Sandy Beach Hugging 12-7 Hour 1

Sandy Beach
Thursday, December 7th

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Yeah we're back live did you come and AM sandy B is just a reminder at approximately 1145. Were expected to hear from senator Al Franken. As sting is for sure whether he's going to stay in our weather's going to drop out if remind if he does quit. Be a Minnesota governor who is a Democrat as well will announce his replacement and that person will be in the office until. 2018. So that's at 1145 there are you OK with hugs and the reason I'm asking it seems like such a generic easy easy kind of question but it's not now because with the all of the of people getting into trouble for unwanted advances. I'm called for advances you'd trying to figure over correct word to say it but some of them are getting pretty basic. You know a one we had the other day were some but he said that he whoever he was like forget this when movements aluminum and put his hand on her back. I was there are very poised. Please I believe that if you should be. Protected from unwanted advances but I think we need some definitions here. And was a friend just told us of one thing he's had a woman was accusing. A guy of undressing her with a anxieties. And at a first a chuckle that so I realized. And you're close the radio today. I know we have a newsman. And who once I saw on dress up and being with us. He really did its true unfortunately is Mary Joseph opening and that's sort of the war she didn't like that has just been a sale which would've been okay Iran's behavior. A a you know if there is if you we will be funny women regardless of the court but I won't be funny but no I think of funny things for various some people say that you. I can think of funny things. If I we're very an hour being if I were being. Tried for our you know what I would do. I would sit next to my lawyer in stare at the judge. In undress the judgment in my eyes. In Argo nice growth since which iron enduring the of those roads. At my parents drove the judge offered you might think. This is the way this guy looks all the time so it wasn't her he was looking at the clock and he said it was looking so he goes look I always look him eight. Although I am an attractive judge at the to be a difference between. A genuine hog and the creep factor oh yeah well yeah in there creep factor is somebody feels that they have a free hug. No matter whether one anybody wants one weather is merited what you know anybody and that's not true look at pictures of Joseph Biden and if creeped out by some of the hot there and not only hugging. Remember this scene where. Their old one was standing in back of a President Clinton and it was Clinton. It was the Clinton or Obama. And the president was having of the best in it was a woman standing behind him and he was standing right next in her he was practically giving her massage. Do you remember that picture I do several of him with his hand yeah he's got what I am saying is. If you read the room properly of it for the odds are it's a relative. Or close friend or or or somebody that you've known for years and years and years and you have a personal relationship with them. Are you a warm hug some stranger probably not you know a boot. That first drug doesn't mean anchors are on him in November and I don't Leo. But the bottom line is we've become so uptight about everything and with some justification in my that. Vet everything is being looked at including hugs and I'm also asking because this is the I just not a something if it was in the mistletoe business I would be suicidal. Because I have a feeling bureaucracy any missile so this year and probably never again. No company is gonna do it. And the only of people might do it as if you're having relatives over at at christmastime in and you wanna do that for fun. But I wouldn't even think Libya. Done that much for neighbors. Let's go to. Joseph and silver screen jolly on WB again. Law of the few Joseph appreciate it what do you think about hugs and missiles so. Well. I think we have heard on the wall you know. Couple years ago that was signed you know say you're a student at SUNY. Schools as this if you aren't out of date with somebody early sign an agreement. Like area it's almost like Gary's financial deal with a lawyer involved you know it's like what we've come through. You can't be human. Well that's the point if it you know there's an enormous sense of behavior or people stretched that. And sometimes break that we have to look at ever seems like we're very very sensitive right now. And I don't think it's gonna get any any better. Bennett Asman. And I told her screener I thought about this quite I called up mr. frank and and let my message and I really think she should fight it. Simple I'm pretzel because we're these people. For the past 25 years when we knew all about mr. Clinton they supported him and she's around I mean. I just impressed bought these guys are hypocrites and a flight. Well the report that a from the ABC reporter of every morning news it was starting to when they asked how many complains are there. They weren't really sure what they thought it was around eight different people the last one no one knows who reported the straw that broke the camel's back. Was a EO forced kids see once once the lord force the Jews. You're in trouble because nobody wants that have to deal would that. And so we'll Seward Josiah I know Laura soup soup reserves are buried Weatherly what usually happens is you go further in the new pullback will see if