Sandy Beach Hugging 12-7 Hour 1

Sandy Beach
Thursday, December 7th

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Well hello all is BJ company and I'm sandy beach and happy birthday to Randy bush over her. Known by follows mobbed by how we love Randy is a loser rodeo is a matter of fact. Randy is just straight shooter. I can say definitively. Know bakery has ever refused to bigger pay for that's what kind of a guy he is. He had met Bieber video are Randy bush over it's so we we love war immigrant he's big he's a great guy. I wonder how he feels those birth they so close the Christmas does he get doubled up on. Here's your here's a gift for Christmas and your birthday. Like to speak out of experience here my brother Michael his birthday is the 22. Auction it and that was always half time. Because me is all you know little kid I didn't understand how would cry because why is she giving presents first before Christmas and I'm not you want maximum gifting yeah. We all do yes and a so I don't know Randy wants for Christmas. Blood so let's wish him two front teeth. Busier 200 thank you it's. Every doubles count now at. A big birthday. I'll say what else is going on oh yes military eye doctor okay. Now Cammermeyer or if I doctor it was snowing at all and there was no snow on the ground. So that's great so I've park like iron and I go man and got my examinations to Emma goods I'm very happy about that. And that I come out knocking reminded put drops in my eyes right and always has built what. Counter drugs in your eyes so that. You can actually see. And I never have to do that I was wanna toughen up you know so I come out and that my visions a little iffy. Because I have drops in my eyes and it started snowing sideways. And it was like a snow wet sleep thing. And I just had. It sneakers nine could barely see and had to find my way. To the truck. Now here's a good I was walking I don't know why did this. I put my hands out like Frankenstein parachute friend is easily walks like this and you walk like bring a side. Because you can't you don't want to fall so you what you walk flat footed and go thump thump thump or your hands up I imagine. Somebody driving by going is this indeed be age what's wrong with him. And he he's walking and would you like Frankenstein. But that's it and so idea. I got home safely and after I left there there was a lot of sewing and thereby after I left. No snow and home as those pretty good did you get what you're doing. A U flossing and a microphone likes. It's there's hair on him right screen pass is a blind dish. So now to short. How does hair get off of your head on to a microphone. Well where it might well wasn't used for a meal and illegal activity. Or or certainly questionable. I'm a a day today we have an interest things subject hopefully that. And it's right in no way gonna get. Your wrote a subject hope that by the way obviously. I was I wanted to start the show until a Volvo Israelis were think. Buys by saying if you look at today's date is December 7 and on December 7. I'm 1941. According to FBR president of the United States said. It will be a day that will live in infamy in a wise it was a David Japanese that your attacked for a Pearl Harbor. A those scenes of the Arizona on fire. And the ships in the harbor. Are as iconic as America gets. And its it's is seems to me like we should focus on our rich history of of taking a beating. Getting knocked over drowning getting up the fight and eventually winning the fight. Blood lot of brave people died that day as the Arizona memorial I've not been so why. But I talked to to a three people who have been there mentioned is vary. Vary moving. So it Libya. Libya if a trip worthwhile certainly to go to Syria and remembering all of the of people. In this case namely the navy servicemen. Who died in Pearl Harbor. Listen lets not let it fade because where a lot of shouting period in this part of our history. Where widgets are shouting at each other whatever we tend to forget the important things in that certainly would be one of them in the history of this country. We'll take a break it will return. On his radio I'm thirty WB CN it is our Beijing governor ascended these were being. I told that approximately 1145. That senator Al Franken will make it a a statement. He will load you'll make a statement is people are guessing at mainly that he will he will resign. The resigns the food via. The governor of the wonderful state that elected him which would be Minnesota. Two world. The site who replaces and so it is not like he's a Democrat is going to be repetitive replacement Republican. And so Al Franken today 1145. That announcement will come now he was very the last two people that I I hear. A talking about accusations as saying I'm not great I'm not going anywhere I'm right here. Certainly. What comes already bit the dust. And now the second while what do you think you'd think he's going to him think Joba by that doesn't look past 2008. Especially when Gillibrand came on against them. Because they've got. A large number of people and he knew he would really hurt his own party if the defeated no I agree so. Yeah so we'll we'll carry that announcement Al Franken today at 1145. All right let's see what's going on here you know and only get your subject matter and I have my subject matter today we have all. Of the taco because of is inappropriate behavior. You know people losing their jobs or people quitting their jobs but because of public outcry after there was some people come on say. The sexual. Dalliances they were not welcome. In the news they made they made them feel uncomfortable some they actually did things on the that more than two things. And so it seems like weren't very very high profile time in the history of this country as to being very conscious of a proper. Proper behavior proper etiquette knowledge sort of thing. Franken is well is the latest example and we'll see if he quits at 1145 but having said that there are some things that we don't have to. We don't have to worry about anymore. I'm going yeah. Some things we do have to worry more about