Sandy Beach Hugging 12-7 Hour 3

Sandy Beach
Thursday, December 7th

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Just a program note and approximately. 1145. Where expecting senator Al Franken who made an announcement. Most are ours guessing that he is going to step down but we've nobody knows for sure says 1145 today. If indeed he does step down the governor of Minnesota will appoint a successor the governor is a Democrat as well is obviously. And is that would be up moves he would be open in eighteen again so that's that's that. Meanwhile well the reason I'm mentioning hugging and missile so. Is the fact that we've all this going on with the impropriety here in the workplace and in person and whatever. We're getting down to getting down to basics and I would not be surprised if somebody says they got on wanted to hug. Wit and I didn't I didn't want to hog but I got a hug anyway and that I thought of them natural progression of that is. Are we ever going to see missile so again but somebody sends seventy text. It's sad that Trader Joe's. Has missile to all I assume to sell well god you know gave remind now Trader Joe's is owned by all the and all these a German company and the Germans have a lot of holiday traditions though. Maybe that's the reason that you can get it there and maybe you can get other places I don't know about it was looking for and but I'm thinking. You're not going to find any Christmas party. Do we have. Would that with the missiles now. Because it if there if that sensitive right now in both the social media the workplace you're home parties whatever there's an army and missiles so. You'd do you agree with that or not these guys EU agree. Yet and I think I may have to stop the Trader Joe's and pick one up. To play I think the kids would have fun with that started can't have fun if you have a a fun in this in mind you're gonna have fun with that but there are people walk around again for whole of fallen true Mauricio. You know slip that was there or something like that. Divisional lines as a lawyer you know 47 times more than was offered by insurance. Did you know that this additional one. And then they saw a lot of big numbers of these world war is that these people got. They show what happens Holm. Yeah Arab have a heart trouble believing in those cities seasonally cents a barrel to model right. And they just got eighteen million dollars as for why what some must happen and this is somebody can't see mental anguish or we're Muslim. Well you know that's true it I guess the duo would depend on the Leo on the spokesperson. But yup there and that's the reason. So I'm not having mistletoe miles good some Obama to come over borrow margins about coaching that these are all good value jogging. Let's go to our friend the area where Israel who probably has missiles on his front door hi Gerri are on WB yeah. But to worry who works well what's your mind a bit of perspective broad and I would like to go back and look at the root cause of the current. Apology that aren't I blaming Bill O'Reilly aggression Earl. Lol. Beat. She the under whatever Bill O'Reilly did to her it was worth forty million dollars. So now everybody out here look here and says. I'm pretty is scratching Carlton and that at the office he's as big let this Bill O'Reilly now I want twenty million dollars. Absolutely I I was locked around and come hoping somebody would hug me. Here are the real problem. Duke once driving. And it's gonna come down to you're going to have human interaction with someone you have they think the two page contract. With every possible scenario. For a look looking to. And you have to sign up. Well that's true ON and that's that's the problem. That this human being contact is being lost. But wait what we do what we have a question that we asked the vs the next there was no we ask him electronic device to give me the answer. That's just the way it is. Were where if there's more people on a family they each have their own self farmers sitting together at dinner table nobody's talking to anybody else's bargain on a cellphone. If you look around society end and you see something that really want want to meet you pearl. I guarantee you'll find lawyers aren't they have no soul they have no conscience they're they are one thing. Took pit people against each other so they can become rich. While just remember my lawyer got me two and a half times with the insurance company effort thank you Gary Merry Christmas they figure it. And is it's odd that scares me the most and I sent it right from the beginning. Certainly infractions of the law have to be dealt with and you have to know how to read the rule of one is welcome what does not walk alumni. I'm not the putting a pin hole and any of apple what I am saying is that we are getting further and further away. From human contact. Everything that we do now is filtered through a machine. We ask questions of the machine. We do our work with a machine. We talked to a machine for fun. We leave fund messages we don't talk to human beings trying get a human being on the phone while you know after what is ringing. It's almost impossible. Everybody goes through some electronic device through. Record your message you'll get back to you blah blah I admit I don't leave messages the only messages Tony. All the time I almost never leave because I don't want. I just refused and and mine is so disgusting that people locales. Deal. This what is good its its. It's my best of all time I'm going I'm going the greatest hits. A phone messages this is the razor. But I had I had to careful because I was expecting a call from my doctor. And does so I took via message often so darker scope game and that ever in if let's take a break or we're back with more or Beijing company. A newsreader and I'm thirty W via an thing we can't even express our own emotions. You the old days when you have emotions I love you I'm so happy I'm angry. I am I'm a I'm thinking about you know you have all of these emotions. They've been replaced by remote geez. Now we have that now we have to think of what kind of a mode only and what's our emotion let me go and find a proper Jeep to mansion up. Still ridiculous. It's like offered kid wants to do it I guess that's fine so let's see