that happens here. Yeah I bid said to me. You know it's not the same as my first kissed the panels though in first grade. Right now see Tony I'd be a big trouble. Odyssey holes lines and the first trailer was like six. Six years old. Pamela Razali said in the front desk. And issues just a cute little Italian girl I was let not so cute little chart embark muscle earlier Italian boy. And they said who wants to pass out paper. Now can you imagine I know my personality and attitude toward life he is it me passing on paper I raise my hand. And the teacher Broward fellow over why is he raising his hand of all people. And so this is c'mon so I went to the front and they gave me the bad your paper when I came to her desk I put the piece of paper down. Humor quick smooch. I was as I said six years old. I you know but it just seemed like them I think good time. And now it now who knows who knows what the right thing to do is I don't think I think we rewritten a whole rule book we don't know what's wrong. But I think we keep stretching and stretching reasons and this and that you know thing and I'm thinking as the one who just complained about a kiss. If you take the word forced out of it which probably takes the of the windows sales. All of these years for a kiss. However the word force says yeah still. So we'll see what he's decides to do that'll be at 1145. Senator Al Franken. And he might say I decided to say because I'm Smart enough. And I am a wise enough and dog gone it people like me. Except terror will be back after that not only don't have the change some terminology like a stolen Q as which always had a certain innocence about it. May not be so innocent now but also some titles. I don't know if you remember this one because there goes way back. Kiss me once and kiss me too I think it's me once again it's been a long long time. I mean that's a real song they're gonna have to take that off the market to rip the license right off at a profit that title. But a lot of stuff like that think about it. Which were innocent enough. As somebody abuses anything I guess even if it is and listen to start with people get angry about a group plugs to locate. Yeah I would say is hey you win the soccer tournament and everybody gets together and a group of August fund Boca especially in girls were. Actress and Jason start coaching in the laundry league I usually are usually determined turnaround right Nubian Reich sic. Well that's code through. Ally in west Seneca I bet nobody LL you're on WB yen. But first about and they want to wish you all very Christian. You step because as he fully year he thought they were accurate to. Well your very sweet though now do you view I'm sure you've been hugged many times in your life. You'll you're a fan of bugs are not a fan of hugs what is. Andy is fired I'm considered. An honest. And yet you line carrying her and is quick sport and all the money in the world. It gives a lot of if it's a sad time and somebody's argue you really feel like you're not alone. There is solace that made it feels comfortable. And happy as somebody who wants to share the moment where you I think most of the time. Hugs are fine. A hunk can be immediately you know culprit being. We Sherry. In this still slowly. Now to win eyes I'm first met you we have talked on the phone many times. I knew brought me an apple pie every did you that I give you a hug. I've ever did he get kicked up a copy. Then with the goal with the F. There's already up via video arm and is already opted to go with the apple pie. A did I remember to give you a hug I'm not really sure because it was the first time we met in person. I don't remember I don't remember. I don't remember a hug from me Allah and you don't remember people stand in line is like getting tickets is Star Wars waiting for drug. I would think. That's what it's God's number exited down. To say I feel very Barry. For people that don't know how to hunt. And I don't say it that people put up very eerie. You know what it is true it's it's another another chink in the armor. A personal. Relationships. And personal communication. If we have to start thinking about every single word we say every single movement I mean there gentlemen. Problems. But not enough to just wiped that right off the books. You know I I. Oh right like is they a lot of things but they don't. I. Well here's what else video Allah a very Merry Christmas and a happy new year and except I Sierra give your big. If the no you noted as its human contact. There really is you know it's the way it is very very effective. It is because you what you're doing is a hug. Even even. Even though it's sometimes it's joyous and sometimes it's that depends orders for. But it just shows as Ella as Ellison it shows you know homeless something. You if you if you winds. Something in life somebody's sharing it would view your joy okay. If you lose something alive somebody and as probably bin. In the same boat yield him in and day and you can commiserate with the and they can understand you. I hate take away these tools of communication. Because we're getting less and less milk is talking to each of their time and phones. A family of Florida's fourth ultimate target in the funds that others. They'll talk to others or they'll text others or they'll send emails to others of doing it to you. The instead of his mortgage and the giants are India they'd rather have the fallen down there with a two thumbs and they can do what they want to. And that's that that's that but they have the loss of human contact is not good it