some things in our story at all about and they're good as there is the question dear Abby was. Asked today okay. Trying not to be rude about disliking hugs. No I'm not talking footwear I'm talking hugs the Kurds a couple of kinda hugs. The kind of congress says gee I haven't seen you in years you're looking fabulous power of the kids let me give you big hug there's that kind of the other dog is the distress the hard. Somebody passes away you you meet their relatives of their Julia and their children their relatives and neighbors whatever I have the funeral home and give them a hug of condolences. So and one yours is great joy and no one's great sorrow but they're both hugs some people now keep in mind I wanna give you my hug resume. All right I was born into an Italian family we make sure and hugs. I used to do more. I used to kiss my grandfather every time I saw him. But we all hugging each other all the time. And then I went to rule is all OK I went to Boston one of our major as was bitter. I was a better person for awhile radio television that are hot dog not to be able how those time. Diamond radio there's a lot of hugging going on a radio so my whole life has been a hugged existence okay. But some people aren't comfortable talking. Day and especially now before it used to be. Well I I don't know Ireland. That was about it OK now if you hug the wrong person his rival will be in appropriate behavior. You may be okay were arguing that not everybody is and so there's a letter to of dear Abby. Today. I'm not a hugger in fact I'm pretty much always hated it. But people think I'm broad what I don't know in my arms in hug them after they've opened fares they also think armour road when I tell them I'm not really a hugger. It happens with friends and fellow church congregants. Audience members I'm an entertainer. That's their road profession. Although I let the hugs happened. I'm usually holding my breath the whole time. I don't want people to think that I don't like them that. I'm there are not happy to see them but I am fed up with faking it. And going through air our ritual like care drugs like Hillary does it really does there where our zone time. That makes me uncomfortable. If there's a polite clear way to convey this message without seeming cold or on appreciative please let me know what it is. Signed bracing. For the embrace so there's been this person. I don't know the man or woman has not sign. But it's this person is really handy arguing the answer from dear Abby not everybody is comfortable with being hugged. You should be honest and tell the hugger is that you become claustrophobic. And of trauma and claustrophobic. Plus the fall but we're gonna hug and a decade of look cave hugging there. Do you become possible following when people argue and please understand your reluctance isn't personal. If you make it about you rather than above them it's shouldn't come across as a rejection well first of all I think usually have a right to you there. Like hugging or not like agreeing to allow hugging or not law hug and that's your choice okay. May as ice that I I was raised livid at. My house to raise that at a school in Boston raised that it in the in the school of radio broadcasting. As on this used to. And OK hugger I can hug and on hundreds it doesn't really matter to me doesn't affect me either way Tony are you away is somebody walks up to Tony. And puts their arms out. And are committed guy or woman you okay we have hugging do you have no problem just like you grew up fluent Italian and apparently that's what we did the so you have no problem hugging. And how are you beamer. You know it really depends on the person. I think if it's someone that I know like a good frank yeah of course a hike. But the public I just met yesterday you know I don't know Mir are now are I just met you but these people at the end of a dinner or something and we just got acquainted. And I still don't know you that well no need for a hug just. I think you have to know summer well of course see I misjudged you I thought for sure you'd begs drugs. You know depends on the first dollar sign on at a party I will get you refreshments for a hug you know you need. Sometimes a defense has numbers are able. I have found that. In extreme conditions like extreme happiness or extreme sorrow. It can be very beneficial you feel a contact. That you don't usually have budgets standing two feet away and discussing it verbally. If especially if with the loss well somebody has passed. Because what happens as you start running through your whole relationship would damage and any stories or memories you have. And so if you need an outlet for that and hugging another person. That will be close to understand that I think helps our coaching staff we have a pregame. Ritual hugging each other. Ago when the kids were being in reduced sept. We says something rude to each other as we did that but all is our way of getting relaxed. And ready for the game it was kind of funny but they're kids and and whatever so. Yeah I think hugging is I have no problem of it but I think it's strictly an individual choice right when I don't recall. Approach because I don't hug everybody now the last Salazar Gregory will work and at times regular Robertson and I'm sure today will be very productive. Here gimme. Now give me a hug or. Yeah I can't tell you what the hell of arguing just human race well I can't understand why you want. Under Israeli and I'm thirty W via. We are bad web Beijing governor of said he became chief in today's. Charge that was three. Here we're going to hear by the way at about 1145. A message Roma Al Franken. Is he going to step down as a senator is he going to try and fighter or whatever his plans might be will be heard right here. At 1145. Meanwhile with a sexually charged atmosphere we have in the country now. I'm asking are you OK with hugs and is as it would happen that dear Abby has an article today about. About hugging I have as I have no problem Tony there is no problem of the president of probably use on Asian Nomo left. What I hate our air hugs. I hate air because