being in the sling. That's the you don't dance with your arms and what you gonna do when he's there at that Ralph cram that is on the ride back at your legs are involved in all of that here now your feet yeah have the most lovely if they rhythmic position. I'm in trouble we'll hear what you do as you stand still. Just makes emotions and ever dance around you that's agreement because not going to be looking at you anyway in the Euro was going to be looking at the girl is now publishing five she's five so we're looking at a five year old romancing. And not you trying to dance we armaments it. Old boom we will be right next to Nicklaus and Jeanne. Why did you allow what kind of music they way you are now the dance the modern dancers Jeannie went last last year but the year before for neck. So this is my first time so there was one. She enjoyed it I I took a dancing lessons I had to my mother made me. And he and money she's been on dancing lessons yes he's a dance. I want my wedding and as I Euro and that was about it I used to dance when I went out while would go as a piano. The Caligiuri lean mean dancing machine now the Caligiuri Brothers we were actually pretty good idea is my brother is a really good it doesn't surprise me those rights manager while the war criminal your moles. Oh I did okay with that before after analysts at. A I just below is a dancer oh yeah that's sort of the keys to the kingdom is going out there and. I rarely. Do you do any any you know any fancy moves that should be a named after well I have the closer but you know it's a closely ice around Simon well. I do hot out works involves a butterflies that were well that's right it's server and I. I think women like to dance a lot more than men do yes a lot more than men do Manhattan when they have to we will. I'm only under duress we don't we don't low look forward to we don't relish it now not a great moment. I don't know what you're younger when I was in high school I dance slow dances. Because there's something I. And as you are really gifted. There's something about a guy that's six war in 300 pounds as a natural I can't see you do in the straw Sammy Davis junior hit an all out there. Just they're just. Trying to crowd into jelly you know right now on the me. But this advance all right. And that's where my idea boom. My famous of Fraser won on the back for dancing game night it's very nice if you're divine averaged almost and what about Landry was he out there dancing Larry is that they certainly can dance reality. As a matter of fact that he came to visit here his wife came to visit. While we were still on elm wood right over that. And their him over the house and it and go subs I don't know what it wasn't. He started this thing has surprised me. Because I don't remember dancing that much in high school. Oh but. Good so when you guys are schools destroy all the big. Everybody want all of those rock and roll golden oldies. In a special advances. And and then later you have especially dances which saw Adam missile that. Twists -- they had the most common yeah that was the most common. But basically you know when those fast songs came on I thought the refreshment stand dare you to house where I actually. Just strolled up to the refreshment stand in the intricate. And argued that stands the last I did do of the other dances right which is the slogan is there's advances. As your total clots. And step on feet. If anybody can do that Asia shuffle your feet now you have a ride back words refreshment stand. Blogger from Danish. As. Now I heard a lot of people talking about this. For a long time now and then now it looks like it's about to hit the fan and it'll be interesting to see. Exactly how it works. If if you have a business. That relies on advertising. In order to succeed one of things you have to be very very sure of is take care of your customers. Avoid your customers while you have customers actually buy your product or service those are. Obvious customers. But your sponsors. Are your customers through and responses. You give you the money to run their commercials. To get the people are listening or watching or observing your. Business to buy their products it's not a hard equation to figure out. So bland as say. Like here okay. Say a listener doesn't like. Beamer are okay which would be rare we have to we have to dig dig deeply defined one. We would say we're sorry at all like Joseph Joseph adds a lot to our station and and an idea of maybe you'll come to lose in like when you do it's nice crucial consideration. If a sponsor. Says we don't like Joseph Graham. Wrong as did AirTran you know maybe his daughter was on the half pipe bikini team. I am and David Joseph beamer who are. Now gonna pay more attention well that's exactly what's happening on the Internet. Leave her brother's anybody out there are no blue lever Brothers would be raise your hand I'm raising my hand in my the only one that knows that lever Brothers. Bill of the biggest advertisers in the country. There advertising budget watch violence each year is nine point eight billion dollars. When you have an advertising budget I'm not saying point eight billion dollars. People tend to listen Giulio. And labor Brothers says right now they Arab they spent 25% of that on and on digital platforms on non Internet stuff. And they are threatening the poll. 25%. Of nine point eight billion dollars from digital platforms saying may have become a swamp. A fake news. Racism. Sexism. And extremism. And they don't wanna be a part of it we cannot continue. To put up upgrade digital supply chain these are the words from lever Brothers. Which at times a little better a sweet Auburn terms of its transparency. The marketing boss Heath who leave you wondering named Keith we need is Mallard good name. That's our something bat there won't be after as well as Roman will be at the funky weird. According to. A speech that was announced on CNN. So you know you are you only were. The which is a Toll Brothers. Which owns brands like dove. And Lipton. And Ben injuries as one of the top advertisers. And though I have been nine point eight billion dollars of advertising. Available each year 25% as the original so. That's a lot of money lot of money and I've heard you guys who surf the web when I go. I'm on the web a if I'm not getting anything for the show if I'm just there for enjoyment. I look at car stuff than in though some sports. And you know it's generally I don't get into the chat rooms and things like that do enough of that here. And and so I don't see that as much as you guys do because your your are a lot and checking things out. And do you think lever Brothers says the right idea when they say it's become a swamp effect there was racism sexism it and extremism I agree with them 100% because I've heard both of you say it's it's. Occasionally you have to get away from is that right beamer. Oh yeah it is it's something if you are on it more than an hour a day you're gonna let it get Tia and even if you have a very. Short temper who might go wild on certain people. I think it the best thing to do is take it in little bits because there has become just a place where it's a lot of negativity are lots of. Oh you see it everywhere is everywhere and it's like it's an amazing situation because it's like oh what beer muscles used to be described as. Somebody doesn't have enough courage to say