really isn't because were were becoming. A society and it's almost looking for trouble. You know somebody usual hard away that was inappropriate. Where gunmen have all done. Well yes yes I just had a wonderful experience in my life and they were trying to share orbit but that's all right. Yeah yeah on target about it's it's it's we're losing that contact. And when you lose that contact you become less involved with a of people. It's pretty sad really has and that would took an. What this is a part of the PC stuff that we're dealing with in today's society absolutely. Absolutely. Core PCs just gone wild. Yeah it is it is gone wild and OK now assuredly I say something nice Fisher Fisher is very eyes aren't so sure. But if I didn't know surely I wouldn't say your hair looks good today okay who wouldn't dare do that because it's it's problem. You have to know when to hold them. He got to know wonderful album that's what Kenny Rogers said Jimmie Rodgers I'd surely we love surely that and her nephew six foot seven. That we that we really large so yeah we don't mess bush earlier ever. And he said without a former NFL football play yeah I've seen memorable when he came impetus is nervous and she. So what happens. Let me tell you something. I get in my my viewpoint. Anybody. That I have to think about every word that rice today before I say it and vetted for myself. I have no communication of them I don't I don't care through. Life's too short. If I'm not comfortable on somebody I've got the magic answer for me it's actually a wave of where is simple don't get involved. There's no sense who's gonna sit here and vet every damn thing I say I have to do that on the radio because of rules and regulations. But the bottom line is I don't do alive. So you're either worth spending time whether you're not. And I mean there were spending time with the are not and if you don't wanna do that those go somewhere else I don't I don't have to deal. You you have your fellow like that have you ever gotten into a position like that. Constantly. You know. Whether it's something through. My professional life social religious social. I do not. And while people that I'm not comfortable way. Noted it doesn't necessarily have to be because of all of our politics are like that just you know you're not gonna click with everybody. No I didn't don't even tried. I've found that everybody that tries to make everybody your friend and having no. No no communications. You're you're worth whatever your work they either accepted or they don't. If they don't logos of morals and if they wanna be around meaning in some them a couple of that's great you don't know if they don't comply you don't wanna have to talk them into. There either friends would viewers and not and you can be comfortable around them are your not with us for relatives. All operatives especially those relatives especially relatives you don't see very often. He get together yeah over holidays and things like that and that you're not quite sure. About what their politics are in this so you don't talk about any of that. Wednesday it then you don't wanna be in a position where you have to spend the whole time is that a visiting debating they stay clear of me I go out while like with the route I think she says van Valero of ammunition you have or pressure thing. Now the big. Will be back that benefit under Israeli and I'm thirty W via. And happy new year as is Beijing nobody else and you beat Jim you okay it was. Hugs. If not a how to discourage them a letter to the editor of 20 dear Abby of being the editor. As of from a woman say she does not want hugs and in hopes she's not offending people when she. Pulls away from plug in there was an answer on that but. The reason I'm using it is a simply because we were highly charged. Atmosphere. On kinds of chargers running around some some woman charging guy and Dresser was his eyes. There have been lawsuits there have been lost jobs lost prestige all kinds of things. So I'm asking how you are aware of that and if you're okay we're better probably okay with. Missile assault. Yeah I I would bet that nobody except family members. Having other family members over at mistletoe. You'll I don't think you see any of any commercial parties are businesses and anything like that because of what's happening. And you got learn to read the room to. We've talked about that are Tony did not take my advice and I was enterprise. From Tony said you know I like my new neighbors. I think I'm gonna have a barbecue human animal over and I said hold onto that. He should know I want to I'm a good neighbor they're good neighbors we help each other and having a barbecue. I said all right and he had a barbecue and now he's in trouble. Because they're adoring the barbecue he was wearing. An apron that said kiss the cook and because of that. Does the class action lawsuit hos IOA costs dial Barbeque net that's revered charging. So. I think the sizzler they want to run a mile the sizzler. And that that was there so I said as slaves I don't they got our neighbors they just record low because dumb. But because I he would really be careful as to your bat where it home with your family but that's about it. I guess I guess that's that you want our call genie would genuine Theres a thought gimmick gives Lucas the plug now that's fine visual gore. But it you have anybody that's nodding your immediate family or really good friends. Be careful it's all ahead this piece bikini team old or I would not where. What you have to Wear something that is true but that