this phony you know does that time Hillary Clinton. All the time she does she does the worse she does air hugs and air kisses. Is now if you if you think it's important enough to symbolize. A what you feel. Then just drew it instead of an air hug dual real hogs there's an error and doesn't make it it just doesn't make it. And so you I think I wanna know if you're okay were bugs if not how do you discourage them and the second part. Is you know some people would say Sammy. I if I bet you save a lot of money in your career and I always say Allman with the help of friends. Announcer I Eli likeable off from different I don't have much money would he got a gives me advice every ones that'll altar of the loan. You know it was about a year ago Tony I think I told you build Colombians and sell your stock in the mistletoe factory. Because because this coming he has seen this coming if you like are you sure as hell don't like the fact that you walk accidentally. There. Bear a missile fell. See I thought that's going to stay forever. It's a great thing the missiles though. But some people would say though I'm Smart enough. To take advice from Smart people like bill O'Laughlin so I did I saw my mistletoe start and I'm asking are you okay we're mistletoe. Because missile so I think that's also a little bit revealing them them hugging a really do. Because usually go be so control. About two feet away from where the mistletoe is he probably put up there himself. Waiting for you fall into the trap is an Angel can't where's mistletoe had. But he's gonna learn as. If you're. Not. At all. So I can honestly say I think I've ever. I've ever engaged in them missile Tokyo's have you have you ever got to mistletoe guess by a real one I'm not your wife and you put it. There is the target now let's walk carburetor or under the mistletoe. Alibaba above board let's nada I mean really. It's up there you're even though it's up there or you forget it's of their and then either Yule or somebody else walks in order not yet seen this happen. Never have me either. That that beamer there that fair and it probably hangs by Moses chair right. Their members although I mean that I honestly didn't know was they are Melamine sometimes well hey how did that get there. I well let's end and you can it can be a nice thing but I'm thinking now. With the quotes we've seen the people who work or quitting their jobs being forced out of their jobs. Or or some other reason would unwanted com. Activity let's put that way I don't think. I don't think putting a missile so is is a really Smart idea they'll get all all laid off now I can't read and our business cessation. Party. I think your floors to climb toward basically sponsors we thank demo with a party every year. And fabulous results government through but I'm I'm thinking I'd bet. There's no missile so at this whole party. And he Benson that I don't think I've ever seen as a toy that. Do. You think they should have it all instead of people's separating into different groups. You know you've got somebody who accidentally walks under at everybody sees it. Was an accident you know you gotta kiss you gorges area there and the kids area America lightens up the party. Or is Terry going immediately. Two with a new two it's a video law enforcement agencies. It's a it's are doing in jail or the event. Guys haven't. Used mistletoe social policy holders as mistletoe. Low around Mosul also on her voters of his that'll be the last place they get rid of nestled. As a symbol you know 20% tip would do development people over the map. So I don't think there's some of the things that we used to do quite regularly. Without much care. After be rethought and one on target those specifically are hugs. You know a big kids askew when little kids. Those kids you know and maybe they're playing the other one falls down and is crying I'm timeout to murals on that. And the yen up and they hug and that's cute because it's natural Hillary Clinton does the air targets this phony isn't yet. There's nothing better in life and Samantha hugs mean squeezes in time for businesses and events it's that I can't tell you well that's a natural things it's a natural thing and I think that. It's a national show of affection or maybe comfort and she's afraid of something she might you know as if she's a freighters will be in the darker zoning and she runs in and watch your hunger givers and reassurance that. There's nothing wrong so as I said you can have a positive gleeful hugs hey have a senior on time give me a hard. Or you can have the so powerful ones sorry to hear about you know fill in the blanks if somebody's lost somebody. Something like that so it can be used to echo both both ways. But I'm I'm afraid bit. We've all of these things happening in the news of a normal way opening period we're gonna have this forever. And that might these facility. Also I'm since I'm six foot four way 300 whatever schedule wow. So hugging is an easy I could easily with my massive strength crush people. When you think of it with these facts in these ads. How could you possibly not finger injury co worker I've received hugs from the before in the past the hour on multiple war sad occasion you know vote for segregation Asia. I know is the last person I hugged call 444444. Herself. Swallows are here at best and that's wrong I sure I sure picked up the clue there army Gregory the room sick even read the Bible at all. All it was a cell phone that was vibrating in its about that. We're back we're more and who's right and I'm thirty degrees here now or asking are you okay what hugs. And if not do you discourage them and the reason I'm asking it's a letter to wrote the dear Abby. But more than that and are sexually charged atmosphere. I mean we've heard of people hurling charges. It was yesterday news report. Somebody said that this person put his hand on her back. OK they're standing theirs is doing a public place. And days so I'm guessing that person would not be in Prague. You have to know your target I think you're pretty safe to hug relatives. I mean but people. People that you're not related