we've given up conversation. Because we're on our cell phone target there's always somebody more important than you because they're talking on the cell phones of them aren't. So you either have to sit around waiting for your chance to approach via the this is the crown. And let's see if they'll actually talked to you so we don't have a conversation we don't and we can't even express our own emotions now we have the we have the dig out the emotions and I remember everybody being breathlessly exciting when they come out with a new remote cities. I mean were you pick -- to wait for the Italian won the Hamas this says video below OJ you know the best one we should have been an issue before us on the way yes we need because remember angry emote geez matter well this is how we talk we go into our hands we always do always that. So we're losing communicated of skills we really truly honor people aren't talking to we joke. They're communicating with a vote robots. We can't even back Umar and Rome which. Machine that goes from bouncing into lump bouncing into walls and chairs tables much like any of our. Salespeople automating but that's basically that's the way it goes. We can't handle our own emotions we have to substitute it within a Mozy can talk to people we have to ask you. Asked via the mysterious voices the answer to all of our questions. It's ridiculous we're losing track losing our lives a year. If you can't communicate your big trouble. Let's go except remember how it started so caveman blow up fire bad member asked Republicans about that. He has studied neanderthals who really good and I mad desire want to hard Roger Christian. They were you know word got out he's in the next studio. Think Roger's hugging tight but you don't think so now he has seen it blow a hole on a star would be the hunger. Now nobody my. And yet I'll. Yeah I'd earlier remote you for that half half. Malaysia are. As we can go over to kiss. I'm not. And hugged. Yet though Venus she might let you log here. Or you issue in my jeweler now she won't know. Bob beamer we will we will log these I have favored a hug and Janet Snyder. I have that average that's recognized. Very nice to have. Against flavor of favor invasions that and yet you have standing. As speaker she feels article. No highlights and you voice mail get along great we have far more on the area let's go to Bob. In Clara as Bobby on W via. Yes I'm sending. Do you ever since you're KB wow thank you very much slower. And I appreciate that and and then there's a lesson but it never call before what. What to further here conversation today two issues which you YouTube and trauma around. But the first. And he talked about talking. EXP and and and what's happening today and believer that. You know we have gotten. Closer to a socialist Communist police state than ever before because we now deputized. Everybody in the country were so old and everything into it so yeah you know you think about are. Almost every mistake. It is very very difficult because it's hard when you can't explain something even as a witness in your trouble. That's true you're either being recorded. Or your being witness that is all kinds of things where you're your vision isn't juror on and the lord's been it's how other people see you know you see yourself. And and we see that every day we're being judged by people tell us were doing everything wrong. Right and and are the out flyers deserve to be in trouble right but probably for everybody instead tries to stay between the goalposts. You're still in trouble because can't explain it and you're gonna get swept up with the the with the broom. For every guy it's also a loss could. It's so a lost cause trying to be a communicate live. A human being you wanna talk was somebody. And not everybody has the ability to talk right now they're so used to talking into eight machine instead of looking at a person that they are more comfortable that they don't have the words or express their emotions that's why we have artificial. Means of a mode g.s and things like that to express. Right now so I bring this into the night saying that maybe it'll work to her you okay quit the current issues today. You know me to you know I'll surely. Under right now. I think yeah. The real problem is that going to be difficult this is that. Women in general okay. I complain about the glass ceiling. Aren't they need managers they really do need some somebody that kind of take them under the wings can't get any more to help them develop it within touching a business community some tight right. But the reality that is. The risk reward of somebody being altruistic act this can help disperse about this lady out of whatever your. Is it worth it anymore because. Some think it happened and all of a sudden this thing won't stay within forever. Too many that's the greatest danger I think is that. If he is say you are department head or your company or whatever. And you've got to go on a business trip and you've got to trust the assistance. Some of them are mailed some on the female obviously going to be one of them. And are you gonna take the female on the business trip or ego Lieber home because she might be the one you should bring on the business trip but you don't want the appearance of impropriety just like oh vice president of pan says. He does not eat. With a woman alone unless his wife is there will them and and people were plotting that I thought that was pretty pathetic. Yeah or think about that one step further the the feminist lecture at home saying we have we need to move forward all the stops. And the reality of it except for when her husband about it now with a woman. Yeah it's in it's it's not fair one for one thing if you want to be I've always said this weather is a racial question a gender question are going else. If you want them if you want equality you're more than welcome to it. But real equality means criticism. Means rejection and things like that. Don't expect equality would no strings attached you've got to earn it okay thank you thanks for bringing that up by appreciated. Yes it's really unfair to women if you are going on a trip. And and normally you would bring say normally you would anticipate having her as an ally in your company. Now you're going