shouldn't be part of but yeah let's go to Merriam Lancaster Mary you're on WB again. Well good morning and the problem. That it soldiers during their. I hope. I I. You remember this the pass Tony probably wouldn't. Let the underwear on channel seventeen page to be Leo with Italian doctor. No I don't tell us about him but he. Have as these programs can doctor hug and that was his big thing. Even hand Alex Fletcher you know hug therapist it was a I bought it went by as an adult. It's a bear hugging and that's a fair target it is hard there as you ask. Is he departs and. And we. Promote hugging and it that was like therapy. And it is it really does is non verbal. But it communicates a message I understand. I'm either celebrating with a or commiserate with you but you can count on me I mean that things very positive message and it. This might sound a terrible but. I think Al Franken should not returning. OK Ed so tell us why you think it's through little I mean there's a people approximately that of criticize them so for. But and not only that I think anybody they gloat over the fact that you know he's resigned as she did this what about like that. If you're going to be fairly I've I would be. Probably erupted in those in top markets. There's oh American family members are they you know before I hang up or they get very sick game you know so and so hard. Yeah well I Gehrig you know they're McCain is given Hoggard give my hello we are sure and Allenby probably have enough money and nobody would soon. You know. Until they did so that I'm good how are you decently all you've. First do you UCLA and do a lot of golf owns you when you hunt. It's a very powerful message. And it should be reserved for those who. Earn that message. If you're trying to comfort somebody it means a lot. Is somebody closely who becomes a forgives your. That's if that is due the only reason I mean that's one of the reasons. I think as they have to have more substantial reason for him to resign in actual fact or something like when he actually did something. Well gonna find out about a half an hour he's going through and also imported in about an hour. He's going through a major is addressing your hoping he stays on. He stayed on because it's a terrible thing is if these people those that gloat over it affected all of this is. You know it's gonna come back and bite them. Yeah its it's difficult to gloat as somebody's misfortune analysts there's just doing dumb things. You learn thank you were much. Yeah I don't I think he's having now. I would be surprised there wasn't and I think the struggle broke the camel's back is Kirsten Gillibrand. Because she's been very outspoken on women's rights and the strong New York which is a big stated. I know we live there but the bottom line is I I thought for curtains. Up for him at that point. So we'll see what he does if he decides to fight guys say on these. He's gonna hurt his own party no question about that what they're trying to do is they're trying to weed out any possible negatives. For the next election just make sure. And if he's considered negative remembered doesn't have to be in his district could be anywhere or that they keep pointing out some of that sort. And so it may it is unfair maybe via video here is wrong but that's the that's the world today. But I am thinking of hugged it is right now from some stranger that you don't know. That you might be uncomfortable with that but as some a year are quite aware of the friends whether it's family member or whatever c'mon. These big hug is of very. Powerful tool if you send a someone a gift on FaceBook of hog. Is that OK or is that all of that's okay because it's it's electronic. Well here's one of the reasons people don't like thugs now. Because they're famous. Cool coal used to used to be called foggy there. Remembered. The zones are espionage asking what was his job it was a cramp. Heidi there was not a with an interest in word roll yeah exactly it didn't exactly dress for success. So we'll look at is that you think oh my goodness he's going to get me I wanted to hug him again mango as I used to loves us you imagine and I hated argued there. So I'm suing you. Hat and does that that's the remedy for everything. Suing them that's the remedy made in the lottery yet the media. Gets them to us that my lawyers. Got me 42 times what the insurance companies would give me simply go from one hug from hugging beer good luck going up against my lawyer exactly. Luckily my order is the better lawyer of the lawyers were there is two dollars and you don't know which one to put it all by the way let me congratulate my lawyer who was also my father in law on arguing the case. In front of the Supreme Court yesterday. Always yesterday yes great now you said that though within a short amount of time we can have men and I'd like to know what the experience is standing before. The justices of the Supreme Court he said just whenever it's it's up to you what you want to a lot of arguably will definitely do what I going to be very interest thing. Will be will be back with the more on the Israeli and I'm thirty WB get several a very good tax and a lot of votes. FaceBook today. I'm a hunger sandy I wish I sort of a studio right now I hugged hill first. Then tell me and then Joe's simultaneously. Joe's radio voice is very guys who follow AG I don't know signed Terry. And I profits there is a guy or girl this Terri would be applicable for either. Either so thank you Terry I'm sure Joseph and Tony and I appreciate your Cognos thank you. Here's another