to. I. The only iffy a better era better safe than sorry you know I mean but don't doing there hog. Do not do and there Doug. That's so turns me off hugs and they are it is just forget it. No if you're if you're willing to do what that symbolized. Real hogs. Or real kiss for it was right. He do this they can't do that about list you do if you try and do that -- real do this at all I mean especially don't do this if if they're doing that at all you know all maybe using them and to do that if that's what you want I call it if you could buy into hugs. I'm not sure are and unappreciated hug you don't only a matter of time. Before that shows up you know that those who have it was sharp embolism and some famous personal habit quit the job in the movies or TV or whatever because. Because they that you plug syndicate did you sign this form here's the schedule hog. Once a week I I only hug people or on my show dad that's it. A call Lauren fix our long on this. And I have to send a message by so many ways arguing no Lamborghini OK let's go to isn't it nice. That we have somebody that knows a lot of our cars that we have access light just ask away dad's great. Let's go to frank. Frank you're on WB and well thank you frank are you want in my favor collars you can't see it but I'm I'm reaching outing giving you a hug now what's legit thought about dogs. Well come out they only have partners. Sicilian my wife results Tuesday. So you know recover from oh yeah same result in a family functions and everybody I mean including included in the match. Well what we. Abort your grandfather or your father and a guy it's probably indicated clearly truth for its for the mind arguing just. And got pajama afraid equal basis society's. Ever would become media. Sterile environment I mean like even in the workplace now you that you're not even get its we have seen all employees error. It's yet I didn't going to be able to have right I hit the entire Mac people are gonna walk past each other and feeling. Acknowledge that you bear. I'm I'm guessing there within a short period time hugs will be virtually outlawed in the workplace simply because it even though is it's a good thing. And it can be very comforting arm very enlightening. People don't companies don't like to take any chances I'm guessing it'll be in next year's handbook of almost any any government. No didn't go back three years ago said he went that was there working out as a supervisor. And we get a balance Horry. Accused of male employee. And this is the truth of he cheered here's down. Undressing her with his. Guys what is guys waited all of these systems without seeing she brought. It's against them usually got word for a period of time. Until they critter addressed this problem. It's to reassign him to a different ships. At different hours to sub like. And it was unfortunate because. The company did it all out to address this problem because. This is a whole new situation between. Sexual harassment in the workplace. In this port this poor guy. Was sort. Across her. Different area. It would look at the clock on the wall and it would look over to see what I'm what it would look at her like she is. This is saying there. Error in chain all as I see. Her in a way sort. Whatever right here. You know and brought charges against this sport guys say that he was addressing early as I. Well that would work here if it was just trying to we're gonna clock near current time would not work here are Clarksville were so I think that's the reason that's the reason our Clark's own work is to make sure you know looking at the Clark. And accidentally I was buying a female. I I think it's sad. When when we lose loses personal contact we're losing more and more personal contact. And I think as long as the person is is. Is all enjoyed a hug is fine. And it's not anything crazy. But obviously. We are. And words of wisdom which is where we taped it and we'll save it for the archives for the vault but he said if you don't know somebody it's it's really. You know it I wouldn't feel comfortable walking up to some stranger in in hugging. Well no I think yeah no I just think that you know you're better off just stand it side not that they appreciate it was a slight dip by. I wouldn't hug somebody get you don't golf. Yeah and as far as missiles though what do you think is that absolutely. Out now frank. It. And I would not want to be in the mistletoe business this year. How sweet guy it date I would be almost afraid to go toward offers parity now. If there's female employees involved I would not want to go toward offers party I would be afraid I mean I would be afraid I'd stay home. Well what I would do is first pogo mine eyes were aware of articles and so that they can't even as the you're looking at them our thanks frank that Merry Christmas to you thank you very much. It's yeah are sometimes you hug and for a very specific reasons you know I nugget he could Tony you've seen it I don't know if of the immersing it. Every time I see George Reynolds Julien hug because he knows what are what an effect he had on my career early. And we have a very close relationship professionally. And I have great admiration form and so I do that it's such a natural thing to do you know he hugs me every time he comes showing. Yeah the when he gets a little rushed so that kind of deal back malls I would hope felony of a lawyer I do and it's okay with me because I I know he has. The right reason for that yet but I don't hug everybody. Really don't and either you guys. Now I don't I have to really know the person and like you see you after being read to Rome yacht as got to be real hard. Forget that Hillary Clinton phony hugs no it is just like the movies where. You think that one guys fighting or rather you think that he hit a moment John though if you take the side view him as the by six inches I don't know. And I think it's the same thing with a within air hug or an air kiss. This is a little kid you're going acre. Happy birthday ball workers are this cross around it as adults. Air kisses became a it's going there under Israel I'm thirty WB yeah.