on a business trip. But you don't bring her. She's the one you should bring your bring in this guy instead because there will be no questions if you bring the guy. They might be questions if you bring her so that's not fair to her it's not fair to you. Not fair to accompany if you have shareholders is not fair to them either. Say about really quality okay you want is it what racial equality. Right over and get EU is still and you should have but just get used to people treating you like they were the same race which is sometimes very badly. You don't get golden status award because of equality. You still have to dig in the model like everybody else does and if you want to you can get a glimpses of it's it's not exactly what you might expect it to be. Did that I make myself clear there ethically and it's if you want you gonna get a but there's a there's things are gonna see him at that maybe you didn't see before. Our Antonio Maria faced reports. I have planning Leo says. A big proponent of hogging what using vice president. Pets is guidelines. Our kids for kids and grandkids. So he agrees with parents. Now eyes you know you wanna do that fine as you you know when there's fewer and relatives and friends and and and coworkers I think it's ridiculous. I really do I think it pains men as if all you need is an opportunity. And then you're going to become a swirling breeze at the other is doing but for some history. Well for some and almost as true. You know Timothy McVeigh blew up a puzzling that it had adults and children and it didn't care but our to our weakness that rules are based around Timothy McVeigh's what today today's teenage we pay with a broad rush and have. Knob rod I see you said Rahal what's wrong and Raj. It is already have a drop out and my lawyer. I didn't get me six at halftime of insurance company offered well answered through Ichiro. And now I didn't have my nose done. I believe that. And maybe my hair the same time. Iowa we've got a moral vision company under Israelis and I'm thirty WB yen. Not everybody loves dogs this letter to dear Abby is what got me started today because I thought of today's she is supercharged. Office atmosphere sexual atmosphere when emperor. I'll live unwanted behavior advances that sort of thing how many people have had to step down leave the country yeah. I'm sure someone that's going to jail or kinds of things. So we have to be sensitive about the things that are alive. As says dear Abby I'm not a I'm not a hugger. In fact I pretty much always hated. But people think Amro what I don't open my arms in hug them after they go from there arms. And they also think that I root when I tell them that I'm not really a hugger. It happens with the friends fellow church congregants. And audience members nominated to hear all the time although I let the hugs happen I'm usually holding my breath the whole time. I I don't want people think that I don't like them or that I am not happy to see them. But I'm fed up we have faking it. You a lot of other vehicle I'm fed up with faking it and going through a ritual that makes me uncomfortable. If there's a polite clear way. To convey this to people without seeming cold. Or an appreciative. Please let me know what it is signed. Let's see braving for the embrace. So this woman you know they're afraid of the end to a world or. Or a deadly disease she's afraid of getting hug. So I think her robe her bar several low the air bracing. Not everyone is comfortable living being hugged. You should be honest and tell them harder is that you become class claustrophobic when people hug you. And to please understand the jury Lexus is in personal. If you they can about you rather about them it shouldn't come across as they rejection. Okay guests of the best dog I've ever had to owning as hard I have ever. Mark and a dollar part South Park. That's heroines as you over Rula. To cut the ribbon for the okay via the Delaware north. Gave me a big hug. And I I haven't washed that your absence. And so she's she's really sweet. Surely is very nice and she's petite. You gets up at the ages she's very she's tiny little toy for but she's the very real. Our Tony get me a couple of Facebook's though we're looking at the clock or about five minutes away from Al Franken if he's on time. Making some kind of announcement regarding his future and our lack of it with the senate where via. That's says my family was that touchy Feely so. My first real contact with hog was when I got married I didn't like it in would range but I have learned to live with it. Hugs still don't like it never hog non fans. They shouldn't have to hug if you don't want to hog but what I'm saying as you missing noticed something sometimes. Because this and I think. Great joy he hugged you know you just your horse just one that this is just got fed job you've been wanting. And you yulia hugging each other and especially to women and that's very exciting. But the I think the other side. Decides when you're going through great stressing great grief may be a loss of a loved one. That's what hugs realty payoff they really mean summit because your transfer them. And they're accepting part of of your grief they're trying to console you'll. Make you feel like you're not a lot of them as we're here for you and that's a great help and if you don't if you can't accept that you you don't know what you're missing really. When the article came out about. Was it for Sheen should never for sure darted a hog. Relatives when they come over you don't like that there's a lot of chatter going back and forth I never really gave it much thought. We shouldn't force. He shouldn't force. But if if you should if you present at the right way for Russia via through them you know you must you must bug I had area. The issue of Joseph and she gives you a nice gift at Christmas though it is shouldn't do that it should be natural. Just like how I have war. Air kisses it there hugs a cell phone you know why pretend. That you're you're really sharing. A guy you know some intimacy when you're not will be backward more alum maybe you can go Sharpton and not a sharp that Al Franken. What you recall of Al Franken said he was gonna become Al Sharpton. Who will be based in the senate will be back after service.