as a male nurse and one who doesn't like rugs I I get it but nothing much trouble as though they were trouble because you use you might have. A professional relationship with and care of somebody there in the hospital or. You're visiting nurse or whatever but he got a drug outline I think. You know elements here it's. To ever is something days after being professional and chest bumps all out. That unknown chest bumps you know. It's yes if they don't like hog. I don't figure. Maybe with a Obama's influence maybe we can go back to fix problems as well foreigners. I kind of missed a lot. In known fact I do miss that. Because I don't have any of those moves. Hug is easy there you do it's. A disease. But it mistletoe is out -- they are right now your would be interesting if anybody goes to a holiday party. And sees mistletoe. But no I don't leave it to an ankle by declarations of the union or Australia can add to my collection. But I think the last several years have to look I can find mistletoe decoration. June Elvis song all by gosh by golly it's time for a missile so holly. And so one would guess that if you can find holly you can find missile so everybody's looking from college yeah I think she's got a Obama a price on her head she did in his that the authorities are looking for half. But aren't. Let's see who are going through we're going to oh maybe it's your wife stoning. We're going to genie in north buffalo Jamie Iran WBN. Or oh I'm fine bed Jeanine what do you think about drugs and missile zones stuff like that. Do you remember this story a couple of years back. A little picture girl boy kissed a little five year old girl on the cheek. And they suspended him for sexual harassment. I don't remember some some goofy story like that yeah I do words. All this terrible because to me it would damage. It Childs. Oh you think about it if they were being punished for something they thought was perfectly okay. You have to really ask that fellow Kansas Goran kissing everybody went under under most circumstances that's going to be a problem. It would create coral. Of course this is cool while politically correct right. And so they've done this study would they be real babies and like baby gorillas and monkeys awarded it didn't get any hug. They didn't develop. Properly. Yeah it's amazing. If you go online. And type in baby's okay here has its fun you watch him having fun and falling down and getting back up and play with doors of org that. I you'll see that they do absorb. Those around the mom or dad will be there interacting with them and you can see from their faces and their actions that they understand what's going on so. It's not it's not wise I think through. That's who kind of isolate them you should be a big part of their growing up. There's the hole. There's the word we're becoming isolated if human beings. Well you know I don't know why we expect better when we have four family members together not talking to each other just talking to others on their cellphones everything on the cell phone is more important. Then you are that something's wrong with that. Yep technology can take an older. Togetherness I mean to you this if well. You know I. If if you had a dramatic something happen in your life. And you're not going to take your cell phone in and clutches. Two words who to you. And get comfort you could have that could have a family member or friend burger so neighbor or whatever where you do feel that there and it would view of their willing to share it would you. You don't get that and a piece of electronic equipment. You don't you don't and I'm harder but I've gotten to a point. Well they get somebody do you mind if I give you. Because he's so now. I know I carry Asia a legal release form. Would you sign this I exciting give you a hug. Because you don't wanna have to lose your money and your career bag your hat Merry Christmas to you we appreciate your your call yeah I mean that's that's such an aide. Tony had a driver among drop a legal documents for us. And they'll get a notary to a witness the signature. And anybody we wanna hug here rubio like illegal release that you know we're allowed one hug. And it is expires. Five minutes after he uses that says I was all otherwise people would come right there will be documents. Flowing across the Canadian border. Staying there you know with fake hug dark. Humans are just not something what do I want her family holiday party common out. Our Christmas Eve and Eric stallion you know what they're liable to do sandy as your programme us. And that's could have happened to get the release form at a that I better now or wait until they were all look it up. We'll break it right at it ever barks an energy inject. I am all liquor I impartial if I'm not flickered up at all in army. So you have a sliding scale where power right message to Billy the Franco get the alcohol all right I know. So we're asking. The reason I'm asking is that this is not a silly question. If you look at all the things that are being charged back and forth and people losing their jobs or whatever we're getting down to hugs. Really. The way you look at somebody. It's the sort of thing that sort of thing which in the past. A lot of them would have been just minor my minor minor. I can understand your being concerned about about this thing on the sliding scale they're minor and this one. And you know unwanted hugged. Your hardness will be back. And on want to hug and leads to your use of drugs. What they have and city show little a little reward. Will be back after this.