something to you lord do something to you and then they have few drinks. And suddenly they've got the arm muscles now we're gonna say and do things that wouldn't do normally I think the same thing probably applies here. Where you're not going to find. Negativity stuff like that as are my age I refuse to get into that and try to keep everything positive bond. I've had I don't want to get down and in and the muscles by our refuse talk politics on social media. Generally keep my nose clean on their and they just you know I want to enjoy people my friends my ferry. Our listeners attention as I life you're like good clean communication yeah idea and hot girls almost like there's. That's a accommodation. But yeah when people get if so obviously. Fallacy of getting into it with somebody on line. You're never going to win an argument. Was the last time he got into an argument online and the person you're arguing was that. You know what I'd never thought of it like that you've you've brought enlightenment in my life yes I'm going to do what you just said. Work like that all they try a bowl Leo and and the states are terrible things. I Jerusalem stuff that I can't is so gross. That I can't even repeated on the there. And so I just avoid that I just don't go. I don't understand what people seem Twitter why you wanna go and for awhile you are your ideas when strangers chassis Austria. There were in the public high that people just for the fun of it are going to attack you. And I are going to be fine dining enjoyment of its people. Who don't have the balls to do it in person. But they feel very empowered and they're safe. They're in their house there in their car their wherever they are you don't know who they are most of the time. But they know you are and they know what the positions you take what July when you don't like and if it's something different from them they feel absolutely free to adjust the beast merge Yule your wife your kids. The way you look the way you address what should drive where you go to church just anything at all. Because they don't have the courage to do it in person not that it would be advisable to do it in person a reliable walk away. Not looking the same as before they started that. A beamer do you Europe to answer any of that stuff you get into any of that stuff for or you're trying to avoid it. You know when I was younger I might have gone my whole stop more and more rock stopped. Stop don't do that way back when you're young anger that was the last murders Gary. I cocaine and new younger Gloria. A few years ago it's Madonna like rather than college in May be the first few years I was here. I would may be respond with comments but what is that you're not gonna change with the opinion and it just becomes a back and forth and that's good enough that your daily conversations are so my social media unless you get annoyed by a lot of Virginia Tech posting or Mets postings. Or attractive women from the Russian curling team doing the work out I think you're going to be okay. It's like you and ask them for their opinion agents foisted upon new. There and so does there's no need I have no desire nor any need to win any arguments on line I have no desire or any need to get into any arguments on line. Com pardon me on just their passing group. One of the fun parts is as you know being that. We're loudly were Amish we're giving our opinions every day ever knows what that are here at any oh there's a lot of people out there listening and is though golf on the will be your best friend I'm on FaceBook K how you doing lending listen that. And then all of a sudden one day they're gone they don't you'll hear from them. And anymore that's why idea I think the term friends. Avaya I I think they spared ought to be. To be brought him to court and not allowed to use the term friends. Because just somebody who's willing to sign up as a friend isn't necessarily a friend. A friend is somebody as something you nurture. You have common interest you might have some disagreements you might have some agreements but you keep in top. Florida is not like yes I I'm a friend of yours for 43 years but what you said about the price a Nokia today is outrageous I'm defendant. As stupid and inept. Happens it's. Read it as well I have X amount of time on her. And if everyone has their own park and we don't know how long it's gonna run punctuation timely that what do you care if beats him up a high price of milk. I knew what a hot does it affect your life. Obviously is something that does affect your life man you can chime in and give your opinion. But I find it pointless and ridiculous to be honest. But people people like to do it and I think if it's yet to be like. To be in a deal like you're taking Joseph Frazier is Joseph. Is still alive obviously. And and just getting online and be leveling them because you know you could never do it in the ring that wouldn't happen. But you can do it now you've Joseph. Because you never like Frazier as a fighter and naive and he can do that on line. It's it's it's. It's safety mechanism. To keep your nose in between the two eyes that you have. And UT still in your head so he can do that we're very little chance they're gonna happen to you as the ball's going in person. So maybe that's that's a good thing. Does did you get any real friendships. Have either view that any. As somebody who didn't always a million new casually at school who you lost track of him now and it aaron's and things zero point guard has. It developed some relationships with our listeners whoever I've never match and you know they check up on the EC on doing things like that. Have wonderful conversation earlier artery once they entirely you know I have been telling him that you know kind of laid low since he's in the spotlight out. You know you ask for here is electronic device hit. A good name of the drove manufacture. In the fifth. But at the same time there's people who were my friends you know for a long time and all the sudden bird on the thing my opinion you don't. Now you don't know I think that any friendship. Barring something legitimate and you know some legitimate difference of opinion. Any friendship that dissolves. Over a difference of a position on on a certain thing. Is in a friendship at all. I mean basically it wasn't there in the first place. So vote wasn't reverse bush really knows where back after this I inside I haven't done just that everyone's is on the Fonda. Breakup your visits the doctor and humor you know humor just that it's only minor. I regards as a hero's Newman's. They were well it or numbered about. I have a side effect with that is every every third word in Spanish. I I speak Spanish every third word I don't know why it's happening to me. As they know. That every fun while go to see doctor Allen Anthony you've got one. No no that's that's doctor Simmons and doctor Callahan is non non OT yeah all day like I dodger Broward are female my primary doctor Simmons is a female issues and she has taught yet she's not every female he acts as the dark losing today is a good doctor but he's not right all right I'm not into the BI reverend a actions and dark thought. But I try something like that vision you would start desire and ability. You know hot hot days would be good that would make every hospital has not as they think that things are beginning speaks Spanish. Back after this thing and there.